Raw Canvas Accepts Submissions For Gallery Representation

English: Mixed media On canvas

English: Mixed media On canvas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Raw Canvas is an art house, gallery, art rental venue that provides packing and shipping art world-wide, and more.


Raw Canvas is interested in contemporary media including painting, printmaking, drawing, mixed media and photography.

Raw Canvas welcomes submissions from artists seeking representation throughout the year. They accept proposals for single exhibitions as well as for gallery representation.

Due to the cost involved in producing and mailing printed submissions, the gallery encourages email submissions. Please ensure your email subject line reads “Portfolio Submission”.

Artists seeking representation in Raw Canvas should email submissions to:
or mail Attn: Miriam Naumann
Raw Canvas
1046 Hamilton St.
Vancouver, BC
V6B 2R9


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Pinterest (Photo credit: stevegarfield)

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Two New Artist Submission Calls

Culturehall New Artists Feature Application Call

Culturehall, a curated online resource for contemporary art, invites artists to submit work to an open application call.

From this open call, four artists will be selected for membership and inclusion in their Summer 2012 New Artists Feature.

As a member, each artist can directly share their work and events with the audience of arts professionals who visit Culturehall daily.

The New Artists Feature will publish to the Culturehall homepage and by newsletter on September 5th.

Submit links to your work or 5  jpeg images for review.

Applications are $35 and if selected, you will be able to share your full portfolio with no additional fees or subscriptions.

Applications close August 7th at midnight EST.


Deadline: Tue Aug 7th, 2012

Culturehall online resource for contemporary art

4821 5th Street, Suite 4I

New York , New York 11101

United States of America


Come Out And Play San Francisco Invites Game Proposals

The Come Out & Play Festival seeks to provide a forum for new types of public games and play to bring together a public eager to rediscover the world around them through play with artists and designers interested in producing innovative new games and experiences. In their third year, they’ve partnered with SOMArts in San Francisco to produce an exhibition November 17-December 8 in addition to the traditional festival weekend December 1-2.

For more information, visit our website at http://comeoutandplaysf.org.

Submission Link: http://comeoutandplay.wufoo.com/forms/2012-come-out-play-festival-game-submission-form/

Deadline: Tue Jul 31st, 2012


934 Brannan Street

San Francisco, California 94103

United States of America

Open Call For Solo Exhibition in New York Gallery

I know a few artists who have been in group shows at Dacia or who have submitted for a solo exhibit. There is a fee to submit.

Dacia Gallery invites emerging and established artists to submit artwork for an opportunity to have a Month-Long Solo Exhibition this summer at Dacia Gallery.

For more information and to submit artwork please visit: http://www.daciagallery.com/submissions.php

Deadline: Thursday July 19th, 2012


53 Stanton St.

New York, New York 10002

United States of America

Submit To Prolonged Exposure

Submissions are now open for Prolonged Exposure curated by Kaegan Sparks.

Deadline Wednesday August 1, 11:59pm

TO SUBMIT VISIT http://recessionartshows.com/submit/

Selections will be conducted by the Recession Art Jury led by Guest Curator Kaegan Sparks and Art Director Ani Katz.

Prolonged Exposure will be held November 3-10 at:

The Invisible Dog

51 Bergen St

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Accepting Work in All Media Including Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Performance, Installation, and Video.

About Prolonged Exposure

“I will not make any more boring art.” 
–John Baldessari

Prolonged Exposure will ask how we can remain curious and speculative in a culture of desensitizing barrage and static. The exhibition will concentrate on artworks that plumb boredom’s latent energy, provoking a restlessness which precipitates a desire for change.

In scholar Sianne Ngai’s investigation of minor affects or ‘ugly feelings’– diffusive, non-cathartic states like irritation, paranoia, anxiety, or envy which seem increasingly endemic to contemporary culture and aesthetics– she posits a surprising parallel between shock and boredom. Though antithetical in intensity and duration (shock is immediate and staggering, while boredom is tedious and numbing), both emotions induce states of suspended agency: “both are responses that confront us with the limitations of our capacity for responding in general.

Works for Prolonged Exposure may engage durational, automatic, repetitive, or tedious strategies, or seek to distract a viewer from object to ambience. They may employ exhaustive formal processes (lists, serial marks, obsessive indices) or excessive collecting functions which fatigue or frustrate attempts to parse or absorb. They may defuse trenchant source materials or deploy simulacral repetition to simultaneously jade and distress. They may be overwhelmingly monotonous, removed, spatially or temporally boundless, or reflect an inordinate amount of routine labor. They may feature bland or unremarkable landscapes that lack a commanding subject, have a presence so mundane or subtle as to be overlooked altogether (as wallpaper or Erik Satie’s furniture music), or implement ‘uncreative’ or appropriative techniques and absurdum.

Rejecting stultification for an enabling state of openness or receptivity, such practices will galvanize idleness born of surfeit or repetition, seeking to overhaul viewers’ sensory and interpretive habits and engender new modes of attention.

As John Cage intoned: “If they say something is boring after two minutes, try it for four…”

Visual artists who are accepted to a Recession Art Show receive a one-week exhibition at the Invisible Dog in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.

Video and performance artists who are accepted will negotiate directly with staff to plan a screening or performance schedule based on their needs.

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, August 1st. Artists will be notified of acceptance by August 31st. Please contact info@recessionartshows.com with any questions.


Open Call for Emerging Artists


Beers.Lambert Contemporary announced a new award for emerging artists worldwide:

the First Annual Beers.Lambert Award for Emerging Art is a prize awarded to

up to 8 emerging, contemporary artists working in all disciplines and open to artists

internationally. Up to 8 winners will each walk away with a monetary prize and

become part of the growing award-package (further details of partners and the

full-award package will be released soon).

This newest initiative coincides with their gallery relocation in a brand new space

on Baldwin Street at Old Street in the heart of the East London.

 The award will consider criteria such as progression, innovation, excellence

and general talent in 4 predominating artistic fields: 1) painting and drawing;

2) photography, collage and 2D; 3) sculpture, installation and 3d; 4) and

a final multidisciplinary category that acknowledges video art, performance,

technology-based and/or new-media, as well as other forms that may defy


$5,000 IN AWARDS
By way of open call and juried selection, the award will be given to 2 artists

working within each discipline – one primary and one secondary recipient will

be awarded in each category to a total of 8 awarded artists.

The 4 primary award recipients will each receive $1,000USD and the 4 secondary

award recipients will each receive $250USD. All 8 of the awarded artists

(primary and secondary) works will be exhibited at Beers.Lambert Contemporary

in 2013, and their work will be featured extensively on their website and in other

promotional material. One or more of the awarded artists will be offered a solo

exhibition with the gallery in the Fall 2013 exhibition programme.

The deadline for submissions is midnight, Monday August 13, 2012.

Visit http://beerslambert.com/oc 

Gallery website http://www.beerslambert.com/

Apply: 12 Individual Small Business Grants From Chase and Living Social

Chase and LivingSocial want to help by awarding up to 12 individual grants of $250,000 to 12 small businesses.

Submit your Mission: Small Business℠ application today! Program ends June 30, 2012.


Female Artists: Post Your Art on New Picasso

The new Picasso will be a woman

Are U a female artist? 
Post your works on the site http://www.newpicasso.org/

You can sell your work directly, without intermediaries or costs!

Newpicasso is a site that allows women artists to sell their works of art

whether they be paintings, photos or sculptures.

Newpicasso.org’s mission is to ensure that women artists

practice art as a core business and not just as a hobby or

a sideline, they can live in dignity thanks to their talent!

Why only women? 
The founders of Newpicasso are

convinced that the new Picasso, will be a woman!

The site aims to be the channel to find the new Picasso!


Washington Project for the Arts New Call For Artist Submissions

Coup D’Espace: Palimpsest – For All Media Exploring The Theme Of Layers Of InformationThe exhibition call is open to all artists regardless of geographic location.Location: Washington Project for the Arts, 2023 Massachusetts Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20036
Curators: Steven H. Silberg, independent artist & Lecturer of Fine Arts at UMBC and Neil C. Jones, independent artist & Professor at MICA and Anne Arundel Community College
Website: http://wpadc.org/artist-resources/calls-for-entry-proposals/

Submission Deadline: Monday, July 16, 5pm EDT
Exhibition Dates: November 2 – 30, 2012
Opening Reception: November 2, 2012, 6-8pm

We live in a society of layers. Information is plied upon other information. Metadata automatically becomes part of every digital image. Museum exhibitions now include QR codes for additional information. The recent Experimental Media 2012 exhibition included them. The National Gallery and the Museum of Natural History use them. They are ubiquitous.

But what if the QR code became the contemporary representation of information? What if this encoded symbol displaced the original information? It wouldn’t be the first time that newer “text” has superseded the old. Throughout the history of the written word, parchments and vellum have been scraped clean of their original text and reused. Over time, that original text (the scriptio inferior) resurfaces through natural means or scientific research. An immediate relationship between the original text and new text is constructed through their juxtaposition.

For this exhibition, curated by Steven H. Silberg and Neil C Jones, artists are invited to submit artwork in any medium that explores the concepts of Layering and Information. Artists are encouraged to think beyond just the techniques of layering (i.e., Photoshop).

Selected artworks (once physically received) will be documented and hosted in an online archive. Each artwork’s documentation will be assigned a QR code. Each work of art will then be obliterated, white-washed, scraped away, etc, leaving few remnants of the original artwork.

The appropriate QR code will then be transferred the original “surface” of the obliterated artwork. With the original archived to history, the new work will be an abstract geometric form. However, through the aid of technology (a QR Code Reader), the original artwork can resurface. It is this new, altered work that will be exhibited.

Submission Process:
The exhibition call is open to all artists regardless of geographic location.
All submissions must be received by Monday, July 16, 5pm EDT.

Submit Online Here: http://wpadc.org/2012/06/14/submission-form-coup-despace-palimpsest/

In addition to title, year, and dimensions of the work, please include the following:

  • For physical artworks, please submit up to 2 images of your artwork. Images should be submitted as .jpg, 72 dpi and no longer than 7” on the longest side.
  • For time-based and non-physical artworks, please submit as a link to where this work can be seen online. (Artists who prefer to submit this documentation on DVD may contact Blair Murphy at bmurphy@wpadc.org)
  • A detailed description of the materials used in the artwork. (For example, do not just list “digital print”; but, instead, list the type of paper and type of printer used to make that digital print.) These details will aid in the preparation of the artwork for exhibition.
  • A short artist statement describing the relation of this artwork and/or your relationship as an artist to the layering of information. This may be submitted as a text document, .doc or .pdf file.

Selected artists must agree to have their work documented for this exhibition.
Selected artists must agree to have their work destroyed as part of this exhibition.
Selected artists are responsible for shipping / delivering their work to and from WPA.
Artworks may be listed for sale and the altered work will sell at that price.

Deadline for receipt of submissions: Monday, July 16, 5pm EDT
Notification to all artists by: Friday, August 3
Accepted artists must deliver their work to WPA between Monday, August 20 and Friday, August 24
Opening Reception: Friday, November 2, 2012

All questions and inquiries may be addressed to Steven H Silberg atpalimpsest@shsarts.com or Blair Murphy at bmurphy@wpadc.org.

Link: http://wpadc.org/artist-resources/calls-for-entry-proposals/

Deadline: Mon Jul 16th, 2012

Washington Project for the Arts
2023 Massachusetts Ave., NW
Washington, D.C., District of Columbia 20036
United States of America


Zero1 Garage $10K Artist Fellowship

Zero1 Fellowship Call For RFQs   (Note on RFQs: In a past blog post, Artist Marketing Resources has written on what makes up an RFQ‘s, that is Request For Qualifications, –read what an RFQ consists of, here. )ZERO1 Fellowship in collaboration with Google Public Policy Entries must be delivered by Friday, July 13, 2012 at 5:00 pm

Part incubator, part research lab, part think tank, the ZERO1 Garage launches this fall!

The ZERO1 Garage is where principles of artistic creativity are applied to real world innovation challenges. Through the lens of art and technology it will inform strategies for research, development, and creativity by provoking challenges that address the complex world in which we live. The ZERO1 Garage is envisioned as a platform for creative risk-takers from the arts and culture, business, science and academic sectors to interact, engage, and spur innovative change.

The centerpiece of the ZERO1 Garage is an interdisciplinary peer network/brain trust composed of innovation experts engaged in collaborative research and experimentation. For this, we are currently seeking artist candidates to apply for a ZERO1 Fellowships in collaboration with Google Public Policy. This fellowship is designed around an Innovation Challenge; each candidate is to artistically consider a complex issue concerning cultural policy in an information society. The candidate will develop an original artwork that serves to interpret or illuminate the current state of difficulty associated with molding cultural policy so that it conforms to the reality of a society that is more connected with and dependent on technology than ever before. The project duration is six months, with a fellowship award of $10,000. 

Review all details and full RFQ here.

Please e-mail any questions to sarahbeth@zero1.org


Deadline: Fri Jul 13th, 2012

ZERO1: The Art & Technology Network
152 North Third Street, Suite 201
San Jose, California 95112
United States of America

e-flux applies to develop the new .art internet domain

Plaque on the ICANN (Internet Corporation for ...

Plaque on the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) head office, Del Rey, California, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, e-flux sent out this announcement:Dear Colleagues,We are writing to inform you about a new development that will have a serious impact for art practitioners, institutions of art, and art publics world-wide.

The structure of the internet is about to shift in such a way that most information pertaining to food will be found in a .food domain, while most information on cars will likely be found in a .car domain, and so forth. While at the moment this may appear to be a small technical modification, it may have very significant consequences in the long run. For many people, the internet has already become a major educational tool. And while the internet is the first place we look to when we seek to learn something, it also has a capacity that goes beyond this: as millions of people around the world use the internet to find answers to questions about art, the results they get will, over time, shape their conception of art.

The authority that controls the internet by managing the database of addresses of every website and webpage (ICANN), has accepted applications and announced the list of companies who have applied to open and manage new top-level domain names—what comes after the dot in the web address: .com, .org, .uk and so forth. The application process is now closed; nearly 2000 applications were submitted and more than 500 new internet domains will be approved within a year, ranging from .baby to .berlin and .art.

A full list of new domains that will come into existence in a few months can be viewed here.

It is incredibly important for all of us that the Art domain on the internet be developed by a knowledgeable and responsible party, and in a focused and accessible way. e-flux has applied for the rights to develop and administer the .art domain, with the hopes of maintaining and distributing such a domain in a way that emphasizes the quality, content, and educational and ethical values of the art community—something we have been able to achieve with the e-flux announcement service for over a decade. Should we get the rights to develop the Art domain, an advisory board of artists, art historians, and curators will be formed to oversee the policies of this important resource. We have also pledged to return a significant part of the income produced by this service back to the art community, in the form of grants and funding for art institutions and projects in places where art funding is insufficient or entirely lacking.

Beginning in 1999 as an informal mailing list, e-flux is an artist-run organization that has grown tremendously over the past ten years, largely due to your involvement. In 2008 we were able to start a free monthly journal whose readership now extends to many parts of the world. We have published books and realized many projects, exhibitions, lectures, and seminars, all of which were made available to audiences internationally. Most importantly, we have been able to develop and maintain a truly independent resource for information on contemporary art that is trusted, highly regarded, and accessible to readers for free. We envision the Art domain as an important resource for art professionals, educators, institutions, and especially the public at large.

e-flux is the only applicant from the art community and we feel that it’s extremely important that the Art domain be managed from within our community. The process of evaluating our application has started and we are up against corporate investors and commercial interests, some of whom have many millions to spend, and who have secured high power law firms, etc.

For those of you who would like to learn more about e-flux’s plans and commitment to the art community as it regards to .ART TLD, please review our application at here.

We need your support to keep the domain of Art in the community of people who make, study, present, and love art. ICANN is now accepting public comments, which can be made via this link. The comments will be considered by independent evaluators and will make a difference, and your endorsement would be deeply appreciated.


A draft endorsement comment could look like this:


Our organization/individual practitioner, (insert name), is an active member of the art community since (insert date / year). Our activities consist of (briefly describe your organization or your professional activity), as can be seen on our website (insert URL).

We fully support and endorse e-flux’s application for the .ART TLD, and share their forward-looking vision for this innovative name space.

(insert name of representative)
(insert name of individual/ company / organization)

311 East Broadway
New York, NY 10002, USA

Some New Opportunities for Visual Artists

Sub Mission

Sub Mission (Photo credit: aquababe)

THE MISSION presents: THE SUB-MISSION, an alternative installation project space created to encourage and promote artists living and working in Chicago.

Now in its second year, THE SUB-MISSION is located below the main gallery. The space is a natural progression toward fulfilling their mission statement. Specifically, THE SUB-MISSION was created to showcase local artists and provide an opportunity to create a dialogue between themselves and the surrounding community.

This to be a unique project– a raw space available for artists to transform, bounded only by their own vision.

To be considered, please submit the following items:
- Current CV
- Brief artist statement
- Detailed summary of installation project; including materials, installation timeline, and layout.
- Self address stamped envelope (If you’d like materials returned)
- Contact information; including phone number and e-mail address

Deadline for submissions October 15, 2012

Please mail submissions to:
Sarah Syman
1431 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60642

For a floor plan of THE SUB-MISSION, images, to see the specific artist guidelines or for any additional questions e-mail sarah@themissionprojects.com
Only one submission per project.
No phone calls please.

THE MISSION promotes art of the Americas by organizing exhibitions of contemporary and historically significant artworks. THE MISSION initiates dialogue among local, national, and international contemporary artists. We are dedicated to supporting artistic innovation and experimentation in light of art historical contexts.

Link: http://www.themissionprojects.com/

You can submit your art to Tumblr blogs which accept submissions–


If you are looking for new and interesting art galleries to show your art, here are 3 I found yesterday–

Platform Gallery in Seattle, USA http://www.platformgallery.com/

Circuit 12 Gallery in Texas, USA http://circuit12.com/

Gallery B15 in Denmark http://www.galleryb15.dk/

Our international gallery list has many more. Find the list here.

Artists Switch From Labeling Their Paintings Acrylic To *Synthetic Polymer*

English: THAHLES, 2006. Corday. Synthetic Poly...

English: THAHLES, 2006. Corday. Synthetic Polymer and Pigment on raw linen. 72 x 216in. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t know all the reasons for acrylic shame, but I do know that many galleries and artists have long labeled acrylic paintings as *mixed media* to help increase sales. I’ve also heard stories of art collectors losing interest and walking away from a painting once they learned it was painted with acrylic paints.

Lately, I have noticed a new trend–contemporary artists are labeling their paintings *synthetic polymer* paintings rather than use the dreaded word *acrylic* to describe their work.

I’m thinking of doing the same. Synthetic polymer does sound more advanced, up-to-the-minute, complex. Perhaps *synthetic polymer* as a medium is actually more accurate a description, since *acrylic* does come in many forms other than paint. There are acrylic nails, acrylic fish tanks, acrylic comes in sheets, there are acrylic fibers, and acrylic acids. Just using the word *acrylic* alone in a line description assumes that the reader/viewer of your work will know that refers to artist acrylic paints. As contemporary artists continue to expand the materials they work with it may just be necessary to use *synthetic polymer* to describe the paint used, for accuracy and clarity. What do you think? Are you willing to drop the use of the term *acrylic painting* and start describing your paintings at *synthetic polymer paintings*? If so, why? For more accurate descriptions? Hope to increase sales? Please leave a comment below.

Sell Your Art to Interior Designers on Houzz

Image representing Houzz as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Looking for more ways to get your art in front of potential buyers? Want to makes sales of your art to interior designers? Upload high quality images (at least 1,000 pixels wide) of your artwork to Houzz. Houzz is a large professional design site for interior designers, architects and others. In the latest Houzz newsletter, one condo owner commissioned an artist to create new artwork for his walls.

Only a few artists have created a presence on the Houzz site so far. Set up an account with quality images of your art including interior views with your paintings hanging on walls, your 3D art on tables etc. You will also be able to connect with interior design professionals by following them and by asking a question for discussion.

I connected with one interior designer on the Houzz site, who told me that she gets her art from “all over” — directly from artists, online etc.

What more tips, links and contacts? Artist Marketing Resources provides extensive resource lists to industry professionals here!

How To Get More Discounts On Artist Materials Online + 100K Poets and Musicians For Change

Spray paint cans

Spray paint cans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I prefer to stay in my studio rather than go out and shop, so I often buy artist materials online rather than waste time changing into clothes my public persona wears, driving, parking, getting gas, driving back, etc. But of course when buying online there are always shipping costs.

Recently, I ordered a few cans of Montana Gold Spray paint from Utrecht and the shipping fee came to eleven dollars. A reasonable fee to have several cans of spray paint delivered to my door, but then why pay it if I can get free shipping? So I did a Google search on the term *Utrecht Coupons* which gave me a list of site links. I tried this one which had the Utrecht free shipping code W518. When I typed W518 into my online order form the eleven dollar shipping fee was subtracted from my invoice.

You can do the same for other artist materials suppliers–Google search the terms *Cheap Joe’s coupons*, *Daniel Smith coupons*, *Jerry’s Artarama coupons*, etc. You’ll find several sites offering coupons for each of those online stores. Check some of the coupon sites and soon you will know which ones have the best active discount codes for small orders and for large discounts on larger orders. This is a way for you to potentially save hundreds of dollars.


I’ve know Michael Rothenberg for a long time. Last month he celebrated his 15th anniversary of his literary ezine Big Bridge–and featured my poetry in his fifteen anniversary issue.

Last night he sent this to me:

OKAY everybody!!

It’s time to spread the word and sign up organizers for 100 Thousand Poets for Change and 100 Thousand Poets for Change on September 29.

Over 560 events confirmed in 100 countries so far. But I know there are tons of poets and musicians out there who want to be involved. We just have to tell them what’s happening. They can write me at walterblue@bigbridge.org, or sign up on the website at www.100tpc.org.

Please post this on your wall, on your friends wall, and send out a notice by email, tweet and share. This will be a historical global gathering.

Best, Michael

New Calls for Artists

a project of FKL (Forum Klanglandschaft) – The Rad’Art Project / Artéco association
For this exhibition artists are asked to imagine a device which protects humans from excessive noise or sound– something like the way sunglasses protect us from excessive light, as an accessory, a nice object to be worn. Sunglasses, very common objects, initially just useful, became a “vanity object”, a habit, a vice, and many famous designers started designing them, so their meaning and usefulness became something more.Now, especially in cities, there is another sense organ which is subjected to an excessively strong stimulation: our ears. Reports about the acoustic pollution in our cities are worrying and the limitations to the intensity of noise which the laws impose are indiscriminate and generally not enough to defend us adequately from the dangerous consequences.It may be necessary, thus, to use a device which provides a filter to sounds, as the sunglasses filter light. It could also become necessary and urgent to design such devices not only considering their usefulness, as in the case of the ear muffs which defend the workers from acoustic stress, but also considering their “design”.

They could be a precious or fashion object which could be worn with pride, pleasure, enjoyment.
Starting from this vision of such a possible future, we are proposing to all interested in collaborating,  to design or build an object which can be used for this purpose: protect our hearing–design devices with different shapes, with different filtering degrees for different needs.

These purposefully designed and built prototypes will be exhibited in December 2012 at Rad’Art (Mercato Saraceno), and published in a catalogue along with written descriptions.

FKL and Artéco reserve the possibility to organize, with the collected materials, further exhibitions, in Italy and abroad.
AURICOLI DA RUMORE is a metaphorical operation: the objects we will exhibit, even if they actually work, won’t be easily wearable at this moment. By simulating such a need, and designing such an object, we mainly intend to make us think about the existence of a real problem.
We wish to point out that we are not asking for a technologically efficient object: we are staying within a symbolic and poetic universe.
The sunglasses defend us from sunshine, which is a natural thing, and cannot be eliminated.
The Auricoli da Rumore, instead, should defend us from acoustic pollution, which is a typically human problem, and we wish that its solution will follow also different and more radical ways.

Please, send your work (objects, prototypes, projects and/or photos), together with a short written explanation and a short curriculum vitae ( preferably in Word), to this address by 09.30.2012:

Bando Auricoli da Rumore (BAR)
FKL – The Rad’Art Project / Artéco association
Casella postale 1227109
Ufficio postale di Piavola
Via Turati, 10
47025 Piavola di Mercato Saraceno (FC)


Simultaneously send an email
and/or: info@rad-art.org

For further information, please contact:
Francesco Michi, Italian coördinator FKL (Forum Klanglandschaft): michi@arteco.org
Anton Roca, art director The Rad’Art Project roca@arteco.org

Further information on the web sites:

Apg@Atl; The Airport Show APG photographers to be exhibited and promoted during Atlanta Celebrates Photography.The Show will feature One 6-image exhibition and Six 4-image exhibitions in the central atrium of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta.
There is no theme. Submissions should consist of a minimum of 6 images that work together as a group as well as being strong individual images.JUROR: Amy Miller, Executive Director of Atlanta Celebrates Photography.ACP is an annual city-wide festival held during the month of October with over 150 photo related exhibitions and events hosted by a diverse network of venues. ACP supports Atlanta’s emergence as an international center for photography

Link: http://apgphoto.org/download/2012/entryforms/airport-2012.pdf

Deadline: Sat Aug 4th, 2012


Atlanta Photography Group
75 Bennett Street
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
United States of America

Wrappz: Your Art on iPods, Phones, Laptops, Game Consoles

Call for Visual Artists and Graphic Designers: Wrappz
Deadline: Open Call, London

Wrappz produces premium vinyl covers for electronic devices such as ipods, laptops, phones and games consoles. They are looking to source work/designs from artists to offer their customers and create a new section on their website ‘Artists Corner’.

They are offering to pay a royalty on all units sold through the site. The Wrappz customer database is increasing weekly and through other mediums and will shortly have access to over 20 million customers. They can provide all templates to set your designs to and monthly reports to track all your sales.

If interested please contact Ben at ben@wrappz.com or phone 020 8462 5764. For more information visit their website http://www.wrappz.com

Artists–if you are interested in making royalty payments from images of your art printed on various products (such as the opportunity above), are you submitting your work regularly, on a weekly basis? There are thousands of opportunities out there! Our Art Licensing list for artists gives you the contact information you need submit your work regularly to opportunities you don’t even know exist! Get the list!

Brooklyn Museum Invites Artists To Register for Go Project

Brooklyn Museum Invites Brooklyn-Based Artists To Register For Go: A Community-Curated Open Studio Project

The Brooklyn Museum invites Brooklyn-based artists to register for GO: a community-curated open studio project.

During GO, Brooklyn-based artists will open their studios to the community on September 8-9, 2012. To participate, artists must have a studio in Brooklyn and be present during the open studio weekend. Registration closes June 29, 2012.

Community members registered as voters will visit studios and nominate artists for inclusion in a group exhibition to open at the Brooklyn Museum on Target First Saturday, December 1, 2012.

For eligibility, guidelines, and to register, please visit: http://www.gobrooklynart.org/participate/

Link: http://www.gobrooklynart.org/participate/artists

SOLD! In Our Amazon Store: Buddy Bolden Limited Edition Poster

Buddy Bolden’s Dream, by Chris Osborne

“Buddy Bolden’s Dream”

Buddy Bolden (1877-1931), the first Jazz horn player, popular from 1897 to 1907 in New Orleans, aka  “King” Bolden  never recorded his music (no Jazz cylinder has been found). The 1905 Cadillac featured in this painting, is a Model F 5-passenger touring car.  The young Louis Armstrong gazes at the cornet Buddy holds in his hand.  Posters advertising the King Bolden Band appear on the delivery wagon in the background.

Buddy Bolden’s Dream – Limited Edition of 800 Posters from original painting by Chris Osborne are available on Amazon.com via this link: http://amzn.com/B005H31IA6