2 of My Articles Accepted by Yahoo

Yahoo has accepted two articles I wrote on sound artists. Please tweet and share the links with others. Thanks!
Cleveland: Chris Kulcsar- an Artist Who Uses Sound



Pittsburgh: R. Weis – Compositions of Manipulated Sound


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Social Media e-Tips

Issue #60  Volume #5
From Mari-Lyn Harris

Tip # 101 Use descriptive key words and write about them.

Try to use them in your title of your Blog post, articles or where ever you are posting your content.

Google has changed how they are rank your content..the more fresh, new content that you post the better it will be for you. If you have a website or blog that is only a place to get people’s e-mail information, or a sales page, you will go down to the bottom of the ocean floor. Or if you have a static site with your contact information. Be sure to be active. 2-3x per week, sometimes more. Otherwise Google simply won’t come around as often.

Upcoming Interviews:

Carol Deckert on Networking, Relationship Marketing
April 5, 2011 – 10:00am PST 1:00pm EST

Marie Kazalia on Art Marketing
April 12, 2011 – 10:00am PST 1:00pm EST

Mari-Lyn Harris
t: 510-564-7880

Artists, Do You Need a *How To* Guide for Making Submissions?

There are a lot of *How To* titles around, and more and more for visual artists. From the unrealistically comprehensive How to Make A Living As an Artist –such titles tend to be autobiographical but marketed as a How To guide– to the more specific niche market selling guides, such as, How To Make Money Selling At Art Fairs How to Make Money Selling Your Art on Ebay , and Digicamcash–Use Your Camera and submit your photos online for money.

Hobbyists may gain insights from reading such publications. But usually the titles are deceptively simple and many, many hours of effort and cash expenditures are required to succeed at selling on ebay, selling your photos online for money, selling at art fairs, and making a living as an artist.

Then there are print books and ebooks that are purely theoretical (no dirty money talk) containing advice from art professionals on how to set up blogs, and how to write artist statements, and how to buyer a printer and print your own giclees, and how not to approach galleries, also containing some good, if broad, advice. (You can sit around and talk about this sort of stuff for ever, but unless action is taken it all just remains in your head unproven/ untested by you).

My ebook, the  Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions, includes cover letters that artists can adapt for their own use, and lots of specific tips and how to advice on such things as, *must use words*, when taking action and making art submissions to museum curators, gallerists, art licensing companies, potential art sponsors, corporate art consultants, interior designers, art magazine editors, art poster companies, book jacket publishers.

Many artists lack the confidence to write letters and make submissions to key people in positions to help them in taking the next step up in their art careers. Get started with my proven letter layouts and wording and adapt them to your own use to gain experience making submissions. I include a letter I used (real names removed) to obtain a contract for an artist with a top art licensing company, a letter I used to obtain overseas contracts with art consultants for international giclee sales, and letters I used to obtain solo exhibitions and gallery representation for artists, letters requesting sponsorship and in-kind donations of materials and services for art exhibitions. From working with artists I know that letter writing is one of the big stops when it comes to moving forward. So let me provide the letters for you to use in my forthcoming ebook.

My ebook, the Transmedia Guide to Making Artist Submissions will be available in two weeks.

Marie Kazalia


NARS Foundation Emerging Curator Open Call

NARS Foundation Emerging Curator Open Call

Application Deadline: May 20, 2011

A not-for-profit arts organization founded in 2006 and based in Brooklyn, the NARS Foundation Emerging Curator Open Call provides emerging curators with the opportunity to present a group show at the NARS Gallery. The program provides burgeoning curators with space and administrative support to present innovative ideas and artworks in a unique gallery surrounded by artist studios. The aim of the program is to encourage new dialogue and to create a platform for young artists and curators to experiment and exchange ideas.

The curator is responsible for organizing and installing the exhibition in a timely manner including the delivery of artwork and writing a short essay to accompany the exhibition. The NARS Foundation will provide insurance for the artwork during the term of the exhibition and administrative support including postcard invitations, email invites, public relations and marketing. An opening reception will be arranged.

Application Deadline: May 20th, 2011 (Applications must be delivered to the office by May 20th, 2011, 5pm)

For further information please visit http://www.narsfoundation.org or contact info@narsfoundation.org.

NARS Foundation
88 35th Street 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11232
TEL. 718-768-2765




Dear Marie,

We have a new Exhibition as well as several Artist/Curator Opportunities coming up at our organization. Please consider listing these events on your the Artist Marketing Salon blog. The press releases are attached, and below is the information about the Opening  Reception for our next show on April 9 – an exhibition of emerging Asian artist in NYC! Feel free to call me at 718-768-2765. Thank you!

Kind regards,
Alyssa Fridgen

NARS Foundation
88 35th street 3FL.
Brooklyn, NY 11232

For Immediate Release

March 23, 2011

Jana Benitez, Cao Yi, Taku Saito, Haeri Yoo, Zhang Yu
Curated by Michelle Loh
April 9th – May 8th, 2011

Opening Reception: 3:00 pm – 6:00pm, Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Artist Panel Discussion: 4:00pm, Saturday, April 16th, 2011

Moderator: Professor John Rajchman, Columbia University

The NARS (New York Art Residency & Studio) Foundation is pleased to present a group exhibition of New York-based Asian artists, featuring a site-specific installation and drawings by Haeri Yoo; paintings by Jana Benitez and Zhang Yu; an oil painting installation by Taku Saito; and a video by Cao Yi.

“The response of one organism to the gestures of another in any given social act is the meaning of that gesture” (George Herbert Mead). Each of the works in WITHIN YOU WITHOUT YOU is a kind of self-portrait that investigates the essential connection between the self and society; the dynamic is played out and transformed in the connection of each work to the others and to the exhibition as a whole.

Inspired by the Modern European art tradition and the elegant gestures of martial arts movement, Jana Benitez expresses an interior world with her bold murals. Combining figurative and abstract symbols with uninhibited brush work, Benitez explores emotion in human faces and figures. Her images can evoke an intense yet whimsical quarrel between vibrant internal organs and a cogitating mind. Cao Yi demonstrates solid skills in a wide variety of media including photography, drawing, and painting. The video of his photo series “Beauty in My Eyes” captures images of nature literally reflected in Cao’s eyes. His photographic gaze is insistent but illusory. Cao’s works invite viewers into a dialogue between the outer landscape and inner self. Taku Saito’s self-portraits, at first glance, appear to be emotionless, yet, the sense of isolation and determination is evident. The facial structure in the portrait is fragmented, dissolved into dripping oil. Intriguingly, the influence of manga style, and reminiscences of adolescent struggles are embedded in the paintings. Saito uses his face as the motif to represent social portraits of ordinary, everyday lives, their unexpected distractions, chaotic incidents, and survival instincts. Haeri Yoo’s drawings and site-specific wall works human sexuality, bodily tensions, illicit thoughts and oppression. Yoo uses materials, including pencil, pastels, oil, acrylic and spray paint as well as collage elements with an expressive energy influenced by traditional Korean calligraphy. Blurring the boundary between abstraction and figurative depiction, her work segregates and playfully mutates reality. Beauty and violence, light and dark are left in an inconclusive, disharmonious impasse. The female figures in Zhang Yu’s paintings share common appearances: light colored skin and dehumanized eyes against an illuminated background. Zhang’s use of snapshots, movie images, and magazine clips to depict a generic “female being” is an introspective process. Her exceptionally strong draftsmanship frees her to use canvas as the space where the intensity and complexities of the subject are bought forward. Zhang seeks the essence of human nature, which she believes can only be discovered within.

About the curator:
Michelle Loh is a New York-based art consultant who specializes in organizing art fairs and group exhibitions.  Loh advises individual and institutional collectors about contemporary Asian art. Her most recent projects include FOCUS SHANGHAI: Two Contemporary Chinese video Artists at Thomas Erben Gallery, and Trans-Realism: Contemporary Art from China at Christie’s. She was part of the founding team of the Asian Contemporary Art Fair, New York, 2007 and 2008, and the co-publisher of Art Asia Pacific from 2003 to 2005.

The NARS Foundation’s mission is to provide a diverse platform for cultural exchange and collaboration among artists and curators. NARS provides an array of creative support services including cross-cultural exchanges, integrated residency programs and affordable studio spaces that support the needs of both emerging and mid-career artists. With a focus on international cultural exchange, the NARS Foundation is committed to supporting the creative professional development of artists and curators from around the world as well as community building through public programs that engage the local community in Brooklyn.

Gallery Hours:
Wednesday – Friday: 1:00pm – 6:00pm
Saturday – Sunday: by appointment between 12:00pm – 6:00pm
Please call the NARS office to set up an appointment at 718-768-2765.

The NARS Gallery is located on the 3rd floor at 88 35th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232.

For further information please visit http://www.narsfoundation.org or contact info@narsfoundation.org.

A Complete Waste of Time

I received a spam  email asking if I would like a FREE  listing in an artist dictionary. It’s spam because I never opted into their mailing list. Spamming is illegal.  Another artist I know received the email offer as well and forwarded it to me to ask me what I knew about it.
“I’ll find out where they distribute the publication,” I replied. Knowing that would be the most telling aspect of this project.
I found their email addresses on their website and sent an email asking these questions:
I’d like to learn more about your dictionary, how it is distributed and where. Is it sold to libraries?
Is volume one available in bookstores? Or will it be? What stores? What is the retail price?
I represent several artists and more than one has received your offer via email.
Marie Kazalia
Transmedia Artist Marketing

This is the reply I received:

Dear Marie,
The Dictionary is a book where you are offered to  appear for free.
I don’t know why you are asking all these questions and I don’t know why we should anser them.
You want to be in it? Just send the application.
All the best

Judy Adams
Lots of red flags, IMO. Typos happen. Overall does this sound like a person who understands the complexity of dealing with art world professionals? Someone you would want representing your work in their book to galleries and art dealers, or even libraries? Note: She asked why they should answer my questions.

So I replied:
That is an amazing answer. If you are proud of your publication you will want others to talk about it. I write blog articles and review books.
I have been asked by artists what I know about this opportunity. If you refuse to be even the least bit transparent or forthcoming with
important criteria for participation, I will pass this on to those who seek my opinion–which happens to be over one thousand artist and art professionals via my blog, website as well as my LinkedIN group which has over 450 members alone.

Marie Kazalia

Judy replied:

I think this is unbelievable! We offer something to you for free and instead of appreciating it you are threatening us???? Thanks a lot!

I replied:

“threatening!?”         (Note: If someone told me that they could present details of my project to 1K artists, I’d would be eager to share the details).

Judy replied:


My reply:
You spammed me with your original dictionary offer since I never opted-in to your mailing list. Spamming is illegal. I want nothing to do with your dictionary project.


She Replied:


Dear Artist, if you do not understand why these sorts of free offers are to be avoided, then please leave a comment. Your career, your brand is you and who you associate with.

Transmedia Newsletter(minus all the pretty formatting)

Transmedia Artist Marketing
Artists: Would you like more income streams?

Many artists I work with consider selling though a gallery  the main way to generate income from their art. But with the information that I have to offer artists quickly see that there is no need to limit themselves to gallery sales alone. Gallery representation is highly desirable for artists to gain art world recognition but for most artists gallery sales seldom generate enough income to cover living expenses and artist materials that allow the artist to work on their art full-time.
One solution is to generate income streams from art licensing contracts such as with art poster and print companies and on household print products. Another resource to tap into is the giclee print sales market. Interior designers (usually referred to as * designers* ) and corporate art consultants purchase giclees and both may also contract commissions of artworks.
I have been in contact with individual interior designers, but there are also ways to easily make your work available to large numbers of designers via top sites such as the eleven year old Art-Exchange and more recent ArtLA.
I currently have a sample of my own artwork on the ArtLA site. ArtLA has five thousand interior designers using the site searching for art for their clients.
Art-Exchange  provides art to the 300,000 interior designers in business in the US. Art-Exchange has several million site users monthly. I am working with Art-Exchange and currently offer a package to artists that includes a discounted account on Art-Exchange (a one time fee NOT monthly NOT recurring).
Here is a brief informational article that contains further information on both ArtLA and Art-Exchange:
How to Sell Art to Interior Designers: http://bit.ly/dGKz9H
or feel free to email Marie Kazalia for more information:


Thanks to Kellyann Gilson-Lyman (kellyannart.com)
for sharing this.

Call for Artists


In My Own Backyard I Can See The World. The goal is for artists to creatively interpret the theme.


In My Own Backyard I Can See The World is a fiscally sponsored project of the New York Foundation for the Arts. In 2010 partial funding was provided by the Zhou-B. Art Center and was an accepted project for Chicago Artist Month, Our City, and Our Studio

Organization Description:
A.R.G is a project-based organization, which connects artists and communities who are interested in communication and collaboration on a global scale. The mission of A.R.G is to utilize the personal or local act of art making in combination with global relationships and communication technology. A.R.G’s aim is to create dialog, strengthen understanding, and support awareness of social, political and aesthetic concerns through creative practice.

