How to Upload Your Digital Book to Kindle, by Nancy May

Kindle populates the retail E-book selling market

“Millions of people now own Kindles.”, “And Kindle owners read, a lot. When we have both editions, we sell 6 Kindle books for every 10 physical books. This is year-to-date and includes only paid books — free Kindle books would make the number even higher. It’s been an exciting 27 months.” This a press release by the CEO and founder of Jeff Bezos.  As don’t issue sale figures for Kindle it is hard to stipulate an – exact figure.  According to Bloomberg by the end of 2010 would sell an average of: 5 million Kindles whereas in, 2009 sales were predicted by Bloomberg to be: 2.4 million Kindles.  With, sales figures predicted like these it is no wonder why the iPad as a digital reader is, overtaking the Barnes and Noble Nook as the’s Kindle’s threat in the digital E-Reader.

As a self publisher, it is imperative to, keep up with the trends of the modern-day reader.  Some may think being a writer is an easy occupation.  It is one of the hardest and being able to get work across to the reader is, ever changing with, the integration of the E-reader.  The book is written.  How exactly then, does a writer go about getting their work published on the: Amazon Kindle?  This guide will help any writer who; wants their work read as an e-book.

1)      The book manuscript is complete.  Now what happens? First things first…Editing, when submitting your book online onto Kindle, (be aware though on the Nook, it is only available to authors living in the US).  Editing is, an essential role, for as the old saying goes; four eyes are better than two.  It is best to check around, editors can be found in the first page of the book, in reference books obtained via – your local library or, simply via an internet search.  In my experience with an Editor, it is more financially viable to go with an outside source than, the Authorsolution house.  An Editor for an, 60, 000 word novel can, take just as little as two weeks to, do a complete edited version of the book manuscript – to your own specific requirements. A useful link: A Plus Editing services.

2)      Now the book’s manuscript is edited, how exactly does it get transferred from the word format in Office to what, the reader holds in the Kindle reader?  Amazon Kindle stipulates that, the Digital Text Platform is, compatible with, a word document.  Here again, in my experience and, researching from scratch – just exactly how to upload.  It is best if, the edited manuscript of the book is saved as, a – web page, filtered.  That way; the layout is, discarded with any, needless extra spacing.  Though; as a web page filtered the: txt. Document is, translated into: HTML, the recognisable format of the Kindle Digital Text Platform.  A free programme that will create an E – book can be found here: E-book creator

3)      Now the E-book is created. The place to upload the E- book is – Amazon’s Kindle, in doing this; there are only these basic rules an author needs to adhere to: the author holds the rights to the work being uploaded; the author has a synopsis for the title of the work.  (The Title is usually the first thing given to the author’s book).  A book cover is also needed for the book on the Kindle store.  Book cover designers can be found on the first page of a book, in a reference book or via an internet search.  Useful link:   To (for book cover designs you will need an ISBN). Though if you do not yet have a book cover a placement holder cover will be assigned until book cover upload.

4)      To create a Kindle account which, an author uploads via the digital text platform.  This can be found here: creating an account and signing in is a simple process.  All the information required is the author’s address.  As a UK author publishing on Kindle I am unaware if an author in the US are required to fill out bank details.  In the UK royalties are paid to the author by cheques.

Please note that when an E-book is published on Amazon’s Kindle it, does not necessarily means the author will generate book sales.  For book sales to increase it is important that, distribution to the media is made and networks are formed on the internet via Facebook.  Please also not when self publishing on Amazon’s Kindle it is better for increasing book sales to, have the book reviewed and blurb by, an already established author.

Nancy May, author.

Beacon: The Road to Separation available on Kindle

(Temporary cover until book cover from illustrator is complete)

Beacon: The Road to Separation,

Available in Kindle, check out:;

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Marketing and Promotions: Virtual Assistant for Visual Artists

Artists–Do you need a Virtual Assistant? I have openings to take on a limited number of artists as clients– offering each individualized and highly personalized services.
Since I have the education and experience to give myself a higher level title, such as Consultant, Director, President or CEO,  then why I have chosen the title and role of Virtual Assistant? As Virtual Artist Assistant I’m hands-on and can do more for artists  as an expert independent contractor. Since I am not in competition with other art professionals and consultants, who do have those titles (CEO, Director, President etc), there are more possibilities for working together in  cross-promotional campaigns in my role as Virtual Assistant. (You’ve seen the movies. It’s always the assistant to the company president who has all the information and gets the job done!)
My focus is on the artist–and promotional efforts that lead to sales, ( if that is your goal, as it is for most artists.) A buyer or curator wants to talk to the artist directly. My role is to drive opportunities to you. I make the contacts and submissions for you, and filter the responses, contacting you with serious offers only.

You will  break from your daily studio practice to check for the email ops, progress updates, and project developments I send. We can also chat or talk using Skype. If something great comes in, I’ll call you!
My Services are tailored to individual artist needs and goals, and depending on artist media, promotional services can include, but are not limited to:
-I will help you create a Market identity.
-Write and publish original content articles for both online and print media. Create opportunities for exposure/ submit art images to publications. Develop and promote your brand.
- Identify lucrative niche markets and work to get you into them by submitting your art images.
-Create online SlideShare presentations for social media campaigns, including monitoring viewers for followup contact.
-Get your art work into corporate collections: research / create connections in your media and geographic area
-Research giclee print sales options  and print resources near you and help you develop a profitable pricing strategy and build a distribution network for your work.
-Research and create more exhibition ops, research gallery directors internationally, locate sales ops, grant ops, artist residence ops, sponsorships, advertisement and publicity ops (free and paid), art auction ops, and work to get your art into private online stores in your media.
-Market your art to a larger audience.  Generate more sales.
- Send emails to your target market, making the email more personalized and more effective than just an occasional newsletter.

My services *free you* from excessive online time better spent at work creating your art and developing a disciplined art-making practice. Having me as your assistant will build your confidence.

I offer flexible agreement terms, a low fee introductory trial period, and written agreements for long-term commitments.

Highly experienced. Established w/ excellent reputation in the online artist community.

Email me for more information: Marie Kazalia at:
Available to chat about your goals by email or Skype chat or Skype voice.

The 3 D’s; Desire, Determination, Dedication. I’m there.

Best to you!
Marie Kazalia

Artist Marketing Resources, Established online February 3, 2009

Some reasons for an Artist to hire a Virtual Assistant
With all of the demands an artist’s business can generate it’s tough to cover everything on your own. A lot of tasks need to be done daily to increase your visibility, artists’ reputation and earnings. As Virtual Assistant, or VA, I will lighten your workload and save you time.  You’ll have more time in your studio, ( allowing your creativity to peak!) while I work for you covering more bases than you ever could alone. I take on many of those draining tasks that bring on information overload, eyestrain, that“ too tired to function “ overworked feeling. You’ll have more freedom to develop yourself, pick up the pace in your business developments, and in your relationships. As a Web savvy VA I already know how to do all kinds of tasks you might spend hours upon hours just trying to understand. I have an extensive network of contacts I  can bring in when you need certain tasks done. I will give you terrific advice on Internet marketing.  Hiring me as your VA is quite a bit cheaper than hiring an employee. You don’t have to pay the extra taxes and fees that go along with having an in-house employee. You don’t have to make the same commitment as you would to an employee.  As a professional VA I’m quite flexible. I run my own businesses as both exhibiting artist and VA, so understand your problems and struggles because I live them too.  Because my performance reflects on my own business success I  care about doing a great job as your multi-faceted and talented virtual assistant.
You’re going to get a lot more done with a lot less stress with my help.

Guest Blog Article by Stephen Tiano

Digital Portfolios and Books

To a book designer like myself, a digital portfolio is a must—along with an abundant and varied social media presence—so that I can present myself to any traditional publishers or self-publishers who might need services such as I offer.

When I began looking into establishing a digital portfolio, I ran across a number of free options, collective sites that housed the portfolios of a large number of freelance artists. At first I thought this could be a good thing, as a large site with many artists would likely draw a large audience perhaps already open to the idea of contracting a book designer. It would, of course, be up to me to distinguish myself from all the others on display.

However, the more I looked around and discussed it with other book designers, graphic artists, and publishing freelancers, the more apparent it became that the more professional route was to pay for a website of my own. And that is what I recommend to any kind of artist wishing to establish a digital portfolio. Those free, group alternatives reek of “amateur hour” and suggest that one isn’t committed enough to being a professional to invest in a site of one’s own.

I tell self-publishers all the time that publishing their books means they choose to go into the publishing business. That means financing their business like any other business, as there are certain needs that will cost real money. But these costs should be regarded as investments.

Something similar goes for artists. Since a large part of art is presenting the work, a professional digital portfolio is a no-brainer. Perhaps the collective portfolio sites are okay as a secondary option, in order to reach into smaller markets, but I truly think it is a mistake to rely on such sites. Put up your own digital portfolio. The costs of this should be regarded as an investment. Collective sites have their own brand to sell—your prime interest should not be their brand, but in establishing your own.

Additionally, many of those collective sites are connected with what I call “meat-rack” job boards on which freelancers are encouraged to outbid each in a downward spiral—“reverse leapfrogging” I call that—to see who can win jobs by offering to do the work at the smallest rate. I can’t imagine any artist wanting anything but that the value of their works should grow higher and higher.

Make a digital portfolio that is entirely your own. Your professional reputation will be better for it.

Stephen Tiano
Book Designer, Page Compositor & Layout Artist

tel. & fax: (631)284-3842 / cell: (631)764-2487
iChat screen name:
Skype: stephentianobookdesigner


Positive Visionary book of artists

“Are you a positive visionary, forging your own path, creating a career with purpose and abundance? Have you turned tragedy into triumph? Started an arts organization or Initiated an art program?

Those are Renée Phillips’ questions for her new book project that will include dozens of artists who fit those descriptions. Please help her finish the book. Renée is searching for artists who are positive and believe in making dreams possible. Who achieve abundance in their lives and share their success with others. Who contribute to making the world a better place. You can  read excerpts about some of the artists already selected for the book, at

Renée Phillips new book will include me! In her email she wrote that she thought of me as ” a true artists’ advocate.”

Marie Kazalia

MUBE Toy Art Exhibit

I painted my toy kit pieces fluorescent orange and yellow, applied black “dingbat” decals on the surfaces–a little each day over several days–then put the arms and legs and head on the torso part, packaged my embellished toy and mailed it to São Paulo, Brazil for the MUBE Troy art exhibit.

MUBE = Museu Brasileiro da Escultra

Some of the imaginative toys can be seen on the project blog:

Hundreds of artists are participating. All toys in the exhibit become part of the permanent collection of MUBE.

Artists, are you Press Ready?! Can you *pitch* an idea for an article about your art?

Amazingly, artist often do not expect press contact, even when they have a new exhibit or project underway, and many artists are just not prepared to provide information to members of the press, including blog writers and blog contributors.

When you receive a request for information for a possible article for a publication, online or print (including blogs),  take advantage of such free promotional opportunities! Prepare in advance and avoid an on-the-spot scramble for those long forgotten press releases! Keep a *Press or Media Room* on your website or artist blog that you update regularly by continually adding your press. Maintain your project art news items in chronological order with the most recent articles and press releases first. When replying to a query from a member of the press, at bare minimum, provided your direct link to your Press Room, or copy and paste from your Press Room into an email. Blog writers and other members of the press may find your press room first, see that you are Press Ready, and then contact you. If you don’t have one, start your Press Room today!

Once you are contacted for a possible article on your work reply promptly with a positive and courteous note and include information such as PDF or Doc attachments that contain your Artist Statement, CV, interviews you’ve done, press releases and previous articles— in this first contact–don’t wait to be asked. Even a writer for a blog appreciates this courtesy, and it shows your enthusiasm for their “project” to write an article about you and your art work. Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm!

You may or may not wish to attach jpeg images in your first response, but be sure to mention your images and video clips and offer to send them upon request. I *don’t* recommend sending members of the press links to your YouTube videos or Flickr slide shows unless they ask for them, or unless that is all you have available for press viewing. Please be aware that no one is able to take sample images or download video clips from copyright protected image sites such as YouTube or Flickr. Plus how will they tell you which images they want to use? It’s not likely that anyone will take the time to write-up a list of your Flickr art image titles, email that list to you and expect you to send jpegs of those images. It is better to include 5 or 6 jpeg images as email attachments, than it is to send someone off to Flickr or YouTube for a look. An excellent way to offer a selection of images is via MobileMe iDisk or The Cloud where the press writer is easily able to preview and download selected images for one time use in their article. You the artist are giving permission for one time use by sending the jpeg image files and video clips.

