Positive Grip, New ebook of 300 Poems by Benjamin L.M.




eBook Published By CLEAR COLOURS

300 New Poems

$3.99 US

Poems And Cover Art By BENJAMIN L.M.

Released Through AMAZON In KINDLE / iPAD Format

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Benjamin L.M. - You Can't Miss The Point Of Life, You're Already In It, acrylic painting http://amzn.com/B005GFOTEW on canvas

People Take Flight Across and Up, painting on canvas by Benjamin L.M. http://amzn.com/B005GEYYDE

We Get Higher By Working Together by Benjamin L.M. http://amzn.com/B005GG12J6

painting on canvas Love Is Sacred by Benjamin L.M. http://amzn.com/B005GMMQQ8

Serious Collectors of Realism Art

realism painting of ran kotzer film dirctor of...I just received this new call to submit from Sara Boyce, President of The Brigham Galleries and Laurel Lovett, Facebook Group Creator of Serious Collectors of Realism Art:

Call to submit to an Online Exhibit of Realism Art. The exhibit will be online by February 1 [This allows for holidays, jurying and uploading.]

Art should be available for THIS [and only this] online exhibit until April 1st. [If a collector bids online for your piece, they are legally obligated to purchase it. Also, you are legally obligated to sell a piece if a collector offers to purchase it.]

The Brigham Galleries will create an e-newsletter that promotes the exhibit. This will be shared with all participating artists and Serious Collectors of Realism Art for everyone to distribute.

Submission Guidelines:
LIKE The Brigham Galleries Fan Page:http://www.facebook.com/TheBrighamGalleries.Auction

2) Upload 1 – 5 photographs to YOUR own Facebook page. For each photograph you would like to submit:
a) Once they have loaded, click SHARE [for each photograph you want to submit].
b) Select, from the Share Drop Down Menu, “In a Group”. Make sure to select “Serious Collectors of Realism Art.”
c) On the drop down menu on the right hand side, choose “Public”, so you can get as much exposure as possible with your photograph.
d) So we can know you have submitted, in the text box, when it prompts you to “Write Something”, write the artist name, title, size, medium, and cut and paste this sentence:

I have submitted my artwork to an online exhibit for Serious Collectors of Realism Art, a Facebook group, created & hosted by The Brigham Galleries [http://www.facebook.com/TheBrighamGalleries.Auction], a Facebook page!

Serious Collectors of Realism Art will then be able to share this!

The submissions will be juried and the selected artists contacted.

Buy Art Online

One-of-a kind and limited edition art in the Transmedia Artist AMAZON Pro store     


Katherine Hepburn & 1940 LaSalle, limited edition Giclee canvas from original oil painting by Chris Osborne

Untitled #23, William Montgomery, limited edition Lambda print laminated to plexiglass

Flagship, William Basciani, limited edition Giclee print on paper

Art For Sale

Buy one of a kind and limited edition artist paintings and prints in the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store.

fugue 5 op 91, painting on canvas by Marta Lowndes

Kill Me In The Comments, digital art by Grase Migel

People Sitting #010, by Milan Rubio, Limited edition Giclee print on paper

Buy Art Online — Marie Kazalia’s Paintings on ArtWeb

New, One-Of-A-Kind Original Artworks on ArtWeb

There is nothing like the rich art glow of real art on your walls! Give art as a gift that will enrich the lives of your loved-ones. As an added benefit to your enjoyment and theirs, you will know that as you own and enjoy the work that this real fine art will increase in value over time.

I am an American artist and have just uploaded some of my available abstract pictures to my portfolio on ArtWeb. Please take a look. Perhaps you will find an artwork that is right for you or for a friend or family member. It is my fondest wish that you enjoy what you see! Then consider making a purchase.

All of the materials used in each of my artworks are of the highest grade fine art materials.

I have successfully sold my art on the Zatista contemporary artist site in the past. I shipped my modern art painting wrapped in acid-free tissue paper along with a certificate of authenticity. The buyers received their painting in a matter of days delivered by FedEx. Selling art online has been a positive experience for me and my art buyers.

From predictions I have read in e-commerce business reports, more and more people who are interested in obtaining rich art for their homes and office will purchase art online this year and in the years to come.

Arts professionals such as Interior Designers save themselves many hours driving and visiting art galleries, by purchasing original art online for their clients.

This buying trend will only grow!

Transparency Sunset, 48 x 48 inches, mixed media on canvas, by Marie Kazalia

Artisan Lounge has 26 Artist Studio Spaces, 3 Galleries and 2 Lounges

Miami Art District_6.2.11I found this really interesting website that combines their online presence with live studio and exhibition space. The Artisans Lounge  has 26 remodeled studio spaces of varying sizes for artists, 3 gallery areas for displaying work and 2 artist lounges. All in the city of Miami, Florida. Download an Application for space on their website.

Join the Artist Marketing Resources LinkedIN Group

The Artist Marketing Resources group on LinkedIN has 1,231 members–all artists and arts professionals. If you would like to join, and already have a LinkedIN profile, you can easily search the groups to locate the Artist Marketing Resources group.

Artist members freely post about their art exhibitions, sales, and calls to submit that they want to share with other artists in the group. There are also topic discussions on such things as how best to promote art on social media sites such as Facebook. While most LinkedIN arts groups *do not allow* artists to promote their work, the Artist Marketing Resources group encourages artists to promote and cross-promote in the the group.

The group is approximately one year old, and  has created two group project Slide Share presentations. There is also a Flickr account for group members to add and share their images with other members and for review for future projects.

All artists are welcome to join, interact and promote their art and projects in the group. Artists connect with opportunities via group discussions and artist news posts.

Golden squiggles

Image by Steve-h via Flickr

ArtWeb: New Curated Site Accepting Artist Members

Art, Plasitic art

Image via Wikipedia

I have been involved in the development of ArtWeb dot net for about two years now and am now part of the new Beta testing team. I have also been asked to write articles on individual member artists.

How is ArtWeb different?

Here are some of the ArtWeb Core Principles:

- Quality over quantity – the philosophy is to never compromise or dilute the quality of work on the site–curating and artist selection is the key factor to the success of the site.

- Attract the ‘new’ art buyers – there are a large number of potential art buyers who are not engaging with the art industry, as they see traditional galleries as inaccessible, unwelcoming, stuffy and over-priced. – By ‘daring to be different‘ – Artweb aims to offer a totally unique curated environment where art buyers can browse quality art work at their leisure and buy art directly from the artist.

- Low commissions – high commissions are detrimental to both artists and the art market, as they push prices to the point that excludes the majority of potential art buyers. ArtWeb will keep commissions low.

- Artweb is member driven. They listen and work hard to deliver the best possible resources to help you to exhibit and sell your work online.

Artweb has invested almost $100,000 and a lot of hard work in the development of this platform, and has a great team committed to creating a unique online resource for artists.

If you are interested in membership, visit:  http://Artweb.net

Digital Art Outdoors on Buildings: A Preview Video

One of our store artists, William Phelps Montgomery, has a new digital art video. Several of his digital fine art Lambda prints are available in the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store.

The video is for a moving digital video light display that wraps around the top of the PECO building in the Philadelphia skyline. How cool is that!

Making Space Offers Online and Live Exhibition Opportunities to Artists

I recently discovered an interesting site to add to my list of 700+ Places to Sell Your Art

Color your World

Image by Michelle Brea via Flickr

For UK-based artists–Making Space–offers both online exhibition and sales opportunities to artists, as well as live exhibition venues. Making Space is a curated site. There are no membership fees but some exhibition opportunities may require a 20% commission on sales of your artwork or a fee payment. Interestingly, the owners and operators of Making Space carry a portfolio of member’s art to show to businesses and venue owners they work with in the UK. This could lead to sales. Having your artwork promoted this way could be a great opportunity if your style fits their needs.

Learn the Art of Selling Art in New *How To* Book for Artists

A few months ago, I pre-ordered the book How To Sell Art by J. Jason Horejs, at a special discount price. The book arrived in the mail yesterday. The cover price is $24.95

I pulled the book from the envelope and snapped this pic of the book cover. The upper left edge is a little ragged. The book was sent in a padded envelope that showed no sign of damage so I am certain that this book was not damaged in transit.

In the introduction, the author makes important points on how all artists must also wear the hat of a salesperson and that one of the most common errors is “misprioritizing”–attending to some other task while ignoring interaction with a possible buyer.

The author’s Red Dot Blog has more art sales advice.

New Art in the Amazon Store: the Gods of India by Chandan Rao

Chandan Rao of India describes the painting Indian Wall Graffiti–”In India, people have Gods’ figures painted on the outer side of their compound walls to stop others from sticking posters or dirtying the walls…I just picked up the idea for a graffiti painting. This is a mixed media painting. The first figure is of Lord Shiva. His abode is the snow peaked Kailash Mountain. Hence I have painted him as an icy figure. The second figure is of Shri Krishna, who is one of my favorites. KRISHNA is the universe……hence the Uni colour. The 3rd, Shree Laxmi the Wife of Shri Vishnu (Krishna) is the Goddess of wealth, and the 4th God is another of my favorites Shri Ganesha who removes obstacles (troubles) in Ur life. I have won a Showcase Award for this Painting on Artslant.com”

Indian Wall Graffitti, by Chandan Rao

Indian Wall Graffiti, Original Canvas Art by Chandan Rao in Amazon store http://amzn.com/B0063U2TAU