Artists–Are You Interested in Registering With An International Art Consultant?

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An international corporate art consultancy is currently registering artists to their database.  Their corporate clients and architects view the database searching for art for public and private buildings and offices. Art collectors search the database for art for private home collections.

This art consultancy also owns and operates two art galleries in Europe–one in London, and one in Paris.

If the opportunity to register for such a database appeals to you, and you would like to receive the full information–including physical addresses, website link, email address, and phone number, I will share these details in my next Transmedia Artist Marketing newsletter, that is published and sent out to subscribers each Sunday. Sign up for the newsletter at Transmedia Artist Marketing

Can’t wait until Sunday? The art consultancy is also listed in the Transmedia Artist Marketing Directory of Art Consultants:

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How One Artist Got Into the Gallery She Wanted

Painting by artist Hélio Cunha

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This is based a real events. Let’s call the artist Ms. R.

Ms. R. longed to see her work in a particular gallery–one she visited regularly. It was more than a goal, it was a dream. A dream she never believed would become a reality. She had no idea how to get into a gallery, which made the possibility of that happening seem hazy and remote. Still, she thought that she might try.

For Ms. R.’s first approach she sent her teenage daughter into the gallery to drop off a CD of art images. The gallery was in fact reviewing artist’s work, but not on disc and not dropped off.  Ms. R. had not even known to check the gallery submission policy or guidelines. Dropping off the CD made it seem to the gallery staff that Ms. R. was ignoring their submission policy, expecting them to do things her way instead. (Put yourself in their position. Would you be eager to work with someone after such an impression ?)

Later–and still no response from the gallery–Ms. R. contacted me via my Transmedia Artist Marketing site (
As it turned out, I had a contact in that very gallery, and had recently gotten another artist representation with the gallery. The fact that Ms. R. had come to me was an exciting occurrence. (I don’t believe in coincidence!)

I began working with Ms. R.–received her images and made the necessary format changes. Then I  contacted the gallery on her behalf.  The gallery owners were scheduled to meet in three weeks to review the work of potential artists for representation. That was the way that particular gallery reviewed artists—in a meeting.  So I made sure that the gallery had all of Ms. R.’s materials and information, in their required formats,  and all well ahead of their upcoming review meeting.   Since Ms. R. had expressed concern that her mixed media paintings did not photograph well,  I was sure to mention that Ms. R. would  be happy to bring samples of her original paintings in for detail viewing.
Luckily, the very next week  Ms.R. installed a large exhibition of her paintings in a new library. I encouraged her to send an invitation to my contact at the gallery, who, as it turned out, lived near the library, loved the architecture of the new building, and replied that she would be sure to stop in to see the exhibit.
Also, I knew that if the gallery took Ms. R. on they would require exclusive representation within a certain region. I knew that if they rejected her it would be a disappointment to her. So, I also had several other gallery contacts in place, as back-up, should Ms.R. receive a rejection.
In the mean time, over the next  few weeks, I worked to get a variety of other art career opportunities in place for Ms. R.  
When the gallery owners had their review meeting, they did decide to represent Ms. R.   She was elated! Later, as Ms. R. carried her paintings in to the gallery to leave with them, a collector, who happened to be present, viewed  her work and commented favorably. The collector returned the next day with a friend who purchased one of Ms. R.’s largest and highest priced paintings. 
Ms. R’s positive outlook has soared after these experiences! Stunned, not only that her dream became a reality at all and that she is now represented by the gallery of her dreams, but Ms. R. is amazed at how little it took to make it happen. She’s learned that the right effort and right approach  make the difference. And of course contacting Transmedia Artist Marketing had been the right decision.

Caio Fern’s Painting Featured on Saatchi Online

Saatchi Gallery

Image by Markyboy81 via Flickr

Saatchi Online selected Caio Fern’s untitled painting as their featured artwork of the day. Caio blogged about this on his Mein Welt blog. Go there to view the painting selected by Saatchi Online curators:

or go directly to Saatchi Online to view Caio Fern’s portfolio:

Online Art Sales


Image by markhillary via Flickr

Artists, if you’ve had sales on Zatista or other sites, I’d like to hear about your experiences.

Yesterday, I received an email notification that one of my paintings sold on Zatista.  A 12 x 16 x 1.5 inch canvas of  poured alkyd oil paint colors  from 2010, titled Abstract Plaid #1, sold for $300.USD + $25. shipping.

Honestly, I have posted my art to online stores since early 2009 and this is my first sale of any of my original art. Over the past year, I’ve only had sales of cards and postcards on the UK-based print-on-demand site Create Today.

[ If you are not on Zatista or Create Today, and would like to sign up, here are the links-- Zatista + Create Today ]

I can’t help but wonder why sales occurred for me on Zatista and Create Today, but none on other similar sites? I know that at both Zatista and Create Today I’ve had ongoing communications with the site owners, and none on most other art sales sites. So perhaps the answer is presence and interaction, as well as marketing and promotions?

I like to think that personal attention does make that difference, as I work to set up my Transmedia Artist Amazon store–lining up some great artists with which to open the store. Attending to all the details myself. If you are an artist with an interest in selling on Amazon–read my PDF file just for artists, here:

and please share the link with other artists!

There is Gold All Around You!


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Artists, have you heard the expression There is gold all around you!? Meaning, that there are so many ways for you to make money with your art, everywhere, you just don’t see them or haven’t thought of them yet!

Sometimes, just getting started with a new idea for your art and having some success opens the floodgates to many more possibilities.

What have you tried already that has worked for you?  Have you thought of licensing your art for printing on household products, but just don’t know where to begin?

My ebook guide helps artists who want to do it all themselves–link:

. Plus, as further help to artists, I have spent hundreds of hours putting together extensive lists of resources to share –here are two:

List of Art Licensing companies and sites:
There are many products that need art images. Can you visualize your art on cell phone cases, electronic tablet cases, or book covers? There are sites on this list accepting submissions.

List of  700+ Places to Sell Your Art:   This list  provides you with hundreds of possible sales venues. Clicking the links on this list and visiting the sites opens up many possibilities, along with new ideas for increasing your art sales.

Artists, gearing up for the 2011 holiday sales season yet?

The new Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro-Store is looking for more artists to feature–read the details here:

For other personalized services just for artists, visit  Transmedia Artist Marketing:

6 Brick and Mortar Galleries Accepting Email Submissions from Artists

This New York CIty Art Gallery is Accepting Email Submissions from Artists, provided they are within the gallery guidelines:

Bernarducci.Meisel.Gallery, 37 West 57th Street, New York, NY  Artist Submission Guidelines:The Gallery accepts artist submissions only under the following conditions:
1. Artwork submitted for review must be realist painting, drawing or sculpture. No exceptions.
2. Email (3) THREE low-res jpegs only, plus one detail. No other attachments.
3. Include the title, year executed, medium and dimensions of each piece submitted in the body of the email.
4. Include a brief description of your work, written in English.
5. No links, no CDs, no slides, no artist statements.
6. Email submissions


3 Art Galleries in California accepting artist submissions via email. See sites for details:

5 Claude Lane Gallery,  5 Claude Ln. San Francisco(415) 956-1310

Market Street Gallery, 1554 Market St. San Francisco (415) 290-1441

Paragone Gallery 621 West Knoll Drive West Hollywood, CA 90069

Elsewhere in the US:

Wilde Meyer Gallery in Arizona is accepting email submissions:

18 Rabbit Gallery in Florida, accepts email submissions that curators keep on file for future exhibitions


Would you like to review a lot more art galleries?<ClickHere

Artist-Writer Stephen Futral: Living an Auspicious Cross-Cultural Life


“I went from being a Zionist, to living in India and being Hindu, to finally being Buddhist,”  Stephen Futral said. “So, yes, my paintings are images of my belief system and my passionate relation to life.”

Stephen Futral’s autobiographical book-length manuscript titled Don’t Die Wondering– A Chronicle of Auspicious Coincidence and Choice, needs a publisher.

Stephen Futral lived and painted on a kibbutz near Jerusalem and in an ashram in India. He was at Woodstock and featured in the movie.

Chapters one through five of Futral’s autobiographical manuscript have to do with his travels to India and with Woodstock. “We opened Woodstock,” Futral said of the 1969 music festival that was captured by documentary filmmakers and became the Academy Award winning 1970 movie Woodstock. Later, he created sets for a Martin Scorsese film.

Read the article, written by Marie Kazalia, here: 

Swing Space Gallery call for artists

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CALL FOR ARTISTS: IMPACT (October 6–27, 2011) is the inaugural exhibition at the College of Arts and Sciences Swing Space Gallery.

For the exhibition IMPACT, swing space gallery is seeking submissions from artists and writers who are immigrants or the children of immigrants.

The exhibition, and related programming, are presented in conjunction with the international conference Immigration: What is at Stake? (October 20–21)  at the Ohio State University–Columbus Campus. Visit: for more information on the conference.
Application Deadline: Wednesday August 31st
Please submit images for up to 3 works, no more than 6 images, in JPG format on a CD (no power point presentations). Include an image list that contains the title, dimensions, media, and year for each piece.  Video work should be under 10 minutes, submitted on a CD or DVD-rom as a high quality Quicktime movie.   Submit an artist’s statement explaining how your artwork relates to immigration, 300 words maximum.
Include your name, email address, and daytime phone number.
Send application materials to:
Swing Space Gallery
IMPACT Application
1556 North High Street
Columbus, OH  43201


New Amazon Store Seeking Art

Dear Artists

I am opening a new Amazon Pro Shop. An Australian artist already sent 8 of his paintings to me, and I agreed to post them for sale on Amazon. I would like more items to fill out my store ready early for the holiday shopping season.

Amazon takes 15% commission on most items.  For somes item, such as CDs, books, and DVD, they also take an addition $1.39 per item sold. Since I must pay $40. per month for the shop, and maintain it, I also will take a commission.

I am looking for more art items to add to my Amazon shop. Original art, artist cards, posters, Giclee prints, artist books, 3D items. I require samples sent to me to list them in my Amazon shop.

PDF file of terms and Call to submit:

To discuss more details, feel free to email:     Also available on Skype.

CASE STUDY: making a submission to an art consultant–


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Art 4 Business Case Study

CASE STUDY: making a submission to an art consultant–

There is much for you to learn from just one submission, and many things to consider.

I recommend reading my 90 page ebook, The Transmedia Artist Guide To Making Artist Submission, prior to making your submission, to learn what *corporate appropriate art* is and isn’t, including best sizes and subject matter to submit. Link to ebook buy page:

Another valuable time-saving tip I will give you here, is to let you know that some large art consulting firms only review artist submissions quarterly, so that doing follow-ups to initial submissions may be a waste of time and effort on your part! If you have sent a CD or DVD on request, then by all means follow-up. But if you have made a first contact with an unsolicited submission, and have received no reply after a few weeks, I do *not* recommend making follow-up contact. This may not seem logical to you, or may even seem counter-intuitive, but, with the additional information below, you will begin to understand why I do not recommend follow-ups in most cases.

Just as commercial art galleries have to make sales and complete numerous tasks on a daily basis, so that they are too busy to respond to email from artists that they do not represent, art consultants have a myriad of tasks to complete. Art consultants work on teams with architects, interior designers, framers, project managers, corporate executives, and building site facility managers. Art consultants have to study blueprints, coordinate and handle framing, shipping and installation of large-scale art works, and multiple art works. They have to write project proposals, make written bids, write-up budgets, write RFQs for artists they work with, along with basic business tasks, including continually working to get new business/new clients for their firm.

Of all the many art consultants I have communicated with, every one of them has stated that *they are always looking for new artists* or * are always looking at art.* Some art consultant firms have galleries. Some art consultant firms have a large staff and review the artist submissions in meetings with all staff members present. This may be done in a variety of ways, from large screens, to printouts. I know an artist liaison with an art consulting firm who told me that her job is to review submissions and print the art images of the artists that she thinks are a good fit for their gallery. She explained that the owners of the company *like* to sit in a meeting and review the printed materials, including printed images and artist Bio /CV on paper. I make a point of mentioning this here, to emphasis how little control the person receiving your submission may actually have in how your submissions are handled.

That is why I recommend that you do not  add to the burden of the submission process by sending multiple email messages as follow-up to submissions.

Send in your full submission with bio/CV, image list and properly labeled jpegs, and then wait. You may hear back right away. If you do not receive a reply right away, it is very likely that your submission has been filed for future review or consideration. That is what art consultants do. That is not the case with most art gallery submissions. If you do not receive a reply from a gallery within a few weeks, you will most likely never hear from the gallery. But for artist submission to art consultants, your submissions may be kept on file for long periods of time.

Consider, for instance, that if you have submitted a series of landscape paintings, and the art consultant has no need for landscape paintings for any current project, but likes your images so puts them on file for future projects. Your work is sitting there and available for the consultant to present to any client seeking landscape paintings, or if a new project comes up requiring paintings in the sizes you offer, then the art consultant may contact you. Think about this for a moment. At no charge to you, the consultant keeps your work on file and shows it to clients.

If you wish to do a follow-up to an email submission, then follow-up by submitting new work.

It is very important that you present yourself in a professional manner during all contacts with any art consultants. Artists who demonstrate competency with computers and sales, a willingness to work cooperatively and meet deadlines, plus art world and art business savvy, are more likely to receive large orders, multiple orders, and commissions of art works for specific projects.

My reasons for recommending a submission to Art4Business are many. I am not affiliated with Art4Business in any way, but I know that they have been around for a long time, and I also know of artists who have been with them for years and receive payment for sales of their artwork.

So, if this is your first submission to an art consultant, Art4Business is a good place to start, since it will be easy for you to upload images on the Art4Business site–no letter to write and no images to attach to an email.

You may open an account on the Art4Business site and upload one or more images and return when you wish to add more images, for a maximum of 12 for your submission.

Here are the steps:

1. Go to:

2. In the right sidebar, under the heading *Info for Artists*, click *Artist Login*

3. Click the blue text: *Click here to register as an artist*

4. Complete the form

5. Read the agreement

6. Submit the form–Now you have an *artist account*

7. Now you will see various ways to enter your account, including *add new artwork*.

8. Enter the details in the form: Title, dimension, select size category, and enter your *wholesale or net price* that is, the amount you want to receive for the sale of this artwork.(Net/Wholesale is Generally 50% of your retail price, but some artists will do a different split when listing wholesale/net prices only). You may also indicate a work as Commissionable. Then the size and price are not needed.

9. Click *create entry*

10. Then click *update image* to add your image.

11. Save.

Tip: Art4Business reviews art entries quarterly. Submissions made in January receive a response in April. After review, all or some of your artworks may be selected for their website. As you will note on the site home page, Art4Business clients review artworks on the site for purchase or commission.

Tip: Consider uploading some of your sold art works and listing them as Commissionable.

Tip: Upload a variety, such as original paintings and Giclee prints in the largest sizes you have available, or list Giclee prints on paper or canvas as Commissionable. This may open up more possibilities and fit more search criteria of site users.

You will find 500+ more in the Directory of Art Consultants:

500+ Places to sell your art:  :

Art Gallery Share List:

Link to share list of Art Licensing contacts:

Call to Artists: 3 Large Spaces for International Exhibition

Call for applications to participate at the international exhibition NordArt 2012

Deadline for applications 31.01.2012
PDF download of application form

Kunstwerk Carlshütte, a non-profit initiative, organizes the annual NordArt  international exhibition of visual arts from June to the beginning of October. The art exhibited at NordArt  is selected by a jury and features all visual art media. The exhibition in summer 2011 displayed the work of 250 artists from 55 countries, selected from 1200 applications from 72 countries. Curator of NordArt: Wolfgang Gramm.

Exhibition area:
The old foundry building in the Carlshütte (22,000 sqm), ACO Wagenremise (400 sqm), a 80,000 square metre sculpture park, as well as public spaces in the town.
To view the exhibtion site visit the virtual tour

Professional Alternatives to LuLu, Booklocker etc

If rumors are true, Amazon appears to be systematically removing POD books by indie authors who used AuthorHouse, Lulu, Booklocker, etc. Personally, I would not use any of those *middle-man* sites. If you are planning to self-publish a pbook, ask me about the best way to go. There is too much information for me to share here.

Marie Kazalia

Transmedia Artist Marketing




Online Gallery Gray 24/7 365

@GalleryGray began following me on Twitter this morning. I took a look at their Twitter profile and yes, I followed them back. This out of the ordinary online gallery  site seems more like one for an upscale brick and mortar gallery.

Visit Gallery Gray ( to view the July  solo exhibit of paintings by Ellen Siebers.

The online Gallery Gray accepts artist submissions for Solo and Group Shows. Click the *contact* tab on the site for full submission guidelines.

FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING National Juried Exhibition

Caio Fern ( asked me to post this Call. Caio is a juror for this show.


Best of Show $300
Merit Awards (2) $100
Honorable mentions (3)

Oct. 3 Entry deadline
Oct. 8-9 Notification emailed
Oct. 10-28 Shipped works received
Nov. 5 Awards Ceremony – Reception.
Saturday, 5:00pm-7:00pm
Nov. 30 Exhibition closes

All artists over 18 years of age, residing in the United States are eligible. Work must have been completed within the last five years. Works must be ready to hang. We cannot accept free standing sculpture, installation, or video arts. Absolutely no substitutions of accepted works will be allowed. All accepted works must remain in the gallery for the duration of the exhibit. “Figuratively Speaking” is not limited to the exploration of the human body.

Crowdfunding Resource List


Image by Yu Diving via Flickr

Artist, Ivana Rezek is seeking Crowdfunding  for a collaborative performance in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and offering DVDs, photos and artwork as a reward :)
Five creative people have contacted me recently about Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sites.
I have put together a share list of 12 Crowdfunding resources. If you know of other such sites, please leave the name or link in a comment.
To view the Crowdfunding hot-linked list, go here:

Summary of Recent Calls and Services for Visual Artists

Dear Artists, Blog Readers and Subscribers

For three years I have been freely sharing resources and information with visual artists on this blog. Over the past few days I have posted several new open calls to submit, as I continue to share my research and other information with artists. Scroll down to view the recently posted calls to artists, or view each post individually via these links–all the links are shortened and easy to share on Twitter, Facebook etc:

3 submission ops for artists:

two new calls for artists to submit on theme of water and signs and symbols:

calls for submissions of art on gentrification:

call for artists in 4 states for billboard art project:

Many artists ask about the services available from Transmedia Artist Marketing. There are forms on the site to submit and express interest in a service, or request more information.Here is a run-down of many of the services and resources currently available from Transmedia Artist Marketing, with links to site information pages:Transmedia Artist Marketing offers assistance to artists ready to take the next step up in their art career. Transmedia services include marketing and promotional assistance for visual artists: Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions ebook,  based on years of research and experience, is available for those artists who wish to take a DIY approach to contacting art professional about their art. Book details here:

The Ebook now also available in the VASA Transmedia eBook Store, that opened two days ago:

EXPOSURE for Artists As a regular contributing writer for the VASA blog, Marie Kazalia writes and publishes articles on visual artists who create digital art, sound art, video art, and photographic art.


TWITTER Social Media SERVICE –A new service of Artist Marketing Resources–follow this link to the information page:



Other information products created and available from Transmedia Artist Marketing, include valuable contact lists, such as:

The Directory of Art Consultants:

400+ Places to sell your art:

Art Gallery Share List:

Share list of Art Licensing companies:

3 submission ops for artists

Here are 3 recent calls:


 You are free to interpret this theme in any way that you wish, to speak to or against it, to explore or ignore it. Think INFINITY symbol. What does ∞ mean to you?

Submissions will be open until 31 July 2011. Visit for details.


EMERGENCY5 Exhibition

  • Deadline: 01 August, 2011

aspex seeks emerging artists working in all media for its open submission exhibition EMERGENCY5.  12 artists will be selected for a group show–from the 12, one artist will be chosen to receive the prize of a solo exhibition at aspex in 2013, including a £1000 fee and £1000 production budget.
Link for further information and application form:


Art Move Festival —  art outdoors on billboards

Two New Calls for Artists to Submit on Theme of Water and Signs and Symbols


FUTURE OF WATER Call for proposals
Science Gallery at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, is seeking proposals for an upcoming major exhibition and series of workshops and events on the theme FUTURE OF WATER.
Deadline for Submissions: Friday 15 July 2011
Exhibition duration: 20 October 2011 – 20 January 2012 
Application form to submit your proposal:
FUTURE OF WATER at Science Gallery is part of a larger 3-year
international project, StudioLab program with partners including Harvard University’s Idea Translation Lab, Media Lab Prado, Ars Electronica, the Royal College of Art, London and Le Laboratoire, Paris.



The 22 Magazine, Brooklyn, New York, United States of America

 “Wild, dark times are rumbling toward us, and the prophet who wishes to write a new apocalypse will have to invent entirely new beasts, and beasts so terrible that the ancient animal symbols of Saint John will seem like cooing doves and cupids in comparison.”
~Heinreich Heine
Submission DEADLINE: September 1st
TO SUBMIT Art or writing for the magazine or the blog send your work by link (or a sample of) to
For more information or issue themes visit