Benjamin L.M. Hits:2003-2010 Exhibition at Juxtapose Studios

Hits:  2003-2010
Art Show
1 Night Only!

Juxtapose Studios
Adelaide, Australia

6 Cinema Place, Adelaide
Friday 13 May 2011, 6pm

Hits:  2003 – 2010 is the first retrospective of paintings by Benjamin L.M.  A wild display of the beginning.  Strong ideas, memorable images, all the hits are here.  A powerhouse of modern colour and monotone nature.  Loud and quiet, all the ground is covered.

Take Flight is the first solo show on American soil for Benjamin L.M.  He will be flying with 10 new paintings to New York in June.  The short art film by Benjamin L.M. called Out Of Nowhere has just been re-cut and loaded into YouTube, the music is licensed from and made by Moby.  It was all pulled together by the film clip maker and photographer Beau Lambert in Los Angeles, USA.

Silver Slide “The Wheel Begins To Turn” is the debut recording by Benjamin L.M. and Roland Black.  A digital EP recorded in France and Hungary, released by Gradpeak Records and Clear Colours.  The cover art is by Benjamin L.M., his 4th album cover.

For information and a preview of the show:  Mia Dion – Phone  0404 368 318

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A.I.R. Gallery, Call for Postcard Art

A.I.R. Gallery opened in 1972, as the first non-profit gallery for women artists. Each year the gallery hosts a postcard show. Last year Kiki Smith submitted!

All the postcards are sold for $45. plus sales tax. Both men and woman artist are welcome to send in their art postcards.

To participate: 

1. Create your artwork a wall mountable artwork that is 4″ x 6″ (postcard size)

2.  Print on the back of the card:

a.  your name

b.  the title of the piece

c.  the materials used

d.  the date of completion

3. You must include your phone number AND email address on the card OR on a separate piece of paper, so that the gallery can contact you regarding your work.

4. Mail or hand-deliver your piece in an envelope by Saturday, June 5th 2011 to:

A.I.R. Gallery

111 Front Street #228

Brooklyn NY 11201


FOR MORE INFORMATION please contact gallery director Kat Griefen

At 212.255.6651 or or visit

Graphic Design Envy ———-Call For Art

The people at Graphic Design Envy asked me to post this for them:

Call For Art…seeking out artist’s, designers, and photographers who are
interested in submitting their works inspired by environmental issues and
social causes. We want to know the story behind your work. We are offering
you a chance to market your work at no cost to you! You can receive the
submission guidelines and learn more about our new online art magazine by
subscribing to our Newsletter here:

Call to Artists, Curator: Lucy Hunter

Dear Artists–I am posting this early call for an exhibition under development. If you have an questions please email Lucy Hunter. Best wishes, Marie Kazalia

Lucy Hunter
New York,


There is no adequate term in our lexicon to describe recent changes to what, traditionally, qualified “presence.” Being “somewhere” is no longer contingent on material existence in a specific place and time. Until recently, society was organized around physical structures and territories—now, architecture applies to a walled city as much as to the code that determines one’s whereabouts online. The 1970s mantra, “Be here now” is moot. But what are the ontological implications when site and temporality are collapsed, of being many-wheres at many-times?

Materiality, volume, space—the contention points surrounding contemporary notions of presence are inherent to artistic production. Discourse over the past century anticipates the conflicts relevant to the digital age; from concern with the antagonism between flatness and three-dimensionality, to rethinking exhibition spaces as an overdetermining site for work. Media advances, be it the Daguerrotype or the “social network,” provoke crises to authenticity, authorship, and reproduction. The principles of reception, too, are bound up in expectations of physical proximity between spectator and art: audiences “go” to galleries to interact with a “gathered” arrangement of works. I use quotes to show the failure of those terms to describe the display of art in online formats and the ease of accessing new media works in their original—but by no means irreplicable—form. Artists have confronted rapid change brought on by the Internet for years, change that bears repercussions on visual practice as much as social life at large. Artists have an advantage in current sociological dialogue, and my goal is to provide a forum that draws attention to their perspectives.

Exhibits in this series aim to expose the opportunities and limitations inherent to concurrent yet opposed modes of presence. Shows will be organized by topics that bring to light the contradictions and limitations between physical reality and the Internet. Venues are selected in response to that theme as well, to heighten/bring awareness to each discussion. The goal is not to delineate distinct boundaries between old versus new, this versus that, but rather to articulate the disintegration of tenets which, as recently as 20 years ago, were unambiguous. This exhibit aims to examine the paradoxes of location when boundaries between real-space and non-space have become fluid, and when individuals exist simultaneously in both.


TRACKING. A person’s location has less to do with physical signifiers than the streams of data by which existence is registered. Cell-phone GPS, credit card swipes, and IP addresses constitute an accurate record of a person’s daily life. This exhibit calls for work that explores the impact of such data on physical integrity, and the state of compromised privacy into which a contemporary citizen must enter. How can artistic practice subvert these apparently threatening information systems, or, in equal measure, capitalize on their possibilities? Looking for work in all media that demonstrates resistance or complicity with the overwhelming capabilities of information technology. Show to take place in April or May of 2012. Limited funds allotted for exhibition costs. Venue space TBA, in Manhattan/Brooklyn area.

TRESPASS. From basic identity theft to Wiki Leaks, violations of territory have less to do with a transgression of material boundaries than a breach of firewalls. Security no longer aims to prevent intruders “out there” from entering “in here;” rather, the threat is often unseen, if it exists in one place at all. Call for art that deals with trespass and private space, particularly the tension between divergent physical and Internet-based manifestations. Possible online-only exhibit; call primarily for digital media. Limited funds allotted for exhibition costs.

My Article Published on Yahoo!–Benjamin L.M., Australian Artist Showing In NYC

Australian Artist Benjamin L.M.–In The Shiny Temple, Translating the Silent Voice of His Heart

“My art is the opposite of abstract,” stated Benjamin L.M.  His new series of paintings is called Take Flight, and will be shown in New York City at the H215 Gallery, on the 2nd of June, for one night only. The H215 Gallery is located at 55 Bethune Street. The title for the exhibit, and the image for the poster, derive from one of the artist’s newest paintings, titled, People Take Flight Across And Up, which contains images of birds and horses moving from left to right, in gallop, in flight.

Read the full article here:


April 18, 2011


New Giclée Art Prints Available From kellyannart

San Francisco Bay Area artist Kellyann Gilson-Lyman offers new original art in her kellyannart line Giclée print series, now available to collectors. The three kellyannart line series are titled: In the White Spaces, The Inertia Collection, and Iconoculture/See Beauty in What You Do. In all three series, Gilson-Lyman’s images reflect and engages with the positive cultural concepts in humanity. In The Interia Collection, and In White Spaces collections, the artist presents images in her primarily abstract colorist palette that also demonstrate her interest in pattern. In the Iconoculture/See Beauty in What You Do series collection, the artist expresses her world view on modern beauty by incorporating appropriated iconic images of the famous film stars Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren.  All three series contain Giclée prints from scanned original mixed media paintings, and original digital art compositions. Titles within each series are available as Giclée prints on canvas as well as on a variety of papers including metallics, and in a variety of medium to large sizes, such as: 32 x 32 inches, 36 x 36, 36 x 60, 40 x 60, 48 x 60, 24 x 48 inches, 36 x 72 inches, 42 x 60 inches, 40 x 55 inches, 64 x 72 and other sizes. kellyannart also offers commissions to size specifications.

Price list available upon request from kellyannart, email:

All kellyannart Giclée prints are archival and printed by the virtually 100% green graphics company Eco Visual ( The kellyannart print edition series are print ready and designated for print edition costs with Ecovisual,  using only local produced recycled cotton papers and water based pigment inks and biodegradable mounting adhesives.

Originals currently on view in Corporate Lobby Exhibition,275 Battery Street, San Francisco, by appointment (phone: 415-412-4959), and via images on the kellyannart website, at:

Sample Images available upon request.

About the artist:
Kellyann Gilson-Lyman, who has exhibited her photographic art and mixed media original artworks on canvas widely since 1995, created her Giclée print series in 2009, adding new work  to each series line in 2010 and 2011.

Kellyann Gilson-Lyman has apprenticed with art and design professionals, and has professional experience in web design and creative direction of brand management including core expertise in design, ad campaigns, staff management, creative direction, client relations, strategy, media relations, fine art production and printing, digital/film photo retouching, and photo shoot management. Kellyann has had numerous exhibitions of her art since 1995, and her work is included in corporation and private collections. Full details may be found in the attached file: Kellyann CV_Bio.pdf

Kellyann Gilson-Lyman
phone 415-412-4959
Kellyann Gilson
1968 Marin Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94707

Verve, kellyannart

ode to seeing beauty in Sophia Loren, kellyannart

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My Yahoo! National Poetry Month article on artist/poet Mina Loy

In the US, April is national poetry month. Yahoo! gave the assignment to write on a poet, which I accepted as one way to take part this year.

Mina Loy was the most original woman of her generation. The was a painter, sculptor, clothing and hat designer, model, actress, novelist, and poet.

The title of my article and link to the full article:
National Poetry Month: An Appreciation of the Poetry of Mina Loy–All the Rage Now

ebook available: Guide to Making Artist Submission



Published April 6, 2011

86 pages, PDF file ebook

$26.95 USD

Buy Now Google Button and PayPal Button, here:

Boulder, CO: Stephen Futral *Artist Series* Reception

The Boulder Outlook Hotel &                                                                          

Suites “Artist Series” invites you to

a wine, cheese, evening reception

honoring the artistic works of:

Stephen Futral

Friday the 8th of April 2011

5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

800 28th Street

Boulder, CO 80303


How Do You Get An Article On Your Art Published?

Five of my articles on artists were published by Yahoo! in one week. I know from talking with other Yahoo! contributors, that original subject matter for an article is a must.

My first article is on a Cleveland sound artist, and titled:  Cleveland: Chris Kulcsar- an Artist Who Uses Sound (If problems with the long link, try this short link:

My second article, on a Pittsburgh sound artist, I titled– Pittsburgh: R. Weis – Compositions of Manipulated Sound (short link:

My third Article published by Yahoo! is titled: New York: GeneFree Video Performance Art

My fourth article published: Germany: Light Art Photography

My fifth article published by Yahoo!
Jeanne Bessette–Painting the Human Element

I originally wrote the first four articles for the VASA project blog (

When I began writing for the VASA project blog as a regular contributor, I established a goal to write on artists in *under-served* regions such as Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

Since I am a member of a large group of primarily Pittsburgh artists, I put the word out that I would be writing on Pittsburgh artists working in video, photography, sound art, and digital art. The name R. Weis came up rather quickly. His fast response to my email and his enthusiasm for the article made it a pleasure to work with him, which inspired me to complete the article that same day.

Contacting Cleveland sound artist Chris Kulcsar proved to be a bit more challenging. At the time he did not have a website, and little online presence. I actually had searched for another sound artist I had heard about in a news cast, when Kulcar’s name came up on his friend’s blog. The blogger put me in touch with Kulcar, who wanted to answer my questions for the article, but was building a new website and would have his bio/CV and artist statement on his site within a few weeks. I know that writing statements, updating CVs and bio information can be time-consuming, as is building a new website, so I agreed to wait.
Several weeks later, Chris supplied me with the link to his new site, and answered all my questions. (In the mean time, the major holidays had come and gone and my mother had died, so, in this case, the delay in hearing back from the artist was not a problem). However, I don’t recommend making someone wait six to eight weeks if they express an interest in writing an article on your art. Have your materials ready and send them right away.

For the GeneFree article, both artists graciously provided me with information and videos to view. Unfortunately, my mother died while I was working on the article, and so I had to attend to family matters. I ended up cutting my article on GeneFree short, and would have preferred to have written a lengthier article.

Working with all of the artists proved to be inspiring, and the articles flowed as I wrote them. I posted my articles to the VASA project blog with images and embedded videos. Yahoo! does not allow images unless the author of an article holds the copyright to the images, or has a license to use the images.

I am pleased that Yahoo! has accepted and published my articles.

So, how do you get an article on your own art published? Perhaps the best way to get started is to connect with a regular contributor of an appropriate art site. Leave a comment on one of their article, then follow-up with an email. If you can’t find an email address for a contributor you would like to work with, leave your email address and site link in your comment. Some art news sites have a form for you to complete to request a feature on your art.

I am especially interested in writing on photographic artists, video artists, sound artists, and digital artists in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and greater areas. But, I have also written on New York artists, German artists, and North Carolina artists. Any artist working on an interesting project should be able to get an article on their work published no matter their geographic region.

Marie Kazalia