The *Strange Creature* Drawings of Chris Otley Featured on Xposy



Harlequin Ladybird, Chris Otley

Harlequin Ladybird, Chris Otley

UK artist Chris Otley creates drawings of creatures–insects, crayfish, scorpions–combined with ancient maps.

Chris was kind enough to answer my questions and send me images of his art works, that all went into my feature article on Xposy Multimedia Magazine–read the article here.


Inkster for Artists, Musicians, Takes Only 10% From Your Sales

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 6.26.40 PM

inkster, written in all lowercase letters, funded their startup site with a Kickstarter campaign.

inkster encompasses all aspects of social media and eCommerce into one beautiful place where artists can promote, educate, sell, and communicate.

Anyone creative can use inkster–Musicians, painters, graphic designers, tattoo artists, graffiti artists, fashion designers, animators and the list goes on. While sorts the content you add into categories, it also allows you to individually tag your work as you see fit.

It’s free for artists to sign up. inkster will only take 10% from sales transactions, strictly as a facilitation fee, because Toronto-based inkster CEO Danny Gibson and COO Rob Anderson think that independent artists deserve a fair chance at managing a successful career and want to provide them with an economically viable platform.

Why is this site named inkster? When broken down, ink-ster represents what an artist is. The “ster” suffix on words such as hipster, punkster, ravester have the following meanings–

1. denoting a person engaged in or associated with a particular activity or thing. Example: “gangster”

2. denoting a person having a particular quality.  Example:  “youngster”

When you put the word “ink” –one of, if not the oldest medium used by artists–in front of “ster,” you get inkster.  Even historic composers such as Beethoven and Mozart– who didn’t even have recording equipment– used pen and ink to record their creations.

“Being an inkster is essentially being an artist or creative individual.” – Rob Anderson


inkster is just one of thousands on our E-list of places to sell your art–get it here and here.



Artists, Should You Use UberRUSH For Your Art Deliveries?


FedEx, UPS and the Postal Service have never been ideal for shipping your art. But those are the choices you have to go with. Art should be handled with care, and no matter how well you pack it, when you use those services, your art still gets put on conveyor belts along with everything else handled that day. (I’ve heard horror stories of conveyor jam ups and huge packages crashing into small). Then days later, your art shipment nears the end of a long ride, transferred from truck to truck, until someone in a hurry makes the end delivery, not knowing the contents of your package– and are you certain that your art won’t be left on a doorstep in the blazing sun or in the pouring rain?

You probably know about the Uber app, for catching a ride in a private car at a lower rate than you’d pay for a taxi.

Well, just as Uber came up with a cheaper ride system, as well as providing car owners a way to make money using their private cars–Uber very recently set up UberRUSH delivery service in New York City.

Is UberRUSH a cheaper delivery service than UPS or FedEx or a local courier service?

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 6.10.29 PM

Right away I thought about artists using UberRUSH to save on local art shipping fees. Plus the service personalizes the delivery –from your hand, directly into the hands of the person who delivers it to the end recipient. Eliminating the processing steps–those greasy conveyor belts, and the loading /unloading / loading again onto truck after truck.

A lot of questions come up, as far as size of packages and delivery distance. Will this service be available in other cities around the world?

I suppose in the future, it’s possible that someone near you, who is about to take a long distance car trip, may decide to make some money by offering their delivery services via UberRUSH. Also, there may be those at work making UberRUSH deliveries on a daily basis computing city to city, that you can establish a working relationship with–for peace of mind and consistency of delivery.

Plus you can track your package in the UberRUSH app.

UberRUSH is very new, so I’m hoping to find out more in the future as the service expands and develops.



How My Fiverr $5 Earning Potential Increased to $1500


Hotel Verneuil, St Germain, Paris

Hotel Verneuil, St Germain, Paris

You may have heard of the Fiverr site and thought that offering your creative services on Fiverr was simply not worth your time.  Not long ago I assumed that too. I’d known about the site for years and never considered becoming a Fiverr seller. 

I tried out Fiverr last month, simply because I wanted to test the site for an article. You can read my first Fiverr article here.

Yet, right away, I enjoyed the ease of my Fiverr account controls and the time-saving scheduling tools. I also quickly recognized Fiverr as a platform for connecting with new clients.

What I learned is that some clients like the automated ordering and payment options of Fiverr.

Now, after nearly one month on Fiverr, I received this notice—

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve just become a Level 1 Seller!

What this means, is that now that I have completed a dozen orders on the Fiverr platform, including custom services at $25 each, I have new options for offering custom orders up to $1,500.

In other words, my one month trial was successful and I will continue offering feature articles on Fiverr. Order my feature article to access additional services and custom offers.  Right now I am offering a custom magazine submission service, and, a new custom service making submissions of your art to Art Consultants and Interior Designers. I’m also working on creating other custom services. If you have a need, please feel free to tell me about it! I’ll be happy to create a custom offer for you.
Offer up to 4 Gig Extras per Gig
(Extra $5, $10, $20 or $40)
Sell up to 10 Gig multiples
(In just one transaction)
Offer “Extra Fast” service
(Charge extra fee for it)
Send higher Custom Offers
(Up to $1,500)
Access “Fiverr Anywhere”
(Embed Custom Offers on your website)
Fiverr says, “Level 1 is a big milestone, but the journey has just begun. You can now start working towards Level 2 and gain even more extensive sales tools by following these best practices. As a valued seller who reached level 1, we would love to see you share your insights and sales tips on the Fiverr Forum and across our social channels.”
 This upgrade in status came just as I received a five-star positive review from one of my Fiverr clients, who also sent me feedback that his site has had enormous traffic from my feature article, and this has led to sales of paintings! This client requested I develop further services on Fiverr, specifically to meet his needs. So I was able to immediately send a custom offer at these new increased rates.
Artists can offer creative services, and also items that must be shipped to buyers on Fiverr.



New MergeArts NYC Multi-Genre Events Accepting Submissions

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 7.46.31 PM


I’ve been in communication with Faith Verrill, off and on, over the past few years. This week, she sent me news of MergeArts NYC, an organization that produces monthly multi-genre events with 20+  selected artists bringing art, music and fashion into a live show..

They’re accepting submissions–you can complete the form here.

They also have a gallery coming soon.

Their address:

52 Walker Street NYC, NY



Call for Submissions of *Glitch Art* for USA Gallery Exhibition

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 5.27.36 PM


Note: Galleries and arts organizations regularly email their calls to Artist Marketing Resources. We don’t post everything we receive. Primarily, out of consideration for artists, we share opportunities with no submission fees. *********

Eyedrum Art Gallery is currently seeking a wide range of examples of “Glitch Art” to display in an upcoming exhibition to be called, Behind the Static, which will take a deeper look at the origins and future of Glitch within the context of art making, in which artists are manipulating materials to create and/or exploit glitches, capturing and documenting accidents and bugs in the system, or ghosts in the machine.

Consideration will be given to physical objects such as imperfect 3D printed objects, digital prints, drawings, paintings, sculpture, photo, text, textiles, installation, sound, and interactive pieces based on the concept of glitch. Digital-only works will also be accepted and will be displayed using projectors, monitors, etc.

In addition to visual art, Eyedrum is seeking proposals for demos, workshops, discussions, and performances that reference glitch.

To submit, please send up t o 5 numbered images and/or links, title list with medium numbered to correspond with images, artist website (if available), and current CV to by Midnight EST Aug 1, 2015.

Artists will be responsible for any shipping/transportation costs for all non-digital accepted submissions but special consideration will be given where possible.

Behind the Static opens October 24, 2015 at Eyedrum Art and Music Gallery, 88 Forsyth St SE, Atlanta, GA 30303 and will run through the end of 2015.



Artists #Submit to SuperSonic: New Contemporary Art Blog

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 5.42.04 PMSUPERSONIC is a new contemporary art blog curated by Zach Tutor, running on Tumblr with over 445,000 followers. SUBMIT YOUR ARTWORK. For consideration, submit the link to your website only.

Submission Guidelines:

Please submit links to your website/portfolio only.

Please include your email address in the “DESCRIPTION” section.

Please do not link to single images, they will not be considered.

You can also submit via email by emailing

Submitting your work does not guarantee being posted on Supersonic.


Find more Art magazines and art blogs here and here.



Call For Artists: Solo Exhibits in Amsterdam, Madrid, Milan


T.I.N.A. (This Is Not an Art Prize) is an International platform for artists to get in touch with a network of galleries and curators interested in evaluating new projects. T.I.N.A. is open to all artists, regardless of age, technique and nationality.

T.I.N.A. currently has an open call for artists to submit for 7 solo exhibitions in Amsterdam, 6 solo exhibitions in Madrid and 4 solo exhibitions in Milan.

Artists may enrolled to interact with an international team of curators and with galleries. Each gallery will evaluate the work of all participating artists; will choose its favourites and nominate a winner to organize a solo exhibition. Each gallery will appoint one winner.

The basic subscription t o T.I.N.A. Prize costs 35 euros and includes the registration to one city with one image. Your registration will last 12 months from today and will allow you to enter all cities of the network at only 15 euro each all year round. Click here to enter.

Each season T.I.N.A. proposes a new open call to artists for solo exhibitions in three different cities.

For more gallery exhibition opportunities click here and here.



Axiom, Texture and Line — Michael Jacobson’s Art Book of the Asemic




Michael Jacobson sent me a print copy of his latest book– front cover above, back cover below– available on Amazon here. This “hand drawn” book took me on a journey into an alien world where the visual art elements of line, texture, and form, cross with legible written script to become asemic writing. That is, a type of writing that can be read aesthetically. Any meaning that you draw from this asemic text is a correct translation–completely open to personal interpretation.

As Michael Jacobson states in this book– “I believe that asemic writing expresses some difficult emotions better than verbal writing. To me, there is more of a statement when someone wears a symbol around their neck vs the word for that symbol.”

He also thinks that “digital images & even animation are the future of asemic writing.” While also connecting to the unreadable text in the medieval The Voynich Manuscript, as well as referring to the more recent, 1981 published, illustrated encyclopedia of an imaginary world in the Codex Seraphinianus.



The Giant’s Fence, Michael Jacobson’s two-year long effort of evolving visual narrative, makes up the first half of this art book. You can also find The Giant’s Fence in the visual poetry section at Ubuweb.




Action Figures, Michael Jacobson’s “asemic hieroglyphic novella from the future,” makes up part two of the book. Portions of Action Figures has been previously published by dANDelion, Asemic Magazine, Great Works, Lit Up Magazine, Eyes on Mars, Gamma, Abstract Comics blog, Slova, The Last Vispo Anthology, and as cover art for Rain Taxi. The first edition of Action Figures was e-pubished by Avance Publishing.


The last section of this book contains several verbally readable and interesting interviews with the author, Michael Jacobson, as interviewed by various publications, including

I’ve had my art featured, a few times of the past few years, on Michael Jacobson’s New Post Literate: A Gallery of Asemic Writing blog here.

This book is recommended.

Coon Gap Hollar and other Walt Curlee Americana #Art Prints

Coon Gap Holler, oil painting, Walt Curlee

Coon Gap Holler, oil painting, Walt Curlee


We are pleased to feature talented artist Walt Curlee, now offering Giclee prints from his oil paintings in our Amazon store. Coon Gap Holler is one of ten new available prints. View five more Walt Curlee prints now on Amazon here.

Coon Gap Hollar, above, is available on Amazon here.


Blackberries Rural Farmland Panorama, oil painting, Walt Curlee

Blackberries Rural Farmland Panorama, oil painting, Walt Curlee


You’ll find more information of Blackberry Patch Rural Farmland Panorama here.


Appalachian Pumpkin Patch, oil painting, Walt Curlee

Appalachian Pumpkin Patch, oil painting, Walt Curlee


Appalachian Pumpkin Patch available here.


Autumn Wheat Harvest,oil painting, Walt Curlee

Autumn Wheat Harvest,oil painting, Walt Curlee


Autumn Wheat Harvest  on Amazon here.


Small Town Winter Landscape, oil painting, Walt Curlee

Small Town Winter Landscape, oil painting, Walt Curlee

Giclee print from Walt Curlee’s oil painting Small Town Winter Landscape now on Amazon here.


Photorealist Paintings of Comic Books, Coke Bottles and Candies


Silver Surfer, oil painting, Doug Bloodworth

Silver Surfer, oil painting, Doug Bloodworth

Doug Bloodworth’s first five fine-art oil paintings were shown (and sold out) at Art Basel in Miami in 2011.

Photorealist artist Doug Bloodworth enjoys overhearing visitors to his shows—in galleries from Zurich to Key West to South Beach to, yes, Disney World—say that they “love the photos.” When he tells them that they are actually looking at are oil paintings, “their look of incredulity is such a pleasure to watch. Many people stare at the paintings for a very long time.”

New York Times, oil painting,Doug Bloodworth

New York Times, oil painting,Doug Bloodworth

Viewers are enthralled with Bloodworth’s depiction of such beloved and familiar touchstones of Americana as Keebler fudge stripe cookies, M&Ms candies, Coke bottles, Monopoly games, Batman comics, and The New York Times crossword—in mid-attempt—all blown up to giant 4-foot-by-5-foot size.

Wall Street journal, oil painting, Doug Bloodworth

Wall Street journal, oil painting, Doug Bloodworth

These hyper-real depictions of pop culture items that touch all of our lives is the major appeal of this artist’s work, according to David Muller, president and curator of Photorealism, a Boca Raton–based dealer in solely photorealistic art.

“It’s a combination of, number one, the actual technical skill involved in the works,” says Muller. “I’ve been in his studio and sat there for three hours watching him complete three square inches of a candy wrapper. Watching it appear from a white canvas is totally amazing. Then you have the addition of nostalgia. When one sees the actual works, it takes you back to another time.”

The Cars, oil painting, Doug Bloodworth

The Cars, oil painting, Doug Bloodworth

Other galleries that feature the photo realism paintings of Doug Bloodworth include the Russeck Gallery on Palm Beach Florida’s Worth Avenue and in Soho, New York City. He shows at the Miami Beach, Effusion Gallery, next door to the Versace Mansion.

Wonder Woman, oil painting, Doug Bloodworth

Wonder Woman, oil painting, Doug Bloodworth

Bloodworth feels honored to have celebrity collectors such as the American rapper and song writer Lil Wayne.


Traditional photorealistic who’ve had an impacted on Doug Bloodworth include Richard Estes, Ralph Goings, Robert Bechtle, Charles Bell, Tom Blackwell, Chuck Close, Robert Cottingham, Don Eddy, Audrey Flack, Ron Kleeman, Richard McLean, John Salt and Ben Schonzeit. More recent photorealist influences include Pedro Campos, Roberto Bernardi, Simon Hennessey, Tom Martin, Steve Mills and Cynthia Poole.

Monopoly, oil painting, Doug Bloodworth

Monopoly, oil painting, Doug Bloodworth

Doug Bloodworth refers to his work as photorealism, as opposed to pop art or hyperrealism.

Galleries that deal in the photorealistic genre include Louis Meisel Gallery, Bernarducci Meisel Gallery and Jonathan Novak Gallery.

Doug Bloodworth’s photorealistic oil paintings appear in a feature article in Xposy Multimedia Magazine–view the article here.

Portrait Artist Offering Commissions Featured in TV Interview


Theopencil at work

TheoPencil at work



Artist Theophilus Boateng Kwaku Sarpong, who goes by the shorter name Theo Pencil and  often written as one word TheoPencil, creates large scale pencil portraits of African’s public figures in photo-realistic detail that he refers to as hyper-realism.


"Kofi Annan" by Theopencil ( Theophilus Boateng Kwaku Sarpong ) of Accra, Ghana. Pencil on paper, without frame. 51cm x 76cm. USD 1,000.

“Kofi Annan” by TheoPencil ( Theophilus Boateng Kwaku Sarpong ) of Accra, Ghana. Pencil on paper, without frame. 51cm x 76cm. USD 1,000.


TheoPencil is one of several African artists offering portrait commissions to people throughout the world. Now anyone in any country may commission their portrait with the assistance of a special service you can read about here.

Here is a look into a commission for a client in the United States–TheoPencil working with pencil and charcoal on paper–work in progress.