Artists, do you know how to *pitch* an idea for an article about your art? Do you know how to tell others what it is that you do?

If you know someone who writes for a blog or print or online publication, why not pitch an idea to them for an article about you and your art?  Send an email. In it  talk about some of your art projects. Enthusiasm counts here too! Be sure that you mention that you  would like to develop an article idea. This may be more conversational at first or turn into a *brainstorming* session. Don’t become offended if your first ideas don’t fly. The blog writer or other media writer has many considerations that have little to do with you or your art. After some back and forth you may agree to provide press releases, write ups, jpegs and video clips featuring a specific aspect of your work or for a particular one of your projects. Consider this a beginning–an open the door to further articles. Try to see this first contact as the start of an ongoing relationship, rather than expect a one time all-encompassing article to result.

If you are pitching an idea as simple as,* post our holiday art sale*–then be sure to include the full formatted details in your email, easy to copy and paste into a blog or other article.

Don’t allow timidity or fear to prevent you from making a pitch. You will learn quickly with your first efforts, and the media contact will likely help you along the way. Once you begin making pitches, you will  recognize many more promotional opportunities for your art.

Marie Kazalia is the owner of this Artist Marketing Resources blog, and welcomes article ideas from artists and art service providers and professionals, via email:

Marie Kazalia is contributing writer  for the *“Transmedia” blog ( on photo, video, digital and sound art, and is especially interested in Video artists, photo artists, digital artists and sound artist in the geographic region that includes Cleveland and Pittsburgh. 
Feel free to email Marie Kazalia, at :

Holiday Sales Op News for Artists

James Day explains his new sales plan for his Art of Day site:

Here’s how Friday’s holiday feature will work.

Normally I post one feature each day (on for a single artist with up to 20 images. My thought is that instead of Friday being for one artist it will be for up to 20 artists. Each artist will have one image of an artwork of theirs they wish to sell.  All artworks in Friday’s feature will need to be either for sale on the artists website, or placed for sale in the Art of Day store but for a 10% commission. If the art is for sale only via the artists website, a commission is not required.

Information needed:

  • Artist name
  • Title of artwork
  • Medium
  • Size
  • Shipping weight

(if for sale in Art of Day store)

  • Price (US dollars)
  • Link – to artwork in artist store (not required if selling item in Art of Day store) A Buy Now button will be located below each artwork for sale taking visitors to the Art of Day store, or to each artists store where they can purchase the artwork there.

    If you’d like to be included, please send me the info on one (1) of your artworks The artwork must be for sale and ready to ship within 2-3 days if purchased.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Thank you,


    James Day
    Founder of Art of Day

    WEBSITE (Portfolio)
    Sculptor & Artist James Day


    BLOG (Artist Features)
    Artist Features, Gallery Networking, & Art Event Promotions

    FAN PAGE (Facebook)


    TWITTER (Art of Day)
    - Premiers all featured Art of Day artists to the twitterverse! -

    Visit the Art of Day website to submit your art and bio for review or your gallery’s upcoming events for inclusion on Art of Day. The website accepts artists and galleries as contributors, meaning you can submit your own articles & event announcements for immediate review. Submit your own article today!

  • Seeking Partners in Eastern European Art Colony /International Workshops

    Fine Artist Vlado Franjevic and friends Matešins and Salaj, in Croatia, along with Franjos, a gallery owner, who also owns the site where they plan to build an international summer academy or artist colony, very near the village of Bojana, are seeking partners internationally.

    There is an open air amphitheater and “a lot of green ground around where we can work, exhibit and lead workshops” as Vlado says, to describe the area.
    They are seeking international input to help build and develop a network for exchange and communication.
    Some Facts:
    •    The Matešins and Salajs have experience with thousands of guests and tourists who have visited Franjos gallery and Salaj’s tourist farm in last few years
    •    Participants/guests could be accommodated in Čazma, or maybe in the hotel in Bjelovar.
    •    Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is approximately 60 km from the proposed summer academy/ artist colony. That means, there are possibilities for daily visits to the largest Croatian culture centers, museums etc.


    •    Seriously interested partners from abroad who are able to support this idea and understand from the beginning the important part they will play in the development of this project.

    Vlado says:
    “Let’s talk and discuss about here on this site ( ) first and after that, let’s do a big thing! Thank You so much for Your attention and sharing of my idea… Together we can do more!”
    Sincerely Yours,
    Fine Artist Vlado Franjevic

    You will also find his profile on LinkedIN

    Art of Day Holiday Art Sale

    Since I have some of my art in the Art of Day Holiday Art Sale–I offered to post this info for James, and “sure” was his reply! Here it is:              Marie Kazalia, blog owner

    The Art of Day Holiday Art Feature & Sale has been published! Please take a moment to share the link on any social media platforms you may be using such as Facebook, twitter, blog, Stumbleupon, reddit, boing, digg, etc., and do be sure to share via Email with friends and family as well.  Thank you!  :)

    Have a great Holiday!



    James Day
    Founder of Art of Day

    WEBSITE (Portfolio)
    Sculptor & Artist James Day


    BLOG (Artist Features)
    Artist Features, Gallery Networking, & Art Event Promotions

    FAN PAGE (Facebook)


    TWITTER (Art of Day)
    - Premiers all featured Art of Day artists to the twitterverse! -

    Visit the Art of Day website to submit your art and bio for review or your gallery’s upcoming events for inclusion on Art of Day. The website accepts artists and galleries as contributors, meaning you can submit your own articles & event announcements for immediate review. Submit your own article today!

    photo, video, digital and sound artists

    *“Transmedia”, moving beyond traditional forms of publication and networking.*

    I’ve been invited to write for and now have a contributors’ account on the Transmedia blog to post my writing on photo, video, digital and sound artists, especially those in my geographic region.

    As stated on their blog, “Transmedia” is VASA’s Blogging Project to connect people to events and people to people. “Transmedia” is  a global networking project publishing the work of artists, theorists, critics and others on an international scale transcending traditional media categories. The “Transmedia,” blog will cover photography, video, sound, digital art and theory. “Transmedia” will focus on artists, writers and theorists from north, south, central America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

    If you are a  photo, video, digital, or sound artist, especially in the regions that include Cleveland and Pittsburgh, I’d like to know what you are working on for possible inclusion in a blog article.
    Feel free to email me, Marie Kazalia at :

    3 good blogs to look at

    Musings on Art, a blog by artist Leslie Parke, features monumental sculpture, Ab-Ex and Stain paintings, and several images of the constructed canvases of Elizabeth Murray, that don’t seem to be on view anywhere else.
    James Day featured my art last month, and a few other artists I know in previous months in his Artist Features on Art of Day. You can submit a request for him to take a look at your site for possible feature too.

    Michael Jacobson’s the New Post Literate blog of Asemic writing and art featured several of my paintings in the past. Now I just received word that Michael Jacobson is partnering with Quimby Melton of SCRIPT ( to open a new online commercial gallery for asemic writing called Future Script Gallery. The plan is to feature a group or a single artist once a month. Items for sale will include signed prints, original works (on paper to begin with), and autographed editions of asemic literature. This is a joint project between The New Post-Literate and SCRIPT. (You can find  Future Script Gallery on Facebook too).


    Have a blog link to share? Send to Marie Kazalia  @

    Free Subscription offer

    News Release:
    Free Subscription to Huge Art Opps List Now Available

    Please publish, post or forward this news release. It is being sent to organizations and individuals that provide information to artists.

    NEWS from Art Opportunities Monthly

    For immediate release, Dec. 10, 2010

    Art Opportunities Monthly is now providing a completely free version of their highly acclaimed opportunities list for visual artists. The new AOM Free is the largest free list available anywhere. Each entry is veted to eliminate the scams and the for-profit soak-the-artist schemes that flood other lists and sites.

    Artists may subscribe by using this link:


    There is no obligation and subscribers will have complete privacy. Names, email addresses are never sold, rented or otherwise divulged to outsiders.
    Each issue of AOM Free contains 250-350 carefully screened and condensed entries, delivered as a PDF directly to each subscriber’s email address. There are no passwords or URLs to remember. Each issue may be read with Adobe Reader or other such free programs or may be printed in part or in whole. Each email and URL is hot, so the user can send an email or go right to the prospectus for more information or to apply. There is also a sophisticated search system to find listings by media, geographic area or terms such as “grant” or “no entry fee.” 

