Submit Your Art for Votes + Curatorial Review for Exhibition + Publication

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This may not be for every artist. But if your work fits and you like the curators, which you can review here, submissions are open and free on the London-based Gitoon platform. To get your work reviewed for their Spring exhibition submit by March 1st.

 There is a lot of fine art photography, painting, digital art, collage, ink drawing and some ceramic sculpture on the site.

Sign up to Gitoon. Click “My Work” in sidebar and upload your image. Choose the category UCH Spring Exhibition. Click submit. Vote on other’s work.


Artists Building Relationships With Art Collectors


The idiom or aphorism “God is in the details” expresses the idea that whatever you do you should do it thoroughly and completely. I like to think of such thoroughness as “leaving no stone unturned,” that is, let no detail –no matter how small — go unexamined. And, yes, for any artist “it’s the little things that count” when it comes to establishing relationships with collectors. Those are some of the things that I took away from my conversations with the art collector and entrepreneur Dean Cameron and artist Rush Cole. Yet, surprisingly enough, neither could seem to recall specific moments or words, just that they began to talk, kept the conversation going and art entered into private art collections.

“Life is short, art long, opportunity fleeting, experience treacherous, judgement difficult.” Hippocrates

Dean Cameron says, “I love it when an artist shares their truth about their artwork and even what it means to be an artist (the struggle is real). I enjoy getting to know them personally and not just their pedigree. There is a lot of very beautiful artwork out there and visual attraction can sure get the conversation started, but what usually prompts me to purchase is when I have developed a relationship with that artist. Nearly every painting we own has a story of some type.”

Dean recalls a relationship with an artist that started as a chance meeting at a printer. “The Artists name was d l’Aigle. He was having printing done as well and he and I struck up a conversation. In a very similar fashion he and I became friends, as well as me becoming his publisher. I helped him sell numerous prints and originals. Sadly we lost d’lAigle a couple of years ago. Pam and I own 3 originals. If there is a single key…say hi and strike up a conversation. Even just say hello!”

New Mexico artist Rush Cole

Artist Rush Cole (photo: Herschel Mair, Santa Fé, NM)

Rush Cole recalls that, “Dean and I met on Facebook several years ago through a mutual friend, Marcella Rose…I’m thinking it must have been somewhere around 2005-2007…it’s all a little vague. At any rate, Dean and I communicate occasionally online. Recently, I posted a flurry of artwork from my website and he purchased a small painting.
"YOUNG PUEBLO MAIDEN", 18" x 26", Oil on canvas, Gallery-wrapped: $5500.

YOUNG PUEBLO MAIDEN, 18 x 26 inches, oil painting on canvas, $5500.


Rush Cole’s words remind me of the importance of starting the conversation. No need to wait until you have the perfect elevator speech or business card. (Don’t make excuses, or justify not taking action). We are all human. Others may not remember the exact words or moment you first spoke, but they will remember that you connected with them. Get the conversation started and keep it natural. Have lots of conversation too!

Dean Cameron also values his friendship with Marcella Rose, saying, “If I remember correctly, she called me on the phone to ask me about my business at the time American Fine Art Company. We met and it developed from there. I saw her work and got to know her as a person and we hit it off from there. After meeting her and getting to know her, we developed a relationship of me being a publisher for her as well as placing her works in a local gallery.   The first business deal developed when a bank president I know was buying a new condo and the designer asked me if I could show her a collection of some of our artists. She loved an abstract series of Marcella’s and asked for prices of canvas giclees and originals. She chose the giclees…. (I now own the originals…). Marcella has developed an outstanding art career for herself in Minnesota and her works are selling like hotcakes. She is a Flootie artist as well. Pam and I own 10 of her original paintings and 4 of her prints. We talk often and help each other when we can. What inspires me is when someone else is inspired. My advice to artists is to be “engaged” with people. Not everyone will buy your art but friendships and networking lead to opportunities. I can’t tell you how many business deals have developed between friends of friends and a good word.”

 Last year, an Artist Marketing Resources article (read it here ) featured some of the many art projects of Dean Cameron, including mention of his private art collection of over 200 paintings and numerous prints. In a more recent conversation, Dean said–“I am privileged to have made many artist friends (some I have had professional relationships with as well). In many cases I have tried to help artists build relationships through networking without contractual binds as well. Funny thing I have always believed in the cheesy “what goes around comes around” philosophy. Of the over 200 paintings Pam and I own a good 50% are from artist friends. I tell many, that most successful artists sell a lot of work BECAUSE of the Internet. It’s about building relationships and trust in your brand. People buy online when they trust the quality of work or the merchant that is selling it.”

Even Dean Cameron’s online gallery, Flootie, is set up to make connections with each of the artists there. Rush Cole is a Flootie artist member and you can review her portfolio here.

Dean Cameron invites both artists and collectors to connect with him via email ( and join in the discussions on his Facebook gallery page here.

Artist Studios Inside Shipping Containers On Board Cargo Ships


For the growing number of mobile creatives out there world-wide, we published an article on international workspaces for Digital Nomads and Creatives here.  We’ve also recently learned of the ContainerArtRes, and want to share news of this arts organization that invites artists to travel on board container ships and set up their artist work studio space inside shipping containers.

This new artist-in-residence program on board commercial cargo ships for artists has open calls to apply. To receive news of their next open call, sign up for the newsletter here.


Image courtesy of ddpavumba at

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at

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Artists Apply Now To Sell Your Work Commission-free at Lyons Art Festival

Art on the Green art booths

Art on the Green art booths

The Art on the Green fine arts festival has space for 80 booths for local and national artists to sell their work commission-free on Saturday and Sunday June 11-12, 2016 in shady Sandstone Park, in the heart of the small Rocky Mountain town of Lyons, Colorado.

The Lyons Art on the Green Festival attracts thousands of visitors from nearby Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins, Colorado to this two-day event.

Artists apply now until May 9, 2016 — using the ZAPP online application system here or paper applications at

2015 festival artists exhibited paintings, photography, sculpture, jewelry, mixed media works, printmaking, ceramics, glass art, fiber art, metal works, wood, digital art, and more.

For this upcoming summer of 2016 event, Art on the Green has lower booth fees and will limit the number of jewelers and photographers booths.

Art on the Green is–
·         Run by artists for artists
·         Does extensive promotional marketing on TV, radio, in magazines, newspapers and social media
·         Offers the refreshing atmosphere of historic Sandstone Park
·         Provides the hospitality of tea, coffee, water & treats
·         Has outstanding volunteers, Booth sitters, Sponsors, and Activities for children

heiditown1 (1)


5 images total: 4 images of artwork + 1 image of booth. Artists may enter multiple categories for jurying. Artists wishing to exhibit work produced in more than one media category must apply with separate online user identification, set of digital images, and jury fee for each category.

Art on the Green has a “blind” jury, in that jurors only see an artist ID number and the five images. Jurors are professionals with extensive experience in various art fields. Some are show artists, some gallery owners, some are art educators. All are very knowledgeable.  Each year there is a new panel of jurors. Find full guidelines on site.

Fee (Jury Fee): $25.00

You can submit up to 3 applications for this show.

Artists Submit Your Application Now Until May 9th–
Beginning Jan. 1, 2016 –      Artist applications are available on or
Deadline is May 9, 2016 –   Artist applications due Midnight MT
May 13, 2016 –    Artists Receive notification of jury results
May 18, 2016 –    Booth fees, completed Artist Agreement + Booth Request due

Festival Dates and Hours

Friday, June 10:   Artist Booth Set up 10:00 a..m. to Dark

Festival Open to the Public:

Saturday, June 11:  10:00 a.m.  – 5:00 p.m.
Sunday, June 12:    10:00 a.m.  – 4:00 p.m.

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Alternative Collections International Contemporary Art Galleries



Alternative Collections, or Alt Collections, began exhibiting international contemporary artists in curated group shows in their Paris, France gallery space 2013. Curator Pia Camilla Copper has curated numerous exhibitions around the world and has a private gallery space, Pia Camilla Copper private gallery – Galerie en Appartement – located in the 6th arrondissement of Paris and in Istanbul. Find her contact details here.  In 2015, she set up Alternative Collections Gallery in Hong Kong.

We continually research art galleries in our ongoing efforts to update and maintain of our international art gallery directory available here.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Image courtesy of Tuomas_Lehtinen at

Image courtesy of khongkitwiriyachan at


Previously Unknown Andy Warhol Painting Discovered + Authenticated

Screenshot 2016-02-03 at 1.53.25 PM


As one who has spent many hours inside the Andy Warhol Museum admiring the galleries of colorful Pop Art and the collections of early Warhol works, it’s easy to see that this newly discovered painting fits right in. This Warhol painting–The Thinker / Thinking Outside the Box / Boy with Birdcage has that early Warhol style, and experts who have authenticated and appraised the artwork have placed it at a value ranging between $500,000 – $2.5 Million US dollars.

Thinking Outside The Box / The Thinker aka Boy with Birdcage was authenticated on December 26, 2015 by G.B. Tate & Sons Fine Art of Laramie, Wyoming. The appraisal document of G.B. Tate and Sons states, “The subject artwork is typical of the artist and compares favorably in quality and subject matter with many other examples of the genre offered in the marketplace. All other factors, including technique, style and signature, are consistent with original works by the artist.”

Amazingly enough, this previously unknown Andy Warhol painting was discovered in a thrift store by a Mr. Michael Wilson, who says, “I’m a rare art finder. It’s a long story. A gift I’ve had since a teenager. It’s a very unusual gift.”

Mr. Wilson, a collector of rare artifacts, purchased the Warhol artwork for around forty dollars in a California thrift store–a framed artwork that had no doubt been passed-over by many other shoppers who were unable to recognize it as a valuable work of art.

“It was a neat discovery,” Michael Wilson, told us here at Artist Marketing Resources, asking us to share his news with our readers. To date, there has been very little written about his find, beyond a small newspaper story here.

Mr. Wilson told us that –“When I saw it at the thrift store I think I was attracted to the image concept…it was a strange and unusual feeling I had about it, and I questioned myself why I bought it. The name was illegible, the price was around $40.00. At the time I didn’t have room to hang it so I put it up in the attic. Sometime later a news report came out about two Englishmen visiting Las Vegas who went to a yard sale–one named Andy Fields, who bought a couple of etchings or drawings at the sale. They then returned home to the UK. As Andy Fields was re-framing the artworks, in the back of one of them he found an Andy Warhol signed color drawing of what is believed to be Rudy Vallee. Allegedly, one of Andy Warhol’s earliest ones from when he was around 10 or 11 years old. When I saw the news report I also was able to see the drawings signature capital letter “A” with a swirl on top, and it reminded me of seeing it before. It didn’t take long before I realized it reminded me of the painting in my attic. I took a look at it and could see it was the same capital letter “A” with that swirl. So, I got curious about what Andy Warhol signatures looked like and, lo and behold, I found an abundance of his informal signatures on record. I didn’t know anything about Andy Warhol then. I didn’t do anything about it at the time.

Around two years ago, Daniel Blau managed to acquire around 200 drawings by Andy Warhol, never-before-seen by the public, from the Warhol Foundation. He released around five to nine of them on the internet. I think the rest might be in a book. I did some research on Andy for a while and found his white face art and other comparable pictures. But when I saw one of the released drawings of a little boy resembling my painting, that went beyond coincidence. With the gathering of evidence I could see the painting was of Andy Warhol himself.

Mr. G. B. Tate, an art expert I once hired for an old painting I had, is a meticulous authenticating researcher. I had gathered up a lot of evidence, but, I still wanted to know who the little boy was….I eventually contacted Mr. G.B. Tate and asked if he could research the Warhol painting for me. He said he has had experience through his many years with Warhol art research, but, it would take a while. The rest is history…”

If you are interested in this Andy Warhol artwork, you can contact Mr. Wilson via telephone or email– find contact information here.

Screenshot 2016-02-03 at 1.54.41 PM


Platform: Open Call Art Magazine for Artists



Platform or Platvorm is a print magazine which has its headquarters in the Netherlands. Platform describes itself as “an open call art magazine where artists are in control.” Artists create their own magazine spreads about their own work, resulting (hopefully) in diverse and original content.  Participation is free!

Find out more here.

  • Platform published their second issue December 2015, so now is the time to contact them to get your work into their forthcoming spring issue.



Find our huge E-list of Art Magazines, Art Blogs, Artist Directories for $29.95 on selz here.

Life Imitates Art, #Art Auction and Artist Series

 Surma Man of Grace from The Fluidity of identities series, watercolor painting by Lioda Conrad

Surma Man of Grace from The Fluidity of identities series, watercolor painting by Lioda Conrad


Artist Marketing Resources owner Marie Kazalia wrote and published a feature article for the online multimedia magazine Xposy–

Life Imitates Art: Lioda Conrad and Her Fluidity of Identities Series–read it here.


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Reflections on the Paintings and Constructions of Natalie Dower

Andy Parkinson keeps his readers up-to-date on exhibitions in London, in his “Patterns That Connect” blog. Enjoy this article.


A recent show I wish I had been able to visit, unfortunately I never managed to get there, was Reflections, Natalie Dower, at Eagle Gallery. There’s a good review of it at Saturation Point in which James Campion discusses the selection of works, reflecting on some individual pieces, specifically the Spiral Track works (1984), Colour Spiral Track no.2 (19) and Jungle Sphere, (1988), and briefly considers Dower’s relationship to the tradition of Constructivist and Systems art.

The exhibition, drawing from Dower’s career of over 40 years, and presenting recent paintings hung in counterpoint to selected historic works, including a selection of intricate reliefs that have not been exhibited since exhibitions at the Curwen Gallery, would have been an invitation to reflect on the connections between works from the eighties up to the present day. Even without a visit, in surveying material available online (the Saturation Point review, an…

View original post 879 more words


Workspaces for Creative Global Nomads / Digital Nomads


No matter where we live in the world, we all visit websites set up by artists and creatives based around the globe. With multinational organizations such as Impact Hub it’s becoming increasingly easier for travelers, who often refer to themselves as Digital Nomads, to physically travel from their homes in cold, snowy climates to live as expatriates in warmer and relatively less expensive countries and easily maintain their online presence–be it social media activity, keeping-up their own websites or blogs, or expanding their online income streams to pay their living expenses while on the road. Impact Hub currently has 77 open co-working centers around the world. Impact Hub considers themselves a community of entrepreneurs, creatives, and professionals who use the workspaces and wi-fi connections for a monthly fee, or even rent a permanent desk, so that Digital Nomads have a space to drink coffee with vibrant people while growing their online businesses.

Another such space in San Francisco’s Chinatown is 1920C a “coworking collective and creativity hub” offering workspace and gallery space to global creative nomads.

Digital Nomads traveling to Cape Town, South Africa can get shared office space, a desk, internet / wi-fi, office facilities, and coffee at MiniOffice and other spaces coming soon via the Co-Working Community of South Africa.

Do visual artists really need to stay in one place to create?

Point B Art has “Worklodges” which are centers in cities throughout the world specifically for “globally mobile creative professionals,” to encourage “trans-disciplinary and cross-cultural exchanges.”  Worklodges contain casual communal gathering areas such as cafe areas and rooftop gardens, office spaces for arts related businesses, reference libraries, presentation areas for private showings, conference rooms and lecture halls, shorter-term work/live studio lofts, as well as private, longer term studios for in-house local artists as a unique resource to visiting Creative Global Nomads. Each Worklodge is unique, with a small number (8 to 25) private work/live studio lofts for transient lodgers to quickly begin working upon arrival.
Point B Worklodges contain Work/live studio lofts such as in this diagram —


A Worklodge studio is composed of a good living space and a good working space. These work/live studios were built as “Solotats,” that is, habitats for solo exploration that offer flexibility and maximize creative out-put. The studios contain big, long work tables and clear walls with lots of room to pin things up, lay things out– space for physical thinking processes.

Because they are all mid-career professionals, the lodgers in these Worklodges know that the other creative people there are in a similar place in their lives. One of the benefits of staying at a Point B Worklodge is that one becomes part of a network of creative people around the world who are working and traveling abroad.

Point B is transitioning from their former space, to a new location in Brooklyn, New York, while they are also in the process of opening a new Worklodge in Lisbon, Portugal and will begin taking applications this coming in the Spring or Summer of 2016.

 You can find out many more details on the Point B Art website here.
 I first learned of Point B when they began following my @TransArtGuide Twitter account.  Follow Point B on Twitter here.

Online Magazine THE HUMAN FIGURE COMPETITION – Submit By Jan 31st



Art Exhibeo online art magazine  has a current call for artists to submit art based on the human figure. Submit your 2D paintings, drawings, pastels, photography, sculpture, and mixed medium artwork that emphasizes humans as an integral part of the composition. They’ve EXTENDED Deadline to January 31st 2016. There is an online submissions form and a fee to submit–details here.


Only a very small percentage of the art magazines on our e-list require fees to submit. But we thought this online magazine would be of interest to some of our artist-readers so we’ve added it to our e-list of Art Magazines, art blogs, art publication resources available here.


Art Magazine Open Call to #Artists to #Submit for April Issue


FreshPaintMagazine has an open call for their April international issue. There is a fee to submit to this open call.  Alternatively, Artists may submit to their blog here by completing the site form. There is no fee to submit for a blog feature.

Emerging and established artists are welcome to apply with works in any medium including painting, sculpture, photography and mixed media.

Artists from all countries are welcome to submit.

The April 2016 issue will be distributed in London, New York and Philadelphia in galleries and art centers. Published artists will be promoted through the FreshPaintMagazine international digital and print distribution, as well as by extensive exposure through social media.

Reviewing their Twitter feed images here will give you a quick idea of the art they like and have featured on their blog. If you do not wish to submit to the open call, Artists may submit to the blog here.


Most of the art magazines on our e-list do not require fees to submit. Since this magazine also has the blog feature we have added it to our e-list of Art Magazines, art blogs, art publication resources available here.

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3 Developing Art Platforms Artists May Want to Know More About

Most artists have their work for sale in the Saatchi online gallery, and perhaps in a few other online galleries, in addition to their own website, blog or online portfolio. Creating a presence on other sites extends your reach to those who buy art for their homes and businesses.

Here are a few newer art sites that caught our attention recently–

Screenshot 2016-01-21 at 5.27.08 AM


Ampliative Art is a new art site in Spanish and English with very grand plans and a manifesto. They hold live meetings and are currently crowdfunding to build their online platform. If you are the type of artist who likes to get involved from the early stages of development and growth then this may be the place for you.


Screenshot 2016-01-21 at 5.30.00 AM

Artellite, based in Canada, is for artists, art galleries, and arts organizations to join in those categories. They talk about transparency, and you do see right away when you visit the site the number of users. The site has been under development since 2014 and says that they are about e-commerce solutions for the Art World and about selling art. They have an interesting curated collection.  Take a look and if your art is a good fit you can join the site free here to check out the features. I noticed that Artellite offers sales options in multiple currencies–US Dollars, Singapore Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, Great Britain Pounds and Euros. Joining could extend your reach and international selling abilities.

The Artful Project is calling itself the new home of affordable art, and in this instance the word affordable seems a euphemism for print–and primarily photography based prints though they seem to be branching out into text-based artworks. They have curated collections and participate in Designers fairs and the not surprisingly Affordable Art Fairs.


Screenshot 2016-01-21 at 5.51.56 AM



London-based Art Magazine Accepting Submissions

Curieux Magazine is a London-based magazine accepting contributions and submissions. Read the submission guidelines here. The magazine encompass all aspects of visual art including photography, painting and design. Curieux always looking for new and regular contributors, including photographers, stylists, writers, illustrators and graphic designers.

If you haven’t heard about it by now–we have a long list of art magazines and art blogs here.

Apple Offering Free Art Classes WorldWide + 11 Genres of iPhone Photography

Screenshot 2016-01-17 at 10.05.25 AM


On January 7th, Apple began a series of free art classes in retails stores to teach users iPad sketching techniques and their online gallery Start Something New shows what artists are doing on Apple product. Find out more here.

One of the planned workshops will teach users iPad sketching techniques, while another demonstrates how to use the iPhone’s sophisticated camera to capture artistic images.

Apple is playing catch-up with artists. Hundreds of thousands already receive valuable free iPhone photography instruction via the iPhone Photography School.

Emil Pakarklis, Founder of the iPhone Photography School sent me this about 12 days ago:

Let me share with you one of the best articles the we have ever published… It’s about the 11 most important genres of iPhone photography:

Click Here To Read This Great Article

In this article you’ll learn about the different genres of iPhone photography, see amazing photos by some of the world’s best iPhone artists, and get useful tips for each of the genres.

If there’s one iPhoneography article you should definitely read, it’s this one. There’s so much to be learned from the amazing contributors that I often go back to this post for inspiration.

If you’re struggling to define your personal style, this post will make a world of a difference.

And it will definitely inspire you to take more iPhone photos!

best regards,

 Screenshot 2016-01-17 at 10.27.35 AM

Birth Rites Collection of Contemporary Art

The Birth Rites Collection is the first and only collection of contemporary artwork anywhere that is dedicated to the subject of childbirth. The collection consists of photographs, sculpture, painting, wallpaper, drawing, new media, documentary and experimental film.

All of the artworks in the Birth Rites collection are available for loan, exhibition or film screening. Images from the collection are available for use in leaflets, talks, public programming or publications. Birth Rites is also happy to supply information on the collection artworks and artists to researchers and writers.

The Birth Rites curator, Helen Knowles is available to give talks and presentations and design and facilitate workshops.  

If you are an artist who thinks that you have some work which might be suitable or relevant to be included in the collection, please contact Birth Rites.

The Birth Rites collection of contemporary artwork is housed at Salford University, Salford, London, UK

There is a podcast interview of artist Judy Chicago currently on the Birth Rites website here.
Screenshot 2016-01-17 at 7.19.51 AM

Call For Artists to Exhibit at PAFI Deadline to Submit Jan 20th

printed art images in PAFI

printed art images in PAFI

An artist on Twitter alerted us to this CALL FOR ARTISTS

It has never been easier to exhibit in the Park Art Fair International aka PAFI©    SUBMIT now!
DEAD LINE 20th january 2016 (23:59 Zürich Time)

EarthWE Gallery Betsy Clark exhibition installation view

EarthWE Gallery Announces First Solo Exhibit for Celebrity Artist Betsy Clark


EarthWE Gallery Betsy Clark exhibition installation view

EarthWE Gallery Betsy Clark exhibition installation view

We love that EarthWe thought to send us their latest press release and we are happy to share the details with you. Plus they included the wonderful photo, above, of their Betsy Clark exhibit in their gallery space. EarthWE has an interesting website for you to check out here.

Here is their latest art exhibition news—

EarthWE Gallery of Bergamot Station, Santa Monica is pleased to announce the opening of the first solo exhibit for Celebrity Artist Betsy Clark

“The Exiles” opens January 30 with an artist reception from 6-10 pm, and will run for 6 weeks. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11-6 pm.

Born in Seattle, Washington, current Venice resident, Betsy Clark is an actress, painter and mother with a flair for color and a love of elegance. As a child she was enamored of the acting world and the high fashion, style and elegant lifestyles of the Hollywood movie stars. She knew at an early age she wanted to live a glamorous life, and held multiple jobs while in high school, earning her own money to spend on clothing and social activities. While working in the mailroom of a bank, a teller suggested she try modeling, a moment that changed her life forever. Soon she was traveling around the world on high fashion modeling assignments that gave her a taste of that special life she had always envisioned. Once she began acting classes her natural talent was discovered, and national commercials soon followed. While in Paris working she met her soon-to-be husband, Philippe Caland, a film producer, who began casting her in his films, including the cult classic Boxing Helena. Her dreams becoming a reality, she began experimenting with other creative outlets, and painting became her next obsession.

Working in mixed media for the past 15 years, Clark has shown in various group exhibits in Santa Monica, but this will be her first solo show. This series, called “The Exiles” is comprised of 30 portraits from her imagination – predominantly well-dressed women, who look as if they are from another country and era. Says Clark, “I imagine these women have had really hard times, yet they are all so proud and dignified, and have put their best outfit on for some special occasion or party, where they may not really fit in…”

In a style reminiscent of Modigliani, the works are vividly painted in simple poses, stylized with elongated necks, proud features, and dressed in bits of fabric that Clark has collected from her travels. There are no smiles on any of them, yet the work has a decidedly optimistic feeling. Clark reflects, ”I am most proud of putting a smile on peoples faces. My mom and dad use to say to me “”Bets, you are a shining light in the room.” If I can show that through my paintings and have my light shine till the day I die, then I am a happy, grateful woman!”  Come see this exhibit  – and smile – for yourself!

EarthWE is located at 2525 Michigan Avenue, Building D5, Santa Monica, California USA 90404

L0035463 Medicine Man - eye defect teaching models
Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images
Model eye, glass lens with brass-backed paper front with hand-painted face around eye, by W. and S. Jones, London, 1840-1900
Published:  - 

Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0

Photography + Literary Publishing House Invites Submissions Until Jan 31st


Spurl Editions is actively seeking submissions of photography and writing. Read the submission guidelines here. Spurl is tweeting about their latest published titles–

“LAX: Photographs of Los Angeles 1980-84” & Henri Roorda’s “My Suicide”

Follow Spurl Editions on Twitter      Spurl Editions

We’ll be adding Spurl Editions to our growing e-list of  Photography Resources  available here

L0035463 Medicine Man - eye defect teaching models Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images Model eye, glass lens with brass-backed paper front with hand-painted face around eye, by W. and S. Jones, London, 1840-1900 Photograph Published: - Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0

L0035463 Medicine Man – eye defect teaching models
Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images
Model eye, glass lens with brass-backed paper front with hand-painted face around eye, by W. and S. Jones, London, 1840-1900
Photograph Published: – Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0


Hunter Collector a New Online Auction Platform


We like new–new ideas, new sites, new ways to get visibility and make sales. Hunter Collector is so new that we know nothing about it. The site hasn’t even launched yet. Could this be an alternative to ebay? A platform to reach serious collectors? Hunter Collector is describing itself an “exciting Online Auction platform for serious collectors.”  We are assuming that fine art fits into that description.

Follow Hunter Collector on Twitter.

Go to their website to sign up to stay up to date.

When the site does launch we will likely give it a try and then add it to our e-list of art sales venues here.




Shopify has many templates for setting up your store. One you select your template you will find options for customizing using your own photos. Click here to start.

Artists with print editions, or items such as printed t-shirts, hand-painted silk scarves, art books, and other limited edition items may benefit from having them for sale in a Shopify store along with higher priced one-of-a kind paintings, sculpture, assemblage, and other mixed-media artworks.


portrait painting by Waweru Gichuchiri

portrait painting by Waweru Gichuhi

Select your reference photos or create a new selfie, then chat with African artist Waweru Gichuhi to discuss portrait ideas (CONTACT DETAILS. Email Telephone: +254 728 667 822 Office hours, UTC +02:00 ). Find artist Waweru Gichuhi on Facebook here.

portrait painting by Waweru Guichi

portrait painting by Waweru Gichuhi

Do you want him to create your portrait painting on canvas or drawing on paper? Decide on the materials and size for the finished portrait art during your consultation with the artist.

Provide your reference photo or photos to the artist so he can get to work and he will send you a work-in-progress photo!

double portrait drawing by Waweru Gichuchi

double portrait drawing by Waweru Gichuhi

Portraits Africa–based in Amsterdam, Netherlands–holds your international currency payment until the portrait is complete and delivered to you. Only then is the money is paid to artist. Contact Portraits Africa via email: -or- by telephone: +31 20 672 78 06

While a portrait drawing on paper may require less time to complete, a painting on canvas will take more time. If you have an anniversary, birthday, or other date you’d like to receive the completed work, just let the artist know.

Final photos are sent to you for approval. The artist Waweru Gichuhi packages and ships the finished portrait to you.

portrait painting by Waweru Ch

portrait painting by Waweru Gichuhi

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