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Yesterday, Artist Marketing Resources blog made top news story under Technology heading in Em Fems Artists Daily –  Newspaper.  Em Fems is a Twitter feed that supports female artists working across all media. Follow EmFems on Twitter: @EmFems

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Chances to Win 3D Printers + Art Gallery Call for Your Art Books, Chapbooks etc

3D printed object made with netfabb

3D printed object made with netfabb (Photo credit: Creative Tools)

Here is a fun one! You get to share your projects for a chance to win one of twelve 3D printers.

Make It Real Challenge Instructables.Com

Submit a project for your chance to win over $100k in 3D printers and 3D printing materials

Prizes:  a $50,000 Object Printer for the grand prize and 11 Up! 3D printers. http://www.instructables.com/contest/makeitreal/?show=PRIZES

Submissions: submit a project that is at least partially designed using a computer: a sticker, a 3D printed object, laser-cut files, an electronics schematic, and even an inkjet printer template. So long as something in your project involved computer design (a digital sketch, 2D files, schematics, or a 3d model) before you built the physical object and your project is eligible!

More Info:
Anyone who shares the digital files that they create (using any software) in the 123D Gallery (http://www.123dapp.com/Gallery/Index.cfm) and posts a link to it in their project will receive a free thank you gift from 123D (see details here: http://blog.123dapp.com/2012/01/123d-make-it-real-challenge) and then be eligible to win the special 123D Judges Prize.

Deadline: Mon Jun 4th, 2012


Artists, do you have self-published books of your art? Here is a chance to place your books in a art gallery library.

Open Call: Art Book Submissions For Third Party Gallery Library

Third Party Gallery is requesting submissions for art books, monographs, zines, chapbooks, and any other printed material for their gallery library.  Artists of all media are encouraged to submit. 

For questions or concerns please contact 

Send submissions to:

Third Party Gallery

2159 Central Ave

Cincinnati, Ohio, 45214


Deadline: Sat Jun 2nd, 2012

Competition and Hidden City Art Festival Call for Proposals

The Hidden City Philadelphia Festival celebrates the power of place through the imagination of contemporary artists. The festival creates an avenue for the public to visit abandoned, obscure or inaccessible sites of historical and community interest throughout the city. Artists of diverse disciplines and media create site-specific work that illuminates the memories (and possible futures) of these places. Find out more, or submit a proposal on the site:http://hiddencityphila.org/2013festival/

ArtistsWanted has a highly automated entry form for their 3rd annual SELF competition. I did not follow it far enough to find out if there is an entry fee or not.CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS:
Self 2012: Open Call For Art | $10,000 Grant + Nyc Gallery Exhibition + Printed Magazine Spread$25,000 in prizes, including a New York City Exhibition.Learn more at:

Deadline: Wed Jun 20th, 2012

What To Do If Photos of Your Art on Pinterest Are Misused


Pinterest (Photo credit: PixByDee)

Pinterest is now one of the top three social media sites. That’s right, now it is Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

So far, I have only read of one jewelry designer who had her photos misused by a spammer on Pinterest. The spammer linked computer viruses to her product name and images. Pinterest removed the spammer from their site. Read the full Daily Dot story here.

Artists should be aware that there is a copyright infringement form for Pinterest. If you discover misuse of your art image on the Pinterest site, complete and submit the Pinterest copyright infringement form—you will find it here: http://pinterest.com/about/copyright/dmca/

WOW! Project: Add Your Art

Benetton in Town plaza. Česky: Benetton na Tow...

Benetton in Town plaza. Česky: Benetton na Town plaza. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

International Art Incubator Foundation – London in collaboration with FABRICA by Benetton on the PROJECT WOW!
You are invited to join the network and participate in the project:
About WOW! project
WOW! = Windows of Wonder, a non-profit art project created by Fabrica, Benetton’s grant-based innovation lab, developed in collaboration with YAI-Young Artists Incubator. WOW! was conceived by a team of under 25 year-old multidisciplinary designers.
 WOW! also stands for Windows of Wonder, the new United Colors of Benetton project for artists and designers from all over the planet. WOW! is a technologically innovative transmedia experience in creative expression based on a dedicated web portal and the network of “Benetton Live Windows”—the spectacular video wall shop windows of the Benetton Icon stores present in the key fashion capitals: Milan, London, Paris, Barcelona, and many more.
How does WOW! help artists?
On the WOW! website, artists from any field of artistic expression (animation, motion graphics, video, digital art, music, theater, performance, dance, painting, graffiti, etc.) can access information on the initiative, register and easily upload their creative contributions for direct publishing. The most interesting works will be regularly selected to be made visible also on the “Benetton Live Windows” global network. Taking part is easy and to make it even smoother the great design team at WOW! will brilliantly and respectfully adapt the work, if needed, for the different video wall formats.

A Variety of Opportunities / April Calls For Artists To Submit

Mastodon Mesa Call for Proposals

Mastodon Mesa is looking for installation and performance artists for heavily trafficked spaces, for month-long shows. Download the Application here: http://www.mastodonmesa.com/ 

ecofirstart sells paintings and art items in their online store. Take a look, and if your work fits give them a call. Their  phone number on the site.
Their sister site is ecovolvenow gallery 

In the UK, the Multiples Store commissions prints and 3D editions from artists.

Find a variety of art sales sources on the 800+ Places to Sell Your Art PDF list.

 BoxHeart Gallery has a new call for artists.
Artful Vagabond has a Tribute to Artists promotional project for 2012 for artists in get involved –no fee.
Kala Art Institute has an international artist residency for 9 artists + $3000.USD cash award–deadline May 18th.
 plain air for young artists — St-Petersburg, Russia ! All invited: teachers of art with their students, groups of young artists from different countries. They provide excursions and tickets to famous Russian museums in the first half of the day, and the second part of the day is devoted to paintings in the open air, in summer, and indoors in class during winter under the guidance of experienced teachers of Art. They also provide visa support, transfers, meals three times a day, living space in the city center.
All information may be found here: http://www.plain-air.artreka.ru 
To apply: email me: ostrovskaya.marya@yandex.ru
or call me: +7 911 220 84 90 

Applications Open To Artists Today for Exhibit + Art Supplies

In Association with Winsor & Newton, re-title.com, WelcometoCOMPANY, Spoonfed and The Mark Clannachan Collection


• £2,000 cash presented by CHARLIE SMITH london and The Mark Clannachan Collection
• £500 worth of Winsor & Newton artists’ materials
• Lifetime membership with re-title.com (All Anthology applicants will also get 25% off first year’s membership)
• Winner announcement with re-title.com (42,000+ subscribers)
• A feature in WelcometoCOMPANY’s newsletter (70,000+ subscribers)
• Ten finalists will be exhibited at CHARLIE SMITH london

JURY: Mark Clannachan, Zavier Ellis, Hélène Guérin, Sue Hubbard, Simon Rumley & Ben Street

DEADLINE: May 31st 2012


A £10 + VAT processing fee
Completed application form
6 jpegs at no more than 1MB each or 6 video links
A short artist’s statement
An artist’s CV / biography
All works presented must be for sale
The application deadline is May 31st 2012



Kathy Blankley Roman’s Expressive Abstractions on Canvas, Paper and Board

Kathy Blankley Roman has a background in illustration and calligraphy, then began painting expressively since 2010. In late 2011 she began exhibiting her paintings, was a winner  in 7th Annual Emerging Artist Winter Exhibit at Morhpo Gallery in Chicago. “I was one of the winners, and will be featured there in a group exhibit in October 2012. Behind me: scent of pine through the woodsong, fog, Shakin’ it Up BeLow, and Edges.”  Kathy Blankley Roman

Kathy recently had her art featured in an ebook titled, Walk into Abstraction-Vol. 4, and will be curating and participating in an all encaustic exhibit in August 2012.

Kathy Blankley Roman’s paintings explore the process of emergence and dissipation and the interactions (polarity) of opposing elements: eg. angular vs. curvilinear, geometric vs. organic, using an earthy palette. Building up her paintings in layers, using acrylics and various dry media on different surfaces – various papers, canvas, board - first making marks or scribbles, then painting over, repeating this process many times – acting and reacting to the marks, she works with what emerges from her impulses of the moment,  going through many transformations. The artist has experimented with adding collage to her paintings, process painting without brushes, digital painting, and encaustic,often combining any number of these processes into one painting. Lately, she has experimented with adding more color into her artwork while maintaining the warm earthy tones. “I found that the layering and immediacy of the process translates easily to encaustic, a relatively new medium for me,” she says.

Confluence, Kathy Blankley Roman, 12 x12 inches, acrylics, charcoal on canvas.

Epiphany, Kathy Blankley Roman, 16 x 20 inches, acrylics, charcoal, graphite on canvas.

Hummer, Kathy Blankley Roman, 12 x 12 inches, acrylics, graphite, charcoal on canvas.

Under/Over the series, Kathy Blankley Roman, Encaustic and mixed media on cradled birch 8 x 8 inches each 

Kathy Blankley Roman




‘drawing a breath’, glyphs and signs — the art of Susan Spaniol

Secret Garden, Susan Spaniol

“Drawing is my preferred modality because—like ‘drawing a breath’—it is a natural act driven by impulses we cannot fully control. My most recent works explore mark-making through ‘glyphs’—ancient forms of writing that whose meanings remain mysteries.  I translate the unique character of ancient human ‘signs’ through scratches, scribbles, or tracks deeply rooted in my soma and psyche.”  Susan Spaniol

Enigma, mixed media, Susan Spaniol

Cunieform, mixed media, Susan Spaniol

Allegro, Susan Spaniol

Equinox, Susan Spaniol

Wave Particle, Susan Spaniol

The artist Susan Spaniol lives in West Hartford, CT, USA and teaches at Springfield College.  Visit her website to view many more artworks:  www.susanspaniol.com

3 Calls for Artists To Submit

My own work

My own work (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Working Artists Org. $1,000.00 Purchase Awards, Call for Submissions from Artists Internationallyhttp://www.workingartist.org/art-grant-guidelines.html

2. Juicy Canvas Beta Launch, Call For Artists–Illustrations, Drawing, Graphic Design, Paintings: http://beta.juicycanvas.com/artists/faqs.html 

3. 4Heads, a NYC-based arts group,created the Governors Island Art Fair project in which more than 100 artists will be chosen to receive exhibition space! 

American Flat Announces Marie Kazalia’s Paintings Available As Prints On Canvas

Introducing Abstract Art by Marie Kazalia

Americanflat is proud to introduce artwork by our newest artist Marie Kazalia.  Marie’s work engages with written aspects of world cultures such as combined, fragmented, enlarged and abstracted character forms. The techniques she uses involve paint layering, poured paints, stain painting and all the possibilities that these processes open up.  Major influences on Marie Kazalia’s art include four years as an expatriate in Asia (primarily Japan, India and China) and the formal language studies she undertook there, including writing Chinese and Japanese language characters.  Each of her paintings contains traces of what is significant to the artist — personal progress, growth, shifts, changes, expansions and forward motion.  All this accumulation of thought and work, day upon day, is contained within the layers of Marie’s paintings, as form, color and texture merge in the spirituality of her abstract paintings.

Marie’s work is in permanent collection of:
- Museum of Modern Art, NY
- Museum of Modern Art, Wales
- Museu Brasileiro da Escultura, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Rainbow X
Marie Kazalia
Edition of 100
36″ x 36″, $250
Nite Lite
Marie Kazalia
Edition of 100
36″ x 36″, $250

Contemporary Abstract Paintings of Cyre de TOGGENBURG

Cyre de TOGGENBURG pursues freedom in his abstract art.

Sans titre, 130 x 97 cm, Cyre de TOGGENBURG

Cyre de TOGGENBURG began his search for freedom in the colors of Turner, after viewing Turner’s paintings at Tate Modern. “He is for me the beginning of abstraction,” said Cyre.

Bell's arrogance, Cyre de Toggenburg

For years, the artist kept this sentence written on his studio wall: Not concerning yourself with the result of an action favors the acquisition of the mastery.

Let's talk about you, Cyre de Toggenburg

 “There was a long period of de-constructing the learning and domestication of my ego,” the artist said.

Outland, Cyre de Toggenburg

“To experience at first hand the sense of abstraction I looked to understand the art of Zen. The technique of Zen archery has been crucial to my understanding.

The released arrow follows a trajectory. It does not worry about the target (“Not concerning yourself with the result of an action”). The target is just one step on its path. The arrow is free.”

Social VIH, Cyre de Toggenburg

“If I do not paint with my body, (no rhythm, no movement), if I do not paint with my emotions (I feel nothing, I’m not trying to express emotions, or even to be felt), if I do not paint with my mind (I do not build it with knowledge, intentions for composition, form, balance, state of the art …).

Nonetheless I paint!

So with what do I paint?

Who paints?

I am free like the arrow.

My artistic object is to reach the observer in his spirituality.

My thought process is to invoke the sacred dimension as part of each of us, regardless of whether we subscribe to an institutional affiliation or not.”

Cyre de Toggenburg


All-Over Realism: the Paintings of Leslie Parke

Leslie Parke in her studio.

American painter Leslie Parke paints abstract compositions from the real life subject matter of gold trimmed China dishes and recycled disposables.

Recycled Paper Sasebo Japan, oil painting on canvas by Leslie Parke

One day, on a walk with a friend in Sasebo, Japan, she passed a recycling center stacked with bales of recycled paper. “The image of their surface was striking to me,” said Leslie Parke, “ like a Harnett trompe l’oeil painting, and the structure of the bales made me think of Don Judd’s boxes.”  For Leslie, the bales contained the history of painting– “[they] carried everything from Lichtenstein’s cartoon paintings, to Jackson Pollock’s all-over composition,” the artist stated.

Compacted, oil painting on canvas by Leslie Parke

Later, on a trip to Maine, Leslie discovered bales of crushed cans at another recycling center. The shiny metal and circular lids suggested new visual elements for her canvases– circles, folds, bands, and also reflected light.

Recycled Bottle, oil painting on canvas by Leslie Parke

Much like Monet’s Water Lily paintings and Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings, Leslie Parke paints her images cropped, close in, with no visible horizon line. She enjoys painting in oil on linen or canvas as large as 60 x 70 inches.

Plates in the River, oil painting on canvas by Leslie Parke

One day, after giving a party, she began painting piles of her Grandfather’s gold trimmed English porcelain.

Cascade, oil painting on canvas by Leslie Parke

“Up-close these works painted in oil on linen or canvas, seem to be merely flecks of paint, … but from a distance appear photo-realistic,” Leslie Parke describes in her artist statement.

China Heap, oil painting on canvas by Leslie Parke

Leslie Parke is the recipient of several prestigious foundation support grants. She was also an artist-in-residence at the Claude Monet Foundation in Giverny, France.

She has exhibited widely, including  several exhibitions in museums in both North and South America. Parke has a BA and MA from Bennington College.  Her work is in numerous corporate and private collections.

View more images of her amazing artwork on her website: www.leslieparke.com

Artists, Do You Want To Cross-Promote?

Artist Marketing Resources blog is open to exchanging blog posts with other bloggers, reviewing artists sites and posting write-ups, as well as other cross-promotional activities.

If you are interested in discussing possibilities contact Artist Marketing Resources blog owner Marie Kazalia at email: MarieKazalia@gmail.com

Image at right “big mouth clowns” is just for fun. It is a carnival game. The object of the game is to toss a ball and get it into the mouth of a clown.

Euro Artists: Only 5 Days Left to Enter Art Box Contest for Barcelona International Contemporary Art Fair

BARCELONA - Street Entertainment (3)

BARCELONA - Street Entertainment (3) (Photo credit: Fergal of Claddagh)

Euro Artists: Only 5 Days Left to Enter Art Box Contest for Barcelona International Contemporary Art Fair



Barcelona International contemporary art fair

Annual Open Call for Alternate Art Made From Repurposed Castoffs

 Art from Dross, Islip Art Museum, NY


Deadline: May 15, 2012
Application fee: none
The Garbage Barge Revisited: Art from Dross June 13 – September 1
Reception: July 29 from 1-4 pm
Curated by Karen Shaw

This annual exhibition Open Call invites artists to consider alternate ways to repurpose cast-offs which might otherwise be waste.

Open to all visual artists working in any medium.
Artists are invited to submit one work for consideration.

There is NO FEE to submit work.

Work submitted by email must be sent BEFORE May 15. Subject line should include GarbageBarge 2012 Submission_ Your Name Email you submission to: GarbargeBargeOpenCall2012@gmail.com     Please provide up to three high res jpeg images of your work. The body of your email should include the image details: Title, medium, size, and date.

Email Submission Guidelines
- Please submit up to 3 images of ONE work using the following specifications
- Digital images must be in JPEG format and no larger than 1724 pixels, 72 dpi.
- All files should be labeled with your name and title of work.
- Ex. Yourname_titleofwork.jpeg
- File size: no larger than 1MB for each image
- Slides will NOT be accepted
- Please submit only completed work, no work-in-progress accepted.
If the work requires special instructions and/or installation directions please include them in your submission as a word document.

Announcement cards (20) will be made available to all artists whose work is selected for the exhibition.

Read the extensive call details on the museum website:


Islip Art Museum

50 Irish Lane
East Islip, New York

New Amazon CD Trade In Program Gets You Store Credit + More Space

Have art books on your Amazon wish list you’d really love to get? ( I know my wish list is long.) Have CDs taking up space?

Amazon recently announced that they are offering a CD Trade-In Program…

Once limited to more expensive trade-in items camera gear, Kindle, iPad, iPhones, and Android tablets, Amazon’s CD Trade-In Program now let’s you search for CDs to trade-in (if they meet their acceptability criteria), ship them for free at their cost, and after processing, receive an Amazon Gift Card directly into your account.

Trade-in values start at $0.50 and go up to $6.40, $10.00 etc.

Amazon does not resell used CDs, though a variety of used and like-new offerings are available through their marketplace. It’s actually third-party merchants handling this trade-in process. If you’ve migrated to an all digital library  and still have CDs taking up space, this Amazon trade in offer may be the way to go.

Art Wall International Contemporary Art Magazine: New Issue

New issue from artwall magazine – amazing british artist Tony South 
(and including our Artist Marketing Resources one page ad!)
Marketing information and media pack write to artwall@ymail.com
To buy the printed copy go to http://www.magcloud.com/user/artwallzine
Tony South issue n46
36 pages, published 13 APR 2012
British artist Tony South, figurative painter
Find out more on MagCloud

apex art open call for proposals for funded exhibition anywhere in the world


Globe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

International Exhibition Opportunity—apexart, NYC, annually holds a worldwide open call for proposals for curated group exhibitions to be presented anywhere in the world other than New York City.From April 4 – May 2, 2012, apexart will accept 500-word creatively written proposals describing your idea for an exhibition. The proposal should be clearly written, with the major emphasis on explaining the concept, as the only instructions given to the more than 100 jurors from around the world is to, “identify the best exhibitions.” The city for the exhibition must be listed as well as the curator/organizer’s location of residence. Often there is a greater effect when exhibitions take place outside of a city center, where fewer people are involved in the commercial art world.Two winners selected by a “crowd sourcing” method will be in charge of a one-month apexart franchise with an up to $8,000 exhibition budget, an honorarium for the essay and organization of the show, and complete creative control with a few apexart guidelines. apex will also provide the necessary guidance and administrative support to make the exhibition happen as successfully as past exhibitions in Amman, Johannesburg, Stockholm, Los Angeles, Bangkok, and Mexico City. apexart will also print a mini-catalog in an edition of 9,000 with an essay from the curator distributed around the world to more than 100 countries and available online with all contacts, reviews, and press images.The apexart Franchise is an opportunity to bring an idea to fruition in a new place and to confirm that the center of the art world is wherever you are.

Link: http://www.apexart.org/franchise.php

Deadline: Wed May 2nd, 2012


Art Every Day 30 Day Challenge for Individuals and Orgs to Win $500 Art Grant

This Side of Paradise -- Wednesday April 4, 6-8pm

This Side of Paradise -- Wednesday April 4, 6-8pm (Photo credit: 350.org)

Do you have an idea for an exhibition in your neighborhood? Art Every Day’s ongoing 30 Day art challenge  to bring art into your community offered a $500 grant to individuals or organizations with an innovative plan. The votes tallied and winner selected for March, but check back to submit an application for their next grant challenge. Your plan receives exposure on their site, votes from readers, and the winner receives $500. to carry out their plan.

On a larger scale, the New York CIty nonprofit No Long Empty has a three-year old project  to “draw together the vitality of the contemporary art world and the values of building community” to create a lasting impact on the way people think about their neighborhoods. Beginning April 4, a No Longer Empty exhibition called This Side of Paradise will open in enormous  Andrew Freedman House, which now sits largely abandoned, but was created in the 1920′s as a retirement home for broke aristocrats to live out their last days in luxury. Currently, 30 artists are having their way with the building’s numerous rooms, many of which haven’t been touched in years.