    Each listing in the AOM Free Edition is exactly the same as in Premium Edition  but Premium subscribers receive even more of them, get them earlier and are given several special bonuses and privileges (see below).*
    Publisher Benny Shaboy said, “While the Premium Edition is aimed at professional artists or those who want to be, we hope to make the Free Edition of AOM available to everyone. We think it is an excellent tool for the artist who currently has limited time for production and promotion but who wants to keep an eye out for legitimate juried shows, grants, residencies and other sources of support outside the commercial gallery system.”
    For more information, contact
    *Premium subscribers get an additional fresh 200 listings each month, plus a bonus list of about 160 open- and repeating-deadline opps, an image page and a thumbnail in the AOM Gallery, a link to their site from AOM site, the chance to have an image of their work in AOM, even on the cover, full support for any questions or problems and a 100% money-back guarantee. The Premium Edition is  $25/year (see  subscription info).


    Clio at 8byTen asked me to share her call for artists here on my blog.
    They are looking for any form of art that can be printed (paintings, graphic art, drawings, photography, collage, typography) for their new online print shop.

    “ We use high-end giclee printers and have a good knowledge of internet marketing.”

    8byTen is currently accepting artist submissions to be included on the site. 8byTen needs your high-resolution art images and they do the rest (print, process and fulfill all orders). Commissions are paid  monthly to artists’ PayPal accounts. It’s a great opportunity to get your name out there and make extra money.

    The 8byTen website will launch their new website very soon, but you can take a look now:

    To  submit samples, email your images to: or visit for more information. If 8byTen approves your work you will receive a contract that explains how they work, in detail.

    Thanks and best wishes to Clio  @ 8byten.


    Just a quick mention of 3 blogs worth spending time on:

    Matthew Rose has visually wonderful blog–he is a master collage artist and it shows. You will also see his work in the book, Masters: Collage: Major Works by Leading Artists, 2010 (available on Amazon)


    I love the leaf art by Abigail Doan on the eco art space blog, along with the work of 300 artists and all $150 :


    Love the title of this blog:

    Technical Support For A Creative Life

    How Artists Live And Make It Work


    Have a blog you’d like to share? Send the link to Marie, @  or

    Some Plans for 2011: Updated

    Plans for 2011:

    I’m taking the very first steps to start producing a regular online TV show series featuring artists. All artists, who read or subscribe to this blog or are members of the artists’ community on LinkedIN, or learn of my show any other way, are welcome to send videos now (and ongoing) featuring your art, your art show or other exhibits–also would like videos of artists at work in their studio, artist interviews–anything arts related really, and send via email to Marie Kazalia at either: or

    I will upload your videos to my TV show site (link below). Try the following service. It is free. They ask you to use pro option but it is not obligatory.
    also, YouSendIt has a free 14 day trial:

    I already have a couple of great videos upon the show. Here is the link:

    I will upload your videos to my TV show site (link below). If you can, add titles to your videos, I can upload files that have an extension like: mov, wmv, flv, gif, jpg, png, jpeg, m4v, mpg, mp4, avi, mpeg, 3g2, pdf, 3gp, 3gpp2, wav, mp3, xvid, ogg, ogm, ogv, divx, pando, mkv, mka, m4a, qtvr, f4v and others.

    I only have a few videos there now,  here is the link:

    All episodes of ArtistVision are to be distributed to  iTunes, VodPod, Vimeo, YouTube, Internet Archive, AOL video, Medfeedia, Facebook feed, MySpace, Twitter, my Artist Marketing Resources blog, Television destinations Sony BIVL, Boxee, DivX TV, Roku, Samsung, TiVo, Vizio, and Web syndication partners and I am at work setting these up.

    The show name ArtistVision.

    Marie Kazalia

    3 blogs of interest to artists


    The Artwhirled blog has an unusual concept in putting together collections of tweets that review art exhibits–along with lots of pics of art works, if you scroll down past the lengthy “Why I Don’t Follow You on Twitter” article, which makes some good points.


    This gallery site is about the Art and Argument debates between two teams of artists:


    I wanted to let readers know about the blog, Everything is Dangerous—Susan Kendzulak writes about the business aspects of working in the arts. She also writes on fine art at About dot com, the website owned by the New York Times. She writes: Please post your gallery and art exhibition info on my forum at

    You will also find the link on her blog:


    The Thanksgiving holiday passed, I’d like to resume reviewing (briefly) artists’ blogs and blog of interest to artists. Share your own or your favorites with me via email at: