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"He Urged Her to Abdicate," at John and Lynn's house

“He Urged Her to Abdicate,” at John and Lynn’s house; photo by John

A: Here’s one from my good friend John, who with his wife Lynn, owns four pastel paintings. I believe they discovered my paintings in 2000 at a gallery in Marin County (CA). John is talking about work from a previous series called, “Domestic Threats.”

The first time that I saw Barbara’s work in a gallery window I was instantly drawn to it… the intensity of color… examining the figures… my love of folk art… the furniture and other objects. Somewhere in the middle of all this the skewed perspective hit me. I was hooked.

What would visual artists do without appreciative collectors!

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Two Calls For Interactive Art

Sloane Studio Call For Video & Interactive Artists
SLOANE STUDIO a new gallery space within a space inhabits just over 700sq/ft of oneSan Francisco’s elite boutique nightclubs and première venues.

has the space, all they need now, is your unlimited creativity.

An exploration into the world of video technology and installation art,

SLOANE STUDIO invites guests and curious seekers to view and experience the visual

narratives of local artists through innovative new mediums.

SLOANE STUDIO facilitates ‘movement’ between SLOANE’s front and main rooms and

features 16 ft. walls — a pristine blank canvas for your work.

They are requesting calls for artists working in video and or interactive art by

emerging and/or student artists.

Projectors are already on hand, all they need is your work.

Welcome video and interactive artists in all stages of their career to submit work.

Submit images, plans or links for review at: submit@sloanesf.com

Link: http://www.sloanesf.com/

Deadline: Sun Oct 7th, 2012


1525 Mission Street

San Francisco, California 94102

United States of America

Engage: Detroit Interactive Art Exhibition

For a full prospectus, please visit:


Detroit Interactive Art Exhibition

October 5 – 27, 2012

Reception: Saturday, October 6, 2012 – 7-10pm

Whitdel Arts is seeking artists to participate in its first Detroit Interactive Art Exhibition.

This exhibition will feature a variety of interactive art in all media that allows the participant

to engage with the artwork to create a unique experience while allowing the art to achieve its objective.

They are seeking artwork that entices viewers to participate in the artwork by providing an input or

by becoming the input in order for the artwork to achieve its objective–work in any medium that allows

the participant to “walk” in, on, and around the piece. Other interaction may involve gesture talking, touching,

and biometric (face, finger print, voice recognition) input to allow the participant to become part of the artwork.

Work of all media is welcome, with interactive aspects that can be digital and/or analog methods.

Questions and inquiries can be sent to JenClare Gawaran (jenclare@whitdelarts.com)

or Gualberto Orozco (gualberto@whitdelarts.com).

Link: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0Bx0ib2UdDqMBLVVOX3ZBa2hJMEE

Deadline: Tue Aug 7th, 2012

Whitdel Arts

1250 Hubbard St., Suite B1

Detroit, Michigan 48209

City of Santa Monica Purchasing Existing Artworks for Sustainable Street Project

Santa Monica Pier, Beach, and city - Southern ...

Santa Monica Pier, Beach, and city – Southern California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even if you are not a California artist, it’s good to know that art is being purchased:
City of Santa Monica
Existing Artwork for the Longfellow Sustainable Living Street Project
Deadline for Submissions: Thursday, August 23, 2012 (rec’d by 5:00pm)
The City of Santa Monica Arts Commission, through its peer panel selection process, is seeking proposals from Los Angeles County-based artists for existing artwork for the Longfellow Sustainable Living Street Project.  The City of Santa Monica would like to purchase existing artwork that would complement the Longfellow Sustainable Living Street Project.
Proposals for site-specific commissioned artwork will only be accepted if the artwork can be produced within the project timeline and for a budget of $35,000 that covers the artist fee and design and fabrication costs.  Installation will be done by City contractors.
This competition is open to artists living and/or working in Los Angeles County.  The selected artist must be available to meet with City staff, the project team and City advisory boards and commissions.
The budget for existing artwork is $35,000. Artists may submit proposals for site-specific commissioned artwork that meets the project goals and the budget of $35,000 that includes artist fees, design, fabrication, delivery, insurance and any other costs.  The artwork will be installed by the City.
RFQ Released                             July 17, 2012 
Submission Due                            August 23 2012 (in office by 5:00pm)
Artist Proposal Selection               Week of September 10, 2012
Installation                                    Late Fall/Winter 2012**
The detailed REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS is available on the Cultural Affairs website: http://www.smgov.net/Portals/Culture/Public_Art_Program/Artist_Opportunities.aspx
For more information, please contact Malina Moore at (310) 458-8350 or at malina.moore@smgov.net .

