EXUBERANT POLITICS celebrates the intersection of art and activism in new forms of creative direct action and organizing, street theater and the art of protest, and social justice political activism.

Call for application 
Deadline : 15 December 2013
Application fee: none

Send your revolutionary manifesto, your conceptual social sculpture, your political poems, your utopian films and videos, your musical anthems. Enter your political rally poster, your activist website, your play, performance, print, painting or puppet in the show “Exuberant Politics.”

You or your groups’ artistic political “exuberance” can be expressed in any format, medium or size, but be aware that there is limited floor/wall space in our galleries. Selected off-site proposals and projects may also be recognized so please consider a proposal to organize an “exuberant” event in your backyard, neighborhood or locale.

How to Submit details:

Interested artists should submit a one-page description of the work (pdf or paper) and supporting materials (up to three links, images, videos or other documents). Email submissions to exuberantpolitics (at) gmail (dot) com, or by mail to PS-Z ,120 N. Dubuque St. Iowa City, IA 52245. Entries will not be returned, so please send a copy.

The call for entries closes at midnight on Dec. 15, 2013.
Participants will be notified by Feb. 3, 2014.

Submissions that cannot be accommodated in our galleries may be included in a booklet and displayed at the exhibition.

Shipping of accepted work to PS-Z is the responsibility of artist unless otherwise negotiated. PS-Z (or other) will pay for return shipping of all exhibited works.

The show will open at PS-Z in Iowa City and Legion Arts in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA, in March 2014, with site-specific performances and other live events scheduled throughout the month.


Learn How to Create More Income Streams–Online Interactive Lessons for Artists: Textile Design Repeats


For many businesses, it’s the smaller sales in-between the sale of big-ticket items that keep them profitable.  Visual artists can benefit from a similar push by tapping into other avenues of income in addition to making sales of paintings and original artworks.  Creating designs for the textile industry may be a thought in the back of the minds of many artists as another way of putting their fine art composition and design skills to work, yet have no idea how to get started in that industry.

Artist Vivian Falzetti noticed a gap in instruction in that area as well. So she created a wonderful resource for artists, her iBook, Textile Design Repeats, Tips and Tricks.  Early in Vivian’s textile design career she hand-painted her repeat pattern designs. Later, she learned to work with a variety of computer design programs. It is from her experiences and broad knowledge base that she put together her instructive iBook.

Textile Design – Repeats Tips And Tricks

by Vivian Falsetti

is available for download on your iPad with iBook or on your computer with iTunes.

Textile Design – Repeats Tips and Tricks includes 40 Demo Videos and 19 Interactive Lessons which cover the basics of creating repeats and engineered layouts (engineered layouts are designs to fit to a specific size, for example, lamp shades or wall borders) using Adobe® Illustrator…  an introduction to the best tools for creating textile designs…  tips on how to organize tools on your desktop…samples of various types of repeats with detailed instructions and video demos on how to produce them… charts and formulas …shortcuts, tips and tricks to make creating repeat patterns fast and fun… sources for ongoing learning… timekeeping tips for freelance designers… valuable information and answers.

This iBook bridges the gap between wanting to create salable textile designs and gaining the insider knowledge to make that possibility work for you.

Vivian Falzetti at work in her California  studio.

Vivian Falzetti at work in her California studio.

View Vivian Falzetti textile designs on her website.

For Artists—-Larry’s List of Art Collectors

Larry’s List– the world’s first art collector database 

The Larry’s List Ltd website contains more than 3,000 art collector profiles from over 70 countries provided as a service for gallery owners, art dealers, auction houses, art fairs, art scholars, artists, collectors and journalists. Larry’s List provides information on private art collections including names of artists and artworks collected, and more. All of this information is updated constantly.

Collector profiles can be purchased from $9.50 each, artists get them for free.

With Larry’s List, you can find answers to questions such as: “Who collects emerging artists in London and who in Singapore? Which collectors are based in Abu Dhabi? Which in Dallas? Who is potentially interested in buying photographic art work?” Artists benefit because they can identify their collectors.

Who is Larry?

Larry is a team of 25 art market researchers from 20 nations who speak 24 languages. Call them research nerds – or simply call them Larry. They manually searched through more than 27,000 sources, including search engines, archives, magazines, books and databases. This is the most comprehensive global research ever carried out on art collections. was founded in 2012 and is backed by world’s leading art collectors. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong.

Artists. Want more? Artist Marketing Resources provides an extensive resource list in PDF form–the Directory of Art Consultants.  For your copy click here.

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 3.43.53 PM

New Creative-Resale Site for Artists– Where You Sell, Buy, and Trade Art Supplies


Like all creative people, your process and materials change over time as you work. Or perhaps you’ve experimented with techniques and materials that were not quite right for you. You accumulate lots of art-making supplies and tools, some that just sit on a shelf and take up space as you move on to other projects.

Not every artist lives in a creative community were they can swap art supplies with other artists. There are plenty who don’t in fact. So how do artists upcycle new and used art supplies?  Marchelle Brotz, after 30 years of art-making and crafting, faced this dilemma of too many unused materials, as did her friends and associates. Even her accountant didn’t know what to do with a massive supply of yarn his mother left behind when she passed away(and the yarn may have gone to a landfill.)

So Marchelle started her new site, Creative-Resale where artists and crafters can swap, buy, and sell materials that may otherwise go to waste.

To get Creative-Resale off to a lively start, Marchelle is offering FREE LISTINGS to help populate the site.

How to add your listings:

Begin by taking one or more photos of the item you want to sell– (your phone or iPad may be perfect for that). If needed, use Photoshop or any picture enhancement program to make adjustments.

Next,  go to the Creative-Resale site, sign in (or sign up) and post your item description, price, then upload the photos.

Shipping can be included in your price or decided later when someone contacts you, or when the delivery destination is not yet known.

Items list for 30 days and you will receive an email at the end of the listing period to ask if you want to renew or not. If you want to renew, click on the link and your listing automatically renews.

Also, sign up for the Creative-Resale newsletter for updates on  LIVE, CREATIVE RESALE shows in your area. (Marchelle is always open to suggestions on inexpensive places to rent for sales). Live sales are similar to craft shows, ONLY for art and craft SUPPLIES. This will be something new, a trade show where you can rent a booth, bring your items, and people can shop, touch, see and negotiate— especially helpful for artists with large items to sell.

Creative-Resale is offering free ads for the rest of October. That’s right, it is absolutely free to list your unwanted art supplies and materials and how-to arts and crafts books.

Juicy Canvas has a new project called Nightstand

Juicy Canvas has a new project on their blog called “Nightstand”– a collection of nightstand photos around the world. Be part of this! Email your photo + any info you want me to add to: / Subject: Nightstand

Say something about your nightstand:

Submissions will be posted here: and here:

Call for Artist Submissions for The Red/Pink Show

Generations IX: The Red/Pink Show
A biennial celebration of art made by women!
A.I.R. Gallery invites artists to participate in their biennial fundraiser exhibition, Generations IX: The Red/Pink Show, from December 5, 2013 – January 4, 2014.  The success of this exhibition depends on the strength and quality of the participating artists and we hope to exhibit a broad diversity of artwork created by women. Please interpret the red/pink theme in any way you want!
To reserve space in the exhibition, please click HERE to complete the online registration form.
Please pass this along to any women artists who may like to participate!

Submit your work for a chance to win The Paddy Johnson Prize!
Paddy Johnson of Art F City will be awarding her favorite work in Generations IX!

Entry & Deadline:
ENTRY DEADLINE: Friday November 8, 2013 at 11:59pm

Call For Artists to Participate: Postcards From the Edge

Call to Participate:
Postcards from the Edge 2014
Host Gallery: Luhring Augustine in New York City
Jan 17 – 19, 2014
Postmark Deadline for artwork submission: December 9, 2013

Want to participate this year in this annual exhibition? Create or attach an original artwork on any 4×6” heavy weight paper. Drawings, photographs, paintings, printmaking, and mixed media are welcome. ONE ENTRY per artist. If you are in NYC and would like a blank postcard, stop by our office to pick one up, donated by Strathmore Artist Papers.

Known within the art world as the most exciting and affordable way to add to a collection, Postcards From the Edge offers a unique opportunity for buyers to acquire original, postcard-sized artwork for $85. Offered on a first-come, first-served basis, each piece is exhibited anonymously and the identity of the artist is revealed only after the work is purchased.

For information on mailing artwork and to download the submission form, visit the Visual AIDS website.

first digital-art auction held

The first ever digital-art auction was also the first in Phillips’ history to sell exclusively primary-market work and bringing in  about $90,600.

Steven Sacks, the owner of the Chelsea New York City gallery bitforms , said that  he thought the auction was a wild success for artists that weren’t well-known.

Read the full L Magazine article here.

In the Mix, Irena Orlov

Online Auction of Paintings by two LA Artists

Autumn Mist II, Irena Orlov

Autumn Mist II, Irena Orlov

Los Angeles based artists Maya Green and Irena Orlov are auctioning over 60 paintings online. Preview and bid here on original landscape paintings, seascapes, abstract, floral, still life, figurative oil paintings, acrylic, collage, and watercolor art.

Pink Horizon, Maya Green

Pink Horizon, Maya Green

Public Art Call for Canadian Artists

Calling on Canadian artists to help bring TELUS Garden to life

 There is

 a new Canadian national art competition for the TELUS Garden development currently under construction in downtown Vancouver. Canadian artists from coast-to-coast may submit a Request for Proposal [PDF] to create original works that will be permanently displayed in this  new office tower.

Image credit: Henriquez Partners ArchitectsImage credit: Henriquez Partners Architects
The theme Materials of Meaning  for artists to use innovative applications of wood, metal and textiles.For more information,  download the RFP [PDF] and also visit

Find out more here.

Open Call for Small 2D, 3D Works and Decorations for Gallery Christmas Show and Sale

Call for artists!

 Sweet Art is seeking work of any theme or medium for their 2013 Christmas show and sale. They are also seeking artists that create sculptural Christmas themed objects or decorations that may be unusual alternative or traditional.

Selected artists will be given the opportunity to exhibit in the spacious, well-lit and professionally finished Espacio Gallery, located in the heart of London’s art scene.

The show will be installed by experienced curators, and invitations, press releases, promotion and opening reception/private view will be organized.

There is no fee to submit your work and those whose work is accepted will be asked to pay a £30 fee to exhibit. Sweet’Art takes no commission on sales.

Exhibition dates will be the 5th -10th of December, installation will be on 4th December and works will need to be dropped off at the gallery on the evening of the 3rd December so works must be available for the entirety of these dates.

For enquiries or a submission form please email us :

Deadline for submissions: 30th Oct at 5pm

Click Here for other Art Sales opportunities.


Art Angels, by ArtWorld App Developer Keith McFarlane

ART & THE ANGELS. ArtWorld owes a great deal to its artist-collaborators– artists wishing to encourage their fellow artists just as much as to promote their own work. And so often it is our best artists that feel this obligation to the community of art. In recognition of their service let us call them our “Art-angels”, a lovely if sadly not original turn of phrase!One such is Marie Kazalia. (You can see something of her artworks on ArtWorld and on her web-site at  Marie has helped ArtWorld gain a foothold with our artists, not least through her own Artists’ Marketing site at, but also and more widely through her network of artists and contacts throughout the United States. Her most recent intervention has been to help LA based artists Irena Orlov and Maya Green take part  in ArtWorld; first of all by suggesting their participation, and then by taking away the “pain” of technical participation by uploading their artworks and personal information on their behalf. It’s exactly this kind of quiet publicity, personal recommendation and “oiling of the wheels” that has seen ArtWorld trek, coast to coast, across the United States, even start to fill out the interior, reaching places and way-stations not in the slightest known for their art!The Art-angels can do much, and this editor is working flat-out to support them! And should ArtWorld grow just a little bigger, become a soupçon better known, we will be looking for an art-angel or two who can help us! One task is to engage with our Facebook audience. But far more important it is to reach out to their fellow artists, promoting, encouraging, facilitating and, not least, “spreading the word”! It’s the role of the guest editor, being a local focus in the ArtWorld community; perhaps even orchestrating local get-togethers, or a place where artists can meet. ArtWorld can, with the support of such Art-angels, really make things happen; for I for one do not share Auden’s pessimism, whether about poetry or the arts more widely. And we have already seen such communities, at least in their first infancy, in the Fenlands of England certainly, but also in the state of New York. Artworld is by no means a religion, but it is a good and beneficial idea. And in the end it’s our artists, and foremost among them our art-angels, by which it will succeed or fail. If your interested in becoming an angel, or if you’re an angel already, it would be my pleasure to hear from you. Just send me a message, or drop me a line, or two, at
Follow the ArtWorld on the ArtWorld Facebook page:

Artists Get Matched to Vacant Storefront Exhibition Opportunities

Shunpike partners with city and business leaders in Seattle and several Puget Sound cities to match artists and arts groups with vacant storefronts. Their program is part of a national wave of community-driven collaborations between neighborhoods, cities, businesses and artists – including similar empty storefront exhibition programs in San Francisco, Portland Oregon and New York.

Artists interested in finding further opportunities to show and sell their work, many opportunities are listed in our PDF resources–

International Art Gallery list PDF 

1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art PDF list  


Journal of Visual Culture, in collaboration with the International Association for Visual Culture, Operational and Curatorial Research, the Museum of Contemporary Cuts and Kasa Gallery, is pleased to announce a new refereed issue titled Visions of Contemporary Cuts

Visions of Contemporary Cuts is a special call for a refereed issue open to international scholars, curators, artists and thinkers who are provocatively discussing and analyzing the contemporary economic crisis as well as the meaning of the word ‘cuts’ and how these affect contemporary society.

What then are the images of today that represent the contemporary economic crisis and symbolize the financial cuts that are being enforced across the arts, education and public health systems? What are the realities of these cuts in the context of societies in crisis such as the United States and Western Europe? Are the politics of rigor and cuts – with their institutionalized discourse – hiding other realities? And finally, what is the impact of the images and contextualized discourses that we as academics, practitioners, curators, and cultural commentators are constructing?

Read the full details:

Last Call, 500 Artist Limit: This Year’s Annual Lottery Art Show

studio1.1 Lottery Show

Artists are invited to buy tickets now for studio1.1′s fifth Lottery Show. In line with the enormous place luck and accident play in the art world, there will be no selection process: the winning artist’s name will be drawn from a hat on the last day of the Sluice Art Fair, and the artist will receive a four-week show in the gallery during 2014.  As a ticket, each entrant will receive a numbered lithographic A5 print by Kate Lyddon in a limited edition of 500.   Part conceptual provocation and part fundraiser for an artist-led gallery, the Lottery Show is  one tiny demonstration of the fact that who you know doesn’t always matter.

For further information go to the gallery website,

LAST CALL studio1.1 Lottery Show.
The Draw will take place on Sunday 20th Oct at Sluice art fair,

Limit: 500 entrants
Fee: £10 

KATE LYDDON, A Scene from Sarah’s Social, lithograph on card with collage, 2013

This year’s limited edition:

KATE LYDDON, ‘A Scene from Sarah’s Social’, lithograph on card with collage, 2013 edition of 500, 21 x 15 cms



Photographic Artists Submit to Local Color May Vary curated slideshow series

Local Colors May Vary (LCMV) is a series of curated slide shows combining contemporary fine-art photography and live music by international artists with the aim of creating a diverse picture of the themes (country/city), and promoting the work of emerging and talented photographers and musicians.

Each edition of LCMV focuses on a different country, area or city, and is accompanied by live music emphasizing the theme and local culture. LCMV is hosted by Das Gift in Berlin/Neukölln and takes place approximately every 2–3 months.

Read the full  submission guidelines here.

The Exhibbit 3D Online Gallery—New Features and Differences in Exhibbit Version 4

Exhibbit Long Gallery

Exhibbit Long Gallery


Exhibbit’s 3D gallery solution augments current online display techniques by enabling visitors to experience the atmosphere and nuances of artworks in an exhibition context.

Displaying art in a 3D gallery gives the artwork scale and allows visitors to navigate themselves–actually experiencing an exhibition as they would in a physical bricks and mortar gallery. 

Here is Exhibbit owner and developer Peter Worrall’s mini list of V4′s main features and differences from V3.

New features in V4:

  • Exhibitions are now viewable using the Flash player as well as Unity3d making exhibitions easily accessible.
    • Most browsers have Flash pre-installed so there is no need to download a player to experience exhibbitV4.
  • We now hire galleries (rather than exhibitions) 
    • You can create multiple exhibitions for showing in your gallery. 
  • An opening date is set for each exhibition when it is ready to be published. 
    • These exhibitions will show sequentially by replacing the current active exhibition, based on its opening date.
    • This also means you can be working on curating a number of future shows whilst one is active and showing in the gallery.
  • Sharing to all the major social sites and via email.
    • This is easily actioned using either the Snap & Share feature which takes a picture of your view in the gallery, or via the “share” available from each artworks information panel.
    • Both these methods contain a link to the exhibition
    • Sharing can be done by both the creator of the exhibition and the visitor.
  • Stockroom is a growing store of all the artworks you upload when creating exhibitions.
    • From the stockroom you can add to existing exhibitions or create entirely new ones.
  • Analytics
    • Each exhibition has its own analytics so you can track how many visitors have viewed and when they were there.
Exhibbit Atrium

Exhibbit Atrium

There are number of other features like artwork info text on the wall beside each work, tour order selection, wall coloring and a new frame and matte function and other tools that make the exhibition creation easier.

The Exhibbit url is still the same   but with a completely re-designed website.

If you want to see exhibbitV4 working in a commercial gallery website, click on the link below to visit an exhibition of work by Alexander Calder. 

I hope you will consider using exhibbit’s new version to showcase and market your artwork.

Marie Kazalia is now represented online exclusively by New Blood Art

Originally posted on Marie Kazalia's art:

Sarah Ryan founded the curated site New Blood Art in 2004.  Sarah also works as an agent connecting artists with galleries and as a consultant to find artwork for a variety of spaces. According to the site *About us* description, New Blood is an online contemporary art gallery that sells original work by rigorously selected, talented emerging  artists.

So  I am very pleased that she selected  me for representation by New Blood. I look forward to getting to know her and to using my presence on the New Blood site to best advantage and visibility.

Link to my New Blood portfolio.

View original