Take Flight! June 2nd, NYC Art Exhibit



Art Show

1 Night Only!




55 Bethune Street

New York, New York, 10014

Thursday 2 June 2011, 6pm

Take Flight is the first solo show on American soil for Benjamin L.M.  He will be there with 8 new paintings.  Modern art in full colour that speaks clearly.  Love, flight and serious peace moves stomp across these paintings.  Important ways to hold onto.  Clarity in a murky world.  A siren in the fog.


The opening for the Take Flight exhibition will be filmed and form part of the documentary Benjamin L.M. – Livid Dreams Off The Leash.


Australian Artist Benjamin L.M.–In The Shiny Temple, Translating the Silent Voice of His Heart is an article on Benjamin L.M. by Marie Kazalia published by Yahoo! -



The short art film Benjamin L.M. Out Of Nowhere has just been re-cut and loaded into YouTube.  Art by Benjamin L.M.  Music by Moby.  Produced by Beau Lambert -



The first music / spoken word recording by Benjamin L.M. and Roland Black is called Silver Slide The Wheel Begins To Turn.  It’s out now through the Juno Records website –



For information or a preview of the Take Flight show:

Barnaby Ruhe – Phone  917 721 2541  / Email  barnabyruhe@gmail.com

Directions to gallery:

H215 Apartment, 2nd floor.  L , A, C, E Trains, Subway Exit 14th Street and 8th Avenue.

From Subway:  Exit at 8th Avenue and 14th Street, go South on 8th Avenue against traffic.  One block past 12th street, take a right at Bethune Street.




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Sustainable Arts Foundation Accepting Applications from Artists and Writers

Artist Mary Liz Tippin-Moody (https://sites.google.com/site/marylizmoodyart/ ) shared this news with me, and I am passing it on to my blog readers.  The Sustainable Arts Foundation is a non-profit organization providing support to artists and writers with families—http://www.sustainableartsfoundation.org/   Visit their site to complete applications for 2011 awards.

New York: Photographic Artist Ventiko–Entering Her Version of Reality

Ventiko is the most extraordinary photographic artist I have even encountered! Her photos look like Renaissance oil paintings, and amazingly enough the elaborate sets for her photo shoots she constructs herself, often from mountains of newspapers, or hundreds of milk cartons. In this article about her processes, some of her lighting secrets are revealed as well. Read the full article here:


PR Offer for Visual Artists–Article About You and Your Art

Marie Kazalia, Arts Journalist, is writing a series of articles on visual artists and their artwork, arts business, arts products. (Links to sample published articles below.)

PR Advantages:

  • Press coverage/articles written about you prove you are newsworthy
  • Improves your credibility
  • Art Gallerists and other art professionals want to see your press coverage
  • Art collectors prefer to purchase from newsworthy artists
  • You the artist, and your art business, will gain valuable online expose in an article published by the top online news provider— Yahoo!
  • An article on Yahoo! may be picked up by other news services
  • An article will drive traffic to your site
  • Increases your online presence
  • Create interest in your art business and art products
  • Bring more potential buyers to your site
  • Articles do more for you than paid ads. Anyone can purchase an ad. Articles carry more weight, than paid ads,in the minds of readers.

Services include:

  • review of your art portfolio site, arts product site, art publication
  • targeted questions developed based on your site information
  • your responses to questions reviewed and more questions developed(as needed)
  • 8-10 hours writing, proofreading and editing to a finished article that is 500-1500 words in length
  • I submit and publish the article on Yahoo! (additionally, I publish the article on the VASA Transmedia blog: sound, digital, photo, film artists only)
  • you receive copy of full article + link(s) once published–for your own promotional campaign (for use on your site etc)
  • I promote the article on my blog and/or site, on Twitter, LinkedIN and other social media sites
  • I can provide monthly feedback on numbers of views article receives (upon request)
  • article completed 1-3 weeks after I receive your responses to my questions
  • expedited articles available for promotion of events /to  meet deadlines
  • if you have a Media or Press Room on your site w/ downloadable images, I will add images to the article

Contact Marie Kazalia by email: MarieKazalia@gmail.com

SAMPLE  ARTICLES written by Marie Kazalia and published by Yahoo! and on other sites:

1. Cleveland: Chris Kulcsar- an Artist Who Uses Sound   (short link: http://bit.ly/fcdSMG)


2.Pittsburgh: R. Weis – Compositions of Manipulated Sound       http://vasa-project.com/blog/2011/02/pittsburgh-r-weiss-compositions-of-manipulated-sound/

Yahoo!: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/7899482/pittsburgh_r_weis_compositions_of_manipulated.html?cat=33

3. New York: GeneFree Video Performance Art


4. Germany: Light Art Photography


5.Jeanne Bessette–Painting the Human Element   http://bit.ly/k3eNYn


6.National Poetry Month: An Appreciation of the Poetry of Mina Loy–All the Rage Now



7. Australian Artist Benjamin L.M.–In The Shiny Temple, Translating the Silent Voice of His Heart     http://bit.ly/iXj7qo


8.Canadian Artist in Scotland – Trevor Jones: Art is Not Just Pretty Colors


http://bit.ly/kPGe46 (short link)

(9) my short story about travel in China

The Waiting Room


10)How to Be a Press Friendly Artist– the Latest Ebook by Art Licensing Mentor Tara Reed


11) New York: Photographic Artist Ventiko–Entering Her Version of Reality


12) Living on the Earth–Alicia Bay Laurel’s Iconic Illustrated Book






My Review Article of the Ebook: How to Be a Press Friendly Artist

How to Be a Press Friendly Artist– the Latest Ebook by Art Licensing Mentor Tara Reed


published  by Yahoo!

Short Story, The Waiting Room– based on my travels in China

I typed my short story, The Waiting Room, from my contributors’ copy of the now defunct print magazine Clamor (with a C), that published it in 2005, along with an illustration. I submitted the story  to Yahoo!

The short story is set in a foreigners waiting room the Beijing train station. Here is the Yahoo! link:


If you like my story, share it on on Facebook, Twitter and any other social networks you use.  Bookmark it on sites like Reddit, Digg and StumbleUpon–using the buttons below.


Barbara Mink’s Solo Show

 Solo show at Marcia Evans Gallery

If you’re in the Columbus Ohio area this summer, I hope you can stop by!

Location: 8 East Lincoln Street, Columbus Ohio, Short North Arts District
Time & Date: June/July, 2011
Opening: Friday, June 3 5:00pm

Paintings in the show are in a special portfolio on Barbara Mink’s website, www.barbaramink.com

Hong Kong artists Protest Ai Weiwei arrest

For the past month, artists in Hong Kong have performed art protests on the streets and more.

Art Radar Asia interviewed Hong Kong artist Kacey Wong–read the full article here: http://bit.ly/ArtRadar

What to Tweet about?

I have three Twitter accounts:




but I have only recently begun to become intentionally active on Twitter.

Two years ago, when I searched the word *artist* on Twitter the list contained about 300 artists. Today, the number of artists using Twitter is in the thousands to hundreds of thousands with lots more artists joining Twitter all the time.

If you have a Twitter account then you understand how easy it is to make connections on Twitter. Do you know how to specifically find and connect with art professionals, who can help your career, on Twitter? Would you like to follow hundreds of art curators, art collectors, art magazine editors, art journalist, art business professionals,art print publishers, art gallerists, art consultants, art agents, art funders, art non-profits, artists, art agencies, art sponsors, interior designers and others who buy art for their clients?  Do searches on keywords in Tweets and Twitter profiles to find them. I know this may seem obvious, yet it takes some effort to make this work well. Also, click the *Who to Follow* button at the top of your Twitter page, on a regular basis, for suggestions.

Tweetdeck makes searches easy. Just now, I found the popular arts Twitter account @ArtAnorak ,and viewed their lists, where I found an *arts_business/Artjournalist* list that I added as a new column in my Tweetdeck to follow the Tweets in that list more closely.  I’m no expert on using Twitter or Tweetdeck. I tried TweetDeck two years ago and found it just a little too plugged in, if you know what I mean. I recently installed Tweetdeck again and now I see it that has many new features. Today, on Tweetdeck, in my *recommends* list, there were several listings of those who had Retweeted (RT) some of my Tweets. I missed those RTs on the Twitter site but Tweetdeck tracked them for me. I made a point of following all those who had Retweeted my Tweets. Also, Retweets mean that Twitter is working for me. It’s kind of fun to send bits of information out there and track them to see what others do with the bits. For me it exciting to see Retweets of my new e-book, that I am promoting,– here is the Link to my e-book: http://bit.ly/TransArt

Click the little cloud icon at the bottom of a Tweetdeck column to track Twitter Trends. Set up continuous Keyword searches in Tweetdeck by clicking on the wrench icon at upper right (for settings), then clicking on *Global Filter* and adding your keywords–it’s that simple.

Once you’ve begun using Twitter and have built a list of Twitter followers you’ll want to keep them interested with lots of great content in your Tweets. This may require some warming up. One Twitter expert, who wrote one of the first books on using Twitter, advised that only 10% of your Tweets should be self-promotional. As a visual artist, you are your brand, so, all your Tweets will educate others about you and about your art and/or  Tell your story in some way. So, I think that it may be impossible for a visual artist to do a 10%/90% split in their Tweeter self-promotion. That’s my opinion and I’d like to hear what others have to say.

Today, I Tweeted the PR Success story of how I connected with artist Trevor Jones when he selected me as a winner of one of his drawings (on Facebook). Then I wrote and published an article about him on Yahoo!  The article, published as an exclusive just a couple of days ago, has been read by hundreds already. (Link to article: http://bit.ly/kPGe46 ). Since Trevor Jones is a Canadian artist (living in Scotland), I am hoping that Yahoo! Canada will also pick up the article. (One thing can lead to another, and that happens on Twitter too. It’s easy to tie Twitter and Facebook together–Tweets can be automated to appear on Facebook, or, Facebook status lines can be set to automatically feed into your Twitter account.)

Artists, in your Tweets on Twitter, try *Telling the Story of how* –how you got the exhibit, how you made the sale, how your friend got his/her show (cross-promote). Tell the Story of How you learned a certain technique. How you set up your studio. How you came to live and work where you are now. There are lots of  possibilities. If you keep those two broad themes in mind—Educate others about yourself, and, Tell the story of how…—you will find that you come up with lots to write about in your Tweets.

Others goal on Twitter include–making your Tweets memorable, catchy, and to the point.

Some things not to do on Twitter: I often see Tweets using quotes by famous people–and many on Twitter find quotes to be lame content, unless really relevant to a current life event in some way.

Also, saying Good morning every day on Twitter, and then good-night at the end of the day every evening is not very exciting or inventive and has already been overused by many and may cause others to unfollow you.

If you have Tips and Advice on ways to use Twitter ( or not use), or what to Tweet (or not Tweet) about, please share in a comment below.

The art of Masako Simmons, Durand Seay and Robin Antar

New Slide Presentation Promotional Tool for 3 Artists

This week, working with the latest 2011 PowerPoint program, I put together this slide presentation: http://slidesha.re/jJlfjR

The slide presentation includes 5 images of the art of painter Masako Simmons, photographic artists Durand Seay, and

sculptor Robin Antar, along with a page containing a short artist statement, headshot and contact information for each artist.

Dov Lederberg–New Work

Dov Lederberg

3 – D Phenomena
Diskin 44

POB 7143, Jerusalem Israel 91071
tel: 972-2-5618303, tel/fax: 972-2-5611411 

Hi Marie.

You may enjoy the humor of my new work “hot on the canvas” from my Congealings series.


Congealings # 10 Do You Really Love Me? (2011) 
airbrushed acrylics on canvas 40″ x 30″ (102 x 76 cm)

More Congealings at

Did you see my last email about our last trip to USA, including solo show at Great Neck Arts Center and review in NY Times?

Perhaps you would like to feature in one of your Art Marketing blogs.

All the best.

Put Your Dreams Into Action:How Creative Entrepreneurs can Market and Sell Their Products

  Carolyn Edlund is the next speaker for the Creative Souls Telesummit.

  Her talk will be “Put Your Dream Into Action: How Creative Entrepreneurs can Market and Sell Their Products

Carolyn Edlund’s talk, Put Your Dream Into Action: How Creative Entrepreneurs can Market and Sell Their Products

will include information about:

  • How to know if your product is ready
  • Your unique selling position
  • Branding and online presence
  • Business planning and goal setting
  • Understanding your market and why this is crucial
  • Creating multiple income streams
  • How many ways are their to sell your work?
  • Marketing techniques – the secret to making 6 times as many sales!

