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Image by Miss Sydney Marie via Flickr

ArtLyst ,the London Art Exhibitions Network, offers free membership to artists. Membership allows artists to post 4 free classified ads each week offering their artwork for sale.

Artists may advertise original paintings, sculpture, Giclee prints, or artist cards on ArtLyst for the coming holiday buying season. According to ArtLyst, adding your ArtLyst account link to your blog or site list of links will drive hundreds of viewers to your website!

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Artists On Amazon Articles

Wave, William Phelps Montgomery

A new VASA blog post on the digital fine artist William Phelps Montgomery, and a Technorati news article on Chris Osborne’s paintings of Stars and Cars, both feature artists who sell their art on

William Phelps Montgomery’s digital fine art Lambda print laminated to plexiglass, Untitled #20   and the limited edition poster Jimi Hendrix & His 1969 Corvette Stingray by Chris Osborne, are just two of dozens of artworks priced from $30.00 to $3,000.00USD that are available in the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store.

Stars and Cars: Jimi Hendrix with His Corvette Stingray, Paul Newman with His Racing Datsun, Steve McQueen and the Bullit Mustang

Chris Osborne’s painting Paul Newman & #33 Bob Sharp Racing Datsun at Lime Rock Park will be featured in the next issue of Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car magazine.

Chris Osborne’s stars and cars art has been featured in other Hemmings magazines, including Hemmings Classic Car and Hemmings Muscle Machines.

      Chris Osborne in front of her painting James Dean and 1947 Mercury

Artist Chris Osborne has had many associations with the celebrities she paints, such as Bo Diddley, Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, and Jimi Hendrix.

Bo Diddley and his ’57 Chevy, by Chris Osborne

Bo Diddley

Chris Osborne developed her idea to paint portraits of celebrities with their cars after a 1988 photo shoot with Bo Diddley at a rehearsal studio in New York City.  Because of her friendship with Deb Hastings, Bo Diddley’s bass player, Osborne had many opportunities to hang out with the band. Eventually Osborne asked Bo Diddley if she could take some photos of him for a painted portrait.  “He sat on a couch, holding his guitar in various ways. The photos were terrific,” she said. “As I browsed through them later I happened to read an article in a magazine that mentioned he had owned a 1957 Chevy back in the late 50′s early 60′s. He hauled the band equipment around in it as he toured in the early days. I was aware that the ’57 Chevy was a very significant car in automotive design history and thought it would be fun to paint him with one.  Bo was living in Florida at the time and I created the scene in reference to that.”

          Steve McQueen & 1968 Mustang GT, by Chris Osborne

Steve McQueen

In 1972 , Chris Osborne shared a Malibu beach house with her college friend Herb Ritts who would later become a top fashion and celebrity photographer. Ritts had grown up next door to the McQueen’s in Brentwood. One Sunday afternoon in Malibu, Ritts asked Osborne to take a long walk along the beach to visit friends up the coast.  “It was one of those sunny Southern California days at the Pacific Ocean, a great day to walk barefoot in the sand, just gorgeous to behold for this New England girl.  I’ll never forget approaching the house, knocking on the door, and Steve McQueen invited us in. Herb had kept it a surprise. Steve offered us a cocktail, and the men, along with young Chad (Steve’s son) went swimming, while Ali McGraw and I sat on the sand talking about art,” recalled Osborne.

Years later, as Chris Osborne developed an interest in portraits and the design elements of cars for her paintings, Steve McQueen and his Bullit Mustang became one of her subjects.  “Some people have asked me if during that visit I went to see the cars in his garage and I regret to say it wasn’t something I thought of on that day,” Osborne related.

Chris Osborne was delighted when Matt Stone, editor of Motor Trend magazine, asked to use her painting of Steve McQueen as the frontispiece to his book McQueen’s Machines: The Cars and Bikes of a Hollywood Icon.

“Matt Stone told me that when he and Chad do car events in California they sign copies of the book on “my” painting page,” said Osborne.

The original 30 x 46 inch acrylic painting of Jimi Hendrix and his 1969 Corvette Stingray was created by nationally award winning artist Chris Osborne and featured in a two page spread in Guitar Player magazine.

Jimi Hendrix

“The more facts I can gather when creating a painting, the more exciting it is for me,” said Chris Osborne. For her painting  Jimi Hendrix and his 1969 Corvette Stingray, Osborne added elements from her research, including the  his Fender Stratocaster, also known as the Jimi Hendrix Woodstock Guitar complete with Woodstock guitar strap.

“I placed Jimi and the car at the lovely Ashokan Reservoir at the foot of the Catskills near his house,” Osborne explained. “To add to the narrative quality of the painting, I read all of his song lyrics and I was drawn to some visual items that could be woven in, such as a line from Voodoo Chile: “set me on an eagle’s wing” and a line in Little Wing: “butterflies and zebras”.  This gave me an opportunity to make references in paint to the poetic nature of the musician.   And, by the way, I saw a bald eagle over Route 28 on my way to photograph the reservoir!”

First published on Technorati news: Stars and Cars: Jimi Hendrix with his Corvette Stringray, Paul Newman with His Racing Datsun, Steve McQueen and the Bullit Mustang, and Bo Diddley and a 1957 Chevy, by Marie Kazalia


Latest Technorati Article and a glitch

R. Weis Excitable Audible Album Cover

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, sound artist R. Weis sent me his latest CD. After I listened to it, he sent his press release, and the jpegs of himself and his CD album cover I requested for my Technorati article.

I wrote my article and submitted it to Technorati news editors around midnight, expecting morning publication. The next morning the notice oddly absent. As the day progressed, I received no notice that my article had gone live. That afternoon, R. Weis emailed thanking me for the article. I hadn’t even known it had been published! I found my article and the noticed it had been published at 9:28 a.m., yet I had not received the automated email notice of publication.  I contacted the Technorati editors and received an immediate reply that they had experienced a glitch of two that morning.

Here is the article:

Sound Artist R. Weis Makes Music From Everyday Objects On New  EXCITABLE AUDIBLE CD

by Marie Kazalia for Technorati news

5 Open Calls to Submit

The Church at Auvers-sur-Oise

Image via Wikipedia


Grizzly Grizzly is Philadelphia project space devoted to emerging and under-represented artists. They have a Call for Entry with a small submission fee of $10. and a deadline of October 1st.

Dave Brown Projects – 3rd Semiannual Competition – Prizes $10,000 Deadline 30 November 2011 Prospectus

Spain: a visual arts award for work in water-based medium on or with paper
Berlin: Right Brain / Left Brain exhibition call for submissions (no fee)


Dear Marie Kazalia,
I volunteer for the gallery Art for Change on the exhibition committee, and we are preparing for a new show on Education set to open on November 18th. We are seeking artists to participate and it would be wonderful if you could post this call for artists on your website or distribute it to anyone that would be interested.Your time is greatly appreciated.
Rosanna Bump

Art For Change

1699 Lexington Avenue

Lower Level

New York, NY 10029





Art for Change (AfC) is seeking proposals for artworks for its upcoming exhibition, Dismissed., at the AfC gallery Friday, November 18th, 2011 – Saturday, February 18th, 2012. Art for Change is a non-profit (501c3) organization that provides a forum for creating innovative art and media programs that inspire people to take an active role in social justice. By merging art and community, AfC provides a space to explore social issues and celebrate the richness of cultural diversity.

Education, that which should be a right is often times a privilege. In this show, we ask artists to consider the disparities that exist in our education system through the lenses of class, school districts, and race. School budgets based on property taxes in some areas are one example of the stratification of schools based on class. Furthermore, the achievement gap between minority students and their white counter parts increased in recent years due to the reliance on standardized testing and the ever uncertain budgetary constraints. Indeed there is a need for educational reform to a system that was developed to reflect white middle class values, instead of the culture where the school is embedded. In fact the development of East Harlem as a community embodies these varying disparities within its educational system. We seek to include work that explores these and other issues related to education and the community of East Harlem. Additionally, we aim to include work that is inspired by the dedication that quality educators have shown to their students and to the school community.
Interested artists may submit proposals for artworks consistent with the social justice platform of AfC, which address topics suggested, but not limited to, the description above. Artworks may include painting, drawing, photography, video, sculpture, performance art, interactive art, design, architecture, and site-specific installation. Proposals must be 1-2 paragraphs in length, including a detailed description of the proposed or existing artwork and its relevance to the exhibition theme.


  • Artist’s Full Name(s) and/or Alias
  • Brief Artist’s Bio
  • Statement of Intent (1-2 paragraphs) Please include dimensions of piece.
  • 2-5 images of past work examples and/or proposed artwork (no larger than 300 dpi)

Proposals will not be returned.

PLEASE EMAIL YOUR PROPOSAL, WORK SAMPLES, & STATEMENT OF INTENT TO:  Please put “ART FOR CHANGE: Dismissed” in the subject heading. Please feel free to email with any questions.

New iPad App Features the Work of Contemporary Video Artists

Art and Technology Intersect in New iPhone & iPad App That Streams Contemporary Video Art onto Home and Public Space TV Screens, article by Marie Kazalia published by Technorati news–here is the link to the full article:

Artists, Are You After Your First Art Licensing Contract?

licensed images in squared circle 2005-01-25

Image by krazydad / jbum via Flickr

Since many artists who have never had an art licensing contract do not know where to begin, I invited Maria Brophy, an art licensing expert, to answer artist questions in my Artist Marketing Resources LinkedIn group.

In addition, to help artists get started, I am offering an extensive PDF list of art licensing resources–GRATIS–to any artist who comments in the Maria Brophy discussion in my LinkedIN group.

The PDF file I am offering is an approximately 85 page list of company names, clickable website links, email addresses, submission guidelines, and other unusual and had to find resources, such as, site links for obtaining releases for art that contains images of celebrities.

To receive this extensive resource list and marketing tool that will save you hundreds of hours of research, all you have to do is join my LinkedIN group– if you are not already a member– and ask Maria Brophy a question or leave a comment in her art licensing discussion. Then send me your email address in a private message on LinkedIN and I will send you the link to the PDF file of Art Licensing contacts.

Emerging artist William Basciani’s solo exhibit “Dare to Dream”

What A World, William Basciani

Sunset Hill Jewelers & Fine Arts Gallery in West Chester is hosting William Basciani’s solo exhibit, “Dare to Dream”. The opening reception is Friday October 7th from 5:00-9:00 p.m. and continues through the month. The gallery will be showcasing the artist’s most powerful and newest body of work, showing his use of vibrant colors in an elegant setting. The show is predicted to be his best yet, with a year’s worth of worth, the exhibit is sure to leave a strong impression. The subject matter of  Basciani’s collection is also very diverse.  For the people that are familiar with Basciani’s work, you are in for quite a pleasant surprise. For those of you that haven’t seen his work before, by the time you leave, you sure will be able to spot a “Basciani” painting anywhere you go.

Tiger Lillies, William Basciani

The artist showed a serious interest for art when he was extremely young. William was born in 1980, a member of the 4th generation of the largest family-owned mushroom business in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, “the mushroom capital of the world”. Basciani was mentored and instructed in art by mentor William O. Ewing. The artist perfected his skill with collegiate studies in fine arts at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. His work has been showed at select shows and galleries in the area. William Basciani, from Kennett Square, PA, paints using his own distinct style in each piece. Basciani was recently written about in book “100 artists of Brandywine” by author Catherine Quillman. The artist has been classically trained in the Brandywine tradition but has went a step further creating his own style of expression. Basciani himself claims “This is the most daring body of work, I have attempted to show at an exhibition”.

Showtime, William Basciani

The gallery, Sunset Hill Fine Arts, hosts about six shows per year, featuring only original art work and in various mediums from local and some non-local artists. This is a great opportunity for art collectors and especially those interested in emerging, contemporary art. Come view a collection that is new and exciting! The Opening exhibit is from 5-9 pm on Friday October 7th and will continue until November 4th. The Sunset Hill Jewelers and Fine Arts Gallery is located at 23 North High Street in the heart of historic West Chester, Pennsylvania.

For further information on the exhibition and the gallery please contact Sandra Riper at 610-692-0374,, or you can check out the Gallery’s website at

Today, Maria Brophy Q and A: How to Negotiate Art Licensing Deals and Commissions. Artists Join In!

Today, Maria Brophy answers your questions in the Artist Marketing Resources group on LinkedIN

Artists are invited to ask any questions at all about how deals are made.

Maria will explain  how  art licensing deals and commissions are put together.

How to negotiate the contract.  What contract language (red flags) to watch out for.

Maria Brophy Helping Creative Entrepreneurs Design the career and lifestyle of their dreams…

Maria Brophy, CEO / Executive Producer
Representing the art of Drew Brophy

     “It’s our job to make things look cool!” Drew Brophy Official Site

NEW:  THE PAINT SHOP WITH DREW BROPHY TV Series:  Airing 2011 on Cox and Time Warner channels in Southern California.  See what happens behind the scenes of a Surf Lifestyle Artist in action!

 Maria Brophy is an expert at negotiating art licensing deals!  Maria shares her expert advice with artists. “That’s the main problem that artists bring to me,” she said, “deal-making and the troubles artists have with negotiating deals for licensing and for commissions.”

Artists are invited to ask any questions at all about how deals are made. Maria will explain  how  art licensing deals and commissions are put together.  How to negotiate the contract.  What contract language (red flags) to watch out for.

Drew Brophy holding some of his licensed products: a hat, a skateboard and a Converse shoe.

Abstract Artists Site Working to Bring Exposure and Understanding to Hard To Approach Paintings

What does this painting mean to you?  How does it make you feel?

Many people have a hard time approaching abstract painting or dismiss such non-objective art as interior decor.

Jaison Cianelli, creator of Abstract Artist Gallery, stated that “the very nature of abstract art exemplifies creativity. It is hard to tell someone what is good about art and how to appreciate abstract art. Using three paintings, as examples, I can bring you through my own [appreciation] process.”

Harry Gruenert, Abstract 45, Acrylic on Wood and Canvas, 42 x 42 inches

“In Abstract 45 there is a split feeling created when the simple planes and limited use of color combine with the worn and weathered wooden panels. I am reminded of something that has lasted the test of time, made up of components that are different but all part of one. The violent vertical lines on the lower portion are straight up and down while the deep heavy horizontal line is bowing ever so slightly to separate the lighter open plane in the upper region, all a balancing act of space and movement. Overall, this is a work of powerful feeling where the minimalism suggests you simply take it into your senses and turn your brain off for a while,” Jaison Cianelli

Abstract artists explore their imaginations and express their minds using   intuitive senses to create what pleases him or her. “Often times, the abstract artist enjoys the pure creative expression in the present moment as if it were a form of meditation, shutting out the chatter of the mind and exploring the depths of the soul.” Abstract Artists Gallery, Understanding Abstract Art.

Paul Bennett Dawn Rising, Oil and Gloss on Canvas, 64cm X 64cm

“Taking a look at Paul Bennett’s Dawn Rising I am taken to a place. The first feeling I get is that of warmth and a little bit of excitement. I feel like there is a collision of land, sea, and sky elements. The golden tones make me feel safe. Something is going on that I want to be there for. There is a beauty in the turbulence or textured area. Now I start to see technique… there is the building of gradual layers from those light golden tones to the dark brown. The light from above seems to be cascading in. Everything is so fluid and well blended. The lighter areas have no texture while the darker areas have thick textured lines, which accentuates light and dark, and again more depth. The lower portion seems to be more worn, almost as if he painted it and then wiped away some paint, again reminding me of earth and water. That same blue green color is used ever so slightly in the upper right portion, which helps to balance the painting. Overall, the piece is beautiful and I enjoy the subtle reminders of nature.” Jaison Cianelli.

Eelco Maan, Sundance, Mixed Media on Canvas, 200 x 120 cm

“Ok, now taking a look at Eelco Maan’s Sundance– You have to imagine it’s fairly big at 200 cm or 78 inches wide. So I am basically engulfed by color– happy color. The form of color is surrounded by light so it reminds me of the sky and creates the feeling of atmosphere. It is so inviting, like walking on a cloud. Looking at technique, I notice how the color gradually falls off the canvas on all four sides. It makes the experience of whatever it is feel more real. Overall the blending and gradation of color is very good. It is right in between rough and smooth. The light in the center that is coming through is balancing the four corners and it is slightly off centered. There are dark spots and grey areas that accentuate the color. They are so important, without them the painting might seem boring. Even the grey is happy, with a slight tint of blue or purple, which happens to also be the complimentary color of the orange and yellow ochre. Overall, a well balanced happy and inviting force of color that is never forceful.” Jaison Cianelli

According to Cianelli, his Abstract Artist Gallery site, which is only four months old, is really an online portal he has quickly built up to a high Google ranking. “Out of over 25 billion websites that show up on Google for the term “abstract artists” we are already on the first page”, said Cianelli. “Reaching out online is fun right now. I really just want to build the website, market it effectively, and keep the creative energy and quality of artwork high so we can all help each other.”

Artworks on the Abstract Artist Gallery site include abstract photographs, digital works, and even abstract landscapes in an online community of one hundred artists gathered together to share and appreciate abstract artworks exclusively.

Article first published as Abstract Artists Site Working to Bring Exposure and Understanding to Hard To Approach Paintings on Technorati.

How To Get Your Facebook Vanity URL

The Facebook Man. Facebook is celebrating its ...

Image via Wikipedia

In my Artist Marketing Resources LinkedIn group there is an ongoing fan page link exchange. Each artist will *like* all the fan pages on the list and post their own Facebook fan page link for others on the list to go to and *like.*

Always (I noted), artists post long fan page links containing number strings. Links similar to my full fan page link for my Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store–

Yet, in just one simple step I changed my long link (above) to this vanity link:

The shorter link has a cleaner look. Since most fan pages are business pages, a clean vanity link will give a better impression (than a long link containing meaningless number strings).

After seeing my link transformed from this–

to this–

you will want your own vanity URL for your Facebook fan page.

It’s easy to make the change.

Get your vanity URL at:

Unofficial Invasion Exhibit at the 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

Friends of the new Grey Realism

The Fourth Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art — «Rewriting Worlds» — will begin on Sept. 22, 2011. Peter Weibel, a prominent artist and new media expert, is the curator of the main exhibition which will including approximately 80 artists from more than 20 different countries. Such famous name brand artists of the international art scene as, Ai Weiwei (China), Richard Hamilton (UK), Walid Ra’ad (Lebanon/USA), Neo Rauch (Germany), Claire Fontaine (France), Susan Hiller (UK/USA), Rebecca Horn (Germany), Ingar Dragset (Norway) and many others, according to the official program on the Biennale website.

In the special projects section of the Biennale, sharing a space with the artist group know as COLOURING THE GREY: SECOND WAVE OF ROMANIAN CONTEMPORARY EMERGING ARTISTS, will be an unofficial exhibition titled Invasion: Artistic co-operation without Borders, curated by artist Alex Solodov

“To be honest I don’t like any official stuff, but I was thinking, ok, we will try to exhibit independent art within official biennale and we will see how much attention it will bring.

The biennale officials have to know about our project, but they don’t mention us,” said Solodov, concerning his unofficial participation in the Biennale.

Included in the Invasion exhibit are the artworks (mostly paintings) of International artists Sibylle Will, Alex Solodov, Fonchi Villagran.

Alex Solodov was able to obtain the exhibition space, in co-operation with Colouring of Grey, in an exchange of favors and friendship. According to Solodov, in the Soviet Union, non-conformist artists were persecuted by the authorities in the 1970′s and 1980′s. But in the current era of capitalism in Russia this (non-conformist) movement has become mainstream.

The group of emerging artists calling themselves, Colouring the Grey, takes the name from a new Eastern European School of art known as Grey Realism. The characteristic color grey of this new contemporary art movement signifies a state of transition, or the confusion of an entire society, while undergoing a change from communism to capitalism.

Article first published as Unofficial Invasion Exhibit at the 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art on Technorati.

Italian Artist Aurora Mazzoldi: Giclee Fine Art Prints of Her Paintings

Italian artist Aurora Mazzoldi has exhibited her paintings in US galleries. She wanted to expand Giclee print sales of her paintings into the US, but where and how could she do this easily?  I agreed to accept and stock her prints for sales in the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store, bypassing issues such as delays in shipping and receipt of prints purchased by Amazon customers.

Agatha & Audrey, by Aurora Massoldi

Chloe, by Aurora Massoldi

Emma, by Aurora Mazzoldi

Jane, by Aurora Massoldi

I won a free shirt from Sarkhead street art graffiti t-shirts

Street Art, Graffiti, New York

Image by racoles via Flickr

When I visited my Facebook page today, I was surprised to find  this message:

hey Marie, you’ve won a free shirt from let us know which one you want and what size. 
Head Sark via Mookie, celebrity spokescat for Sarkhead

Great, I get my pick of all the shirts there–retailing at $59. each.

This is a good promotional tool. I posted a notice to Facebook and blogged about it. Now, I will share on Twitter, Digg, and Reddit.

A few months ago, I won a skillful pencil drawing from artist Trevor Jones, which led me to write an article about him for Yahoo!

A give-away is a great way to promote. Artists have lots of options and ways to do this. It doesn’t have to be a $59. shirt or a pencil drawing potentially worth hundreds. I’ve exchanged artist cards and postcards with artists I’ve met on Facebook. The point is to connect, share, get some energy going, get your name and art out there–which is priceless PR.

How I Got a $100+ Google AdWords Giftcard

Front of The New 100 dollar bill

Image via Wikipedia

Yesterday, I began setting up a Google AdWords ad campaign for my Amazon store, with ads for each art work listed. I used  a $100.00 gift card to start.

When I entered the Gift Card code I received a balance $105.00 to use for my pay-per-click ads.

Google sent the gift card to me after I completed a video course in how to use AdWords to create pay-per-click ads. Complete the course and Google will send a $100. gift card to you a couple of weeks later.

To go to the Google video course, click the hyperlinked green work *ENGAGE*  in my article first published by Technorati news.

Presentation, William Montgomery’s Digital Art

Links to two of the images in this video, available as Lambda Prints laminated to Plexiglass:

Digital Art Lambda Print Laminated, Title: Metallic Screen #6 by William Montgomery

Digital Art Laminated Lambda Print, Title: Rusty Forest by William Montgomery

More on Hollywood Film You Can Have a Part In

This Guitar Player movie news is snowballing. I connected with the filmmaker this morning, and he sent me lots of images to use in my article for Technorati news.

Here is the link to the article I wrote this morning, published a couple of hours later:

Article first published as How Audio Description Gives Blind “Viewers” Access to Movies, Live Dance and Museum Exhibitions on Technorati.

OPPS  that’s not the  LINK!!!

Here is the link to Guitar Player:

Guitar Player: the Largest Crowdfunded Film Ever?:

If you click on the hyperlink inside the article you can get your name on their website for just a $10. donation! Could be great PR!

Future updates: The filmmaker also gave me an exclusive bit of information, and said he will send some pics at a future date.

Guitar Player: Publicly Funded Film

Music guitar

Image by doug88888 via Flickr

Guitar Player–A crowdfunded feature film

I was asked to write and post an article to help promote this Kickstarter project to raise funds for a film. The Director of this movie believes that the best way to share this information about his project is by asking bloggers to post about it.

Guitar Player is a feature film about a homeless street performer who has been given a second chance, but struggles with his painful past. Guitar Player is a film about why people do what they do. This film questions fate, destiny and redemption.

The funds to produce the movie Guitar Player are being raised in a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. There are many unique aspests to this film, the director, and the Kickstarter perks for those who kick-in. Some donors may be extras in the film Guitar Player, while others will be able to hang-out on the set, attend the Hollywood premier, or even see their names in the film credits as producers.

Half of all the profits from the film will go to help the homeless.

The film has already received many donations, but the goal must be met by October 21st.

All are invited to make a pledge to fund the film and get awards for their pledges.