New in Amazon Artist Store: 6 Giclee Prints by William Basciani

The William Basciani painting skill and style now available in limited edition Giclee prints

Cotton Candy Skies, William Basciani

Cotton Candy Skies, the artist describes as “image with Nutcracker and blue & pink skies”– a Giclee print 18 x 20.5 inches: $300.00

Summer of 98, William Basciani

There are 48 Giclee prints left of this “Fireworks Painting”

Flagship, William Basciani

Giclee Print on Paper: Flagship by William Basciani

His Studio, William Basciani

Giclee Print on Paper, title: His Studio by William Basciani

Reserved, William Basciani

Giclee Print on Paper, title: Reserved by William Basciani

Flowering Fantasia, William Basciani

Giclee Print on Paper, title: Flowering Fantasia by William Basciani

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Katherine Hepburn & 1940 LaSalle, by Chris Osborne

William Montgomery’s 5 New Digital Art Prints in Amazon Store.

Five of William Montgomery’s 2011 digital art prints are now in the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store.

Digital Artist Laminated Print, Title: Untitled #23 by William Montgomery

Untitled #23, William Montgomery

Digital Artist Lambda Print Laminated, Title: Metallic Screen #6 by William Montgomery

Metalllic Screen #6, William Montgomery

Digital Artist Laminated Lambda Print, Title: Rusty Forest by William Montgomery

Rusty Forest, William Montgomery

Digital Artist Laminate Print, Title: To the Point by William Montgomery

To the Point, William Montgomery

Digital Laminated Lambda Print, Titled: String Cheese 2 by William Montgomery

String Cheese, William Montgomery

My poem *That Moment* in new book of poetry

Dear Marie
That Moment
It seems a long time ago that we exchanged emails but I am delighted to let you know that copies of our book are now available for purchase.  We are so happy with the way it looks and feels -and the poems and wood engravings are just wonderful, so I first of all want to thank you again for granting us permission to use your poem in the book.   We would obviously be really grateful if you would promote it on your website and I am attaching a title information sheet which will, I hope, give you all the information you need.  It is available for purchase through our website .
Do please come back to me if you have any queries
With best wishes
Janie Hextall and Barbara McNaught
Lautus Press


A collection of poems

Selected by Janie Hextall and Barbara McNaught

Lautus Press

ISBN: 978 0956826503             Price: £10               Publication: 12 September 2011

 Born of a shared love of washing lines and poetry, the subject of this anthology is laundry and washing, reflecting many human emotions to do with family, relationships and memory.

It is a collection of over 50 poems ranging from folk songs such as  ‘Dashing away with the smoothing iron’ to contemporary poems by renowned poets including Seamus Heaney, Gillian Clarke, Tess Gallagher and Pablo Neruda.  There are also over a dozen beautiful wood engravings by artists as diverse as Clare Leighton and Clifford Harper.

Alexander Lee (who has written the Afterword) has suggested that we are tapping into something far more exciting than a simple love of washing lines – the current environmental and economic issues.  He started Project Laundry List to campaign in America for the ‘right to dry’ when he realised that 6-10% of US domestic electricity is consumed by tumble driers.

So whether it is the joy of washing blowing on the line, the smell of clean linen or the rhythmic dance of two people folding sheets together, this collection is a celebration.

Washing Lines will be launched at The Independent Woodstock Literary Festival in September when Gillian Clarke will be reading a selection of poems from the book.

Lautus Press, Ryton House, Lechlade, GL7 3AR

01367 252286 (Barbara) or 01608 658278 (Janie) or

Free Crowdfunding Guide for Photographers, and 3 Residencies


Image by Dallas Film Society Images via Flickr

Download a free guide: Crowdfunding Your Photo Projects from Photoshelter


For artists are looking for residencies, here are a few interesting calls for artists to apply to a residency–via links below:

 Acme Studios International Residencies

Antenna Gallery Open Call for Artists For 2012 Exhibitions

Press Street’s Antenna Gallery
3161 Burgundy Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70117
United States of America

Antenna Open Call for 2012 Exhibitions
Deadline: October 1, 2011
Application Fee: $25
Award: Exhibition with $1200 Stipend
Exhibition: One Month Between May 2012 and Dec 2012
Press Street’s Antenna Gallery announces an opportunity for emerging and established artists to exhibit in the historic Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans. Exhibitions are not limited to any media, and all applicants will be considered for solo or group exhibitions for 2012.
The Antenna Gallery presents 10-12 exhibitions each year, featuring work by internationally renowned and local, emerging and mid-career artists. View Antenna Gallery exhibition archive at to get an idea of the diverse range of art / exhibitions.
Thanks to the generosity of the Andy Warhol Foundation, artists selected from this application process will be awarded an honorarium of $1,200 (split for group exhibitions)which is meant to offset installation, shipping, and travel costs. Additionally, Press Street will publish an exhibition catalog or ephemera to be determined after selection.
POSTMARKED APPLICATION DEADLINE for 2012 season: October 1, 2011 -
Please note that all entries received after October 14 will not be reviewed regardless of postmark. Applicants will be notified in early November with the results from the selection process. For full details and how to apply please visit:

Submit to the Art Billboard Project

Digital is crap

Image by jovike via Flickr

Harriete Estel Berman’s current post on her ASK Harriete blog  links to The Art Billboard Project.

“Submitting your work takes time,”Harriete explained, “as the images must be a specific size for each city, and there is a prescribed order. But there is no entry fee.” Then Harriete added,”I selected images that would fit well in the format requested. Each city has different requirements, dimensions, and deadlines. Read the PDF (on the Art Billboard Project site) super carefully! You have to resize your images to fit the Billboard dimensions, and it takes time to label your images properly. Your fabulous images could be a billboard.  I think this is a fabulous idea!

Great information and great advice. Thank you, Harriete!

The Billboard Art Project is a nonprofit organization that repurposes digital advertising billboards turning them into roadside art galleries.

Projects are held in cities all over the country and are open to all individuals and groups who are interested in participating.

Billboard Project in Duluth:

Better Facebook Free Add-On Expansion

Last week I created a new Facebook fan page for my e-commerce store, and wanted to invite all of my 2500+ Facebook friends to *like* my new fan page. With the current Facebook set-up, that would take about one full hour of check-boxing to get that accomplished. When I mentioned to a friend the amount of time it would take, he said Better Facebook would allow me to send the invitations with one click.

I did not want to mess around with something complicated, so when I installed the Better Facebook add-on app, and it was oh so easy, it seemed almost too good to be true. The App did everything for me. When one of my Facebook friends added a new post to their Tumblr blog, a new *Tumblr* tab automatically appeared on my Facebook page alerting me to the new post. With one click I viewed the post in Tumblr and with one-click returned to my Facebook page.

Right now, on my Facebook page, in addition to the Tumblr tab I have a Twitter tab where I can view a list of the 25 recent tweets from Facebook friends. Each tweet in the list has a one-click button to *Like* *Comment* or *reply.* When I click on *reply* it took me directly to my Twitter home page where I wrote a Twitter update, tweeted it, then return to my Facebook page with one click.

There are so many great features to Better Facebook that I began to wonder how the developer could have come up with so many ideas for one app. When I contacted Better Facebook author Matt Kruse, he told me that he listens to what users want. “I have received a ton of suggestions from users at Better Facebook Users Voice and I will go through that when working on the next version, so I can incorporate some of the requests that users voted up the most,” he said.

Better Facebook author, Matt Kruse

Matt Kruse is at work on the next major release of Better Facebook (version 6), that “will be an improved filters interface that is much easier to understand and use, and easier to use Options interface, and User Interface touch-ups so Better Facebook blends more seemlessly into the Facebook interface,” he described.

Creator Matt Kruse started working on this app in 2009, and continues to offer it as a free download. He is also at work on a redesign for his Better Facebook download site, with a new color scheme, and a new look.  Matt has also written a number of iGoogle Gadgets and a free script called Better iGoogle

Article first published as The Better Facebook App on Technorati.

Sonic Fabric Call for Musicians, Designers, Sound Artists, Architects and Collectors


Image by Sauce Babilonia via Flickr

Dear Marie, thank you very much for your interest in my work!
I’d be so grateful if you could help spread the word about the custom editions project! I’ve included a current press release below.
I will add you to my list for announcements of future events!
thanks so much again!
all best,

From now until August 30th conceptual and sound artist Alyce Santoro is accepting commissions from musicians, designers, architects, collectors – anyone interested in collaborating to produce a personalized, custom-recorded edition of Sonic Fabric, a versatile, durable, audible (!) textile woven from audiocassette tape.

Alyce’s works made from sonic fabric are exhibited in museums and galleries around the world (including such venues as the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona, the Gwangju Design Biennale, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, and London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.

Through new crowdsourcing platform called United States Artists, Alyce is offering to weave 20 yard editions of Sonic Fabric in exchange for tax-deductable contributions. All funds generated will go towards a site-specific Sonic Fabric piece she has been invited to create for the City of Culture of Galicia in Santiago de Compostella Spain this December.

For more information, please visit Alyce’s USA Project page at

Anti-Bullying Art Exhibition Online

Victims of bullying share their art on You Will Rise site

The You Will Rise Project site (, launched last April by artists Linda Regula and Paul Richmond, has almost 200 posts dedicated to giving the victims of bullying a voice through their art. The site is accepting ongoing submissions with no deadlines, and those wishing to remain anonymous can do so.

“People of all ages and backgrounds are invited to submit work whenever they are ready, and we try to update content every day,” said Paul Richmond. “We want people to visit our site, connect with the powerful work they see, and know that if they come back tomorrow they’re going to see something new.”

Richmond recalls one of the first submissions the site received, and that set the tone for this project, was from a mural painter named Adam Crum who had included photos of his paintings along with the simple statement, “These and hundreds of my other paintings would not exist if my parents hadn’t found me after I attempted suicide.”

“We’ve heard from many people that the site has helped them realize they are not alone. The artists themselves often write to thank us for valuing their work enough to include it in the project”, said Richmond.

Paul and Linda themselves were victims of bullying in their childhood, so can easily empathize with the emotions behind these artworks.

“As a victim of childhood bullying, I turned bullies’ words and even physical injuries into MY truth, (just as many children do).  It took me a long time to understand what bullies said, and did, had nothing to do with me…and by discovering a creative outlet, I learned how not to be a victim,” Linda said.

Even the colorful You Will Rise Project logo is a painting of a phoenix rising from the ashes, created by Linda as an adult response to a damaging childhood experience.  The logo art is available on T-Shirts ( sold as a fundraiser to help fund the site and future outreach projects.

Both Paul and Linda would like to see these artworks hang in physical exhibits, even travel nationwide shows to schools, colleges and galleries where authors would read their poetry and short stories. There could be workshops, collaborations, and even a book at some point. A number of organizations have already contacted Paul and Linda expressing interest in helping them bring this message to a wider audience.

Article first published as Anti-Bullying Art Exhibition Online on Technorati.

Like this Fan Page

Marilyn & her 1955 Lincoln, by Chris Osborne

Marilyn is there–on the new Facebook fan page for the Amazon Artist Store.

To *Like*  the fan page for the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store click here.

So far, I have added a great new e-commerce storefront to the fan page. Not the free kind with the tiny tumbnail images, but one I subscribe to, that has a large *buy* button on each item and large images.

I set up a new Twitter account @Artozon (Art on Amazon), then I added an app that brought my Twitter feed to the new store fan page.

Around and around it goes, and will shall see what comes out of it all!

Like my fan page and I will like your fan page! If you are an artist interested in selling in the store, fan the page for more information.

New Facebook Group: Ebay, stop sellers who blatantly rip off artists!

The satellite office campus of eBay in the Nor...

Image via Wikipedia

Ebay, stop sellers who blatantly rip off artists!, an open Facebook group started by artist Paul Richmond after he discovered copies of his paintings selling on Ebay. You can read about Paul’s discovery and how he fought back, in the article, Ebay Rip-Off Artist Caught With His Pants Down, first published on Technorati:

650 artists members of this Facebook group have instructive stories to tell.

Join the group, via this link:

Young Cleveland artist receives critical attention for his constructed photos

“I feel like regardless if I win– they haven’t announced the winners yet– the exposure for being named is great!” said photographic artist Brandon Juhasz, a finalist in New York City gallerist Jen Bekman’s prestigious HEY HOT SHOT photographic competition. The write-up is here:

Instead of the world as subject for his own photographs, Juhasz uses the images he finds online to create his own reality. He takes paper print-outs, cuts and constructs, folding edges of flat pictures and gluing to form three-dimensional objects. He builds sets of faux red meat towers in a faux wooded picnic spot, explores the American Dream in a deceptively realistic scene of paper pastry pies stuck in the window of a paper house. His photographs of fresh fish are neither fresh nor fish. Juhasz builds red paper tomatoes, a near Cubist pomegranate, and a plate of hamburger and fries that embody desire and idealism. “The meat in particular for me embodies desire. This raw flesh, hunger, need, etc,” stated Juhasz. Some of his image are a personal narrative rooted in certain childhood memories while others are based on his self-confessed “Martha Stewart addiction.”

Juhasz stated that “the sheer volume of pictures we encounter and create as a society help formulate our world view, often subconsciously developing our desires and standards of expectations. What we see is engrained and becomes knowledge and baggage that we carry with us.”

Juhasz finds inspiration for his constructed photographs in the writings of philosopher Marshall McLuhan (July 21, 1911 – December 31, 1980). McLuhan is known for coining the expressions “turn on, tune in, drop out” (popularized by Timothy Leary), “the medium is the message” and “the global village” and predicted the World Wide Web almost thirty years before it was invented. (Wikipedia) McLuhan’s published work The Mechanical Bride (1951), is an examination of the effects of advertising on our society.

Brandon Juhasz is one of four photographers featured in the exhibition THE NEW PHOTOGRAPH, that will run from September 8th through October 26th at the Hagendorn Foundation Gallery, in Atlanta, Georgia, as part of Atlanta Celebrates Photography Festival.  The New Photograph exhibition includes 8 images by Brandon Juhasz, as well as visual works by Jonathan Lewis, Penelope Umbrico, and Jason Salavon.

The Hagedorn Foundation Gallery is a not-for-profit that opened in April 2008 under the mentorship of Julian Cox, curator of photography at the Getty and High Museums. The intention of the Hagendorn is to offer photographs that broaden local viewers visual reference to photography and photo based art, and to feature “artists who are concerned with the role of their work in the socio-political and cultural arenas.”

Decorations, Brandon Juhasz

Brandon Juhasz recently launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise $1500 dollars to cover expenses incurred during two trips to Atlanta for this exhibition of his work. Juhasz viewed the Kickstarter project as an exchange, offering his prints and paper constructions as perks to his funders. Brandon has already reached his goal of $1500 on Kickstarter, and even gone beyond, with more funders Kicking in up until the deadline several days away.

View more constructed art photographs on Brandon Juhasz’s website, and on his blogs Hello My Name is Art,  and Lens Scratch

Article first published as Young Cleveland Artist Receives Critical Attention for his Constructed Photos on Technorati.

They Don't Suffer, Brandon Juhasz

Jimi Hendrix, Bo Diddley, and Marilyn Monroe

Now in the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store

Jimi Hendrix & his 1969 Corvette Stingray, by Chris Osborne, Giclee on canvas

Bo Diddley & his '57 Chevy, by Chris Osborne, Giclee print on canvas

Marilyn & her 1954 Thunderbird, By Chris Johnson, Giclee print on canvas

Free Hacker App for Google+: Read/Post to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc

Spiral Jetty from atop Rozel Point, in mid-Apr...

Image via Wikipedia

Artists, there is a free time-saving app for Google+ which allows you to post to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr etc from within Google+–you will find the link to this app in my Technorati article: Are Facebook & Google @ War?

Some of my other articles this past week:

Spiral Jetty, An Early Earthworks Sculpture, is Now Under Dispute

Could Your Non-profit Organization Use A $10,000.00 a Month In-Kind Google Ads Grant?

Google Engage, Small Business Portal to Online Advertising

Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store Opens

The Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store is open! With New listings of artist-made items added daily.

Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store link:

The first items in the store are a series of 7 paintings on canvas by artist Benjamin L.M.

People Take Flight Across and Up, painting by Benjamin L.M.


AZITO Gallery, Tokyo, video

Tokyo dreams– this video interview with a Tokyo gallerist reminds me of my own travels to Japan.  It’s not surprising when the gallerist describes the appeal of *the unexpected*, –the unexpected is a quintessential aspect of Japanese culture, IMO.

The AZITO Gallery  shop specializes in Japanese contemporary art

5-1 Rule for Social Media

function \frac{z^3}{z^5-1} in the complex plane

Image via Wikipedia

The 5-1 Rule of self-promotion—  That is, cross-promote other artists and share valuable information five  times (5 tweets, 5 comments, 5 posts) before you promote  your own art or services.

An early book on how to use Twitter, by Steve Weber, states a 10-1 rule for tweets. But I think that with 10-1,that is, if every ten tweets are about someone else before tweeting about yourself, then your identity could get lost, and could even confuse followers.

The 5-1 rule makes more sense, IMO.

This week, on this blog, I think I have approximated the 5-1 rule by posting about 2 Technorati articles on artists, offering artists an article on their own art (via a contact form), and providing options for artists to sell on Amazon dot com in the new Transmedia Artist Amazon Store. For the 5th item, I’m letting all my readers know that they can sign-up to my newsletter to receive a list of 12+ great top sites where artists can submit their art for features and increased exposure.   My newsletter  is already written and waiting in AWeber for a Sunday July 7th, 10:30 a.m. send-out. Sign-up now to receive the list of 12+ top sites to submit your art, by going to the Transmedia Artist Marketing site, and completing the easy to find newsletter sign-up form on the right side of the home page, here: