How to Commission Your Portrait From South African Artist Lioda Conrad

Canvas portrait art in Lioda Conrad's South African studio

Canvas portrait art in Lioda Conrad’s South African studio

Select your reference photos or create a new selfie, then chat with South African artist Lioda Conrad to discuss portrait ideas (Contact Lioda Conrad via email: or Phone: +27 72 460 3222 ). Find Lioda Conrad on Facebook here.

Lioda Conrad, woman with baby

Lioda Conrad, woman with baby

Do you want her to create your portrait painting on canvas or paper? Decide on the materials and size for the finished portrait art during your consultation with the artist.

Provide your reference photo or photos to the artist so she can get to work and she will send you a work-in-progress photo!

Portraits Africa–based in Amsterdam, Netherlands–holds your international currency payment until the portrait is complete and delivered to you. Only then is the money is paid to artist. Contact Portraits Africa via email: -or- by telephone: +31 20 672 78 06

Lioda Conrad portrait painting in progress

Lioda Conrad portrait painting in progress

While a portrait drawing on paper may require less time to complete, a painting on canvas will take more time. If you have an anniversary, birthday, or other date you’d like to receive the completed work, just let the artist know.

Final photos are sent to you for approval. The artist Lioda Conrad packages and ships the finished portrait to you.

Lioda Conrad portrait

Lioda Conrad portrait

Lioda Conrad, Duality of Color

Lioda Conrad, Duality of Color

How to Commission Your Portrait by African Artist Gideon Fasola

Gideon Fasola's pencil portrait of young couple

Gideon Fasola’s pencil portrait of young couple

Select your reference photos or create a new selfie, then chat with artist Gideon Fasola to discuss your portrait art ideas ( email Telephone: +234 816 762 1698). Do you want a painting on canvas, a graphite and charcoal drawing, or ink drawing on paper? The artist will help you decide on the materials and size for the finished portrait during your consultation. Full terms and the artist’s portfolio here.

Innocent African Beauty by Gideon Fasola

Innocent African Beauty by Gideon Fasola

Once you’ve made your decision, you only need to send your reference photo or photos to the artist so he can get to work. As your portrait art progresses Gideon Fasola will send you a work-in-progress photo!

Payments are made to Portraits Africa–based in Amsterdam, Netherlands–(Contact via email: -or- by telephone: +31 20 672 78 06 ). Portraits Africa holds your international currency payment until the portrait is complete and delivered to you. Then the money is paid to artist.

Gideon Fasola portrait drawing

Gideon Fasola portrait drawing

Your pencil portrait drawing on paper may require a few weeks to complete, and a painting on canvas will take more time. If you have an anniversary, birthday, or other date you’d like to receive the completed work, just let the artist know.

My Princess, red, blue, black ballpoint pen drawing by Gideon Fasola

My Princess, red, blue, black ballpoint pen drawing by Gideon Fasola

Final photos of your finished portrait are sent to you for approval. The artist Gideon Fasola packages and ships your portrait art to you.

A moment with Gideon Fasola–


Happiness Costs No Money, painting by Gideon Fasola

Happiness Costs No Money, painting by Gideon Fasola


I Won Swag + $100 Amazon Gift Card For Artist Referrals to IndieWalls


IndieWalls announced in September that they would be giving prize awards for the most artist referrals.

I posted my referral link: Artists, apply through this link to discover a unique list of projects in need of great art:

IndieWalls is curated, and not all who apply are accepted.

IndieWalls is giving to the first to 20 to refer ‘5 Accepted Artists’ and the first 10 to refer ’10 Accepted Artists.

I was one of the winners! One of my prizes was a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

Artists, please continue using the referral link above to apply to IndieWalls.

Art Rooms London: #Artists Apply For 1 of 70 F+R+E+E Hotel Rooms to Exhibit Your Art

Screenshot 2015-11-22 at 11.20.31 AM

ARTROOMS is a new concept in art exhibiting your art. Artists are free to create their own environment in a room in the prestigious Melia White House Hotel, London!

Artists apply now until December 15th for free rooms. Go to Art Rooms London site here and click on *APPLY* in top menu.

70 rooms on offer for you to exhibit YOUR WORK.. For FREE! Sign up for your chance to WIN!

Gift Guide: Wearable Art Amber Pendant and Antique Incense Burner

amber pendant from Explosions Luck

Tibetan Thangka style amber pendant from Explosions Luck

Amber is ancient organic material, such as the sap of pine trees, that has fossilized. Amber talismans and jewelry have been found in Stone Age archeological sites. The ancient Greek word for amber is Elekton, meaning sun. In the great literary work titled the Odyssey, written by Homer, mention is made of amber earrings and a necklace of amber beads as a princely gift.

Wear amber to attract warm, generous and loyal people into your life. Amber is said to enhance your artistic qualities, and also bring your soul-mate into your life.

Wearable amber art is both a great investment and an excellent way to amplify the effects of Feng Shui energies. Amber art jewelry pieces make great unisex fashion gifts. Explosion Luck’s jewelry store has quality Tibetan Thangka pendants (also spelled Tibetan thanka pendants, Tibetan tangka pendants, Tibetan tanka pendants), Tibetan amber jewelry and Feng Shui pendant necklaces are suitable for everyone.

In addition to making wonderful gifts, you can start your own collection of unique Feng Shui jewelry, antique amber jewelry and meditation yoga inspired Tibetan Buddhist pendant necklaces here and now in the Explosion Luck online store here.


The Explosion Luck online shop also carries one-of-a-kind handcrafted vintage and antique incense burners, such as the exquisite Chinese bronze incense burner Your Majesty with a carved dragon design, shown above, and now available at a special price for gift giving and collecting here.

The dragon is associated with Chinese art, Chinese history, Chinese folklore, and Chinese religion. The traditional Chinese dragon consists of parts of nine different animals–a camel’s head, a demon’s eyes, a snake’s neck, a clam’s belly, a carp’s scales, a tiger’s paws, a cow’s ears, a deer’s horns and an eagle’s claws. Besides being functional, is makes an interesting art and conversation piece and collectible.

Explosion Luck provides unique gifts, Feng Shui paintings and Feng Shui jewelry for unique Christmas Gifts for Men, Women and Kids–view their gift collection here.




Grasshopper Art: *Symbol of Our Inner Voice* Make Unique Christmas Gifts for Men, Women, Kids

St Nicky, grasshopper art on Explosion Luck feng shui art site

St Nicky, grasshopper art on Explosion Luck feng shui art site

If you are on the look-out for unusual gifts to give this year, introduce someone on your gift list to a unique bit of symbolism with a grasshopper art piece.

The grasshopper is a symbol of your inner voice and appeals to artists, musicians and dancers, and is said to inspire our muse.

In nature, grasshoppers can only jump forward–not backward or sideways–so when the grasshopper appears in your life he could be reaffirming that you are taking the right steps to move forward in your situation. And since the grasshopper moves to its own rhythm, it is advocating that we do the same by following our own intuition.

The Bard, hot pink and blue grasshopper art

The Bard, hot pink and blue grasshopper art

The grasshopper also symbolizes longevity, good health, happiness, wealth, abundance, virtue and fertility and grasshopper art has a deep root in both Europe and Asia as a symbol of good luck around the world. Grasshopper art is increasing in popularity and is important to Feng Shui energy. As the grasshopper grows and lives in nature, it hops and leaps along carrying and spreading positive Feng Shui energy everywhere it jumps.

The grasshopper is a creature of natural harmony and makes a truly unique good luck gift for your loved ones and friends of all ages.

Each Explosion Luck grasshopper statue has its own its own personality and name, its own unique colors, and sits on a base made from a date palm tree.

Enjoy exploring the unique collection of grasshopper crafted art sculptures at special prices here!

The Sage, green and yellow grasshopper sculpture

The Sage, green and yellow grasshopper sculpture


Unique Gifts at

Feng Shui Gifts at

This video demonstrates the intricate Art of Folding A Bamboo Leaf Grasshopper

Dean Cameron: Serial Entrepreneur, Art Collector, Producer of “Where’s Art?” TV Series Interviewing Artists


Dean Cameron

Dean Cameron

Dean Cameron is busy creating new and innovative features for his online gallery Although he humorously refers to himself as a “Serial Entrepreneur in need of a 12 step program,” he also says that Flootie is his focus and at the top of his list of priorities. “We are all about “Concentric Marketing,” says Cameron of his online gallery– “Currently our programmer is developing a single point registration system to be rolled out very soon. Next is an “auto share” feature that allows artists to post a new work on Flootie and have it share to all their social media accounts at the same time. Saving them time to create more artwork.”

Although he’s not ready to divulge other innovations that he has in the works just yet, Cameron reveals something of the process, “I have assembled a focus group of artists so that I can have their perspective on some of our plans. Let’s just say it this way….I abhor the term “Starving Artist.” To me it says the same thing as “I am a terrible cook so please come to my restaurant.” You will hear people say that oil is the #1 world commodity and coffee is #2….I dispute that notion. I feel that artworks are the worlds #1 sold product. From Huts to Mansions and every business in between displays artwork. It is truly a matter of putting the right artwork in front of the right customers. I don’t intend to make it sound easy, as it is certainly not. But if we can support the artists by helping them build their “brand” and offering a vehicle that arms them with tools they have been lacking previously, then maybe we can make a difference.”
Memorial to Empty Hearts, Paula Rosa

Memorial to Empty Hearts, by Paula Rosa, featured on and Magicraftsman Studio

You’ll find the Magicraftsman Studio gallery featured prominently on the Flootie homepage. The gallery is in the Pacific Northwest area of the USA, in Spokane, Washington, and was founded by artist Roch Fautch. Working in conjunction with Dean Cameron and Flootie, this gallery space is made available commission free to imaginative and thought-provoking artists–both local and international.

Roch Fautch and Magicraftsman Studios also sculpted a set design for Dean Cameron’s new art TV production studio. Ever busy, Cameron describes the development of his Unit 219 TV studio space–“We built a new office for our producer and myself to better support the post production work we do in video. On top of that we have built a state of the art TV production studio with chromakey green wall and LED lighting, pro sound and our “soon to be unveiled” sculptured set design from our artist friend Roch Fautch and Magicraftsman Studio.”


Cameron works closely with artists in a variety of ways, and uses TV interviews with artists to promote their work. Cameron produces his Flootie TV series in his new Unit 219 space. “The Studio resides in a building I own and we are calling it “Unit 219 Studios”. It is a large Commercial “Condo facility.”

Flootie TV Studio office

Flootie TV Studio office

The art on the Flootie TV office walls (in the photo above) are pieces in Dean Cameron and wife Pam’s private art collection. “My background is as a “collector” and supporter of the arts and artists and I served for several years on numerous boards in our region. The Spokane Valley Arts Council has done great things in bringing original art to collectors in our region. My wife and I own approximately 200 original paintings and many are from regional artists and many of those are Flootie artists as well.  I have primarily been a professional and/or business owner most of my adult life in various industries. My skill set is in Relationship development (Sales and Marketing) and I have worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies as a supplier to them. I have always had a great love for the arts (no skill whatsoever to make art) just a profound respect for the artists and their works. I see so much in the way art is presented to the public that has not changed much in eons of time. We live in a changing world and I think we have some idea’s that can make a difference (many are still in development and are what I like to call “game changers”).”

Cameron says, “TV and Radio production was a potential career choice of mine waaaay back in High School. It is a whole different world today in the digital realm. Our Producer Jani Behrs has a 30 year background with the BBC. I like to write our shows and interject our “Benny Hill” type comedy in our shows so we may appeal to a much broader audience and capture their attention for our artists interviews. We strive to make Flootie TV unique, entertaining and most of all fun! And we do have fun…”


“Jani produced our first video for Flootie and all the “Flootie University” video’s that were designed to explain the features and benefits of Flootie to our users. We were invited to create a TV show by our local station CMTV and had an open book as to content and style. Jani and I seem to click on how we build these shows. I would also be remiss if I did not mention our character “Art Formee”. The name came to me as a way to reference artists and buyers in the same breath. He has come to life in our TV Shows (of which I am the straight man to his comedic insults). He is played by our good friend and AWESOME musician Charles Swanson.”

Jani and Dean share the role of Director. “We have 3 studio camera’s, LED lights and remote microphones. There is more equipment at our disposal if needed. Jani runs one camera and my son John Cameron runs another (he studied video production in school as well). The Flootie TV production team is rounded out by our Super Ninja Internet Programmer Adam Townsend. Usually much of the show is shot before hand with our vignette’s. We bring in two artists and it is Jani, John and me (and the artists of course). Then post production happens and they are all “knitted” together into a 30 minute show.”

 “We will be continuing with interviewing our artists who are regional enough to make it to our studio as well as present opportunities for our artists outside the region to submit video of themselves, their stories etc…for our “Where’s Art”? segment. Currently Flootie TV is seen on 11 public access stations in 8 states and growing.”
Here is an example segment of “Where’s Art?” WHERE’S ART Marcella Rose Segment on Flootie TV and a couple of short and fun videos…

FLOOTIE TV – 1-800-bad-dali  If all the wretched drug manufacturers can do it, so can Flootie TV!

“We are going “off studio” for our next show. It will be a special episode that centers around our “Artists Forever” Grant Program. We will shoot from a local Gallery and tie into the three video’s we have already completed where we give grants to elementary school arts programs to support the purchase of art supplies.”

Where does Dean Cameron get funding for his Flootie projects? “Subscriber artists pay a small monthly fee for the use of the marketing tools on Flootie. We also ran a “pARTy on” T-Shirt campaign to help us raise funds. The rest is financed by me and my wife,” he says rather humbly.

Cameron and Flootie support and work to promote other art galleries as well. “We enjoyed a cooperative event this past summer called “The Summer of Flootie” where our friends at Pacific Flyway Gallery (now called Spokane Gallery) displayed Flootie Artists works for the months of June, July, August and it culminated into an outdoor BBQ and art show event. We plan to do more co-op events with others as well.”

Cameron relates that his”Master GOAL” was established long ago, saying, ” I learned a long time ago that business plans need to be flexible as they change based upon opportunity. Much of what we laid out on the original website has changed. It does come to me somewhat naturally (Serial Entrepreneur in need of a 12 step program Sometimes I need the art to distract me from pursuing other idea’s…SQUIRREL!!”

To relax and unwind Dean Camera fly fishes–and sent this photo to prove that he does take some time off.

“This is me Fly fishing near our cabin on the Kettle River in NE Washington State,” says Dean.
Dean Cameron fly fishing

Dean Cameron fly fishing

Artists Submit to New Online Contemporary Art Magazine by December 1st


Submission deadline is the 1st of December. Check for details.

There first featured artist will be abstract painter Philip Allen, who is represented by Kerlin Gallery.

Philip Allen Tonic for Choice (Alpine Version) 2014 oil on board 120 x 120 cm / 47.2 x 47.2 in

Philip Allen
Tonic for Choice (Alpine Version)
oil on board
120 x 120 cm / 47.2 x 47.2 in


Find lots more online art magazines and art blogs to submit to in our e-list of Art Magazines here and other artist resources our web store here and here.


Update on Art Prints: Japanese Fish Printing and Contemporary Teddy Bear Printing Techniques



The Japanese fish printing technique is called gyotaku –read about the methods for printing fish here. One artist has updated the technique using toys and teddy bears.

Artist Geoffrey Ricardo ( in the printing space at The Art Vault Mildura ( playing with some friends.

Artist Geoffrey Ricardo ( in the printing space at The Art Vault Mildura ( playing with some friends.

Here’s a video of his printing process:

Slavery, “True Life Stories” and Other Difficult Subjects in the Art of African Artist Clara Aden

slave relic, Clara Aden

slave relic, Clara Aden

I sense a deep sadness as Clara Aden talks of the difficult theme of the history of slavery portrayed in her drawing of a man in chains. Clara says, “l exhibited this work in Ibadan. Their project was organized by the Forbidden Fruit art group. The exhibition was a pre-event activity before the Badagry exhibition. The title of the work is slave relic. The very word slavery conjures up horrific pictures of brutality and oppression. Slavery has a long and ugly history. No continent has suffered the ravages of the slave trade as much as Africa.”
Clara Aden exhibition

Clara Aden exhibition

In spite of the artist feeling saddened by the subject, much interest and good came from exhibiting her drawing slave relic. Clara said of the exhibition organizers, “They were amazed. They asked me to do a drawing workshop for kids. Some of them said, “seeing is believing.” So that day l did drawing demonstrations for children. It was a nice experience.” Clara used her drawing to teaching history, art, and in her demonstrations she shared her expressive drawing skills with the children. “Oh yeah, l love children and l love to live in their world, if just for the time l do drawing demonstrations. l love their openness their sincerity– it is very rare among the youth.”
Nollywood actor on set, Clara Aden

Fish Seller, Nollywood actor Empress on set, Clara Aden

Clara Aden is a gifted and sensitive artist and illustrator. From a very early age she found herself in the company of actors, actresses, writers, journalists, and editors in the publishing industry in Nigeria.
For her portrait Fish Seller Clara says, “I met this woman when l was working at Soul Publication Limited, as an art illustrator. She is a Nollywood actress. Her name is Empress. She tried to portray the role of women in the society as homemakers also providing for the family. l got her photo shot on set.”
Clara Aden illustration for Soul Publications

Clara Aden illustration for Soul Publications

The US movie industry capital is Hollywood, and Bollywood refers to the film industry of India, and “the cinema of Nigeria is often referred to as Nollywood, ” says Clara Aden, whose real name is Omolara Adenugba. “Clara Aden is abbreviation the of my real name Omolara Adenugba. Omolara is a Yoruba name meaning “Children are my companions.” My secondary school music teacher coordinated the music club in my school. He came to Nigeria from United Kingdom to find his roots. When he asked me what is my name? l said Omolara Adenugba. He had to bite his tongue when he was trying so hard to pronounce my name. He nicknamed me Clara Aden.”
She decided to use the name Clara Aden on her published illustration art for Soul Publications Limited true tales magazine HEARTS Magazine. “Every week l illustrated three true tales stories from individuals who are willing to share their life experience, their ups and downs, secrets and scandals– the editorial team goes through the stories, give it to production units where l start brainstorming and looking for photo reference to start my layout,” Clara explained.
Clara Aden illustration

Clara Aden illustration for HEARTS magazine, Nigeria

Hearts Magazine seems something like the tabloids in the USA and UK. Some might call them Pulp Fiction or Pop Art.
Clara says, “Yes, they are true life stories in which the individual’s name will not be written. Most time the writers don’t want their real name to be published either.”
But she graciously shared some of her illustration art to give us a view into secret lives in Nigeria.
Clara Aden illustration

Clara Aden illustration for HEARTS magazine, Nigeria

Clara described working as an illustrator for HEARTS magazine–“All of us are in the two story building. The editorial team’s office is beside the computer, and the production units, the advert and marketing team’s offices is opposite the reception office for visitors. They give me the stories. l read them until l am in the story– l want to feel the experience of the writer. l sketch some scenes in the stories. Once l get the feel of how to portray the emotion, gestures or anguish of the characters in the stories l get photo reference and start laying it out.”

Clara Aden illustration

Clara Aden illustration for HEARTS magazine, Nigeria

“They give me the stories on Mondays and have to submit the pencil drawings for production on Wednesdays. l work like a tornado! Actually l was on probation for six months before l become a full member of the house. The post of the Assistant Manager was for a man, but the Director of Soul Publications Limited was so impressed by my pencil drawings but she wanted to undermine me because of my stature. At that time l just graduated from my secondary school awaiting my admission into higher institution. So l was able to convince her that something big can come out of something small.”

Although Clara Aden started her career as a magazine illustrator as a young teenage girl and she worked very hard, and her hard work helped her develop as an artist–“At times l worked overtime in the office to meet deadlines. l was able to develop and built my skills as a pencilist.”
Clara Aden illustration

Clara Aden illustration

Clara has a fascination for the traditional roles of African women as subject for her art. For her fine art drawing “Sumburu Women” Clara says, “African people are very fascinating and captivating. l have always admired the beautiful Samburu maidens in traditional dress and their exquisite strands of beads. l tried to depict the traditional fashion trend of Kenyan maidens.”
Sumbaru women, Clara Aden

Sumbaru women, Clara Aden

I chatted with Clara on her birthday, and didn’t wish to keep her from plans. She said, “l have over 80 drawings and I am always passionate to talk about them, but time is not on my side today to do that, but l hope that time will surely come.”
 Clara Aden is represented by Portraits Africa, a start-up service procedures in place to bring portrait commissions to the artist from around the world. If you are interested in finding out more

440 Gallery, NYC: Small Works Exhibit Deadline to Submit Tonight Nov 11th


Deadline Tonight Wed. NOV. 11


11th Annual Small Works Show
All work under 12″
For more information, dates, deadlines, and application



440 Gallery is located at 440 Sixth Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn, between 9th and 10th Streets, and is convenient to the F, G, and R subways. The gallery is open on Thursday and Friday, 4-7pm, and Saturday and Sunday, 11am – 7pm, or by appointment.
Contact: Nancy Lunsford/Arielle Stein




















How To Turn Off Unwanted ReTweets: Simple Tip for Cleaning Up Your Twitter Feed for #artists

Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 11.09.00 AM

I’ve noticed many artists use a highly selective, yet very restricting, follow or don’t follow method of maintaining their Twitter accounts. They won’t follow anyone who isn’t strictly a friend or can help them with their career in some way. They only tweet about their own art a couple of times per week. Yet they would like many more followers and are really puzzled as to how to get them. I see artists with as few as 23 followers or around 100 followers, and that number remains unchanged week after week.

The problem with that sort of limited following and tweeting may seem obvious–so very few will see your tweets– yet so many artists continue to use this method to overly control their twitter feed because they don’t understand simple Twitter controls.

You don’t have to tightly screen your followers. Instead, follow more twitter accounts and use settings such as the Turn Off ReTweets.

The simple truth is that many on Twitter are paid by advertisers to Retweet. The amount they are paid is determined by the number of followers. For instance, I know of one site that pays someone with 1,000 Twitter followers about .50 cents for a tweet or retweet, someone with 10,000 Twitter followers about $5-10 per retweet, and someone with 100,000 followers $25.- 50.00 or more! Tweeters are paid to make certain Tweets go “viral.” Not surprisingly, many set up multiple Twitter accounts for the purpose of making money this way.

When a Tweet genuinely goes viral, you’ll often read news stories and articles about it. Genuinely viral Tweets indicate a strong mainstream interest, and careers can be made and celebrity gained from genuinely viral Tweets. So advertisers try to mimic these viral Tweets by paying others to Retweet the same Tweet from Twitter accounts with large numbers of followers.

How To Turn Off Someone’s ReTweets–

Visit your Twitter account each day to review your new followers.

When you have a new follower, visit their Twitter page and scan their recent tweets. If you see nothing but retweeted content that has nothing to do with fine art, or any of your other interests, you can still follow them back but click on the gear icon and in the drop down menu click on Turn off Retweets (as illustrated in the photo above.)

That way you can build your following and keep all the noise out of your Twitter feed.

Results of My *Pay What You Wish Week* Gives Artists Ideas For Earning Passive Income


As I mentioned in my previous articles here and here I’d like to share the results of my Pay What You Wish week ( Oct 30th – Nov 5th).

One artist wrote–

“Dear Marie,  hope you’re well, :-D! I’ve just purchased 2 of your wonderful ebooks from your “pay what you wish” campaign. I’m in not-so-good economic times and I could only provide a small amount of 5 dollars per ebook. I know the value of your ebooks is much higher. And I know you’ve worked hard to write them. I can’t  pass up the opportunity to get this great stuff, but I feel bad about not being able to pay a fair price. I hope you do not consider an offense, my small contribution, and accept a compensation from me. I can send you an original piece of my art, an original drawing, for example. Maybe, after reading your ebooks it’s time for me to open an eShop and start selling online! :-D”
I really love this artist’s note. Also, I did let the artist know that I’d use his kind words for my article, and that I consider that full compensation–though I do love his offer of to send me an artwork!
But he absolutely got my point. I want to give artists ideas for setting up their own “Pay What You Wish” digital files. These could be digital images of artwork for download as wallpaper/screen savers, or e-books sharing various “how to” details of their art-making practice. The possibilities are endless.
Now, I will share some insights and statistics from my week of allowing buyers to pay what they wished for the items in my webstore here.
First of all, I noticed that most of the sales came on the first day and the last day of Pay What Your Wish Week.  I posted an announcement on my blog at the start of the sale and another on the last day of the sale. I tweeted about it on the days in between.
Here are the Stats from my *Pay What You Wish* week of webstore sales-
33  sales at minimum item price of $1.95/$1.99 = $64.70
8 sales at $2= $16.
24 sales at $5. =$120.
1 sales at $5.95= $5.95
1 sale at $8.00 = $8.00
4  sales at $10.= $40.
71 sales totaling   $254.65
Allowing buyers to Pay What They Wished netted a little over 10% of the total amount of 67 sales at regular prices ($2355.15).
So basically, artists may choose to sell select items to buyers at higher set prices, and have a few Pay What You Wish items for a higher volume of sales– perhaps achieving sales that they may not have gotten at the higher prices.
photo courtesy of

Gift Guide: Limited Edition Prints of City Landmarks, Florals, and Feng Shui Buddha Art


If you are on the look-out for unique gifts–nothing does it quite like real art!

UK artist Clare Haxby–with studios in both Singapore and London– offers her beautifully packaged (unframed) fine art prints for international delivery in 3-10 days. The artist offers custom framing and delivery of framed prints in Singapore (only) in 10 days from when you place your print order.


The artist’s feng shui Good Luck Buddha art prints could be the perfect gift for the home or office of your feng shui afficionado friend of family member. These feng shui Buddhas come in 4 styles–

Emerald Lotus Buddha represents enlightenment and self-acceptance, Scarlet Lotus Buddha enhances the feeling of being grounded and creative, the Emerald Mudra Buddha increases harmony and peace, Indigo Orchid Buddha awakens one’s intuition allowing in higher spiritual vibrations.

These Buddha art prints are not considered religious objects, but are viewed as images symbolizing good luck and well-being.


Other Clare Haxby limited edition fine art prints to consider for gifts, include 7 prints in her floral botanical series, 9 prints available in her Equestrian series, and 19 available prints in her Singapore Landmarks and Skylines series.

With so many colorful art prints to choose from, perhaps you’d like to give a Clare Haxby gift card instead. A gift card allows your business associate, family member, friend or loved one to choose their favorite print.

Clare Haxby gift card

Clare Haxby gift card


“I know how special it feels to open a beautifully wrapped gift and that is why I take such great care with the presentation and packaging of my Fine Art Prints, from the crisp wrapping tissue to the beautiful ribbon and cylinder packaging.Clare Haxby 



New Follow Magazine Helps Independent Creators Find Social Media Audience

Screenshot 2015-11-05 at 12.42.37 PM

Follow Magazine is a digital publication that launched just days ago, and the founder is a filmmaker who describes the purpose of Follow Magazine specifically as being about helping artists build and engage with their audience online–

 You can sign up for their newsletter on their site and follow Follow Magazine on Twitter here.
Sounds like fun and I’m interested to see what they do.

Last Day of Pay What You Wish Week on Ebook Guide for #artists and All #ArtistResources Elists



It’s the last day of Pay What You Wish Week! Today is the final day to get the Artist Marketing Resources e-book guide for artists and all e-list resources–art galleries, art consultants, art magazines, art prints, art licensing, Photography Resourcesart sales sites, and the Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions ebook  — for whatever amount you wish to pay!

This is supposed to make everyone happy, result in more money overall and other rewards. I’ll report back next week on the results.

Best Wishes

Marie Kazalia


Images courtesy of