More Art Sold Online than in Brick and Mortar Galleries

The Saatchi Gallery was based at County Hall 2...

The Saatchi Gallery was based at County Hall 2003–2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to this BBC article, more art is sold online than in galleries. This is the first I’ve read of this. Over the past few years there has been an ongoing debate, and even a snobbery perhaps against online galleries. It seems the tides have turned!

Read this article, including a quote regarding Saatchi online gallery sales vs physical gallery sales—

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Artist Opportunity: Fluctuations Print Exchange, Deadline July 19th

Submissions are now open for the first Recession Art Print Exchange, Fluctuations—the theme of the print exchange will be the very idea of exchanging; fluctuations between giving and receiving.

19 artists will be selected to participate in creating original prints in an edition size of 21. Each participant will receive their own complete portfolio of this exchange, and the additional prints will be on view during a reception that will be held on September 27th 2013.

In each artist’s submission, submit a clear proposal of the print including images (sketches, collages, photos) of the proposed work or images of previous work if necessary.

All prints must conform to the dimensions of 11″ x 14″ (approximately 1/4 of a standard sheet of industry printmaking paper).

All printmaking processes will be considered for this print exchange, though digital prints must also contain one or more hand-pulled elements in the final artwork. We encourage innovative, mixed media approaches to printmaking.

The print exchange is open to artists living within the United States and overseas. Portfolios can be sent by mail to each recipient or can be picked up at our location in Brooklyn. Each artist is responsible for the cost of shipping.

Deadline for submission : July 19th, 11:59 pm

Prints must be delivered to 47 Bergen St, Brooklyn NY by September 20th, 7:00 pm

Reception at 47 Bergen St: September 27th, 7:00-9:00 pm

Recession Art
47 Bergen Street
Brooklyn, New York 11201
United States of America

Hellsheart Call for Entries: Get Your Art Shown in a Feature Film



You must be a member of to upload submissions. Membership is free and open to artists globally.

Deadline: July 10, 2013

Get your artwork shown in a feature film and a Brooklyn, NYC art exhibition #callforentries #hellsheart #brooklynart

How To Enter

1. Your piece should explore any of the following themes: Hell, Afterlife, Spirituality, Love, Symbolism, and Catholic Iconography. Feel free to make a new piece or submit one you already have. Any size.

2. Upload the artwork to and include the tag#hellsheart. You must be a member of to upload submissions. Membership is free and open to artists globally.




New Book: ART-WRITE, The Writing Guide for Visual Artists


ART-Write, The Writing Guide for Visual Artists, written by Vicki Krohn Amorose, helps guide artists through the process as they write their artist statements, exhibition announcements, press releases, cover letters, blog posts, biographies, social media posts, and much more. Author Vicki Krohn Amorose has a writing background that includes professional positions as Educational Media Writer, Advertising Copywriter, Art Instructor, and Art Gallery Manager.

I read a print copy of her book, which is also available for Amazon Kindle readers and other readers, and found it an excellent resource guide for artists, and much needed! I glided through the chapters, thanks to the no-nonsense writing style of the author. I will return to the book again and again for the writing exercises and prompts.

Author Vicki Krohn Amorose (VKA) agreed to answer questions about her book for the artists who read the Artist Marketing Resources (AMR) blog—

AMR: Vicki, let me share an excerpt from an artist statement sent to me recently —”My work explores the fragility of the human form to delineate cartography of imagined histories and understand the body as a cynosure.”  The word cynosure is used frequently in contemporary art writing. Should artists use a word because others use it? Besides those *at the moment* words, I sometimes read exhibition announcements written in a style copied and re-copied from decades past. How can artists avoid extremes–the miming of the latest or staying stuck in the past? What is “Art Speak” and how does ART-Write, The Writing Guide for Visual Artists help artists to write about their work honestly and in “plain language.”

VKA: I am wholeheartedly opposed to artists using “Art Speak” in their written communications, and the word “cynosure” falls into that category. Art Speak is the vernacular of elite Art-Worldlings, often invented and repeated to impress each other. When writing about your own art, the question shouldn’t be, “Do I sound erudite?” Rather, it should be, “Does my writing help the viewer to see, and does it encourage them to look again?” Art Speak tends to have the opposite effect on the reader/viewer; people furrow their brows and walk away.

I think artists continue to echo phrases because it’s difficult to find comprehensive, current instruction on this subject. I wrote my book to help fill that deficit, and my “no-nonsense” writing style was very deliberate. We can write about the complex subject of individual art in clear, straightforward language.

AMR: The writing exercises in ART-Write, The Writing Guide for Visual Artists helped me think of new ways to write about my work. Please explain the purpose of the writing exercise for artists who say “I don’t explain my work” or “I can’t explain my work.”

VKA: It’s so common to hear artists resist in this way, and I believe this comes from confusion about what is required of them. An artist statement is not a full translation of a visual concept into a written document! Of course you can’t do that, it’s a ridiculous idea. The exercises are designed to bring about the thinking required to connect with an audience. Thinking about your own work can spin off in a thousand directions, so the prompts are a way to reign-in the confusion and develop truthful sentences.

AMR: When and how should artists “name drop” in their writings?

VKA:  Referencing another artist is tricky, because you always want to direct the viewer’s attention to the work in front of them –your work. If you want to mention an artistic influence, make sure you describe how you were specifically inspired. Don’t just “name drop” to fluff your credibility.

AMR: Do you prescribe a structure for writing an artist statement?

VKA: Yes, structure in writing helps to hold the reader’s attention, and I give examples of 3 different structures. These are not complicated. One structure is storytelling. Both art and storytelling are deeply rooted in the human psyche. People find connection through stories.

AMR:  And how do artists know when to put personal details into their statement or instead put those personal details into their bio?

VKA: Again, we come back to what is directly in front of the audience. The artist statement says: “People, meet my art.”  The artist Bio says: “People, meet the artist.” Unless the work in front of the audience is biographical or humorous, keep those details out of your statement and put them in your Bio.

AMR: Can artists buy a book directly from you?

VKA: Yes, and I welcome comments at Thank you for your interest in my book, Marie. I sincerely want the information to reach the visual artists who need it.

Seep, painting by Vicki K. Amorose

Seep, painting by Vicki K. Amorose

Let's Become Like Birds, 2013, 48" diameter, oil with 23k gold, red gold and moon gold on MDF panel.

Financing New Work; Artist Karen Fitzgerald On The Success of Her USA Project

Financing New Work

Over the past seven years, I’ve been incorporating gilding into my work.  Gold is embedded in the core of our civilization, its dynamic energy often signals something beyond the purely physical.  The precious metals I gild with indicate a quality of energy that expands beyond our physical world, a quality that is metaphysical and transformative.  As a traditional painter (in that I apply paint to a substrate, embracing the long history of pictorial space)  gilding processes brought a new focus to the work, as well as integrating a new level of language into my work.

Let's Become Like Birds, 2013, 48" diameter, oil with 23k gold, red gold and moon gold on MDF panel.

Let’s Become Like Birds, 2013, 48″ diameter, oil with 23k gold, red gold and moon gold on MDF panel.

For several years I had an idea in the back of my mind to do a suite of work gilded exclusively in different types of gold.  It’s one of the more expensive materials to work with; I knew I had to find a funding source to support the new work.  I’d investigated the crowd-funded phenomenon and decided to see if it might work for me.  My project launched on February 18, 2013, with USA Projects.  It closed on April 27, having raised over $8,000, from nearly 100 supporters.

The Watchman He Lay Dreaming, 2013, 48" diameter, oil with moon gold and 23k gold on MDF panel.

The Watchman He Lay Dreaming, 2013, 48″ diameter, oil with moon gold and 23k gold on MDF panel.

The backstory is a bit deeper than the facts suggest.  I began seriously preparing to do the project in September of 2012.  I wrote a grant that included a much more modest aspect of crowd-funding, as well as working with a different organization.  The grant was unsuccessful, which suggested to me that I needed to up my game if I was to get to the ultimate point of funding the materials needed for my new work.  I began putting together a set of “perks” – essentially, gifts I could give donors who supported the project at different levels.  I created an edition of etchings as a perk.  I assembled an inventory of original works on paper that could fit the perk levels.   Finally, I began to draft the text that would convince someone to send me money.   The project ran during a time when I was doing a great deal of consulting work – without being at the studio, I was able to spend up to 3 hours every day working at the funding goal of the project.

Little Sun, 2013 7" diameter, oil with 23k gold on prepared paper, 19"x16" overall.

Little Sun, 2013 7″ diameter, oil with 23k gold on prepared paper, 19″x16″ overall.

“From the Core” is now in full production.  To date I’ve created a dozen works.  Each piece explores an aspect of energy that resides at the core of our selves.  Dreaming energy, transformation energy, the energy of the sun and moon, oppositional energy; energies we experience and negotiate, navigate and attest to.  For several months during the Spring I was flooded with the energy of feeling very “normal”.  As an artist, I have often experienced the pull between studio time and money – they are some sort of co-equivalent, an Einsteinian reality for all artists who pay as they go, keeping themselves afloat and their studio work moving forward.  For several months, my “normal” landed outside that potentially explosive co-equivalency of money/studio time.  I had both, simultaneously.  I could simply work; pick up the phone and order supplies, not think about juggling finances to afford what I’d just requested.

Little Pink Moon, 2013, 7" diameter, oil with 18k gold and copper on prepared aper, 19"x16" overall.

Little Pink Moon, 2013, 7″ diameter, oil with 18k gold and copper on prepared paper, 19″x16″ overall.

So, I’m curious.  I’m wondering if you think these new paintings look like they were produced in the lap of luxury, the lap of “not lacking in financial support”.  Do they look flaccid in their comfort zone?  Or do they stand up, their strength apparent.  Like the mocking birds throwing themselves into the air, wings flashing along with that cascade of changing song, I think these new paintings do that.  Their voice is one of oceanic gladness.  They come from that core of the imagination that returns all of us to the core of joy we had when we were children.

-Karen Fitzgerald © 2013

Karen Fitzgerald’s studio is located in Northern Long Island City, one block from the Socrates Sculpture Park.  She frequently provides basic gilding workshops at her studio. Fitzgerald Art website

New Material Art Fair Miami: Has Two Options for Individual Artists To Enter

December 5-8, 2013

During Art Basel and located two doors down from AQUA, the New Material Art Fair Miami premiers this December 2013

The focus of NEW MATERIAL is to expose brave departures in the practices of established and mid-career artists and galleries; particularly bodies of work unfettered by trends, and to date untested in the commercial realm.

NEW MATERIAL is the most recent addition to the satellite fairs concurrent with Art Basel, premiering this December 2013 at the recently renovated, 30-room boutique Eva Hotel.

Located two doors from the Aqua Art Fair, NEW MATERIAL will occupy the entire hotel, showcasing artists and galleries engaged in our premise.


There are two ways for individual artists to apply to participate in NEW MATERIAL Miami Beach 2013:

For NEW MATERIAL’S first year, they are offering a solo exhibition open call for one artist selected by jury. This artist will be selected from the open call applications to receive an entire room at the cost of NEW MATERIAL to use for a Solo exhibition of their proposed work. Apply for the SOLO open call:

Expanding on their show premise, artists are invited to submit proposals for a juried process to rent available Artist’s Exhibition Spaces. Individual artists applying to this category will be selected by jury from the list of all applicants.

Upon completion of the jury process, successful proposals will be allocated either 1/3, 1/2 or a whole room based on the amount of space requested in the initial application. Please refer to the below links for application fees, and for a list of participation fees associated with these room size allocations. Apply for the Artist’s Exhibition Space open call:

Deadlines and Entry Fees are as follows in USD:
Early Deadline:
July 15, 2013 – Entry Fee: $30

Regular Deadline:
August 15, 2013 – Entry Fee: $50

Late Deadline:
September 15, 2013 – Entry Fee: $65*
The fees includes 3 images; an additional fee of $20 per image for up to 10 total images entered.

Deadline for submissions: Mon Jul 15th, 2013

New Material at th Hotel Eva
1506 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 1.32.33 PM

Painting by Marie Kazalia featured in On Collecting article, Georgetown University blog Ars Hoya

Originally posted on Marie Kazalia's art:

Art Librarian at Georgetown University, Anna Simon, used a painting by Marie Kazalia in her article On Collecting Art in her blog Art Hoya

View original

bloglogo-gaby spontaneous

The Four Elements Exhibition

bloglogo-gaby spontaneousThe four elements Zwijgershoek SINT-NIKLAAS BelgiumMore info :

Air and earth In my work combining the essence of air and earth in images, both elements are very variable, changing through each day and season. The deep dark of winter with a cosmic light on the horizon going under the final line is almost meditative, a final reflection of almost religious beauty that is so meaningful for us humans. The earth rests darkly in tones of purple and dark green, a fertile base lying in wait for new growth.In contrast, there are big light crystal blue skies with clouds floating above yellow fields, fertile with a summer glow. The warmest season with its stunning light and colour is full of positivity for humans.The duality of slumber and light, of lethargy and vitality are remarkable.


Both barren icy cold and warm fertile water alternate between flushing sediment in and taking it back. This creative water gives life to growing islands with its inherent ebb and flow.


Fire is often associated with destruction – like here in these 21st century images – but it doubles as heating when at the right distance. All elements comprise a duality, a change from good to evil. That is their individuality and their similarity.

© Gabriella Cleuren 2013


Four elements 03 2013 29 x 42 cm ( 11 3/8 x 16 1/2 in.)

Zwijgershoek Sint-Niklaas van 29 Juni t/m 15 Augustus  2013

You can see the exhibited works on :!2511

Other works from the series “Full Emptiness” on  :

Other works from the series “Brave New Old Worlds” on :

Surveys on Buying Art and Selling Art

Tom Brereton Downs, owner of the site Artolo,  recently received lots of fantastic feedback from artists about their experience of selling art.  He’d now like to know more about experiences (or not) of BUYING art, and would love you to complete his simple online questionnaire:

He’d love it if you could SHARE the questionnaire with as many people as possible (via email, Facebook, Tweeting about it etc.). He’ll be  happy to share a summary of the findings, which will hopefully be pretty insightful, with anybody that completes the survey(there is a checkbox at the bottom of the questionnaire to tick, if you’d like to receive a copy).

Thank you,

PS If you are an artist and have not completed the selling art survey questionaire, please do so– If you happen to know any artists that haven’t completed the SELLING ART questionnaire he’d be really grateful if you could and could send this link to them

Aesthetica Art Prize Open for Submissions

The Aesthetica Art Prize 2013 is now open for entries, offering both budding and established artists the opportunity to showcase their work to a wider, international audience. Now in its sixth year the competition is a celebration of visual art, inviting all artists to submit imaginative and innovative work that pushes the boundaries of their chosen medium.

Committed to nurturing new and existing talent, the Aesthetica Art Prize is a fantastic opportunity to develop your presence in the international art world. Prizes include up to £1000 in cash, a group exhibition and editorial coverage in Aesthetica Magazine, which has a readership of 140,000 worldwide.

Categories for entry are: Photographic & Digital Art, Three Dimensional Design & Sculpture, Painting & Drawing and Installation & Performance.

Please visit for more information. The deadline is the 31 August 2013.

- See more at:

Free Teleseminar on Marketing for Artists – June 25th @ 3 p.m. Pacific Time

Insider Secrets to SmART Marketing for Artists
FREE Teleseminar
Tuesday, June 25th at
3 p.m. noon (PT) 3 p.m. 6 p.m. ET)
SmART Marketing for Artists, an online course offered by
Gwenda Joyce – The Art Ambassador - teaches you how to
develop a marketing plan that empowers you to market
and sell your work as quickly as possible, so you can get
back to your studio!
Learn how you can achieve the results you’ve been looking for
by developing a marketing program using the newest online
techniques to build your audience and your art career with
more exhibitions, gallery relationships and sales.
SmART Marketing for Artists begins July 10th
6 online sessions – recorded for your playback -
Here’s the link to learn more & Register,
This is what you will learn in the online course, SmART Marketing for Artists:
***Creating an identity for your art and set yourself apart from other artists.
***How to integrate Marketing into your process so that you can
continue to spend most of your time in the studio
***How to develop your audience using online techniques
Click on this link to learn more:

From One Minute to One Month: Brooom Shoebox Space to Exhibit Your Art

Brooom UK, is an innovative micro-gallery in Shoreditch, the heart of London’s creative scene. Brooom is a 20-square-foot ARTvertising space located on Redchurch street, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, where onlookers experience images, videos, music and performances from the sidewalk through a glass door.

If you have a Glossom portfolio account, or create on (it’s free), then you can upload your video–anything from videos, slide shows, animated gifs, reels or just soundtracks with a fixed image– to submit it for exhibition in the Brooom space.  From 4th to 11th July, The Brooom exhibition week will be entirely dedicated to Glossom artists

All you have to do is upload your one-minute video onto Glossom by midnight (London time!) on 2nd July, make sure you tag it “Brooom2013“, and you’re in the running. —

There are no boundaries on artistic expression.

Technical requirements: -portrait orientation (513 PX width, 1026 PX height) -one minute duration -music soundtrack -credits such as name/email/website/blog

-format file for burning onto DVD (codec H.264)


The Open Project, UK, Wants Your Art

The Open Project – REGISTER NOW

Are you a West Midlands UK-based artist or maker? If so, The OPEN PROJECT WANTS YOUR ART.

The Open Project is Mac Birmingham‘s innovative re-working of the ‘open’ exhibition format. The Open Project guarantees the regions artists a place to show and sell artwork between 22 August – 8 September in Mac Birmingham’s prominent first floor gallery.

All eligible artwork will also be considered for additional exhibitions by Young Curators as part of Mac Birmingham‘s Next Generation programme. For further information about the project see below.

Register online and read the full details for this event here.

The Smallest Museums and Galleries in the World

Originally posted on Flavorwire:

We are completely enamored with small spaces, which is why we’ve explored tiny houses, slender buildings, delightful dwellings on micro islands, and more. After reading an interview with Alex Kalman, co-founder of alleyway institution Museum (located inside an abandoned freight elevator), we went searching for more of the smallest art and culture spaces the world has to offer. These museums and galleries are minuscule, but contain big ideas and fascinating finds. Visit some of the greatest compact cultural institutions in the world, below.

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Two Gallery Calls for Artist Submissions w/ July Deadlines

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS to celebrate the Fascination of Food. Submissions will be accepted globally.  Original work in oil, watercolor, pastel, acrylic, mixed media, collage, graphics, photography, sculpture.…………….


Reality and Metaphor: Global Juried Show by Steven Assael at Six Summit Gallery
Exclusive pre-opening in New York City

Steven Assael is an American painter widely recognized as one of the leading representational figurative artists of this generation. Please visit Reality and Metaphor is open to artists of any genre.

Find full details for both calls here:

Common Problems When Purchasing Fine Art

The best way to buy art and avoid all the common problems of purchasing art mentioned in this video, is by purchasing direct from living artists. You can buy art directly from Belgian artist Gabriella Cleuren on her website.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 6.02.43 AM

Your Submission has been Published!

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 6.39.35 AM

Yesterday, I woke especially early and checked my email to find – Your Submission has been published!

That was a pleasant surprise but not completely unexpected, since I felt that I had submitted the right artwork to the right venue. (Check my blog here to find out who published my art.)

If you haven’t been submitting your art to publications such as blogs and online magazine and journals, the only trick is in selecting and submitting the right work! It’s really that simple. With more submissions made, you will get to know who is likely to accept what you submit.

To help assist artists, Artist Marketing Resources has compiled a gratis PDF list of Art Magazines, blogs, and other publications. Get it free here.

The Blockbuster Issue: Call for Submissions

Incite Online, Journal of experimental media, offers a new opportunity to gain visibility for your work, with their Call for Submissions for their Blockbuster Issue.

Read the full submission guidelines here.