Open Call: The Male Nude in 2D, 3D, Digital + Performance


DMAC-Duo Multicultural Arts Center, the East Village, New York City is seeking works for its group show and performance art installation: The Nude + MALE opening in December, 2014. They are seeking submissions of art works including traditional two-dimensional works in any medium; digital video works; sculpture; architecture; animation as well as performance art that can be presented live in their gallery.

To submit your are for consideration to this curated exhibition, send your contact information, image script, your  brief bio, artists statement, and a link to online examples of your work or copy of your work in a digital format only to: Attn: Michelangelo Alasa.

Submission Deadline: Sun Nov 30th, 2014

DMAC – Duo Multicultural Arts Center
62 East 4th Street
New York, New York East Village 10003
United States of America
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Open Submissions: Jung Katz and LIPHAR

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 11.22.59 AM

Artists have asked about our e-list of Art Magazines, Art Blogs and Publication Resources. We know how much artists love to get their work featured on art blogs and in magazines! Many artists wonder how to make that happen.


If you are an artist, you can wait around for some magazine editor or art blog writer to contact you about featuring your work. Or take action! The best way to get your art featured in art magazines or on good art blogs is to actively submit your work.  And that’s why we’ve put together our growing e-list of art magazines and blogs for artists to use to make their submissions–Get it here.  We began compiling this e-list in January of 2013, continually researching and adding new art magazines and blogs, and now the e-list is 50+ pages of clickable links!

At the bottom of this article, we’ve shared two new additions to our e-list –one is in our alphabetized Art Magazines and Art Blogs category and one is in the Literary Journals that publish art category.

You’ll find the KEY to our Art Magazines, Art Blogs, and Publication Resources E- LIST categorized as follows:

  • Fine Art Magazines, Art Blogs & artist directories
  • Art Apps–for iPhone, iPad
  • Digital Art, Media & Technology
  • Art BOOKS/Art Bookstores/Art Book Distributors/Art Ebook Resources
  • Photography Magazines
  • Themed–art submissions accepted on a monthly theme or quarterly theme
  • DESIGN & Illustration, Interior Design, Arts & Entertainment
  • Literary Journals – that publish art submissions + writing
  • Fiber & Fabric art, Ceramics, Craft
  • Tumblr blogs that accept art submissions
  • Social Media art sites
  • University & College Art Magazines
  • US States–art publications specific to each state in the USA
  • International, listed by country–art publications specific to each country
  • Industry Specific / Specialty Magazines– accepting art submissions-Outdoors, Nature, Fantasy, etc


An art blog newly added to our e-list, Jung Katz likes to feature the work of independent artists. If you are a painter, printmaker, photographic artist or illustrator you can submit your work here.


LIPHAR is an Online Ebook magazine for authors, artists and photographers. The name of the Magazine is Liphar (pronounced Lifer). They have ongoing Open Submissions for your Articles, Short Stories, Photos, and Art, and are accepting submissions now.



3 C’s of Creating Your Printed Art Design: Clarify, Communication, Cost

Large 3D Printed Sculpture, J F Rygo

Large 3D Printed Sculpture, J F Rygo

Last week, we published an article containing resources for getting your small Giclee art print editions and 3D printed items ready for holiday sales. Read our article Get Your Art Printed as Mini Giclee Prints or 3D Prints for Holiday Sales here.

Related to that preparation process are the  Three C’s : Clarity, Communication, Cost, discussed in the recent article published on the Shapeways blog of 3D News and Innovations. Their article contains practical advice on getting the most for your money when creating your 3D design for printing.

According to Shapeways, your ideas, sketches, photos, your Pinterest boards, magazine clippings and screenshots of elements you like are all really helpful in communicating what you want to the printer. (Another plus for using Pinterest!)

Cost, plus an understanding of the 3D printing process as it relates to your design, go hand-in-hand for creating the best work.  How much you are willing to spend will be effected by whether you provide the printer with a finished product or a 3D file that you will upload yourself, what materials you want your 3D printed item created with, and if you are creating an edition or a One-of-a-Kind art piece.


small 3D printed nendroid

small 3D printed nendroid


Gallery Call for Exhibition Proposals for the 2015-2017 Seasons

blogCall for Proposals_2015-17_bckGroundforWeb35


One art gallery on our International Art Gallery Directory E-list, of the many listed that are accepting submissions and exhibition proposals, is the Chazan Gallery. This current call is for solo and group shows for their 2015-2017 seasons.

In the image above, the item– “Images must be numbered and listed accordingly on an image list with titles, dates, medium and size” is often simply referred to as the image script.



Grand Opening of the Institute of Fabrefaction Art Building



We haven’t heard many complaints about the “bad economy” lately. Perhaps we’ve all become accustomed and accepting.

But it is always encouraging when new art organizations springing up.

The new Institute of Fabrefaction gives visual artists access to tons of equipment (letterpress, screenprinting, ceramic, wood shop, metal shop, additive manufacturing, vinyl/paper cutters and more) all with 24/7 access! They are having their Grand Opening on Nov 1st 6-9pm and you are invited to come and see their new 12,000 square foot building!  In the main Gallery they are hosting recent large scale works by Kevin Bradley “Robots and Storetry: The Art of Letterpress Typography.” In the Fabrefaction Gallery will be an exhibition of the sculptures of Jeff Hantman. Additionally, come explore the 28+ working artist studios on site!


Looking for more Galleries? Click here.


Constantly Consuming Culture’s Crowdfunded Exhibition Projects: Chicago and Miami

Constantly Consuming Culture is a Chicago based organization using annual crowdfunding campaigns to produce group exhibitions.
You get real art as perks when you fund their Indiegogo campaign for Constantly Consuming Culture–The Waterfront.
These art perks are Chicago waterfront themed works by artists John Airo and Gretchen Hasse, and include acrylic on wood paintings and quality prints of drawing and photo montages–one painting pictured above. The artist John Airo is also offering a personal portrait for a pledge of $1500.
Help fund their campaign here.
According to organizer Patrick Ogle, they are planning two shows featuring Chicago and Miami artists–one in Miami (Feb 2015) and another in Chicago (April 2015). “We are still looking for a few artists from both cities,” he stated.




Actor Joseph Gordon-Leavitt Wants Your Video Pieces

The very attractive and talented actor Joseph Gordon-Leavitt is asking you to contribute your video to his latest project on his HitRecord site. Gordon-Levitt will use selected pieces from your video submission for the next episode of his variety show —perhaps you can make a video on the theme feminism using your art or animation or animated gif and it will make it onto the show. Watch the video above for more details about his project described by the actor himself!


EVERYONE: RECord yourself on Video answering the following questions:

- What does the word “Feminism” mean to you?

- Are you a Feminist? Why or why not?





Organic All-Natural Z-Skin-Cosmetics Hand-Made by a Pop Star




I’m happy I had the chance to try several products from the handmade skin care line by pop star and entrepreneurial wiz-kid founder of Z Skin Cosmetics Ryan Zamo.  Right away, I thought finally, just what I’ve been looking for in a moisturizer, and I began wishing that I’d had these fresh, clean products years ago.

As an artist-painter working with my hands and lots of materials every day, I’m always on the look-out for a good hand cleaner– and I’ve tried many.  At the end of a long day in my studio, nothing beats the pleasure of cleaning up with Z Skin Cosmetic’s high-quality Coffee Almond Hand Scrub or Z’s soothing Sesame Ginger hand scrub. Both excellent! Plus I’m using the Z’s Miracle Extreme Moisturizer, which I’ll love having during the coming winter months, as well as the Z Skin Cosmetic’s Eye Cream and Nighttime eye cream,  all lovingly created by a real artist.

blogZfaceJulieCArtistZ Skin Cosmetics was born just 4 months ago and has already been recognized with multiple awards and critical acclaim for its all natural, 100% organic hand-made quality that has been proven to be more successful than any of those expensive products!  Zamo’s been called “The Creator Of The Next Proactiv” by the Wall-Street Journal, and his products called the “Best New Affordable Skincare Line” by the Daily Herald, and “Product Of The Year” by the Daily News, and The LA Times says his “New Organic Skincare Line Works Better Than Proactiv And Clinique”.

Zamo may be something of a contemporary renaissance man, hand making his products, including the labels, and single-handedly doing all his own photography, graphic design and web design. He combines pure ingredients into his products and transparently lists each on his site here.

And he demonstrates, in this just under 15 minute video, of how he creates one of his products by hand–

Zamo also conveys his personal story as honestly as he makes his products–openly telling how he turned his struggles with drugs and alcohol into an international success story. Two years ago Ryan Zamo was a drug addict and on the verge of dying. He was finally checked into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program for 90 days in January 2013, and today we are proud to report he has stayed clean and sober since.

When Ryan Zamo was finally back on his feet, he got to take a good look at himself again “my skin was terrible, I was way too skinny and I knew I had to do something about it”, he says. So Ryan started on his journey to organic food and products to help nourish himself back to health.


Ryan Zamo described how he started making skin care for himself to try to win his never-ending battle with acne. “After I realized I actually created an amazing organic product, I sized up my competition and realized I could price it at $250 or more… then, I saw that I could finally help others the way I was helped, with personal interest and care, that’s why I priced my products $15 and under!”  stated the young CEO.  Ryan Zamo also spends hours a day speaking with his customers to help them pick the exact products to use, and follows up with them as much as possible to give them suggestions and answer any questions they have.

We mentioned at the beginning of this article that Ryan Zamo is also a pop star. He recently appeared in the MTV singing show Copycat and also released a new CD (his 4th) on iTunes, with songs that didn’t make the cut on his first and third albums–here’s the link to get his tracks on iTunes.

With his dedication to helping others with affordable products and personal consultation it seems Ryan Zamo has just stepped into his upcoming success. And I have more products I’m trying that I will tell you about next time.




Make Your Art Into Mini Giclee Prints or 3D Printed Editions for Your Upcoming Holiday Sales


 There are a lot of opportunities, both online and off, for holiday sales of your art. You can try mini giclée print editions that are scaled-down versions of your larger prints to make affordable holiday gifts for buyers. Or get small prints to send to galleries as hands-on samples or for your collectors as thank-you gifts. Get 45 – 4×6 or 5×5 prints or 55 – 4×5  prints or 30 -5×7 prints printed by Fine Print and take advantage of their special until November 15th. Your 3-D sculptural designs or jewelery can be printed in plastics or metal editions and you will find 3-D print resources here.
Places to sell your art, such as the annual artist sales venue Art Multiples is a contemporary commercial art fair of affordable art and fine craft. Contemporary artists and makers looking to sell their 2D print or 3D sculptural editions or installation pieces can apply to showcase their work in the Multiples Spring or Fall markets. The Multiples market offers artists a way of selling work without compromising their artistic integrity plus makes their work accessible to a wider market. Find other online and live art sales venues in our 1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art E-list.  Photographers wanting to sell their photographic print editions will find markets here.  Get our e-list of venues for sales of your 2-D and 3-D editions here and you’ll find just the right galleries to send your samples to on our extensive e-list of art galleries here.

3-D Printed Art

3-D Printed Art


Video: Chris Martin Exhibit at Anton Kern Gallery

Published on Oct 14, 2014

James Kalm has, over the last twenty years, established himself as one of the most knowledgeable and consistent commentators on the Brooklyn art scene in the world. It was through his video project The James Kalm Report that he first came across the work of Chris Martin. Previous James Kalm videos share his studio visits and long discussions with painter Chris Martin. This exhibition, the artist’s first with Anton Kern, presents recent works, many completed over the summer. Color is pitched to an almost harsh level, and various materials, like tin foil and glitter, are employed to challenge the viewer’s accepted notions of “good taste” and beauty. The musical introduction is provided by Peter Lewy and Frank Tedesso and was recorded spontaneously under the Arch at Washington Square Park.



If you have an art video that you would like featured on our blog, send it to:

Artists: Add Your Site Link + Art Images + Retail Prices to Our Facebook Page

new work by Lela Tabliashvili on our Fine Art USA Facebook page

new work by Lela Tabliashvili on our Fine Art USA Facebook page

We continue to be amazed by the growing number of artists joining our Pinterest group board! Now more than 50 artists have added their art images with retail prices to our group board Art Direct from Artists.

So we’ve decided to give artists even more space. We’ve repurposed one of our Facebook pages (that we set up four years ago in 2010) to give artists opportunities to add their art images and links there too. Now artists are invited to add their art images + links + retail prices to our Facebook page Fine Art USA.

Just as we share, Tweet, and promote our Pinterest group board, we will do the same with our Fine Art USA Facebook page.

Artist Kay Vinson was the first to add her website link and image to our Fine Art USA Facebook page, and artist Lela Tabliashvili Art added the link to her own Facebook page, which I promptly *liked*, along with images of her art.  So, if you are looking for more page likes for your Facebook page, follow her lead.

There is a lot of potential with our overall project to give artists this grass-roots level promotion on Facebook and Pinterest. Join in! Artists add your art and links here.

We’re also looking for art to re-design the header of our Fine Art USA Facebook page. Your art posted to our Facebook page may be featured as our page header image, perhaps we will be rotating this image every few months. Also, to help promote, we may Tweet some of your art images from our Fine Art USA Facebook page, and share them in promotional blog posts like this one. We then also that Tweet our blog post, share it on Google+, Facebook pages, LinkedIN, Tumblr and Pinterest.

Fashion Designer Mary Katrantzou + ArtStack + You: Upload Your Art

Art Fair + Fashion Designer+ ArtStack + You = Crowdsourced Exhibit

It’s interesting to see how things combine–a fashion designer creates an online exhibition of art images on the ArtStack social media art site and invites all artists and art lovers to participate by adding images. The theme is art inspired by letters of the alphabet and you can add images of art found while at the Frieze art faire, add the art of an artist friend, or if you are an artist you can add their own art for visibility.
To participate, take photos of art you love using the award-winning ArtStack iPhone app or submit work on the ArtStack website.
When you upload an art image to ArtStack you will see this option:
Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 6.55.08 AM

Mary Katrantzou x ArtStack – see the exclusive show now!

This Frieze week, ArtStack partners with leading fashion designer Mary Katrantzou to bring you a series of curated digital exhibitions inspired by her latest, limited edition collection, Mary’s A To Z. In these exhibitions, Mary showcases her inspiration and invites the ArtStack community to participate in her creative process by crowdsourcing works inspired by the alphabet.

Open Call for Exhibition Proposals: Science Gallery, A Place Where Science and Art Collide


Since opening in 2008, Science Gallery has had over one million visitors. Today, Science Gallery is seeking proposals for its upcoming exhibition LIFELOGGING LAB, which will open in February 2015.

Curators for this exhibition are seeking up to 14 works. Proposals will be funded up to a maximum budget of €2600. Two outstanding original works may be commissioned with a higher budget of up to €7500.

From critical to creative, LIFELOGGING LAB will ask artists, designers and philosophers ‘where do we go from here’ and question whether we can record and analyse happiness, beauty and aesthetics the same way we record footsteps and heartbeats. This exhibition will explore novel methods for capturing data, for visualizing, and for analysing the insights that new data affords us about ourselves and society.

Submissions Deadline: Thursday, October 23, 2014 – 12:00

Submission Guidelines

Decide if you’re going to do a video based or text-based proposal submission.

For a video based proposal submit an informal two-minute (max) video in which you:

  • explain how the visitor will experience your piece in the gallery
  • tell us a bit about yourself
  • outline a brief budget breakdown

Record your video with your phone, webcam and upload it to your own YouTube or Vimeo account or directly from the gallery submission page, or directly to the gallery submission page in MP4 format.

For text based submissions, submit up to a 300 word proposal in which summarize the same information: what the visitor will see/hear/experience, a bit about yourself, and a budget breakdown.

For each type of submission, you can also include images to illustrate your project.

You’ll need to either create an account on or you can log in using your existing Facebook or Google accounts.

Find full submission details on the Science Gallery website here.

More gallery #artopps here and more #marketing resources for #artists here.




Video: Art Collectors Talk About How They Got Started Collecting From Artists


If you have a video of your art for our Sunday video feature, send it in an email to:

Curators Take to the Road to Discover American Art Now


Curators hit the Road to find artists for an ambition exhibition State of the Art  SEP 13 2014 – JAN 19 2015

these curators have visited over 1,000 artists outside the major urban art centers of Los Angeles and New York City.

View the art, artists, and find out more on the State of the Art website.

Featured Image -- 24794

Slate 2015 Call for Submissions Now Open!


Just one opportunity from the Artist Marketing Resources E-list of 50+ pages packed with links to Art Blogs and Art Magazines for artists to submit to for publication. Get the e-list resource here

Originally posted on Planet Slate:

Slate 2015 Submissions Poster
Get the chance to be published in the Slate 2015 Planner alongside one of New York’s finest visual artists – we’ll not say who it is for now! We’ll keep this as our 5th birthday secret! ;)

Anyhoo, if you’re new to this, every year, the Slate Team opens up spaces in the Slate Planner to feature creative works both visual and literary. 

Send your best work over, and we would love to have the chance to put the spotlight on them in the Slate 2015 Planner.

This call for submissions is not limited to entries originating from the Philippines.

- Captain Slate (Hi! I have missed you all!)

View original

Trends in UnCurated UnJuried All-Artists-Accepted Art Exhibitions

outside the Berlin Deutsche Bank exhibit, photo courtesy of Emily Putter

Queue outside the Berlin Deutsche Bank exhibit. ( photo courtesy of Emily Putter)

We’re interested in providing resources for artists working inside the traditional gallery system and working outside the system–and in any combination of both!

One instance of a traditional institution doing community based projects, and which we featured in our blog Last winter,  was the first Deutsche Bank invitation to artists to bring and hang their work uncurated in the bank’s new exhibition space. One artist sent us photos of thousands queued outside in the cold waiting to see the packed show. Deutsche Bank continues to expand its art activities.

Deutsche Bank exhibition, photo courtesy of Emily P

Interior view of Deutsche Bank exhibition. (photo courtesy of Emily Putter)

Each year, over the past few years, we have  shared open calls to submit to Paper Girl  a growing uncurated exhibitions and international events project. Annually, we post calls to uncurated art exhibitions in which all the art must be 6 x 6 inches or 12 x 12 inches, and uncurated art postcard gallery shows and sales.

Artist Umberto Crenca, who founded the AS220 arts organization that’s dedicated to supporting and presenting unjuried and uncensored visual art exhibits and music and performing arts events in Rhode Island, USA. Describes, in the video below, how he and a group of other artists development the AS220 arts organization. AS220 is a non-profit organization that maintains 48 live/work artist studios, 12 individual work studios, 5 rotating exhibition spaces, a performance space, a black box theatre, a dance studio, a print shop, a community darkroom and digital media lab, a high-tech fabrication lab, an organization-run bar and restaurant, a recording studio, and a youth arts program.

UNCURATED EXHIBITION OPPORTUNITY: This month, in Cleveland, show your art in The 21st People’s Art Show– a free, unjuried, uncensored exhibition open to everyone with all entries exhibited in the new Art Gallery of Ohio State University  The new Art Gallery is housed at 1307 EUCLID AVENUE, in the Cowell and Hubbard building, in the heart of the recently launched Arts Campus at Playhouse Square. The new gallery venue features three distinct exhibition spaces, a multi-purpose media space, a resource library, a meeting area, as well as state of the art lighting, surround sound and new-media capabilities.

Drop-Off Your Art on Friday, October 17 and Saturday, October 18 from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm at the Art Gallery Bring one or two works of any size, in any medium to the Galleries during the drop-off times. Entry forms will be filled out at time of drop-off. A suggested donation of $5.00 per entry will be gladly accepted. The Art Gallery requests a 25% donation for works sold during the exhibition. Please keep this in mind when pricing your work.

Exhibition Dates: Thursday, October 30 – Thursday, December 4, 2014 Opening Reception: Thursday, October 30 from 5:00 – 8:00 pm.

Pick-Up your art on Friday, December 5 and Saturday, December 6 from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm



How ArtWorld and Artist Marketing Resources Work Jointly With Artists in Mexico, the Netherlands, USA and Internationally


Keith McFarlane, creator and developer of the ArtWorld app, and Marie Kazalia, Artist Agent and owner of Artist Marketing Resources are making joint efforts to connect artists with curators and collectors using both the app and e-postcard marketing plans to bring more visibility for artists internationally.

McFarlane recently met three artists who are represented on the ArtWorld app at the Window Gallery in Amsterdam, an exhibition space made available by the well-known arts patron and Amsterdam gallerist Ella Arps.  McFarlane met Mexican artist Xavier Yarto there and took home a painting on paper by Yarto, which now hangs framed in McFarlane’s space, as shown in the photos below.



Artist Marketing Resources and the ArtWorld continue to make efforts to connect with more artists in Mexico, such as Mexico City sculptor Luz Zaga Vaca whose two sculptural works are depicted on e-postcards here.







As part of this joint effort, when artists participate in either E-Postcard Marketing Plan A  or E-Postcard Marketing Plan B  they will also gain visibility with a free ArtWorld app account and are welcomed on the Artworld community page on Facebook.

All artists, art lovers and collectors are invited to download the Artworld app in the iTunes App Store.


For further details on the E-postcard marketing plans contact Marie Kazalia, Artist Marketing Resources, email:


Header image credit: Maša Gala, SPACES 8, 120cm x 130 cm. Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas. 2010.

Left: Roman Kirn, Slovenian Ambassador to The Netherlands. — with Roman Kirn at Overdekunst.

Zalez Video: West Is Yours

An artist in France, Zalez, creates a wide variety of work. Zalez sent us this video of a trip to Los Angeles. You may or may not appreciate wheat paste art or street art, but we decided to share this Zalez video with you today. Video length: 3:27

“West is yours”- Zalez from Zalez on Vimeo.


We’d like to make Sunday our video feature day. If you are an artist and would like us to feature your video here, plus share it on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest– send your video to: