Your Art on a Beer Bottle Label? Submit

This opportunity is one of thousands researched by Artist Marketing Resources and provided to our artist-readers. For more art licensing opportunities click here.

Collective Arts Brewing puts your art on their labels.

Are artists compensated for the use of their work? Yes. Each artist selected will receive $200 (Canadian) as compensation for the use of their work.

•  Work will be featured on beer bottle labels as a limited production run. Each label includes artist’s name and a link to a biography featured on the Collective Arts Brewing website.

•  Beer drinkers can scan the labels using the Blippar app, allowing drinkers to engage with your work and view information about you on their phone/tablet.

•  Each artist will be individually featured on the Collective Arts Brewing website, Facebook and Twitter.

•  A certificate of participation, including a bottle with your own label is provided to each artist.

•  Collective Arts Brewing will support and promote artist events when feasible (requires discussion) by providing online support and beer for the event.

•  Opportunity to be featured at Collective Arts Events throughout the year, like gallery openings or artist event.

 Read the full submission guidelines here


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The Clark Hulings Fund For Burgeoning Visual Artists: Deadline Sept 30th

The Clark Hulings Fund for Burgeoning Visual Artists helps early-stage professionals seize opportunities to drive their careers forward by providing targeted support at pivotal moments. The Fund strives to improve the prospects of up-and-coming individuals and enable many more people to encounter and be enriched by their work.

The Fund considers proposals from professional artists who have secured tangible prospects for advancing their careers but lack sufficient financial resources to capitalize on those opportunities. Examples include but are not limited to: the completion of work due to a gallery, museum, or private collection, the transportation of work or of the artist to an exhibition of that artist’s material, the management of logistical or technical requirements to realize a project, etc.

Who Should Apply?
Professional painters, sculptors and artists working on paper who: Employ traditional media, not including photography, film or video. Have had their work published and/or exhibited professionally. Have been hired or commissioned to create new work. Have received opportunities to exhibit their work.

Submission Requirements:
Fiscal Sponsor: The Fund cannot make awards to individuals.
Artist Statement
Request for Support, including a detailed proposal and images, if available
Examples of previous work
Supporting materials, if relevant (letter of intent from a gallery, commission statement, referrals, references, etc.).

Review Process
A group of five panelists will review the proposals of qualified applicants and advise on specific grants to be made during each cycle. One of the five will be a director of the Fund, either Mary or Elizabeth Hulings. The other four will be members of the visual art community (i.e., artists, critics, curators, gallerists, publishers, scholars, private collectors, etc.). The goal is to have as broad a representation as possible.

Award Amounts and Cycle
The Fund aims to distribute its first award in November 2013. Beginning in 2014, two awards will be given per year, one in each category (1-painting, drawing and works on paper, and 2-sculpture). Grants will be given of up to $5,000, depending on the need stipulated in the request. Individuals who receive an award will not be eligible to apply again for five years.

Application submission window- September 1-30, 2013

Deadline: Monday September 30th, 2013


Artist Nadine Robbins Gets Her Painting Printed on Wood

6 Well Fleet Coctails, painting on canvas, Nadine Robbins

6 Well Fleet Cocktails, painting on canvas, Nadine Robbins

Last month, we published a blog post about a company that prints your art on wood. Artist Nadine Robbins read the post, watched the video embedded in our article, and then decided to give Prints on Wood a try by ordering a sample print of her painting.

Nadine's painting printed on wood

Nadine’s painting printed on wood

Nadine Robbin's painting (above) printed on wood.

Nadine Robbin’s painting printed on wood (view 2)

Nadine Robbin’s says: “The painting prints out a bit dark but has a really nice silvery sheen to it. I’d probably use a brighter painting next time. Could be very interesting for pastels/watercolors.”

Like her painting and want to see more? Visit her website:

Follow Nadine Robbins on Facebook
Twitter: @RobbinsNadine
Google+ link to Nadine’s full image post:

Great Ode Artist Book – Call for Submissions and Contributions

Great Ode is a new publication in the form of an Artist’s Book. The book will feature a variety of works which reflect upon changing perceptions of contemporary society and how we artists are affected by its processes, requirements, its fast-moving cycles and the structure.

Great Ode is seeking contributions that are both experimental and subversive, at times satirical, anarchic, or even hopeful. This isn’t to be implied in one work, but in the final book length collection of varied artworks, visual explorations, essays, notes, criticisms, proposals for alternative living and photographs (by different artists and creators).

The book will be predominantly visually based with strong emphasis on visual content–



mixed media,




theoretical ideas


‘DIY plans’



Artists submit artworks in the forms above which strongly articulate and illustrate their concerns with contemporary society, or their hopes for alternative living and power/political structures.

We are open in the form of the work, as long as it is able to be printed / reproduced in a 2D format in the final book. Videos will be welcome for the website when it is launched or the corresponding blog.

Deadline:  October 31st



Send an email with attached images or pdf of work you would like to submit, only mac/pc-readable files accepted:


Links are ok to send also as examples of your work, ideas, writings, practice.

Artists retain all rights to their work but grant Great Ode the right to use their images in the book, and as promotional material with permission from the Artist.

Paintings by Paula Jones

When Two Become One, Paula Jones

When Two Become One, Paula Jones

The 6's Have it, Paula Jones

The 6′s Have it, Paula Jones

Hidden Messages Everywhere, Paula JonesHidden Messages Everywhere, Paula Jones

Abstract Love Notes, Paula JonesAbstract Love Notes, Paula Jones

It's Just a Story, Paula Jones

It’s Just a Story, Paula Jones

Putting it All in Motion II, Paula Jones

Putting it All in Motion II, Paula Jones

Putting it all into motion, Paula JonesPutting it all into motion, Paula Jones

Light Coming From Within, Paula Jones

Light Coming From Within, Paula Jones

Ready or Not, Paula Jones

Ready or Not, Paula Jones

Working out frustrations, Paula Jones

Working out frustrations, Paula Jones


Energy and Quiet Time in the Paintings of Artist Paula Jones

Lucky Number, Paula Jones

Lucky Number, Paula Jones

Paula Jones paints!  “I’ve done over 140 paintings so far this year, and have gotten into 5 new galleries,” says the artist.  Paula gets up at 7 or 8 a.m. daily to begin work in her studio.

Words of Wisdom, Paula Jones

Words of Wisdom, Paula Jones

Like most creative people, Paula stays busy. ” If I’m not doing at least 4 things at once,” says the artist, “I’m most likely sleeping.  And even when I sleep I have my notepad close by, my phone  and my computer, as well as a book or two near my bed—just in case I might wake up and need something to do.”

When Two Become One, Paula Jones

When Two Become One, Paula Jones

Her studio work gives her even more insights into being an artist. Sometimes quiet time is a necessary part of her process. “It is just as essential for me to allow myself quiet time as it is for me to be productive.”

We’ve put together an image gallery of paintings by Paula Jones.

View and purchase paintings and prints from the artist on her Paula Jones Art website:

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 6.48.12 AM

Artists Sell Your Designs as Products on Bespo Online

Bespo – Bespoke Interior Products Courtesy of Exceptional Artists (via SBWire)

Bespo is an online community where artists promote and sell their designs as products worldwide. All products are printed and made on demand so there is no physical stock. When an item is sold on Bespo the artist immediately receives a percentage of…

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Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 11.35.10 AM

Artists Join In Building a New Kind of Community in Braddock, PA

There is a rumor going around the arts community that the Mayor of Braddock, who himself lives in a warehouse space, will give free studio workspace to professional artists to bring them to his decaying town. Braddock, Pennsylvania may be the poorest, most rundown urban area in the United States, where you can buy an empty house–and there are plenty to choose from–for less than five thousand dollars. Braddock sits on a river’s edge and is about a twenty-minute highway drive from Pittsburgh.

I sent the mayor an email just yesterday, requesting details on opportunities for artists, and will post a follow-up here when I learn more.

Some Braddock projects:

Major public art projects and a Community Center.

The historic and first Carnegie Library in Braddock has a screen print shop program and Braddock ceramic studio program with a unique water filter project.

The Unsmoke Art Space in Braddock is an exhibition space with related projects, including independent Small Press publishing venture Braddock Avenue Books.

Braddock Redux, a project  to mobilize like-minded people of all ages from both within and outside the community for the betterment of the Braddock through training opportunities, art initiatives, green initiatives, employment opportunities, the creative re-use of existing structures, and through the flexibility to respond to other opportunities that arise.

Into the Furnace a writer-in-residence program in Braddock, PA. Into the Furnace offers an adventuresome creative person, whose work and work ethic can benefit from the energy Braddock has to offer, up to 9 months of creative work time at their urban residency.

Unsmoke provides space for the local office of the Berkeley-based company Bibliopolis. Bibliopolis provides complete e-commerce website development, technical support, and hosting as well as database services for the used, out-of-print and antiquarian bookseller.

Next door to Unsmoke sits the Roadbourne custom furniture design warehouse where craftsmen and women work from reclaimed wood and other materials.

New Guild Studio in Braddock specializes in restoring and reimagining liturgical art. Check out what they do at

Braddock Farms grows organic produce on 10 acres of reclaimed urban land, supplying herbs and vegetables to regional restaurants.

Fossil Free Fuels has made and fueled biodiesel since 2005 for those who want your fuel from a deep fryer instead of deep in the Earth.


Artist Marketing Resources Blog Expanded, Redesigned + New Image Gallery Feature Added

If you haven’t visited the Artist Marketing Resources blog lately, please stop in. We’ve expanded and redesigned everything!

There is now a sidebar image gallery feature, and we are always looking for artists artworks to publish. Find out more here.

Paintings by Texas Artist J.R. Smith

Hot Sun Rising, J.R. Smith

Hot Sun Rising, J.R. Smith

East Light Rising, J.R. Smith

East Light Rising, J.R. Smith

New Santa Elana, J.R. Smith

New Santa Elana, J.R. Smith

J.R. Smith mural detail

J.R. Smith mural detail

Artist J.R. Smith

Artist J.R. Smith

Ghost Home, J.R. Smith

Ghost Home, J.R. Smith

J.R. Smith abstracting painting inspired by friend John Miller

J.R. Smith abstracting painting inspired by friend John Miller

AMTRAK mural (detail), J.R. Smith

AMTRAK mural (detail), J.R. Smith

AMTRAK mural, J.R. Smith

AMTRAK mural, J.R. Smith

Spring Ocotillo and Dove, J.R.Smith

Popular “feel good artist” J.R. Smith’s Paintings Sell Right Off the Artist’s Easel!

Artist J.R. Smith does well with painting sales and commissions in his home state of Texas. Even as he sent me photographs of his art for this blog article, the artist reported that he’d just received two more painting commissions that day. An art lover visiting the artist’s studio bought the painting titled Spring Ocotillo and Dove as the artist sat working on it at his easel!
Spring Ocotillo and Dove, J.R.Smith

Spring Ocotillo and Dove, J.R.Smith

The well-known and well-liked artist was painting on a Texas ranch over thirty years ago when someone referred to him as a “cowboy artist.” J.R. much prefers the designation made by one art critic who called the artist’s work “feel good art.” J.R. Smith paints public art murals and frequently exhibits his easel size landscapes, horse paintings, other animal paintings, architectural views, portraits, and abstract works in art exhibitions throughout Texas. The Texas-based artist receives national and international attention via exhibitions of his work and via his website. According to J.R. Smith, The Judd foundation hosts numerous art exhibits in their facilities throughout the town of Marfa, Texas, and “for the month of October the foundation has numerous festivities that draw folks from all over the world.”

“One of the main attractions in Marfa is the historic Paisano Hotel. During the filming of the classic film Giant, Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, and James Dean stayed in the Paisano Hotel. The hotel has an exhibition space named the Greasewood Gallery and I had a very successful abstract show at their Greasewood Gallery last October during the Chinati Foundation festivities. From the show, my painting Turquoise-spikes went to entertainer Matt Skinner of Fort Collins, Colorado.”

Turquoise Spikes, J.R. Smith

Turquoise Spikes, J.R. Smith

Italian sportsman and art collector Mario Nobili recently hunted elk at a ranch in the Alpine, Texas area. He and his wife also traveled to New Mexico and shopped for art.  They stayed at the historic Holland Hotel where artist J. R. Smith has work on display and expressed an interest in visiting the artist’s studio. The artist contacted and the studio visit arranged,  Mr. Nobili arrived and purchased two pronghorn sheep paintings on canvas and a larger image on a wood panel.  The canvases removed from their stretchers, rolled and wrapped for the Nobilis to carry back to Italy on the plane. The large painting on wood put into a crate and shipped to Italy. The collector also commissioned a painting and plans to return to buy more from artist J.R. Smith.

Ghost Home, J.R. Smith

Ghost Home, J.R. Smith

Ghost towns are another popular tourist attraction, and J.R.’s  Ghost Home is a painting based on a building in the ghost town in Terlingua, Texas.
The busy artist recently completed the sixth of a series of nine Cinco de Mayo themed pieces for a Mexican restaurant and is at work on two mural panels, four by eight feet in dimension each, commissioned for a bar and restaurant.
You can contact the artist and view more paintings on his website  You can also view more of his artwork in our sidebar image gallery at right.

Jay Burton’s Photographic Art: The Sensual Flowering of an Unclothed Woman


Elusive, Jay Burton

Flower photography has been a long-time interest of photographic artist Jay Burton, who says that his fascination with flowers lies in “the intricacy and sensuality of floral structure” and in “the challenge of producing a unique, striking flower image.” Jay Burton is a nationally exhibited, award-winning photographer who began making photographic images at the early age of eight. Jay holds a Ph.D. in theatre, and teaches drama in community colleges, where he also directed and designed sets and  theatrical lighting. He believes that his work in theatre compliments his work in photography and vice versa. Both arts are, in his opinion “about meaningful moments, ideas, feelings, and pictures.”

A few years ago, Jay became interested in the possibilities of abstract photography.  While exploring those two interests–flowers and abstraction–, he began work with what he has come to call “middle ground macros.” Jay explains that middle ground macros “fall somewhere between a typical macro, such as an insect’s eyeball, and an extreme close-up, like a whole flower.”

Summer Morning, Jay Burton

Summer Morning, Jay Burton

In his choice of lens-to-subject distance and shallow depth of field, Jay generates a level of abstraction that retains intricacy and sensuality in his image subjects.

“In editing and cropping these images, I realized that they could be organized by juxtaposition, which created new and different relationships between the parts and formed a completely unique larger image. I chose the grid as a convenient framework for this juxtaposition.” Jay says that “both the single images and the images that make up the grids are of different parts of the subject and are often shot at different times and on different days.”

Insidious, Jay Burton

Insidious, Jay Burton

“After shooting, there are fifteen steps in creating a final printed grid. Creative decisions and discovery occur at every step in the process. By far, the most complicated step is the creation of a working grid; this requires finding new ways of arranging individual shots to create connections and thus an entirely new, cohesive image.”

Once he’d  produced a number of flower grids, Jay applied the same concept and process to the female form, or, more accurately portions of the female form. The results were very different, but no less satisfying for the photographer. “Shortly after that, I recognized that foods could also provide very sensual subject matter. At present I am exploring other subject matter, but I have not abandoned any of the earlier series.”

Spanish Guitar

Spanish Guitar, Jay Burton

Jay completes all the work manipulating his camera shots on his computer, but the end products, which are limited edition prints, are created by a genuine photographic process on light-sensitive paper.

The guiding considerations for Jay Burton’s current work are “suggestion and sensuality.”  Jay Burton sees more subtle sensuality in a flower image than in a boudoir photograph. For Jay, a grid composed of parts of the female form “can be far more suggestive than a photograph of an unclothed woman.”

Helix, Jay Burton

Helix, Jay Burton

View larger versions of Jay Burton’s sensual images on his website   and on his blog Unnatural light


Open Call for International Artists: MiniPrint Finland 2014

Miniprint Finland 2014 –juried exhibition open to all artists

Open call for artists 
Deadline for stage 1: September 15th 2013
Submission fee: for stage 1: none

International exhibition and competition of small sized graphics

Graphic Artist Association of Lahti and Hyvinkää Art Museum  are calling artists all over the world to participate into the 8th Miniprint Finland 2014 exhibition at the Hyvinkää Art Museum
28.3.2014 – 18.5.2014.


Jurying will take place in two stages.

Stage 1:  Electronically send images by the deadline of September 15th  2013. Participation for the first stage is free of charge

Stage 2: chosen artists will be informed and asked to send their original artworks for the final selection.  Registration fee for the stage 2  is 40 €. This covers the handling costs of the parcels.
Works and size limits
All the traditional printing techniques including monoprint methods and digitally printed works are accepted.
Send no more than 3 artworks.
Original artwork’s size should not exceed 20 × 17 × 5 cm.

Further information, rules and participation form :

Please follow Miniprint Finland on Facebook, to receive reminders:

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 10.55.52 AM

“The best movie about an artist I’ve ever seen!” – Ed Ruscha

Robert Williams: Mr. Bitchin’ — July 30 (via LA Progressive)

  ROBERT WILLIAMS MR. BITCHIN’ 2013, Cinema Libre, 89 min, USA, Dir: Mary C. Reese, Doug Blake, Nancye Ferguson, Michael LaFetra, Stephen Nemeth This new documentary profiles Robert Williams, whose rise from hot rod/underground comics illustrator…

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Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 5.58.02 PM

Fund Your Next Project Now Via USA Projects

Dear Artists,

You are invited  to participate in USA Projects, an online fundraising platform dedicated to supporting artists. USA Projects is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

Why fundraise on USA Projects?

• Receive 1-on-1 guidance, training and support throughout your fundraising campaign with an Artist Relations Specialist.

• Tax-deductibility for every donor, meaning bigger donations on average ($124) for your project.

• USA Projects has a 75% success rate, with almost 5 Million dollars raised thus far.

Get started. Enroll now at

Deadline: Sat Aug 31st, 2013

Video: Painter Beck Lane Talks About Changing Direction and Intent

Painter Beck Lane talks about how it is okay to change – it’s okay to change your mind, it’s okay to change your subject, it’s okay to change direction and intent. For pics, photos of work in progress, updates, more links, babbling and more visit: