The Woman Artist Who Painted Abstractly Before Kandinsky

This woman artist made abstract paintings a couple of years ahead of Kandinsky, yet her paintings were not discovered until 1985. Hear the full story in this video–

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Yesterday, I posted about the art site eatsleepdraw. While viewing art on eatsleepdraw, I noted repeated references to ArtSnacks, an art supply subscription service. Artists love art materials but perhaps hate the hours spent in art supply stores or online suppliers sites searching for just the right tool.  ArtSnacks feeds that love of the hunt but helps you cut down on time waste with monthly sampling of artist materials

. How clever! ArtSnacks subscription service delivers art supplies to your studio door!

Normally, I receive offers of blog posts in exchange for art products, but this time I bypassed that and went ahead and subscribed to ArtSnacks.

Success! Thanks so much for subscribing to ArtSnacks!

Here are some questions you might have:

I just signed up for a ArtSnacks subscription – what will I receive?

Each month you’ll receive a box full of 4-5 art products to enjoy. Each box will include a different mix of goodies like pens, pencils, markers, inks, brushes, paints, and more.

When will I get my first ArtSnacks box?

If you signed up before the cutoff date (the 20th of each month) you’ll receive your ArtSnacks this month! We ship ArtSnacks on the 1st of each month and you can see details on shipping below. If you signed up after the 20th, you’ll receive your first box next month – and we promise it will be worth the wait :)

When will my ArtSnacks ship?

ArtSnacks are sent every month, like clockwork. We’ll start sending out boxes on the 25th(ish) of each month.

Will you tell me what is coming in my box ahead of time? Can I choose?

No, we won’t tell you, we like surprises. But we definitely want to know if you have ideas for future boxes. Send us an email with a link to a cool art product and well consider it for the future.

Whats your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription via the account page at any time. To cancel your subscription, just login to your account, click on Manage Membership and hit Delete Account. You will still receive the ArtSnacks you have already paid for but your subscription will not be renewed the next time it expires.

For any other questions, or to get in contact with us, please feel free to email us directly at

Submissions: Gallery Gray


Gallery Gray represents a rather eclectic stable of artists and exhibits their work in both online solo and group exhibitions.

Gallery Gray Dustin M Price Gallery Director/Curator, takes submissions on a rolling basis. To submit for a Solo or Group Show email: If you would like to propose an online solo or group exhibition, email an artist bio and/or artist statement 1-3 jpeg images 300 dpi no larger than 7″ in any direction, and/or a link to your website to:

For more gallery calls for submissions click here.

Submit your artwork to EatSleepDraw


The thoughtfully curated site eatsleepdraw, is THE place to submit your art. Scroll through the blog to see  incredible work in all kinds of mediums, made by artists all over the world.

What makes this site unique is that they publish art about once every hour, 24 hours a day, Everyday. eatsleepdraw is the largest user submitted blog on Tumblr, which means that if your work gets selected, you will reach a wide audience!

All thy  ask from contributors is that all the drawings, doodles, paintings, and sketches be 100% made by you.

All posts will be approved before being live on the site.


  • eatsleepdraw receives about one thousand submissions every week.
  • eatsleepdraw has  5 moderators, with totally different tastes in art, approving people’s artwork.
  • Approved artwork is sent to the queue for auto posting.
  • Approximately every 60 minutes a new piece of art is automatically posted to the top of the website.
  • Approved artwork might take between 20-30 days to be posted on the site. So please be patient :)

This gratis list from Artist Marketing Resources includes more Tumblr blogs that accept artist submissions.

Smitsy: CALL FOR ARTISTS – Submit to Art E-Commerce Start Up Site

blogSmitsy Logo

Alex Joa is in the process of starting up a new art e-commerce site and has recently opened the site up for artist submissions. He asked me to post this call for artists to submit.


We are launching a start-up aimed at promote emerging and established artists.

The name of my start-up is Smitsy and the URL is

Our initial plans are to develop broader awareness for our artists as well as to facilitate online sales.

To apply to be part of the initial launch, please email Alex at and include:

• Resume including date of birth and contact details

• One-page artist statement and bio

• 3 – 5 high quality images of available works and relevant details such as medium, year made, dimensions

No application or listing fees.

How to size your images for social media: A cheat sheet

Last week, artist Harriete Estel Berman sent me a tweet asking me to share some information she discovered – a guide to images for social media titled: How to size images on social media: A cheat sheet.

Harriete stated that it “Usually it takes me multiple tries till I figure out what size image will  work…a huge waste of time. Next time, I will refer to this chart.This cheat sheet is a super fantastic resource because it removes the trial and error in creating a fabulous background or header. An eye-catching image is a great way to build visibility for your art or crafts creating a personal style across all platforms. For artists and makers this is absolutely essential!”

Infographics may be all the rage, but this one is actually useful. The Cheat Sheet was created by LunaMetrics—who invite you to print it out and share. View the entire Cheat Sheet sizing chart here.

Includes image sizing for all the biggies–Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIN. Here is just the upper part of the Cheat Sheet:

Screen shot 2013-02-22 at 7.11.52 AM

Did Fashion Designer Rip-Off Artists?

I learned in Maria Brophy’s newsletter article an-open-letter-to-jeremy-scott-did-you-rip-off-artist-jim-phillips, that a popular Santa Cruz California artist, who has licensed his work to several companies, appears to have had his work copied (some with changes in the artwork) and printed on clothing by a fashion designer–unknown to the artist!

This High Snobriety article contains many details and images of the clothing printed with artwork side-by-side with the Jim Phillips licensed art.

What I learned from the Ted talk in the video below, is that there are many industries that cannot copyright their work. Here is a video transcript excerpt:

“You know, it’s not just the fashion industry that doesn’t have copyright protectionThere’s a bunch of other industries that don’t have copyright protection, including the food industry. You cannot copyright a recipe because it’s a set of instructions, it’s fact, and you cannot copyright the look and feel of even the most unique dish. Same with automobiles. It doesn’t matter how wacky they look or how cool they look, you cannot copyright the sculptural design. It’s a utilitarian article, that’s why. Same with furniture, it’s too utilitarian. Magic tricks, I think they’re instructions, sort of like recipes: no copyright protection. Hairdos, no copyright protection. Open source software, these guys decided they didn’t want copyright protection. They thought it’d be more innovative without it. It’s really hard to get copyright for databases. Tattoo artists, they don’t want it; it’s not cool. They share their designs. Jokes, no copyright protection. Fireworks displays, the rules of games, the smell of perfume: no. And some of these industries may seem sort of marginal to you, but these are the gross sales for low I.P. industries, industries with very little copyright protection, and there’s the gross sales of films and books.” (Applause) It ain’t pretty.”

Watch this video for some eye-opening information–

Videos: Viral Branding with Artist Greg Rivera

In this video Greg Rivera talks about the development of his website, blog, e-commerce and the importance of direct contact with customers for sales for his art t-shirts–



An earlier interview with Greg Rivera shows an earlier stage of his development toward a successful brand -

A segment of a social network

A segment of a social network (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome to 4art!


ArtReview is delighted to announce the launch of its new and improved social network site

A platform designed solely for and with its members in mind,  acts simultaneously as a professional resource, project facilitator and creative talent scout. 4art features editorial content in the form of industry listings, interactive art projects and competitions, and a regular featured showcase of four selected artists.

We wish to take this moment to encourage you to participate in the ongoing development and production of the site. We look forward to your suggestions, your participation in our projects and your overall involvement in working with us to create a truly vibrant and useful artists’ network.

Warm Regards,

ArtReview 4art



Women Painters West Accepting Applications for Membership

Now Accepting Applications for Membership
Applications due by March 30, 2013

For application forms and more information about WPW
Please visit:
To download an application,
Click on “join”  tab

For more information, please see website:
or email:
Diane Karpel, Membership Chair:

Alternative Exhibition Spaces and Press

NYU exhibition program- Broadway Windows

NYU exhibition programs Broadway Windows

Broadway Windows and Washington Square Windows are New York University exhibition program spaces.

The two Steinhardt Windows Galleries: Broadway Windows at Broadway and East 10th Street, and Washington Square Windows, on the east side of Washington Square Park will continue to feature professional artists. Contact Peter Campus with your proposal.


Art Resources Transfer, a non-profit organization committed to documenting and supporting artists’ voices and work, and to making these voices accessible.

Since its founding in 1987, Art Resources Transfer has established A.R.T. Press primarily to publish books based on artist to artist conversations. The conversation format permits an informal investigation of the artists’ practice and the larger social issues that inform it. By virtue of their clarity, personal focus, affordability, and innovative method of distribution, these books make possible the presentation of contemporary artists and their work to a wide readership.

Find a gratis PDF list of art publications here, and more exhibition spaces and galleries here.

The Media Directory Launch March 2013

The Media Directory, launching in March 2013, is a Media Industry & Performing Arts Networking Directory & Job Listings Website. A great resource for anyone looking to either find a job or make more connections in a creative industry, the website has the contacts, the jobs and the website for you to search & build relationships to further your career.

Film/TV/stage, Music, Photography, Dance, Comedy, Art, Radio & More.

Website logo

Functions of the site include:

Searching their extensive & forever growing media industry & performing arts e-directory. Thousands of contacts in Film/TV/Stage, Music, Photography, Comedy, Dance, Art, Radio & More. Contacts include: Company Address, telephone, email, website address, social media links & a company synopsis. Save contacts to your favourites for ease & future use

 Build a profile/portfolio/timeline with their step by step guide. Input the URL for your social media accounts and see your music, videos, photographs, blogs, tweets & posts automatically transfer to your timeline and paste your CV in your about me section for employers to see your skills.

Start a topic in our forums. Discuss media events. Promote your own work. What ever you wish to talk about. Then here you can. Network and build friendships.. Then add each other as friends if you require a personal conversation.

Post a job for free!

Membership Costs:

Pay As You Go: £2.95 a month for as long as you want it… No cancellation fees and no additional costs after subscription.
The Year Deal: £19.95 for a full years subscription. There are no additional costs. That price is for full use of The Media Directory.

You can sign up here, as well as follow them on Facebook


CALL FOR ART – Women’s Rights: An Artist’s Perspective

An ideologically correct name would improve se...

An ideologically correct name would improve self-image. Poster reads: “Hail the emancipated women of the USSR” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

CALL FOR ART – Women’s Rights: An Artist’s Perspective is pleased to announce the first call for art Women’s Rights: An Artist’s Perspective in support of Women’s Rights and the passage of the ERA. Artists can become part of the Celebration and effort to ratify the ERA through expressing their voices and showcasing their art! Please support this cause and send your art!

PROSPECTUS: is looking for art that speaks to, examines and explores the social, political and economic issues related to women’s activism — seeking art (all media) that expresses the women’s perspective on issues of women’s rights, political rights, reproductive rights, the ERA and issues of societal control which can range from literal to poetic, abstract to representational, and psychological, to social and political commentary. Submit work that explores the concepts of being a woman in today’s global society and how social constructs define your experience whether internal, external, imagined or imposed, and how it defines and shapes our identities, relationships, ideas and politics. Artists are encouraged to interpret this theme broadly; submit works that have resonance and meaning to you. will present these issues in visual form, creating a public forum for action, reaction, and informed discussion.

Women’s Rights: An Artist’s Perpective

Artists: Adding Motion to Your Art and Art Marketing Process

Most artworks in exhibitions and on artist websites are displayed as static objects after completion of the process. Many artists and artisans make and offer commissions of artworks, such as jewelry and woodwork items on sites like Custom Made and others, allowing opportunities for buyer involvement in the process. Yet most buyers will take delivery on purchased works without seeing the process of production. Today, as in the past, many artists have found ways to incorporate motion and process into exhibiting their artworks.

Nearly a century ago, in the 1920′s, Marcel Duchamp “challenged conventional thought about artistic processes and art marketing….through subversion actions.” Wikipedia

In 1920, Duchamp created  Rotary Glass Plates (Precision Optics) and the Rotary Demisphere two kinetic constructions. Simply stated, by adding motion and movement to his artwork, Duchamp created a marketing sensation.

Duchamps rotary demisphere 1925

Duchamp’s rotary demisphere 1925

Duchamp, Rotary Galss Plates (Precision Optics) 1920 (in motion)

Duchamp, Rotary Glass Plates (Precision Optics) 1920 (in motion)

Duchamp, Rotary Glass Plate (Precision Optics) 1920 (stopped motion)

Duchamp, Rotary Glass Plate (Precision Optics) 1920 (stopped motion)

In Duchamp’s kinetic piece Rotary Glass Plate (Precision Optics), the cleverness of his use of the word *precision* in the title of this rudimentary wood construction may draw the viewer in to think more about the device. Some may even detect a note of humor in such a title.  Whether by necessity or by design, artist Eske Rex used a similar unfinished wood construction for his recent Drawing Machine, featured in the video below. The Rex exhibition of drawings incorporates his kinetic drawing machine, thereby adding the unexpected to the art show and  making for an exciting and attention-getting whole


The site CreativeApplications.Net reports innovation and catalogs projects, tools and platforms at the intersection of art, media and technology. CreativeApplications has offered workshops in how to create small simple tabletop kinetic drawing devices. Artists may also submit their own projects to CreativeApplications.

I especially like the Creative Applications curated *On the Web* section featuring a special collection of projects, including the simple yet amazing–

The Beautiful Thing That Happens When You Project Video Onto Falling Snow


Skeletubes Niche Market


Last year I posted a video showing items from some interesting niche markets created by artists. Yesterday I happened to find an unusual niche art market on Pinterest. 

Skeletubes are one-of-a-kind paintings on vintage television tubes produced by artist Noah Scalin. Each hand-painted Skeletubes artwork sells from $45-$200.

The artist’s Skull-A-Day blog features skull art submissions from readers, and a weekly giveaway. There’s even been a book published about the Skull-A-Day project.

If you’d like to submit your own skull art, read the submission guidelines here:

Submit to the Recession Art Show

Open Call For Recession Art’s Facts And Fictions Submissions are open for Facts and Fictions, our Spring 2013 show at Recession Art and the Invisible Dog.Deadline Monday March 11, 11:59pm

Facts and Fictions, curated by co-founder and Art Director, Ani Katz, will present works that explore themes of fiction, narrative, storytelling, and the tension between what is true and what is real.

In a photograph, your friend is no longer your friend; he is a pattern of light and shadow and geometry on a piece of paper or a screen, and nothing about him exists beyond the discrete parcel of time in which you made the exposure. There is a fiction in every photograph. However, just because something isn’t true doesn’t mean it can’t be real. One can see and believe in ways that have nothing to do with truth.

Facts and Fictions welcomes work in all media and a variety of presentations, with a particular focus on photographic and lens-based work, artist books, and other narrative media.


Deadline: Sun Mar 10th, 2013


Recession Art / The Invisible Dog
47 and 51 Bergen St
Brooklyn, New York 11201
United States of America

2 New Sites: Art Contests + Gallery Submissions

Photomontage - Composite of 16 different photo...

Photomontage – Composite of 16 different photos which have been digitally manipulated to give the impression that it is a real landscape. Software used: Adobe Photoshop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Art Contest Magazine is free to join Ning site. Art Contest Magazine has 5 open contests, two are for Photoshop based art and design work.


Huuta art , a larger site, requires that you buy a pass to submit to the gallery opportunities there. A two-day pass is $2., and there are options for weekly and monthly passes.