Project Description

Launched in May 2010, In My Own Backyard I Can See The World brings artists from around the world together in their studios, through communication technology and social networking platforms.

In phase two selected artists will come together in a collective group on-line; to get acquainted though blog posts, Facebook, Skype, email etc. Within the group, each will find one or more artist to collaborate with. This artist(s) may have similar interests, work in a similar style or genre, or be someone who will challenge personal ideas and inspire one’s creative practice in a totally unexpected direction. Since this is an exciting and dynamic process of interaction, everyone involved will need to be committed and active in his or her communication within the group. Each pair or group of artists will have their own category in the A.R.G. blog.

An exhibition will take place in Chicago in the fall of 2011 and will travel internationally. To date, we have had offers for exhibitions in South Africa, Norway and Vienna and Singapore.

Expectations from Artists who are selected

  1. Have web access, a Facebook page and Skype account for ease of communication.
  2. To be interactive with the artists you are collaborating with.
  3. Post progress, thoughts, images, sketches, and snippets of conversations on the web blog a minimum of two times a month.
  4. Share the website and blog posts on all of your social networks.
  5. Be respectful of DEADLINES.
  6. Serve on one committee of your choice.
Full ARTISTS SUMBISSION GUIDELINES on the website:  http://arg-art.com/call.html
There is a $25 artist submission fee.




Transmedia Artist Marketing has had an online presence since February 3rd 2009, beginning with the Artist Marketing Resources blog and now the new Transmedia Artist Marketing site.
Transmedia Artist Marketing and Artist Marketing Resources is owned and operated by Marie Kazalia, an exhibiting artist and published writer with professional experience in arts administration, who wishes to share her knowledge and specific useful and current information with fellow artists.
By the request of the artists who use the Artist Marketing Resources blog, Marie created the Artist Marketing Resources LinkedIN group, which currently has over 400 artist and art professionals as members.
For more information, email:






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Artists, Do You Know How To Sell Your Art To Interior Designers?

How to Sell Art to Interior Designers: http://bit.ly/dGKz9H

For Twitter users, I started a new list on Twitter: #ArtistsWhoSell

Readers and subscribers please feel free to contact me for more information: email: MarieKazalia@Transmediartistmarketing.org

Skype: MarieKazalia

Marie Kazalia:  Business phone: (216) 452-2330

Art Business

“It has been my experience that artists who succeed have adopted the mindset of a business person and consider their time and resources as an investment in the business of their art.”

Mary Virgina Swanson

from her book The Business of Photography: Principals and Practices


Pop artist Andy Warhol famously said,

“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art.”


email: info@Transmediartistmarketing.org

painted elephant by Sona Mizraei

Singapore: Elephant Parade art exhibit and auction

painted elephant by Sona Mizraei

On 11/11/11, a herd of over 100 brightly painted life-size elephants will swarm the streets of Singapore for two months in a colorful outdoor art exhibition called the Elephant parade. The purpose is more than decorative. Famous and emerging artists contribute hand-painted elephant statues to bring public awareness to the need for conservation of Asian elephants. In the past 100 years the Asian elephant population has decreased by 90% with fewer than 35,000 remaining in all of Asia. In Thailand there are just 4,000 elephants left, of which only 1,500 live in the wild. The Asian elephant could become extinct in a couple of decades. The Asian Elephant Foundation was founded in 2006 and gives the Elephant Parade to raise money to conserve the Asian elephant.  The first Elephant Parade was in Rotterdam in 2007, which raised nearly 250,000 Euros. Each year auction prices for the painted elephants rises. In 2008, Antwerp had Elephant Parade, in 2009 Amsterdam and Emmen had an Elephant Parade, and in 2010 London, where the top painted elephant piece sold for 155,000 pounds. This year Elephant Parade Milan, Singapore and Copenhagen. At the end of each Elephant Parade the elephants are auctioned off by a famous world class auction house, such as Sotheby’s or Christie’s. Part of all proceeds of Elephant Parade are donated to The Asian Elephant Foundation. It is Elephant Parade’s mission to become the world’s largest financial support organization for the Asian elephant, which is threatened with extinction. Hand painted elephant miniatures, books, posters and postcards are available in shops and in an online store (http://shop.elephantparade.com/). By supporting Elephant Parade Singapore you play a part in saving Asian elephants.