Feng Shui Art for Home and Office


Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system for harmonizing everyone with their environment using color and the elements of water, wood, earth, and metal. The idea of Feng Shui is to surround yourself with beautiful art decor designed to optimize your state of mind and bring positive energy into your home and office. One of the simplest ways to introduce Feng Shui color and elements into your living and work space is by decorating with Feng Shui artwork.

Feng Shui art is a niche market that incorporates a wide variety of artwork styles and subject matter. Feng Shui artwork can be photographic prints, tapestries and wall hangings, fine art prints, paintings and sculptural artworks.

According to the Feng Shui experts at Explosion Luck, “Our special Feng Shui art collection of ready-to-hang landscape paintings, bird art, mountain paintings, portrait paintings, sandart, water paintings, western art paintings, wildlife paintings, horse paintings, equine photos, still life paintings, and Buddha thangkas aims at bringing many areas of your life into balance, so that you can enjoy the many benefits of the beautiful universal energies represented in the inspirational Feng Shui artwork.”

Read The Ultimate Guide To Achieving Your Dreams With Feng Shui Wall Art here.

You can view their collection of Feng Shui art here.

Examples of how Feng Shui art works, includes Birds – A painting of a bird symbolizes freedom, prosperity and good fortune. Mountains – An image of a mountain is one of the most powerful Fend Shui wall art images you can ever use to focus your thoughts on your goals.

The element of Water is represented by various shades of blue and black and depicts calmness, purity and rejuvenation. Photographs and paintings of water can be hung in your office to bring forth the energy of abundance and to invite in positive opportunities and changes.

Read about how all the colors and elements in The Ultimate Guide To Achieving Your Dreams With Feng Shui Wall Art here.

this photo via freedigitalphotos.net

Image courtesy of dan at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Do follow Feng Shui Art here: www.explosionluck.com

View the entire Feng Shui art collections here: http://www.explosionluck.com/collections/all





Art Marketing Site Promotes Artists and Art Galleries in Unique Ways



Art Marketing Site Promotes Artists and Art Galleries in Unique Ways by Dean Cameron

Having had a 30 year career in Marketing and owning an Online Art Gallery and Publishing business since 2002, it is obvious that “times are a changing”. While there is nothing inherently wrong with traditional methods such as Gallery Representation, Art Shows and such, they are rendered somewhat incomplete with today’s super connected world that we live in. Social Media Networking is paramount to the vast majority of up and coming artists and that is not just Facebook. Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Stumble Upon, LinkedIn and now YouTube offer unique opportunities and diverse clientele to develop an artist’s brand and to stay connected to interested potential clients. So is Social Media the answer to a successful art career? I would say this. As Social Media came on like a storm so will the next best vehicle (we don’t know what it will be yet because some 12-year-old is inventing it in their mind right now) so we need to be as current as we can be.

One thing I have learned in 30 years of Marketing is that opportunities come from many directions. So our Marketing Plan should take advantage of that and cast a wide net. An Artist needs to have a complete tool box in which to develop their market and build their art creating business. We have developed that Tool Box. www.flootie.com creates a menu of items an artist can choose from in order to best suit their plans. Most “Art for Sale” Internet Sites are what we call “Post it and Forget it” type sites. You post your book of work online and hope that someone comes along and makes a purchase. www.flootie.com is not that type of Internet Marketing Site. We offer the following features for artists to be proactive in their efforts to sell their works and create their brand.

  • Flootie offers a free listing in our International Artists Directory (see Registration link for Artists and follow prompts).
  • Flootie offers a free listing in our International Art Gallery Directory. Our site works well for Artists and their Gallery partners to work together to market an artist’s brand (see Registration link for Artists and follow prompts).
  • Flootie offers very affordable subscription levels and does not charge upload fees or commissions on sales.
  • Flootie offers one on one support to answer marketing questions
  • Flootie offers all major Social Media links for sharing directly from your art listing. You can share to your network and anyone else can share your works with their networks in an easy efficient method.
  • Flootie offers a direct email invitation tool to share your activity on Flootie.
  • Flootie offers a method to automatically share your latest posts with any fan who selects you as a favorite artist in a “once per week” email notification.
  • Flootie offers an option to embed your Google Calendar to your page to keep people informed of your shows and exhibitions.
  • Flootie offers an option to include a video on your page to bring life to your relationships with potential clients.
  • Flootie charges no commissions for sales so you can drive potential clients to your website, or any other location you wish to generate traffic to. We are not competition. We are your marketing supercharger.
  • Flootie offers a blog for subscriber artists to post their latest stories, reflections and insights.
  • Flootie owns and operates our own TV Studio and produces Flootie TV now being shown in 7 states on 8 Public TV Stations with that number growing fast. Flootie TV incorporates a “general public” approach to the arts with some comedic shorts as well as serious artist interviews. Think of it as “The Tonight Show” for the arts.
  • Flootie is a socially conscious company and has an ongoing program called “Artists Forever” that awards art supplies grants to grade school art classes to empower teachers to supplement their meager art budgets in the school systems and develop the next generation of creatives.

This is by no means the end of this list. Flootie is well underway with even more creative tools for artists to connect with art lovers. Our mission is to make the term “Starving Artist” obsolete. We would look forward to seeing you as a fan, an artist or an art related business. We are a grass-roots and privately owned entity with the sole intention to bring the artists and art lovers together in an intentional way.

About Dean Cameron

Dean Cameron has a 30 year career in Sales and Marketing in numerous industries resulting in relationships with many Fortune 500 Companies. Dean is an Art Collector and owner of American Fine Art Company and Flootie.com (subsidiaries of Highlander Enterprises LLC) and resides with his family in Spokane Valley, WA.



Intersection of Art and Literature

There are many small press publishers who work jointly with visual artists and creative writers. Here are a few;

Siglio Press in Los Angeles, California,  is an independent press dedicated to publishing uncommon books that “live at the intersection of art & literature.”

Several years ago, I had some of my work published by Ugly Duckling Presse, as part of a group project. Ugly Duckling Presse is a nonprofit publisher in Brooklyn, New York, focusing on new poetry, translation, lost works, and books by artists.

YYZ Books is a small press dedicated to critical writing on Canadian art and culture. They publishes four titles per year, with the objective of engaging artists,critics, writers and curators intimately in the publishing process to help them bring their ideas and works to the public.


Art magazines, art blogs, art directories and other art publication resources for artists  available here & here.

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Chrom-Art Open Call for Artists


Chrom-Art  We are an Arts non-for-profit organization of art lovers supporting emerging artists. Follow on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ChromArtOrg   London  chrom-art.org


Artist Marketing Resources has 2 web stores of #artistresources :  #1 https://selz.com/items/all

#2 http://artistmarketingresources.webs.com/apps/webstore/

New Beta Site Offers Online Portfolio + Store to Photographers, Illustrators, Graphic Designer, Fashion Designers


Sell your photographs, illustrations and designs

Sell your photographs, illustrations and designs

With Picxe, you have your portfolio and unique online store in a single site. Picxe is positioned as a comprehensive service that allows you to share, organize and market your art, design, and photography images.

Picxe is in Beta. During this period, those who register and upload 30 images in at least 3 categories will receive the pro account for life!

The Picxe site is in Spanish. I’m a native English language speaker and I have studied Spanish. But can read more Spanish than I can speak. As a study exercise, I registered on the Picxe site without translating the site into English. Well, I did look up some Spanish words in my Translate iPad app while completing the Picxe site sign up on my computer. But, of course, you can use Google Translate to view the Picxe site in English or any other language. In case you don’t know, here are the steps: Go to Google Translate, which you can find here. Copy and paste this link: https://picxe.com  into the first box, and set the language to Spanish. Set the second box to English or other language. Then click the green “Translate” Button. The entire Picxe site now appears in English, or what ever language you have selected.

Since Picxe is based in Spain, adding your designs and photography to the site could help you reach a new market for your work.

Find more photography and art sales resources here and here.

WUNDERKIND Sells Young Emerging Artists From Around the World Funds Artists Education

WUNDERKID is an artist collective featuring and selling art by young, innovative, and emerging artists from around the world. Proceeds of the artwork help fund the artist’s education.

Wunderkid is a new, social enterprise model that allows young emerging artists the opportunity to focus on their craft while simultaneously supporting their education. Wunderkid gives these artists the digital platform to feature and sell their extraordinary art, and with each sale, Wunderkid contributes directly to a tuition fund for that artist.

In the meantime, you can follow WUNDERKID on

Twitter here

Instagram here

Pinterest here

On Facebook, you can see some of the artists in their program, here.


If you are looking for more artist resources, Artist Marketing Resources has 2 web stores :

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New Asian Market Art and Design Project Sales Platform




Welcome to Canvs!

Canvs wants to move to the forefront of Art and Design in India and later the world with their community of artists. Their new site has been live for a few weeks now.
Canvs representatives stated, “As much as India is known to be a hub of Art, Design and Culture, when it comes to making a living in these more exotic skill set, we quite often end up under-appreciating its value. Through our product Canvs.in, and business we shall actively take care to solve this problem.”
Canvs  provides you a very versatile portfolio, a way to sell your work, and a means for buyers to get in touch with you, so you can take up projects, jobs, commissions and design assignments . Canvs is created to bridge the gap between the demand and supply sides of the graphic art market (in India), and for artists to create a passive stream of revenue flowing in.
This is a brainchild of a few folks from IITs and a few from NID. This is not about selling artwork on T-shirts– this is more. We hope you help us grow at a pace seen never before in any community.
Have a look: canvs.in :)
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African Print Services: A New Sales Opportunity for African Artists

I  invite you to take part in a new joint initiative with the newly launched EN1 Prints of London, England. EN1 Prints are a brand new print-on-demand service offering and very good deals to contemporary artists ready and willing to sell limited edition prints of their original work.

 I have negotiated a special deal with EN1 for Artworld’s African Fine Artists that will market fine-art prints (A1, A2 or A3 sized) from your original work. (Initially the agreement is for African artists, perhaps later this will be extended worldwide). The bare bones of the arrangement are as follows.
 (i) There are no fees or charges up-front. You pay nothing, now or ever for the print-service.
 (ii) If a print is sold, the printer get 20% of the selling-price, APS gets 5% (ploughed back into the Artworld service) and you, the artist, get 75%. Payment will be made within 7 days from the sale, less any bank & currency conversion charges.
 (iii) You are free to set your own prices for prints offered from your original work. I recommend an edition of 100, and (in consultation with EN1 Prints) a selling price of USD 75. For each print sold you will receive about USD 56 (75%) less bank costs, EN1 Prints gets about USD 15 (to cover the service, materials and printing) and APS gets USD 4 (or 5%).
 I URGE YOU TO TAKE PART UNDER THE RECOMMENDED TERMS! To do so just reply to this email with the single word YES. I will then contact you with further information (I will need a print quality digital master for each print sold through EN1 Prints. If you want to set special prices or a different edition size then email me with your proposal. I strongly recommend that to reduce costs to a minimum you accept the standard deal! 
 If you want to look at the offer in detail you can read the detailed prospectus, African Print Services: A New Sales Opportunity for African Artists . This also describes what you need to know about the digital images required by the printers. The bigger the digital image, the better: but they can manage with relatively low resolutions, the minimum being some 1600 x 1200 pixels.
 I LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU! If you have any questions, just reply to this email, or drop me a line at editor@negativeentropy.net .
 Best Wishes,
FROM: Keith McFarlane
Editor, Artworld
Nicolaas Witsenkade 47-B
1017 ZV Amsterdam
The Netherlands / NL

The Blip: Curated Online Gallery + Magazine

The Blip, A London-based curated online gallery & magazine that seeks to expose and showcase contemporary art, design and fashion from established and emerging artists  theblip.co.uk

(*‿*✿) Artist Marketing Resources has 2 web stores of #artistresources :

#1 https://selz.com/items/all

#2 http://artistmarketingresources.webs.com/apps/webstore/

Seat 214 Art Gallery, Aartur


SEAT 214 Art Gallery has a lot of features. Artists have their own account page and portfolio, and there are options for 3D galleries exhibitions and low commission sales to a growing audience. seat214.com
In FranceAartur wants to bring contemporary art to everyone! aartur.com

Find many more international resources in the Artist Marketing Resources web stores of #artistresources :

#1  https://selz.com/items/all

#2 http://artistmarketingresources.webs.com/apps/webstore/


The Present Prize / Support Artists by Hosting with TPG

Support Artists by Hosting your site with The Present Group/TPG.

The Present Group is continuing its mission of finding new ways to fund artists through Web Hosting.

Over a quarter of every hosting fee TPG receives goes toward new arts grants.

Here’s how it works:

  • You get a year of Web hosting for $84 ($7 a month).
  • $24 of your annual fee goes into The Present Prize artist grant fund.
  • You get to decide who the next grant recipient will be.

What you get:

  • 1 GB disk space, 50GB Transfer
  • <li>email @ yourdomain.com powered by Gmail</li>
  • free installation of WordPress or Indexhibit
  • the friendliest support
  • Linux, PHP5, MYSQL, Easy-to-use Control Panel

Find out more here.

Women Artist Registry: A Round Table Discussion


Should there be a Women Artist Registry?

Women Artist Registry: A Round Table Discussion

Moderated by Fellowship Artists Sara Mejia Kriendler and Amanda Turner Pohan

Tuesday, June 23, 2015 at 6:30pm
155 Plymouth Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Women Artist Registry: A Round Table Discussion at A.I.R. Gallery on Tuesday, June 23rd led by A.I.R. Gallery’s Fellowship Artists, Sara Mejia Kriendler and Amanda Turner Pohan, who will workshop the idea of developing a free app that would serve as an all female artist, critic, curator, and gallerist registry, and skill share. A critic, curator, programmer, and educator will also be present to talk through why and how such an app could be implemented.

The discussion is open to the public for questions and feedback so that these ideas may be worked out collectively.


Kaitlyn Kramer (critic/curator)
Amelia Marzec (artist, educator)
Sarada Rauch (artist/gallerist)
Amelia Rina (critic/curator)
Joan Snitzer (artist/educator/arts programmer)

The gallery is wheelchair accessible.

A.I.R. GALLERY | 155 Plymouth St. | Brooklyn, NY 11201 | airgallery.org | info@airgallery.org | (212) 255 6651

| Wed – Sun 12-6pm

Call for International Photography Submissions on the Theme of IDENTITY


The WYNG Masters Award welcomes photography submissions from all over the world. An annual,  issues-based award headquartered in Hong Kong, this year’s theme is IDENTITY. Images must relate to the theme and be made in or relate to Hong Kong.

The deadline for submission is 15 September 2015 (23:59 Hong Kong time; GMT + 8:00).

From 15 June to 15 September 2015  the WYNG Masters Award invites both international and Hong Kong artists and image-makers to submit photographic-based work. The visual content must be related to Hong Kong and to the chosen theme IDENTITY. Finalists will be selected by a panel of international judges and their works will be exhibited in Hong Kong in Spring 2016. A full-colour catalogue will be published to coincide with the exhibition. The WYNG Masters Award will also host a series of talks, panels, and seminars during the exhibition period. The winner of WYNG Masters Award will receive a cash prize of HKD$250,000. Each of the six additional finalists will receive HKD$15,000.

The WYNG Masters Award international panel of judges is composed of industry leaders in photography, art, publishing, and non-profit. They include Zoher Abdoolcarim, Abby Chen, Louise Clements, Frank Kalero, Leung Po Shan, Mary Ann Camilleri, Theme Judge (to be confirmed).
For details on how to enter please visit Entry Rules.


“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else“
– Margaret Mead

Certain aspects of one’s individual identity such as race, gender, ancestry, genetic makeup and so on, come naturally at birth.  One could, however, consciously choose other aspects such as nicknames, profession, religion, hairstyles, ways of life, gender expression et cetera, to make oneself more unique. Between choice and nature, there are aspects such as nationality, history, psyche and social roles, which influence our sense of identity. Identity could simply be personal disposition, or an unwilling imposition by the society at large.

If identification of self makes the person, collective identity allows for mutual recognition-security as well as solidarity.  Group attributes, though, could be real or virtual, lasting or ephemeral, like one’s profile on social media. Overemphasis of the collective, however, could result in alienation, prejudice, confrontation and even enmity.

In the age of globalization, a local majority could easily become a minority in the wider world.  As global citizens, we hope for and embrace the belief that elastic and flexible identities can bring diversity and progress, rather than confrontation.

If defining our collective identities in this city seems like an almost impossible pursuit, images could, perhaps, provide a platform to start.

“Most people are other people.  Their thoughts are someone else’s opinion, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation“
– Oscar Wilde


Artists Sell Art Prints and Printed Products Online

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 12.08.38 PM

CultureLabel.com sells art–in collector editions, art prints, photography, and originals here.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 12.09.33 PM

Not simply paper prints, but limited edition folding beach chairs(above) and art printed on soft accessories–pillow and cushions and kitchen accessories such as oven mitts and tea towels.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 12.09.22 PM


Other housewares include such things as limited edition dinner plates and coffee cups, lighting and garden accessories.

Culture Label also offers art printed on personal accessories, such as on silk scarves, silk neckties, and pants!

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 12.07.41 PM

If you are an artist, you will find many other sites to sell your art prints on our e-list available here and here.

ENitsua Foundation for the Arts Cultural Exchange Program for Artists



ENitsua Foundation for the Arts Cultural Exchange Program for Artists–website here–was founded by artist Katherine Austin.

She knows the struggle of being an artist and not having a platform to reach viewers. Thus, she create ENitsua Foundation for the Arts organization for aspiring or novice artists to meet seasoned artists from different parts of the world.

ENitsua wants to help fund and guide artists through the art world.

The ENitsua Foundation For The Arts is based in San Marcos, California, USA, visit their website here.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 2.32.48 PM

TSU is a New Social Network that Splits Ad Revenues With Users


Tsu headquarters offices

Some say that Tsu is a little like Facebook– that is, if Facebook shared its ad revenues with you based on how much you post!

I was invited to join Tsu about ten days ago and I signed up.

I invite you to join Tsu here.

Yes, Tsu splits its ad revenue with its users! Tsu pays active users for posting on the platform and for inviting their friends to join.

Tsu only keeps 10 percent of their ad revenues and passes the other 90 percent back to Tsu users.

For example, all the ad revenue Tsu makes in one day is distributed to users based on how many organic post-views they get during that 24-hour period. The more views and engagement you generate as a user, the larger the portion of the pie you get.

I invite you to join Tsu here.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 2.32.52 PM

In a quick comparison with Facebook, I noticed that New York-based Tsu gives you an option to add large titles (aka headlines) to your posts, which I like, and there are options for you to share your individual posts (or not) to Facebook and Twitter.

My Tsu page also has easy to find Analytics and my Bank to view my revenues. I’m new to Tsu and so far only have 15 followers and already I’ve made a few cents in revenues. If I had the same numbers on Tsu as on Facebook–nearly 5,000 followers–it could mean some real earnings.


So if you want to post for income and “likes” alone, join the new social network Tsu , founded by Sebastian Sobczak, which recently launched with a $7 million investment by Sancus Capital Prive.

Tsu also makes it easy for others to find your website, Pinterest page, Twitter account and more:

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 2.31.58 PM

Call for Submissions: Photographic Still Life Bodies of Work


Touch.My.Prints seeks projects, finished or in-progress, of photographic still lifes.

Touch My Prints is interested in the special way the photographic process can flatten space.

In the process of a studio still life the artist can have complete control over lighting, objects, composition, etc. This control allows for a constructed environment to showcase a wide range of concepts.

Touch My Prints seeks these highly controlled still lifes to showcase in TouchMyPrints ISSUE04.

Bodies of work will be prioritized over a series of individual images.


Submission Fee: Free

Please submit 3-5 works from a body of work (complete or in-progress) for ISSUE04. Please include a brief description of your body of work / artist statement. (250 words or less)


Please submit files at 300 dpi, with the longest side being 8 inches (2400 pixels), 8-bit and as a JPEG.

File Name would be Doe_Jane_01.jpeg

In the email (TouchMyPrints @ gmail .com) please list the following information for each image.

Title, Year Produced
Medium (i.e. Screenshot / Digital Photograph / Digital Collage)
Your Website (Professional Site / Twitter / Tumblr / etc)
Brief description of your body of work. (250 words or less)


Submit your own work.
Follow the guidelines.
Please email  if you have questions.