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A Russian project — the interactive Internet storage of the masterpieces of world art– contains one of the biggest collections of world art there is and allows you to comment, add reviews and create communities around pictures, styles and artists.

At the same time the project site is not a static storage. The collection is being constantly enriched by art lovers, collectors and experts. The site has a “quick upload” system, which allows users to upload images and share opinions with one click.

° Yta is the Swedish for “surface”.

Recommended artist’s blogs

Max Presneill’s site contains a slide show of his colorful paintings that combine abstract elements intertwined with recognizable imagery, such as the painting tilted Earp–perhaps painted from a vintage reproduction of the face of Wyatt Earp amid various opaque and translucent forms. I enjoyed the variety and completeness of his work.


The Scoutie Girl article on mindful spending is why I signed up for her email newsletter.


Lana Gramlich posts her newsletter to her eye candy blog, , and her wildlife paintings to Lana is extremely active artist in her community art fairs, exhibitions and art projects.


Every friday I share 3 artist’s blogs and with my subscribers, and LinkedIN group members. Artist’s send your blog link to Marie, email:

non-lucrative artworks

Why I create ephemeral, non-lucrative artworks

by Marcy B. Freedman

I have been an artist for a long time.  Paintings, collages, photographs and small sculptures fill my home and my studio.  Examples of my work have been shown in more than 250 exhibitions around the country, and many pieces are now included in private and corporate collections.  All in all, it has been a gratifying experience to create each and every one of these artworks.

However, during the last decade or so, my attention has been pulled in other directions.  Video and performance art have become my preferred forms of expression.  And within the realm of performance art, I have begun to narrow my focus: I now work almost exclusively on performances that allow me to engage with members of the public in one-on-one, face-to-face encounters.  Why have I become so involved with this ephemeral, non-lucrative form of interactive art?  I shall provide a few answers.

First of all, I should explain that I have never made art for the sake of selling it.  This is not to say that I am not pleased when someone wants to buy something that I have created.  On the contrary, it is very satisfying to think of my art in the care of someone who will, hopefully, be enriched by its presence.  However, I have never been able to create something with a future “consumer” in mind.  As corny as it may sound, I make the art that I am driven to make – driven by some inner compulsion to express something.  I never worry about the marketability of my creations.
Secondly, I don’t want to make artworks that I already know how to make.  I want to go into unknown territory each time I undertake a project.  (Indeed, one of my earliest solo shows was entitled, “No map.  No compass. No problem!”)  Consequently, staging performances that involve members of the public is perfect for me:  I never know what to expect, as each encounter is different from all other encounters.

Finally, there is an aspect of contemporary life that has inspired and perpetuated my interest in creating artworks that involve person-to-person interactions.  Specifically, I want to take a stand against indirect forms of communication – texting, email, social networks, etc.  These electronic mediums are flawed, because the communicating parties cannot see and hear one another.  This means that useful signals, such as body language and vocal intonations are absent from the encounter.  Not only does such a situation pave the way for misunderstanding, it diminishes the interaction:  the energy, the force, the spark that passes between live human beings is missing.  Consequently, I want to use my art to promote an old-fashioned form of communication: meeting with people in real time and real space.

Now, one might ask why my interest in direct communication is manifest in my art practice.  After all, I could continue making traditional tangible artworks, while spending my free time conversing directly with people.  Truth be told, I don’t want to have free time.  I want to spend as much time as possible making art – art that matters to me, and perhaps, to others.  And so, I will continue to use my art to combat the growing tendency of people to immerse themselves in a world of virtual connections.  I will reach out to those people, offering them a chance to experience an art form that connects them directly to another person.  In so doing, I will, at the very least, have the opportunity to experience the richness of social intercourse, myself.

Below is an image from a recent interactive performance entitled “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Contemporary Art (But Were Afraid to Ask)”



3 Artist’s blogs I recommend

Part One of Marie Kazalia’s (new) regular Friday Review of 3 artist’s blogs:

The Absurding Terri Lloyd writes ““I have found a great comfort not fitting in…Am I a designer? Am I a graphic artist? Or a fine artist? Or none of the above? It doesn’t matter to me. I have things to say, so I say them, my way.”

Terri is intellectual. Read about her artist projects and activities, including her S.L.A.M. artist interview series. Contact her to hang her clever California colorful art for visual appeal and as food for contemplation.

Elli Chortara’s Illustration art, many published in print magazines, could easily hang in a solo gallery exhibition. Via the link to her website I viewed many more of her wonderful color, form and contrasting line-work art images. Highly recommended viewing!

Artist Greg Patch’s blog, topics include traditional herbalism,natural healing, sustainable art, eco-consciousness, green living, astrology, yoga, the sacred, geomancy, wave, weave, web, webh~~~~~~~~. Greg’s Chakra Rising Wave Series Giclee Card prints of his paintings are available for purchase.

A nice touch on his blog is the line of flags for several countries–I clicked on the Japanese flag and the blog text appeared translated into Japanese. There are also French, Russian, Korean, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, German and several other language options.

Visit Greg’s clean, spare website site to immediately view a slide show of his original colorful painting series “Chakra rising waves”.


It’s a fast paced world of short attention spans. If you are an artist who would like a brief review listing of your blog, send the link to Marie via email @ :

Unrepresented Artists

Call For Artists PooL Art Fair Miami, 2010

Frere Independent is now reviewing Applications for PooL Art Fair Miami
Deadline: 20 October, 2010

Pool Art Fair
3, 4 & 5 December 2010
Carlton Hotel
1433 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach FL 33139

The simple, modest approach of the PooL Art Fair offers an exciting alternative to the “art fair” experience. Art dealers, gallery owners, curators, collectors and the general public have a unique opportunity to discover the work of unrepresented artists, to meet them and interact with them directly.

At PooL Miami, each artist, or group of artists, will use the hotel’s guest rooms as an exhibition space, creating an intimate setting. The show will be comprised of artists, artists’ collectives and curators. Hence, the fair will serve as an invaluable resource for the artistic community and the general public. Our goal with the PooL Art Fair is to provide the public with access to art, while encouraging them to support and meet these emerging artists. It is also a meeting ground for artists to take advantage of all networking opportunities that the fair provides.

Although there is a tradition in France of independent artist’s fairs, PooL has lead the path in this area of contemporary art exhibitions in the US. Inspired by Courbet’s famous ‘Salon des Independants,’ PooL extends the tradition here with success as the premiere fair in the US dedicated to artists that do not have representation in galleries.

PooL Miami will be held December 3, 4, and 5, 2010
Deadline for application to PooL Art Fair is October 20th 2010
To apply please download the application form here:
Or contact us at or Tel. +1 (212) 604 0519
Frere Independent is a not-for-profit art organization that provides new avenues of dissemination and widespread visibility to emerging and independent artists who do not currently have gallery representation.



Calling Brooklyn Artists!

by NLW arts

I am participating in Beta spaces (Bushwick Exhibition Triangle of Alternative Spaces), BETA Spaces is a one-day festival of independently curated, collaborative group exhibitions presented in a range of alternative spaces. The Festival takes place on November 14,2010. BETA Spaces is confined to a 15-block area bordered by Bushwick Ave, Johnson Ave, and Starr St.I am curating a show entitled Home Sweet? The exhibition will take place at 1095 Flushing Ave,Better than Jam, an awesome store that sells hand printed and handmade clothes and accessories. I am looking for work that reflects the theme of Home Sweet?

Home Sweet? questions the romantic idea of the home by digging through the surface to reveal what lies beneath. This exhibition examines the concept of “Home” in several ways: Home as the hidden relationship one has with their personal space, Home as body with flesh and organs, Home as a psychological space, and the symbolisms of the body as architecture. I am looking for photography, painting, relief sculpture, sculpture*, mixed media, drawings, prints, crafts, non-traditional mediums, and short written works.

The work will be exhibited in the store and in the common area of 1087 Flushing Ave. The owner of the store, Karin, is allowing me to have the work up for a week. The work in the store will be up for a week while any work in the common area will be up for the duration of the festival, due to safety concerns. Better than Jam shares the common area with other businesses such as Knitting café, and a Gourmet Deli. I like to think of it as a mini mall, there will be traffic going through this area.

Submissions and questions can be sent to I am accepting submissions until October 17th 2010. To apply, send a description of what you would exhibit along with links to images or other work samples

Thank you
Nalani L Williams

NLW arts