Artist Book Project Now Accepting Submissions

This is an independent book publishing project that will not be of interest to all readers of this blog. I have not personally viewed any of these books. Some of you may find this information useful:

The Artist Book Project, designed to showcase artists, is a book project created by artist Jina Wallwork. Read about the project here. Two previously published books by Jina Wallwork may be viewed on the project blog here. Both books are available for purchase on Amazon.com.  One of the books titled Vision, may be viewed on Amazon.com here.

Jina Wallwork has exhibited artwork in galleries across the world, exhibiting with the finest in contemporary art such as Jeff Koons, Yoko Ono and Grayson Perry. She exhibited with John Baldessari, and was also featured in one of his artworks. Jina has a BA(Hons) Degree in Fine Art from Staffordshire University in England and has trained with other art establishments. Jina was also born with a unique perception that some would refer to as mysticism or clairvoyance.This spiritual influence is something that greatly impacts her art. Her visions have become embedded in her practice. This allows her to visually express complicated concepts from spirit such as the diagrams of the universe that can be found in her book Death and Rebirth, that contains 150 pages and sells for $23.00 on Amazon here.

Want your artwork  included in the Artist Book Project book that will be available for purchase from Amazon?

The theme is nature. Submit your creations inspired by nature so Jina can create a book of nature showcasing contemporary art. Submissions are now open. Send paintings, drawings, photos and go wild with the theme.  To be included in the project, all that she asks is a payment of $16 or £10 from each artist. Every artist can take part in the Artist Book Project– visit about the project and the submissions page for more details.

Producing the book

Once Jina has received your images, she will begin work  on the book which will be titled ‘Nature’. The book will be formatted using the professional standard software, Adobe Indesign. It will then be printed using Createspace a sister company of Amazon. This company will print the books using print on demand technology. All participating artists and customers will be able to purchase a copy of the book from Amazon in the United States and Europe.

The book

The book will be a full color paperback. 10″ x 7″ inches. This is a portrait format book, which might be worth keeping in mind as you select which piece of artwork you would like to include. The price of the book will be dependent on its size; it will be influenced by the number of artists that choose to take part in the project. If demand is very high, different volumes will be produced, so we can make sure each artist can be included. Each artist will receive one page each. The page will show the artist’s name, title of the image and a photograph of the artwork.

Jina Wallwork writes on how to use the ‘Artist Book Project’ to network and makes sales:

As an artist it is import to find relevant art business contacts. It is important to find people who believe in your work, and as a business person it is also important to find people who can assist you in turning your work into profit. As an artist you will already have some contacts from agents to art gallery owners, art bloggers and critics. Think of all of your useful contacts and then think of all the artists that will take part in the Artist Book Project, think of their contacts.

Once the book is published each artist that is involved will share the news with their contacts. When they purchase a copy of the book and discover all the other great artists that are included, that means you. Their contacts have now become your contacts. They can search the web for more information on the great artist they have discovered and they may give you your next career opportunity. The book becomes a tool for each artist, to promote all the other artists who take part.

Each artist will not make money directly from the artist book project. However, they will make money indirectly. Each artist will not receive profit from the sale of each book. However, the artist retains complete copyright of the work. The Artist Book Project will have permission to use the image in a single publication. This means that the book is promoting a piece of artwork where the artist owns the original work and owns the copyright. The more successful the book becomes the more it increases the value of the artwork depicted. Consider the current value of your work then consider the value once it has appeared in a published book. A publication will raise your status and how others perceive your work will alter. A lot of artists are successful because people consider their work to be an investment. Those artists cultivate that perception, encouraging others to believe that a work purchased will double in value in a space of five or ten years. Publications are one of those methods in which you convince others that you are going to be one of the greats. It enhances your CV and increases the chances of other opportunities.

Baang and Burne Contemporary Art Gallery, NY, Seeking New Artists to Represent

Baang and Burne Contemporary Call for New Artists 2012

For Baang and Burne Contemporary’s 2012 exhibition season, they’ve decided, once again, to do something a bit unconventional by hosting an international open call to artists.

Just to be clear, the are not doing an open call for a juried group exhibition–they’re looking to sign new artists to their gallery for inclusion in exhibitions, projects, and events for the 2012-2014 seasons.

They want to find artists whose work they admire, and help to promote and sell the work for the next two years. The fact that their art will be featured in an exhibition in New York City is really just the icing on a very sweet cake.

DEADLINE: August 15, 2012.

FEE: $45

Why the Fee?

Baang and Burns says: You learn a lot when you decide to open an art gallery. First lesson—everything costs much more money than you thought it would.

Bottom line: We need to charge a fee to cover our costs or we’d have to forget about doing the open call all together. In the end we decided we didn’t love the idea of charging artists money, but absolutely hated the idea of not getting to see the exciting work you are making. The lesser of two evils: We’re charging a $45 fee. A relatively small pill to swallow considering how much more opportunities you will have when you have a team behind you and your work.


Open to all artists, age 18+, who wish to be considered for a two-year representation contract with the gallery. All submitted artwork must be available and for sale.


Entries will only be accepted online:


Artists should submit 8 images of their most recent artwork, an artist statement (150 word maximum), a CV, and if possible a URL to their website.

Baang + Burne will only be accepting entries submitted through this system. E-mail or mailed submissions will not be accepted.


Every submission will be personally considered and reviewed by Baang + Burne Gallery Directors Kesha Bruce and Charlie Grosso and Associate Director Erin Skaryak.


Baang + Burne Contemporary is an unconventional art gallery directed by contemporary artists Kesha Bruce and Charlie Grosso.  Bang and Burne aims to challenge the premise of what an art gallery can be by engaging the world at large and presenting work that generates dialogue critically, socially, and culturally.

In the first 16 months of Baang + Burne Contemporary’s existence, we experimented with apartment shows, private “invitation only” events, and 6×6, an art version of a music festival. For 6×6 we presented six exhibitions in six weeks in Chelsea, NYC, bringing together unexpected alliances and partnerships from various creative fields outside the art world and from non-profit arts organizations.

Bang and Burne is committed to asking challenging questions and using the gallery to continually experiment — finding new solutions for both artists and collectors. Baang and Burne Contemporary is designed to continually challenge and constantly innovate. The Mission is to make art the agent and not merely the product.

So here you have it:  If that trips your trigger, send in your work. Let’s make something exceptional happen.


Contact the gallery by e-mail at press@baangandburne.com for more information or if you have questions regarding the open call, exhibitions, or this prospectus.

Call For Art, Photos, Writing for 1st Issue of New Magazine


For their début Fall/Winter 2012 edition, Momma Tried magazine is seeking writing, photography, and visual arts. Creative and visual perspectives on sexuality are highly encouraged, but not a requirement. Selected entries will be published in print and may also appear online. Momma Tried is published in New Orleans.

Momma Tried magazine will primarily publish works of creative non-fiction ranging from new journalism to essays to reviews to science writing and many categories in between. Momma Tried is  also interested in “collage” based writing such as lyric essays, prose poetry, and anti-fictions, built from scraps. Reality-based and genre-defying fiction are welcome as well. Please no submissions longer than 8,000 words. Files should be .doc or .pdf.

Visual Artists
Momma Tried magazine is particularly interested in submissions of photography, collage, painting and illustration. They are open to works outside of these categories as well. Please include a short explanation about your piece or an artist’s statement along with images of your work. All images should be in TIFF, GIF, or JPEG format and no bigger than 2MG. No more than 8 images per submission, please.

Disruptive Content
With the ad space that occupies most magazines, we will be developing what we call “disruptive content” by using those blocks of space on the page to add additional art, writing, and photos. Our disruptive content will in some cases be satirical fake adverts, references to projects that don’t actually exists, and things that otherwise compliment or contrast to the primary content on the page. If you are interested in submitting something for consideration as disruptive content, please specify this in your subject line.

Send all submissions to: submissions@mommatriedmagazine.com


Momma Tried Magazine New Orleans, LA
Deadline:  Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What is the ” Micro Mecenat ” Arts Funding Platform!?

Micro Mecenat is an online platform in Japanese and English that applies the concept of micro funding to artist posted  projects.

“Mecenat” is a French word taken from Maecenas, a historic character famous for supporting artists and poets in the Roman era. Therefore a Mecenat is a sponsor or patron of the arts.

Rather than do the standard Kickstarter campaign seeking US funders your art project, try Micro Mecenat to connect with Japanese funders.

View the recently completed and funded projects featured on the Micro Mecenat site.

Net Flag Interactive Digital Art Project

Screenshot of flag on Mark Napier’s Net Flag project July 28, 2012

In 2002 Mark Napier became one of the first artists commissioned by a major museum to create an online work for its collection.

net.flag, a public space/art project by Mark Napier, contains a constantly changing user-generated symbol of online nationhood. Any visitor can change the flag by choosing and arranging pieces of the international flags. Each flag lasts minutes, hours, or days until the next visitor alters or overwrites it.

net.flag is an ongoing online project

Mark Napier exhibits and sells limited edition prints of select individual flags from his net.flag project.

Visit the net.flag site here.

Art/Trek: Docu-Reality Series About Emerging Artists

I viewed some videos on the selection process for this, and video on artist studio visits for this NYC show. Now it seems that they are going national–if they can get the funding.

Art/Trek USA
Click HERE to be a backer!

Help Kick Start A Career!: Art/Trek USA
Art/Trek is going national with your help via Kickstarter!

Art/Trek NYC premiered January 9th 2012 on NYClife Channel 25 and now thry want to take it nation wide! In Season 1, one of the five artists won their first ever solo show as voted on by the audience via Twitter and Facebook.

Now for Season 2 Art/Trek is scouring the entire USA to give an emerging artist their big break.  And get this – the show was just accepted to the Ovation Channel VOD!

But to get there they need your help! - Click Here

Need more incentive? They are doing this in cooperation with the amazing non-profit - chashama.

 So please, help them help artists and be sure to tune in!


  Kickstarter Backer

 COMPANY (www.welcometocompany.com) is an online and offline community for Emerging Art.

If Only There Were More Art Collectors Like the Vogels

Cover of "Herb & Dorothy"

Cover of Herb & Dorothy

I’ve you’ve read art magazine for any length of time, you’ve probably encountered an article or two about the art collectors Herb and Dorothy Vogel.  There is even a documentary film about the couple, that you can find and view on Netflix. I wonder why more people don’t follow their example.

Unlike many collectors, the Vogels were not wealthy people. They lived and collected their entire lives on their salaries and their pensions. Mr. Vogel worked nights sorting mail at New York post offices, and his wife was a reference librarian in Brooklyn.

The Vogels did not sell a single piece they owned in nearly 50 years of collecting. “We could have easily become millionaires,” Mr. Vogel told the Associated Press in 1992. He meant by selling their art collection, then estimated to be valued well into the millions. The Vogels amassed more than 5,000 works of art, including drawings, paintings, sculptures and pieces that defied classification. Instead of selling, they gave their collection to the National Gallery of art.

When the Vogels began collecting art in the early 1960 — they were known to many in the art world simply as “Herb and Dorothy”.  The Vogels concentrated largely on collecting conceptual art and minimalism– difficult, edgy work, that stood apart from the better-known abstract expressionist and pop art movements.

Their first purchase was “Crushed Car Piece” by John Chamberlain, who made sculptures from wrecked auto parts. It was not the sort of art that was in strong demand.

The Vogels visited studios and became close friends with many artists, including Sol LeWittRichard Tuttle and the husband-and-wife duo of Christo and Jeanne-Claude. They were often the first collectors to open their wallets to buy from unknown artists.

Herbert Vogel died July 22. 2012 at a nursing home in New York City. He was 89.

I Want You Magazine Accepting Art Submissions

English: View of the entrance of the Seattle A...

English: View of the entrance of the Seattle Art Museum on First Avenue, downtown Seattle, Washington. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I Want You is an art magazine published and designed by Dumb Eyes design studio in Seattle, Washington, and published quarterly in full color, large format (9.95 x 13.5 inches) limited print edition with an expanded online edition.  Each page of the print edition consists of a single large format images from a series of each artist’s work and a url that leads you to their feature on iwantyoumagazine.com

I Want You magazine features a broad range of artists from around the world. I Want You magazine is looking for submissions–they request a link to your art or uploaded jpeg images of your work via a form on their site.

I Want You magazine is a free publication. Each print edition is limited to 1,000 copies and available at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Seattle Art Museum, and several other international locations in South America, Europe and Japan.

If you can’t pick one up, you can Order a free copy and only pay the shipping fee–order here

Dada Mail

Dada Mail – Write Once: Distribute Everywhere

Dada Mail

Dada Mail is a Contemporary Mailing List Manager. Dada Mail works brilliantly for opt-in subscription-based mailing lists.  Dada Mail is also a conceptual art project. [More Information]

Dada Mail can help you manage a mailing list, offers complete support, sends out mass mailings, keeps an archive of your messages and allows you to share your messages in lots of neat ways. Dada Mail runs on your web hosting account and you interact with it through your web browser.

Dada Mail is rich with features, but tries to Keep It Simple. Dada Mail is designed  for ease-of-use  and avoids extremely flashy hard-to-use features.

Dada Mail is designed to be installed, setup and understood by regular people who have websites, but has enough advanced features to entice more proficient users. If you’ve ever installed a bulletin board or web blog software, you should be able to install Dada Mail without too many problems.

Dada Mail is free software that you’re able to use, modify, share and enhance under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Powered by Dada Mail 4.4.2 Stable
Copyright © 1999-2011, Simoni Creative.

Art Butler + Try Selling You Art in Subscriptions?! + Art.sy

Limited edition three-dimensional album cover

Limited edition three-dimensional album cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Need to get better organized to increase your sales? Art Butler is a software to organize your art. Art Butler turns ten years old this month and offers 50% off their regular prices as part of their anniversary celebration.

Need an innovative idea to make regular quarterly sales of your art? Try setting up a subscription service on your website, in a way that is similar to a quarterly magazine subscription, except buyers subscribe to receive one of your limited edition artworks quarterly.  Spaces, an alternative exhibition space in Cleveland Ohio, has sent up such a subscription service. Review their  Quarter Art program as an example for you to follow and adapt to your needs. At Space an annual subscription is $500. A half-year subscription is $300. That is only $125 – $150 per limited edition art object by some of the artists they represent, including: Aaron KoehnSarah KabotLorri Ott and Michael Loderstedt. At Spaces an annual subscription is $500. A half-year subscription is $300. That is only $125 – $150 per limited edition art object. Subscribers quarterly art objects may be two-dimensional, three-dimensional or digital. Subscribers do not receive an image of the specific object in advance. The surprise is part of the fun for subscribers.

Signed up for Art.sy to discover art from over 250 of the world’s leading galleries and museums.

Share Your Art on Buddy of Work

Buddy Of Work

There’s an interesting blog by painter Henry Samelson that he calls Buddy Of Work. On Buddy of Work artists post an image of their primary work (painting, sculpture etc) alongside work that they consider peripheral yet wholly integral to their main body of work. Resulting in a gallery of art created in a wide variety of materials and styles, often accompanied by rather surprising reference images.

Buddy of Work has no imposed rules. Post your art along with other artists who have posted images that reveal their artistic practice.

Buddy of Work is such an interesting idea for a private form of social media exchange.  You could come up with a project of your own, or, share on Buddy of Work by adding your own art images. To add your art, visit the blog and click on the *New Post* button at upper right.

Contemporary Art Daily, ArtLife Magazine, Culture Radar

Keep up to date and world-wide art exhibitions on site Contemporary Art Daily, A Daily Journal of International Exhibitions. Contemporary Art Daily accepts submissions of current exhibitions for their consideration–read the guidelines here.

ArtLife Magazine limited edition monthly, describes itself as “the original and longest continually published artists’ periodical of the twentieth Century” published since 1981. The 25th anniversary issue was the final print edition. Back issues of the magazine are still available, and ArtLifeMagazine maintains an online presence, including art sales opportunities.

Culture Radar is another busy site that will help you keep up with museum and gallery exhibition news. Culture Radar has two taglines–We seek. You enjoy–and “tirelessly scanning the web for the best cultural events and deals. Subscribe to Culture Radar New York here .

Artist Created Foundations That Fund Artists

Jay DeFeo, with an unfinished The Rose, c. ear...

Jay DeFeo, with an unfinished The Rose, c. early 1960s. The Rose (1958–66) by Jay DeFeo, Whitney Museum of American Art The Rose (1958–66) by Jay DeFeo, Donald Goddard (2004) at abstract-art.com (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Artist-Endowed Foundations, many of which give grants to visual artists or operate gallery exhibition programs and other services for artists, include:

the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation which founded and gives on-going support of Change, Inc., which issues emergency grants to artists in need www.rauschenbergfoundation.org/  The Rauschenberg Foundation also has a Pinterest board where you can add images of your art inspired by Robert Rauschenberg–here is the link.

the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts www.warholfoundation.org/

the Krasner-Pollock Foundation makes grants to individual artists www.pkf.org/

Joan Mitchell Foundation makes grants to individual artists joanmitchellfoundation.org/

Willem de Kooning Foundation www.dekooning.org/

the Keith Haring Foundation www.haring.com/kh_foundation/

Robert Motherwell’s Dedalus Foundation, provides Master of Fine Arts Fellowships http://dedalusfoundation.org/index.php/site/motherwell/

Jerome Hill’s Jerome Foundation–grants to emerging artists http://www.jeromefdn.org/

the Morris Graves Foundation, conducts residency programs http://www.woodsidebrasethgallery.com/artists/morris-graves-foundation/

Other Artist foundations to research: the Adolph Gottlieb Foundation, Hans Hofmann Foundation, Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, Barnett and Annalee Newman Foundation,The Georgia O’Keeffe Foundation, George and Helen Segal Foundation, Aaron Siskind Foundation, Walter Lantz Foundation, Milton and Sally Avery Arts Foundation, the Herb Block Foundation, Charles E. Birchfield Foundation, Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in Fine Arts, Ezra Jack Keats Foundation, Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation, Richard Avedon Foundation, Calder Foundation, Jay DeFeo Trust, Lachaise Foundation, Jacob and Gwendolyn Lawrence Foundation, Roy Lichtenstein Foundation, Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, Mandelman-Ribak Foundation, Inge Morath Foundation, Niki Charitable Art Foundation, Fredrick and Frances Sommer Foundation, Stillman-Lack Foundation, Camargo Foundation, Edward Gorey Charitable Trust.

The Aspen Institute offers a 2 volume report of artist endowed foundations–here.

Get A Free Copy of the Art Newspaper



Art (Photo credit: karen_neoh)

Yes, that’s right–the Art Newspaper is mailing out free print copy samples internationally. All you have to do is complete their simple form by filling in your name and address here. Then wait to receive your copy in the mail. I’ve subscribed to their online edition in the past, and I think the subscription was about $75.USD, so excited to learn that I can get a look at a print copy of this high quality UK publication for free.


Jealous Gallery–most of their sales are online

United Kingdom: stamp

United Kingdom: stamp (Photo credit: Sem Paradeiro)

Jealous Gallery has a physical exhibition space in London, yet most of their sales are online.  The people at Jealous Gallery are art dealers and publishers with an exhibition program. Since they sell mostly prints–both secondary market and their own editions–they have a shopping basket on their site. I counted 7 email contacts listed on the Jealous Gallery site!  If Jealous Gallery is a good fit for you and your art they certainly make it easy to contact them. Jealous Gallery is just one of hundreds listed in our International Gallery list PDF under UK Galleries. We also have an extensive list of 900+ Places to Sell Your Art which includes UK art sales sites.

Originally posted on :

Between consumption on visual culture and production of ‘desires’

The contemporary theory of visual society shows that visual images (digital and analog forms) are not completely ‘free’ and play a primary role in trade within modern societies. Today, it seems that art is expected to have (thick) financial value to supply the art market. By this logic, visual discourses have a primary role in the functioning of commercial strategies of the ads. Images take a central role in visual commodity society (culture) and its artistic ‘value’ depends on the constant production of goods, on behalf of their ‘function’.

View original 537 more words

6 New Artist Opportunities and Calls to Submit


The Autonomous Zone project is open-ended allowing artists to propose the project they would like to see happen with assistance from CAZ to provide the space for ideas and ambitions to be realized.  http://www.cazart.org.uk/content/autonomous-zone


Call for entries for GLITZ: art that sparkles, USA. National Juried Exhibition, Indoor and Outdoor Works, cash awards. Glitz seeks works that contain over-the-top embellishments, elements, colors, and designs. Artists that create art that sparkles, twinkles, shines, glitters, glistens, and gleams are encouraged to respond to this call. Deadline: July 31, 2012 — For more information, click here.


Stigmart/10 Open Call For Under-35 ArtistsEvery year stigmart/selects 10 worldwide artists under 34 years of age.stigmart/10 strongly encourages artists whose works present a synesthetic approach to art, regardless of the medium used, stimulating a dialog between different cultures and artistic focus.

 Each selected artist will be featured in our annual 2012/13 net-issue, including an interview, a 500 words statement, photo portrait and image sample of the work.
There are 4 categories to submit works to:



Please send to stigmart@europe.com your CV, a photography of your work (PAINTING, PHOTOGRAPHY, INSTALLATION) or a video link (VIDEOART, PERFORMANCE, INSTALLATION);
a 500 words or less statement.

Please send your CV and an image/video link of your work via email or your submission will not be considered.

No entry fees are required. Only selected artists will pay a €9 contribute to stigmart/10.

any question, please contact us.





Idmaa 2012: Fast Forward – Perspectives On The Future Of Digital Media And Arts Nov. 8-10, 2012 (#Idmaa2012).The tenth annual International Digital Media and Arts Association Conference, will be held November 8-10, 2012 in Miami, Florida. iDMAa invites you to share your perspectives on the future of digital media and arts.Accepting submissions for presentations and panel proposals until September 7, 2012. To ensure rich dialog and exchange, we ask that presentations conform to 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide format. (See the link on pecha kucha http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pecha_Kucha format for more information). Authors interested in organizing panel discussions will need to submit an abstract and vita for each panel participant.

The conference will include keynote speakers, lively pecha kucha presentations, a juried art exhibition highlighting creative research in interactive media and digital arts, topical discussions focused both on future of digital media in the industry and also evolving pedagogies in academia.

Call for Papers and Projects:
Interested in all ideas related to the future of digital media and arts. Creative research that demonstrates the convergence of different disciplines, media, cultures, and technologies is particularly encouraged. The conference will contain several tracks of programming that expand on the conference theme in the following areas:

  • Digital/interactive literature
  • Algorithmic art
  • Motion graphic design
  • Video game design/theory/research
  • Digital humanities
  • Novel human-computer interfaces
  • History of digital art
  • Data visualization
  • Digital media and arts pedagogy/curriculum
  • Social media
  • Online/mobile advertising and marketing

All abstracts will be refereed for acceptance and should report on the results of creative or research projects that explore innovative areas of new media (design, art, tools, education, etc.) and will be posted as is on the conference website.

Submission guidelines:

1. Submit your abstract (maximum 500 words) online (http://www.formstack.com/landing/9100) as a word document by September 7, 2012. Panel proposals should be submitted as one file.

2. All abstracts should follow the formatting conventions found in the latest edition of the Chicago Manual of Style (documentary note).

3. Authors will be notified via email of their submissions’ status by approximately September 14.

4. Authors should confirm attendance by October 12.

5. To be reviewed for possible publication in The Journal of the International Digital Media and Arts Association selected conference proceedings, accepted papers of no more than 3500 words must be submitted in their final form (as a word document using your last name in the file name) by December 21. Details forthcoming at http://www.idmaa.org/idmaa2012/.

All conference sessions will take place in Miami, Florida. The conference hotel is the Marriott Courtyard Downtown. The Miami International Airport (MIA) is served by most major airlines and shuttle or taxi service is available.


Deadline: Fri Sep 7th, 2012


WYNG Masters Award Hong Kong: call for submissions, Hong Kong / International. The WYNG Masters Award, Hong Kong’s first significant photography prize, was launched in May 2012 with a series of programs, a dedicated website, and an international open call for submissions of photographic works. Deadline: August 31, 2012 — For more information, click here.


Ode To BlueCall for artists: Ode To BLUE

 “Ode To Blue” theme for this exhibition was inspired by Sharon Edmunds’ painting “Scheherazade’s Moon #6″
You’ll find her work on “A painters passage”, http://www.sharon-edmunds.com/Here’s how it works:
Accepted art will be posted an online exhibition.
The posted exhibition will feature all the colors of BLUE in paintings, drawings, collage, mixed media, by contemporary artists.
Artists, email Erica (eric.adama.info@gmail.com) one good quality image of a predominantly blue painting with title, year, dimensions and medium; and link to your website and/or blog.

The painting (..) must be an original work by you, the artist; and it must be “your Ode To the color BLUE”.
Images accepted from now through August 20. 
l’ll post the online exhibition after August 20 with links to your blog or website.
I’m looking forward to your contributions.


Deadline: Mon Aug 20th, 2012