TheoPencil working on a portrait commission for an American client

TheoPencil working on a portrait commission for an American client


For the this family portrait, below, THE FAMILY OF AKI-OLA, TheoPencil completed the 30 x 40 inch pencil drawing in 88 hours over 11 days.




TheoPencil at work on another amazing portrait in progress

TheoPencil at work on another amazing portrait in progress


Watch African Portrait artist Theo Pencil on the KSM TV show —

‘ex-ca-vate-site-two’ Open Call to UK Artists Schwartz Gallery

'ex-ca-vate-site-two' curated by Ismail Erbil 2015


UK Artists, if you are making contemporary work, take a look at the past shows at Schwartz Gallery on their website. Or visit the gallery now. If your work fits, then the small fee to submit to this opportunity may get you in. If you are looking for more art galleries click here  and here.

‘ex-ca-vate-site-two’ Open Call to Artists artists living and working in London and the U.K only.

Curated by Ismail Erbil

Deadline for applications: Thursday 21st May 2015

Exhibition dates: 03.06.15 – 04.07.2015
Gallery opening times: Thursday, Friday & Saturdays 1 – 6 pm or by  appointment

Whitechapel Gallery’s First Thursdays: 4th June & 2nd July 2015, 6 – 9 pm

‘ex-ca-vate-site-two’ is a group show in an open call format curated by artist-curator Ismail Erbil that investigates the relationship between finished works and those found in the artist’s studios, thinking of this relationship as a type of excavation.   Re-visiting the studio in a gallery environment Erbil records and reconsiders curatorial relationships and questions the context of the gallery versus the studio revealing often hidden or unseen aspects of an artist’s practice. Displaying a sense of unearthed visions creates unorthodox sites of interaction between artworks, the gallery space and the viewer.  A large structure in the centre of the gallery references Joseph Beuys sculpture work ‘Fat Battery’ 1963 and Meret Oppenheim object 1936.  This investigation at Schwartz Gallery extends from Erbil’s ideas of ‘digging’ for minimalist visions, saturation and construction as a dimension of the artist’s role, questioning the act of erasing and displaying broken artworks.  The viewer will also have the option to be guided by the gallery assistants to link up finished objects with studio objects disrupting their process of engaging with the exhibition and shifting their role into that of active agent in the context of the exhibition as an installation.

Artists are encouraged to apply with work that responds to the above ideas of excavation, unearthed visions and the idea of finishes versus the unfinished.
If you would like to be part of ‘ex-ca-vate-site-two’ please continue to the applications guidelines below:

Deadline for applications: Thursday 21st May 2015.  Selected artists announced on Schwartz Gallery website: Tuesday 26th May 2015
Private view: Wednesday 3rd June 6 – 8.30 p.m
Exhibition dates: 03/06/15 – 04/07/2015
Opening Hours: Thursday – Saturday 1 – 6 p.m or by appointment

Application and processing fee: £12 (via paypal) per application of up to two artworks per artist.  The fee is non-refundable. Please include your PayPal Payment Reference Number when completing the ‘ex-ca-vate-site-two’ application form.

*‘ex-ca-vate-site-two’ is open to artists living and working in London and the U.K only.
*Work across all media will be considered. There is no size restriction.
*Each applicant can submit up to two pieces of work, saved as JPG files no larger than 1MB per image ( 2 images in total maximum per applicant).
*Selecting studio objects by the selected artists will be the responsibility of the curator.  Artists should not to send images of studio objects but only of finished works.
*Each applicant should attach a one page CV when submitting their application (word doc or pdf).*No late submissions will be accepted.
*All works must have been made since 2013.
*Applicants should be aged 18 and over at the time of applying.
*Number each image to correspond to the work list on the application form.
*Schwartz Gallery reserves the right to not display any artwork that is significantly different from the art that was accepted from the submission.
* Work submitted must be available and remain on display until the end of the exhibition with selected artists signing a consignment form.
*Work will need to be collected at the end of the exhibition (Selected artists will be contacted regarding the delivery and collection dates).  The gallery can arrange for work to be posted back to the artists as long as all costs and packaging have been covered by the artists.
*Artists are advised to insure their own works. The gallery will not be responsible for theft, loss or damage to their work.
*Once artists have delivered work, the hanging of the show will be the responsibility of the gallery. Exhibited works may be photographed for promotional purposes.The gallery reserves the right to extend the application deadline and re-schedule the exhibition dates.
Please e-mail your completed application form and all required support materials to with your name and ‘ex-ca-vate-site-two’ in the subject title.

Schwartz Gallery, Schwartz Wharf
92 White Post Lane, Ground floor, Building 2, London, E9 5GU
Copyright © 2015 Erbil.Michalopoulos, All rights reserved

Templates for Displaying Images of Your Art: Textured Walls and Frames

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 11.43.11 PM


Simply put, these frame templates have many uses. Artists with prints for sale, not wanting to invest in frames, or you have framed samples you’d like to photograph, but the glare of the plexi or glass glazing makes getting a good photo a problem. These templates allow you to drop in your art image into clean frames, on a nice textured wall. Easily creating your own showcase with just drag & dropping your images. Switch the clown figure out for another object, from the many provided, to show scale.

This DIY mock-up file has many unique and antique items and frames in one. If you are selling your print art, this is the best way to show your work. Limitless variations and also 8 ready-made PSD showcases. You also get wall and ground textures to generate best presentations. Huge time saver. No need to buy the best camera, repaint your wall to hand your framed art. It’s all done for you here.

HELP NEPAL  When you purchase this item, you will send $1,26 to Nepal.

Because of file size limits you will get a PDF when purchase that includes download links from Dropbox.


Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 11.41.33 PM


Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 12.47.04 AM


The Transgressive in the Photography of Natalie Girsberger

Natalie Girsberger takes us behind the scenes of fashion runways giving us a transgressive look at models, often suffering to fit the molds required by their profession. These photographs may be cautionary tales, alerting young women that success may not be down these avenues. And so the Transgressive genre in all media–once one gets past the initial shock–has an underlying need to instruct. The shock technique gets our attention.

The photos titled Passing Shadow and Industry Standards see the fashion industry through a critical lens.


How far will women go, participating in a society obsessed with creating a pretty picture?


Body measurements, models–who are often young girls– miserable, as they rise and fall on the ever changing fashion scene. Their features fit beauty standards for such a very limited period of time.  Passing Shadow asks the viewer to question the real essence of the pretty surface and to become aware of the suffering the model goes through to look this thin.

As the photographer, Natalie Girsberger describes—“Industry Standards shows a girl that’s clearly beautiful, but she is just skin and bones. She is freezing in her perfectly styled outfit and the hard light emphasises her skeleton-like appearance. This images shows how there’s a fine line between beauty and sickness in this business that treats its starving models like shiny objects.”

Mental illness also a theme of the Transgressive genre. In Natalie’s “Shine on Crazy Diamond” series, she thematizes mental illness, schizophrenia in particular.


Describing here work in this series, Natalie Girsberger writes: “These color images show how all-consuming mental illness becomes part of your body, surrounds you, strips you naked without leaving you to defend yourself. The color design of these images expresses how the illness can seem like a drug trip, opening up a whole world of perception inaccessible to outsiders, which at times, can even seem satisfactory. It urges a viewer to look intensively at a person that is mentally ill instead of just pushing her or him away as yet another crazy one.”
 Read more about these series and others in the photographic fine art work of Natalie Girsberger, in an article published today by Xposy Multimedia Magazine here.
When asked about the image above, Natalie wrote: “The image with the skeleton is about the death wish, that all of us, to whatever extent, feel. It’s about Wertherism and feeling dead and empty inside in a time where everything functions over screens. It’s about the yearning to strip life to its bare bones, experience extremes rather than being trapped in a mediated society of numbness.”
You may also view more of Natalie Girsberger’s work on her website:

Karen Fitzgerald Solar Prints Featured in Xposy Magazine

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 12.08.53 PM

My article on Karen Fitzgerald’s Solar Prints is featured by Xposy Multimedia magazine today. Karen Fitzgerald’s prints are available in a Pop-UP print sale this month–read the details in my article here on

New Art Magazine Live and Accepting Artist Submissions


In March, we told you about several art magazines, in our popularly shared to Facebook and Tweeted article New Art Magazine Accepting Submissions + More here.

Now one of those magazines mentioned in the article, DVYZE magazine, is online, live and accepting submissions of fine art and photography for their next issue.

Take a look here. Click on the Submit button in their top menu.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 1.27.27 AM


And, of course, if you’d like to find many more magazine accepting submissions of your art, you’ll find them in our extensive e-list–you can get here or here.

Artists Pitch Your Art To Interior Projects, Such as Hotels, via this Automated Art Consultanting Site,

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 10.25.00 AM


IndieWalls is automated art consulting. It’s a site for artists to easily pitch their art, with one click, to hotel and residential projects actively seeking artworks for their walls.

This site is a huge time-saver for artists to reach out to new markets!

THE PROBLEM, as IndieWalls explains it, is that every commercial property needs artwork, yet they have a hard time finding real artwork from real artists for their interior spaces.
So to create THE SOLUTION IndieWalls has built a platform that lets commercial art buyers find real artwork from real local artists. “In the past year we’ve helped create art collections for hotels like Thompson Chicago, Andaz 5th Avenue, and Trump Soho…”

To get started–Create your artist account on IndieWalls and upload images of your art. You can now review current project actively seeking artworks and send them your pitch!

Plus, when new projects seeking artwork are added to the site, you will receive an email notification that they are accepting pitches.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 10.17.00 AM


Once you find a project you are interested in. Review the project specifications and photos to help determine what you will offer them in your Pitch.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 10.24.23 AM

It’s super easy to see, at a glance, what artworks the project is seeking. For instance, the hotel project Gild Hall is currently seeking colorful, edgy work– their wants clearly tagged like this:

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 10.40.26 AM


You have artworks to fit their needs, so now you want to create your pitch.

It is fast and automated. You simply click on the word *Pitch* that appears on each of your artwork thumbnail images. A box appears that allows you to write your text and add more images–such as detail shots, or wall installation views of your art. You can pitch that particular artwork, with retail price, or you can offer commissions.

Then click send. Your pitch goes to the project and your artwork appears on the project selection page–so project administrators will be sure to see it.

It’s that easy!

Another project currently active on IndieWalls–the Beechwood Residential building, under construction, lists their color pallet as teal, sage, green, mustard/gold, beige, light grays, medium gray and charcoal. They want Abstract, Architectural, Black and White, Classic and Geometric artworks for their lobby and corridors.

This essentially is all you need to know to pitch a series of your fine art photographs for their corridors, or offer a commission of large scale geometric paintings for their lobby.  Create and send in your pitch to them for consideration. Time spent creating your pitch on IndieWalls in minimal and could lead to a sale or commission.

There are many more automated sites used by art consultants! We have a huge collection of Art Consultants who are seeking artworks for their databases–get it here. Their databases contain your art images that they show to their clients. It’s easy to get your work into art consultant databases–and we tell you how–in the Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions ebook here and here.

Get the Directory of Art Consultants e-list on iCloud w access via computer, iPad, iPhone, and other tablets and devices here and here.

Couples Sleep, Dream in the Mixed Media Paintings of NY Artist Nina Hellman

Cats & Cards, mixed media painting + collage, Nina Hellman

Cats & Cards, mixed media painting + collage, Nina Hellman

Artist Nina Hellman was born in New York City and grew up there. She attended the well-known High School of Performing Arts, School of Visual Arts, and the Art Students League. Nina traveled throughout Europe and North Africa, living as an expatriate in Denmark for four years, and exhibiting in art galleries in Copenhagen.

Since the 1980’s, Nina has had solo exhibition in well-known New York art galleries, and exhibited in several group shows with Ceres Gallery, a New York non-profit alternative cultural center dedicated to promoting women in the arts.

Nina Hellman is an artist and has also been an Art Therapist for over thirty years. All these rich and varied experiences “cross-fertilize” according to the artist, interacting in the mixed media paintings the artist creates incorporating collage elements.



Her paintings of sleeping cats and humans adrift in rich environments alluding to both the physical and the world of dreams.


Lloyd's Dream, Nina Hellman

Lloyd’s Dream, Nina Hellman

Nina Hellman offers her available paintings, sculpture portraits, and prints on her website