It’s free, and the interview (with Tamra Fleming) starts at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time, (12 noon Pacific), on Wednesday, May 18th.

It lasts 45 minutes with 15 minutes of Q & A at the end.   Participants can purchase all the interviews with speakers, and upgrade packages, if they wish.

Here is the link:  http://bit.ly/fCjumP

Clare Haxby Art Show in Singapore

See our TIME OUT SINGAPORE  listing
DIRECTIONS : Kerbau Road is off Serangoon Road or Racecourse Road, via Belilios Road.
Car Park is also on Belilios Road
Singapore_map - Copy 1.jpg
Clare Haxby
Artist Painter
Mobile : +(65) 9326 5502
Email  : cehaxby@aol.com

My article on Artist Trevor Jones Published by Yahoo!

Hi Marie Kazalia,

Your content has been published on Associated Content from Yahoo!.

Canadian Artist in Scotland – Trevor Jones: Art is Not Just Pretty Colors


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The Artist Project New York

The Artist Project New York, an exhibition platform for unrepresented artists to present and sell their work in New York City, recently concluded the first edition of the show and are already planning for the 2012 fair.

Why You Should Participate

· Like galleries and museums, The Artist Project New York advertising includes printed and electronic promotional material to reach a targeted group of committed collectors, curators and dealers.

· These marketing tools are used in different marketing campaigns designed to reach the local and international art world.

· We have an interactive website designed to be as inclusive as possible and reach out to the many cultural partners New York has to offer.

· Exhibiting artists are provided with complimentary promotional materials for the audience they have developed or would like to reach.

· Co-located next to the Architectural Digest Home Design Show, be part of the city’s largest fine art and design event.

2012 Show Dates: March 22-25

Place: Pier 92, New York City

Types of Work Exhibited

The Artist Project New York only accepts original fine art work for the wall and sculpture, and does not display craft, decorative arts, furniture and functional glass or ceramics. Photomechanical reproductions such as offset lithographs, prints run off a commercial printing press, embellished reproductions or giclée (with the exception of photography or digital media categories) are not permitted.

Exhibitor Package

The exhibition stand includes a gallery like space with 10’ high white hard walls, carpet, exhibition lighting and booth signage to ensure the best possible conditions for exhibiting your art works. For detailed booth packages, pricing and application information, please visit the website at www.theartistprojectny.com

The online applications for the 2012 edition of The Artist Project are available now.  Application requirements include five digital images of the type of work you would present at the show along with an artist statement and bio or cv.  Additionally, we will review your website as part of the review process.  Please contact Reed McMillan, Director, with any questions you may have.

Reed McMillan | Director

The Artist Project New York | www.theartistprojectny.com

MMPI | 7 W 34 Street, Suite 1027 | New York, NY  10001

646.778.3237 | M 347.753.3609 | rmcmillan@mmart.com

6 Exhibits for 6 Weeks


Beginning on September 8, 2011, Baang + Burne Contemporary will present 6×6, a series of six, back to back, one week only art exhibitions in New York City.
September 8 – October 18, 2011, at 547 W. 27th & 548 W. 28th streets | New York, NY

6×6 is an art version of a music festival highlighting a line-up of twelve international artists, including many works on view for the first time in New York. The exhibition will feature large scale bronze sculptures by Guggenheim fellow Ed Smith, paintings by 72 year-old South African artist Meyer Uranovsky, new work by emerging California painter Jacqueline Norheim, as well as work by anonymous video artist, and YouTube celebrity, Readymade777.

The series of exhibits will bring an anticipated attendance: 2500

Baang + Burne Contemporary was created in 2010 with one singular purpose in mind–removing the intimidation factor from the art buying experience and replacing it with real excitement.

Artists Kesha Bruce and Charlie Grosso are building Baang + Burne Contemporary as a touring gallery with an aggressive social media strategy creating accessibility and constant out reach using their Website, FaceBook, Skype and Twitter.

Their subtext: “No art snobbery, no intimidation, just good people and amazing art.”

www.BaangandBurne.com  email:  contact@BaangandBurne.com  phone: +1 646.926.6408

@baangandburne   #6x6NYC

Baang+Burne Contemporary is six months old, and are seeking support via a Kickstarter Campaign http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/849806275/6×6-an-art-version-of-a-music-festival

Art For Change Call For Artist Proposals

 Jessica, at Art For Change, asked me to post this call to artists:


Art for Change (AfC) is seeking proposals for artworks for its 4th annual Hacia Afuera Public Arts Festival, August 13–August 14, 2011 in East Harlem’s outdoor spaces! AfC is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides a forum for creating innovative art and media programs that inspire people to take an active role in social justice. By merging art and community, AfC provides a space to explore social issues and celebrate the richness of cultural diversity.
Hacia Afuera, “to go outside”, takes place in Spanish Harlem’s streets and public community spaces, encouraging active participation while building community. It showcases outdoor art exhibitions throughout the playgrounds and gardens of East Harlem (El Barrio), infused with musical rhythms, spoken words, storytelling, film screenings, and live theater performances by local artists. Artists come together to create original works of art, network, connect with the public, and have their work shown at a highly visible and well-attended community event.
This year’s theme, Fruits of Our Labor reflects an optimistic perspective about the potential we possess collectively in our communities. While issues of labor rights, labor conditions, and employment opportunities cause distress during this time of economic struggle, Fruits of Our Labor utilizes visual, musical, and performing arts to engage the people of East Harlem into activities that will highlight the creative resources right in their area. The theme also incorporates ideas of sustainability, by way of repurposing, reusing, and recycling objects and materials that may have been discarded. By shedding a new perspective on old items, a renewed sense of clarity can emerge providing new possibilities for social progress and self-sufficiency that everyday people may achieve. Fruits of Our Labor is an opportunity for East Harlem to celebrate its wealth found in the diversity of culture, lifestyle, and expression by bringing people together, united through participation in a variety of artistic actions. Additionally, empowering information may be shared on the topics of labor and sustainability that may further enhance the lives of all who participate in Hacia Afuera Public Arts Festival.
Interested artists (collectives and teams are welcome) should submit proposals for artworks that fit into the political and social context of the neighborhood, with a special emphasis on the Fruits of Our Labor theme described above. Interactive, participatory, and artworks created on-site are highly encouraged. Sustainable materials, such as found objects, rescued wood, and recycled or re-used objects are encouraged whenever possible. Artworks may include, but are not limited to, painting, drawing, photography, video, sculpture, performance art, interactive art, design, architecture, and site-specific installation (please note we have limited electrical outlets available). Proposals must include an Artist Statement describing in detail the proposed artwork and its relevance to the exhibition theme, as well as set-up detail and the ideal location where the piece will be situated. Artists are encouraged to visit East Harlem in person or online prior to submitting their proposals as well as further research exhibition themes to inspire poignant ideas.Proposals must be received via email by midnight on Wednesday, June 8, to be eligible for consideration. Artists will be notified by June 20, 2011, if their proposal is accepted, and a $100 honorarium will be awarded to each artist or collective selected for the exhibition.PLEASE INCLUDE ALL OF THE FOLLOWING IN YOUR PROPOSAL:
Artist Info: Name, Address, Phone, Email Address, Website Address
Proposed Artwork Info: Title, Date, Material, Size (Height x Width x Depth)
Artist Bio (brief paragraph)
Artist Statement (brief paragraph)
2-5 images of work examples: 300 dpi or lower, no larger than 2MB each
Time needed for set-up and breakdownEMAIL PROPOSALS WITH “FRUITS OF OUR LABOR” AS SUBJECT HEADING TO: haciaafuera.art@gmail.comIf you have any questions, please contact Junior Target at: 610-568-8160.

Art for Change is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides a forum for creating innovative art and media programs that inspire people to take an active role in social justice.

For more information, please visit: www.artforchange.org

Call to Artists: Your Art in an Online Slide Presentation

Call to Artists for the Group Slide Presentation #2
This Call to Submit is for five artists only. Each artist will have 5 images of their art, (each image will appear in the slide presentation with title, dimension, materials), and their one paragraph artist statement, website link and contact information, such as email address, phone number, Skype ID, for a total of 6 pages in the presentation.

There is a $25. fee for each of the five artists who are included in the slide presentation. This covers our time to create the presentation. If you would like to have your art included in this slide presentation, email Marie Kazalia at MarieKazalia@gmail.com for information and instructions.

Our first Artist Marketing Resources group slide presentation may be viewed here: http://slidesha.re/hNfGTq