Invitation to Artists To Create Art Installation Projects for SKYLINE 2015

Hideyuki Ando + Tetsutoshi Tabata + Junji Watanabe – DesCours 2009 – Saccade-based Display

Hideyuki Ando + Tetsutoshi Tabata + Junji Watanabe – DesCours 2009 – Saccade-based Display

We received this RFP Invitation to SKYLINE 2015–

Hello Artist Marketing Resource!
It is our pleasure to extend an invitation to be one of our potential installations at SKYLINE 2015, a 10-day contemporary architecture and art event, hosted in Downtown Los Angeles, California.
As one of our 11+ SKYLINE 2015 artists and architects (individuals and teams), you will have the opportunity to create a project, with up to a $5,000 budget (which includes materials, travel, room and board) that will be viewed by hundreds of thousands of event guests!
Site locations for these installations vary throughout “hidden”  areas of Downtown Los Angeles, and include both indoor and outdoor spaces, such as rooftops, walkways, lobbies, secret gardens, and unoccupied buildings!
Act quickly, as the proposal deadline, October 19th, 2015, 5:00pm (PST) is quickly approaching!
For proposal submission specifications, please visit the website here, which also includes examples of previous projects in SKYLINE 2014, and other LERATA events.
The exact locations of projects will be determined upon receipt of all proposals in order to provide the most suitable match of site to project. Examples and images of past installations can be found on the LERATA website at under past projects here.
Best of luck!

Colette von

Events & Development Manager


Promo Code For International Emerging Artists to Get Free 2nd Submission to Billboard Art Project Los Angeles

Screenshot 2015-10-04 at 11.41.18 AM

Adam Santelli, The Billboard Creative founder asked me to share this opportunity with my readers to submit their art along with this special promo code (arm15) for artists to use for a free second submission to the project call.

The Billboard Creative is a non-profit arts organization that raises money through donations and a small submission fee. Adam Santelli says, “We feel that by having a submission fee it frees us in our choices of artwork.  We keep the fee as low as possible and all the money raised through artist submissions goes to getting the art work on billboards.  We are an all volunteer organization. Our last show – with the help of the accepted artists – we did a silent auction to raise money for kids living with cancer. That’s TBC in a nutshell.  We look for like-minded organizations to help us get the word out.  SF Camera Works just sent out a flyer to their members on our behalf.  We issued them a special coupon code to their members for a free second submission.  We would like to offer more but our fees are so low and our cost is so high we really can’t do much more.”

The Billboard Creative Q4 Show Submissions are Now Open and Curated With INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED ARTIST MONA KUHN ON BOARD AS CURATOR (

“I was introduced to The Billboard Creative during the April show and was enthralled,” said Kuhn. “With the role of public art more critical to our society than ever, I love the idea of exploring the billboard as more media for fine art. Los Angeles has a long history of artistic interaction with the billboard form going back to the 60s with Ed Ruscha. We can build on that history to make significant works of art more regular fixtures on the streets of our city. What a canvas; what a setting.”

SELECTED WORKS WILL BE SHOWN ON 37 BILLBOARDS THROUGHOUT LOS ANGELES in the HOLLYWOOD area, with 3/4 of the billboard art by emerging artists and 1/4 by established artists.

Eligibility: All welcome

Entry Deadline: 10/16/15

Submit at:

Submissions welcome from all disciplines – if you can put it in an image file, we can put it on a billboard. The Billboard Creative is a nonprofit that produces public art shows on billboards throughout Los Angeles. Imagine the impact of your art viewed, on a massive scale, by tens of thousands of Angelenos on their daily commutes. Check out the website for more details, past work, to submit work here.

The young non-profit, The Billboard Creative, transforms billboards into works of art and daily commutes turn into art hops. – After its successful inaugural show in April that brought 15 works of art by artists from seven countries to the billboards across Los Angeles. The Billboard Creative hopes to double the number of works on display in its second show.
The Billboard Creative was founded in 2014 with the goals of giving artists access to a mass audience and making art as assessable to Angelenos as the numerous billboards they view every day. “There is so much happening in museums and galleries in Los Angeles right now, and we want to be a part of bringing that into the streets and into the path of tens of thousands of people’s everyday routines,” said Adam Santelli, TBC founder. “We’re an outdoor city, a car culture, a great city for art, and if you think about it, billboards are really a quintessential A medium. Our hope is to bring these things together more often.” The submission deadline is October 15.
instagram notice

Fluid Paintings Chilean Artist Mauricio Paz Viola

Chilean artist Mauricio Paz Viola is seeking opportunities to show and sell his paintings internationally.
View more of his work on his website:


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Call For Artist Submission to Made In Mind Magazine

Screenshot 2015-09-30 at 11.56.53 AM

Made In Mind Magazine Publication – is accepting artist submissions for Issue 06. All submissions must be received by 18th of October 2015.

Made in Mind Magazine is an independent publishing project dedicated to the promotion of young contemporary visual art. It’s focus is to provide visibility to young art , particularly for lesser known visual artists to showcase their work to an international audience which includes artists, galleries, museums, curators and others interested in art. The aim is to become bridge between the art world and artists. Visual artists of various media are encouraged to enter this juried competition to be included in next issue.

View the magazine here and the Submission Guidelines here.

Art Magazines, art blogs, art publication resources e-list.

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Artist Studio Visits Will Find New Art for Series of Curated Online Exhibitions

Screenshot 2015-09-29 at 5.10.01 PM

AC Institute in New York City will be making studio visits for their new fall initiative to find art for a series of curated online exhibitions.

AC Institute considers itself a hub for experimentation and radicalism and wish to seek out artists whose practice challenges conventional expectations of meaning, objectivity, and medium while looking for work in a wide range of media with a wide range of themes. Read the full submission guidelines here.

If you are interested in taking part in these studio visits please submit the following to

• Up to 10 images (jpeg, 72 dpi) or video link
• CV
• Link to website

Deadline: Tue Oct 13th, 2015

AC Institute
16 East 48 Street
New York, New York 10017
United States of America


Nigerian Artist Gideon Fasola’s *Tiny Breaks* in the Duality of His Self-Portrait

Face of Me, Gideon Fasola

Face of Me, Gideon Fasola

Last night I chatted with artist Gideon Fasola of Nigeria, who is one of the African artists represented by Amsterdam-based Dr. Keith McFarlane’s international Portraits Africa project.

Portraits Africa is all about the African artists they represent and the portrait art their artists create. All of the portrait art in the Portraits Africa artist portfolios help to brand the project and service. But none more so than African artist Gideon Fasola’s iconic self-portrait Face of Me, of which the artist says–“It’s the artwork that represents everything about my art.”

Gideon was one of the earliest to be curated into the Portraits Africa aka African Portraiture Service. The artist says that he appreciates every effort the service makes to promote his work and obtain commissions for him from clients around the world–“African Portraiture Service is a loving platform for African Artists, to me it’s like making a dream that seems impossible come true so unexpectedly soon to the dreamer.”

His Face of Me self-portrait is also used to help brand the @PortraitsAfrica Twitter account here.

You’ll notice that in this self-portrait (image above) there is a rough division down the center of the face, with the left side painted in color and the right side rendered in graphite pencil. Both sides demonstrate Gideon Fasola’s skill and ability in rendering realism in any media. He says, “I like to be free with my color and rendering, I don’t like following a strict way of painting. The graphite side is simply showing my pencil realism in like manner to the painting.”

Such duality of imagery carries much metaphorical meaning as well, referencing dualities in the life of every artist, while providing a visual summary of the Portraits Africa service of turning flesh and blood faces into drawings and paintings.

Yet Gideon Fasola’s work is not limited to realistic renderings–“I love good music, inspiring poetry and drawings that speaks, so rhythm, words and message always influence my artworks,” he says. “That is why my works are not limited to realism and hyperrealism portraiture and drawings that is common among African artists of this generation.”

The abstract aspects of Gideon Fasola’s self-portrait is in the texture and patterning, which he refers to as Araism. “The background represents two things about my art, the tiny break texture is Araism–a painting movement invented by a Nigerian artist Mufu Onifade. I became a disciple of the movement in 2013 and I am the first artist in the group that is using pencil to render the movement. The second thing on the background is my background pattern that I have been using for the background of my works since when I was in school 2008 till now.”

Gideon speaks the three major languages of Nigeria–Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa, and many dialects under them. He explains that, “Araism is derived from Yoruba (the language of the western Nigeria tribe).” From the word “Ara” which means “wonder.” As in, there is wonder and amazement in the viewer at the lines of “tiny breaks” that come together to create an art piece. Also, the word “Ara” means “thunder,” with the lines that strike across the surface of the artworks like lightning in a thunderstorm. “Ara” (in the Igbo language) can also mean a woman’s breast. Gideon explains that connotation as, “the way the artworks entice people and gives their delightful view and pleasurable experience is compared with womans breasts. So Araism is all African rooted, especially Yoruba.”

HOPE, Gideon Fasola

HOPE Gideon Fasola

His two imaginative works titled HOPE and Virtuous Woman very clearly articulate this “tiny break texture” of Araism–or as Gideon says– “Yes, this are some of my pure Araism works.”

Gideon Fasola

Virtuous Woman Gideon Fasola

Fasola explains that he first heard about the Araism movement while studying at The Polytechnic Ibadan, Eruwa Campus, Oyo State, Nigeria. “I first heard about Mufu Onifade at school, from one of my lecturers that is one year senior colleague of Mufu Onifade when they are art students. Mufu Onifade is a former student of my school, my campus, he graduated there 1988. I started searching for his name and possible contacts online after I heard about him and saw some of his works. After many trials, I was able to chat with him and talk to him on call. I saw him face to face for the first time when he invited me to the Araism Movement on the 10th of September 2013. It was after then that I joined the Araism movement with two Araism works that I submitted to him.”

The Adorable One, gideon Fasola

The Adorable One, Gideon Fasola

Gideon Fasola has created many portrait drawings and paintings. You can view more of Gideon Fasola’s art on his website, on his Facebook page, and on Portraits Africa here.

In the portrait above, the artist demonstrates his skill for working with the ink from blue, black and red ballpoint pens, common tools in Nigeria. He is especially fond of this ballpoint pen ink portrait of “my only niece, which I treasure as my daughter,” he has demonstrably titled The Adorable One.

Fasola also says that being an artist is a “humble career,” demonstrating his humility via encounters with “old wise artists who have made me a young man with an old mind.”  He recalls their advice–“An old artist once told me that art is in your brain and hand, to never let materials silence your expression, but to learn to use whatever can make a mark on a surface to express yourself.”

Gideon Fasola painting

Gideon Fasola painting

Fasola thinks that being an artist is “a gift, a privilege, I am not more worthy than other people to have the talent, so I’m using it like a precious gift given to me as undeserved kindness.”

He describes his painting, above, of laughing children– “It’s saying, if the poor can be happy then you can be happy against all odds if you choose to and if you have the right attitude the way you live your life.”




Opportunity: LandEscape Now! International Call for Artists – 8th Edition 2016

Screenshot 2015-09-26 at 10.27.02 AM

LandEscape is launching the 8th edition of “LandEscape Now!” which will introduce nine artists selected from the international scenario in various fine arts disciplines. The current edition focuses more particularly on the theme of landscape in all the accepted meanings of the word and the recognition of the fundamental role which the landscapes of any kind have in the composition of an artwork. Landscape will be a recurring theme but not the only one, since LandEscape is open to a large variety of disciplines including, but not limited to:

     Fine Art Photography
     Audio / Sound
     Performative Arts
     Mixed Art
     Public Art

There are no entry fees and the contest is open to all artists as well as groups of artists.


In order to participate to the selections, please fill the entry form that you will find at

Any further related materials (as images, pdf documents as well as videos) can be sent via email directly to or to
For any further information please contact our board or visit our website

Deadline: December 4th, 2015

Artists Support Artists: South African Painters Lioda Conrad and Benon Lutaaya

Lioda Conrad and

Lioda Conrad and Benon Lutaaya  Photo: Lioda Conrad

“Guess who bought one of my works in The African Crysalists series. The very gracious man himself Benon Lutaaya! Thank you and it was a pleasure to have created this work Benon reigns in Africa. He embodies all that is true ideology within art. Benon, a Great day spent with you exchanging passion of art, thoughts and laughter,” Lioda Conrad shared these thoughts and feelings recently on her Facebook page and tweeted them from her Twitter account.

Lioda is pleased and touched by Benon’s wonderful support of her as a fellow artist. Lioda said of the transaction and sale of her portrait painting (image below) to artist and subject Benon Lutaaya–“He said he wanted to buy it because it was stunning, but also because I had something more to convey thru my art and convey an important message about Africa and the beauty of its people.”

Lioda Conrad portrait of

Lioda Conrad’s mixed media portrait painting of Benon Lutaaya, titled Benon reigns in Africa

I’d gotten to know about Lioda Conrad’s portrait series via Dr. Keith McFarlane’s Portraits Africa here and when I featured her paintings in my Xposy magazine article Lioda Conrad’s Portraits of Contemporary African Artists.

Xposy magazine article

Xposy magazine article with photo of Cyrus Kabiru, another of Lioda Conrad’s fellow artists and subject of her portrait paintings. View more of Cyrus Kabiru’s wearable art creations on his Pinterest page here.

Submissions Open for Unsolicited Exhibition Proposals NYC

Unsolicited Proposal Program

Submissions open: October 131, 2015

291 Church Street
New York, NY 10013

We’ve known about apexart for several years now, and so when we received this opportunity in an email we thought it would be great to share with artists in case they may have missed it—

apexart has developed an Unsolicited Proposal Program, which is a democratic method of selecting exhibitions based on the strength of the idea alone. No CVs, references, or biographical materials are accepted– just 500 words on your brilliant idea for an exhibition in New York. They’ve been doing this for 18 years now!

This year, from October 131, apexart will accept proposals for exhibition ideas. Applications consist of a short written text explaining what the exhibition would be about and why it is of interest.

apexart assembles a jury of 150 people from all different backgrounds, all around the world, who vote on proposals online. This is to make sure that the shows have a broad audience and appeal across cultural borders. The only information jurors can see is the application text; they do not know who submitted the idea and nothing about their background or level of experience. Each proposal is voted on the same number of times by different jurors over the course of a month. apexart developed a custom-made computer script that aggregates all the votes and determines which three proposals have the highest scores. These proposals will be presented as part of apexart’s exhibition season in 2016–17.

Winners receive a budget, curatorial honorarium, and administrative support to mount their exhibitions in the apexart in Manhattan.

You need: a great idea for an exhibition that includes the work of at least 3 artists.
You don’t need: previous curatorial experience, connections at apexart or other organizations, bribes, or a home address in New York City.

More information about guidelines and how to apply here.

Case Study: Art Students Ask, Which Online Art Gallery is Best for Sales?

Danielle Burch

Danielle Burch

Danielle Burch is a graduate completing her MFA degree at The School of Art, College of Imaging Arts & Sciences, Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York, USA. This current semester, Danielle is one of 9 graduate students in artist Alan Singer’s Business Practices For Fine Artists class.

Alan Singer recently asked–

“Hello Marie,

In your marketing materials research do you rate the effectiveness of some of the many sites that are proliferating like Fine Art America, and Art Pickle?  My students ask me all the time which ones are the best, and I look around and each time there are a dozen new ones.

In the past I have paid membership fees for some of these sites, but I don’t think any of them have resulted in sales.  Maybe name recognition but little business.

What do you find out when you look at them… Any advice?”

In response, to Which online galleries are best?, I replied that it would vary artist to artist, and I offered to do a case study to analyze some of the factors an artist might consider when deciding which online galleries to try. Alan’s student Danielle Burch volunteered to be the subject and I reviewed her artwork, bio/CV and website here. Also I’m assuming that the main goal of all the student artists in Alan Singer’s class is to get sales– although it’s nearly impossible to divorce the necessary visibility of art from sales of art.

Danilee Birsch

Danielle Burch


Danielle also identified a site, Art Pickle, as popular with students, writing that “Art Pickle is a website that allows artists to promote their art and open studio events along with links to galleries hosting or sponsoring their work.”

I agree, that where your artist friends are selling is an important factor to consider. When I viewed Danielle’s art, right away I thought of the site Deviant Art , which has long been a site for young artists actively engaged in cross-promotions with their friends and actively building a large following and achieving consistent sales. Being an active artist on the Deviant Art online gallery site is the key to success.

Danielle Burch

Danielle Burch


When I first viewed the images of the paintings Danielle Burch sent –above and below in this article–I thought they were Surrealism, perhaps with aspects of Pop Surrealism and Dystopian art, which are very specific genres or niche markets.

Although Danielle may not agree, and may be heading in a different direction with different interests, as stated in her Artists Statement,  she sees her work as a series dealing with “abstraction, realism and assemblage to convey aspects of hearing loss related to my life story,” and combining “abstraction and trompe l’oeil” in her paintings.

Since I see her work as primarily Surrealism, I’d suggest that for increased visibility she might get a free page featuring her work on the UK site Surrealism, and perhaps join a Surrealist group, such as the BeInArt Surreal Art Collective that publishes books of their art, and puts on curated group exhibitions while maintaining a strong online presence.

For sales, Danielle might add her portfolio to two large and diverse online galleries, one is Saatchi, which has featured a Saatchi Surrealism Collection. Saatchi is known for having an annual high volume of art sales in all price ranges and for putting on live exhibitions of online gallery artworks. In 2013, a BBC News article quoted Rebecca Wilson, Director of Saatchi Gallery as saying, ” We sell more art in a month that most brick-and-mortar galleries do in a year.” Saatchi has offices in New York City and Los Angeles, California and they put on live exhibits in both US cities.

The second large online gallery, Ugallery features the Surrealism genre here. Ugallery stated that, “almost 70% of artists have sold one painting through Ugallery, and one sale usually leads to more.”

Danielle Burch

Danielle Burch


While working toward her Master of Fine Arts degree at RIT, Danielle Burch has

served as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for Watercolors, Drawing II and Printmaking,

an Adjunct Professor and a Gallery Assistant at Gallery R. Throughout her first year,

Burch completed illustrations for a children’s book, and showed artwork in Rochester,

Oregon, Massachusetts, and North Carolina, where she held her first solo exhibition.

Danielle Burch

Danielle Burch

Artist Marketing Resources has been researching online galleries since early 2008 and shares an e-list 1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art on Selz with credit card or via PayPal option here and Artist Print Sales Sites and Resources here–both are also in our new Shopify Store here.

South Korean Art Project Open Call to Eurasian Artists

This is something out of the ordinary that I wanted to share.  I’ve reviewed the application forms and there is no fee to enter.

I’ve actually visited Seoul, South Korea, flying there and spending a few days on a side trip during an extended stay in Japan–and my experiences may be at the root of my interest in this project.

Imagining New Eurasia is a participatory project to renew and reinterpret the idea of Eurasia–exploring new and old connections and relations between East and West and in between.

Eurasia is defined as the combined continental landmass of Europe and Asia.

Open Call: Imagining New Eurasia Project invites you to send your drawings, sketches, text, artwork, found object, photographs, maps, memorabilia or other kinds of artifacts from which your city, town or village could be rebuilt or reimagined. They’d like to collect them to exhibit and publish.

Total Prize $10,000
Submission Period: August 24 – October 2, 2015

Please visit website for ONLINE SUBMISSION:

the Asia Culture Center – the ACC Creation and Asia Culture Institute
38, Munhwajeondang-ro, Dong-gu
Republic of Korea
Screenshot 2015-09-20 at 9.20.37 PM

Artists, Designers, Gallerists Call to Submit to Apollo Art TV

Screenshot 2015-09-20 at 12.22.44 PM


Apollo TV which is based in Berlin, Germany and has dynamic art videos from art fairs, exhibitions and visual artists in their studios, is actively inviting international artists to become contributors! Submit to Apollo TV!

Apollo TV is actively seeking collaborators to feature. Just submit your work – whether it’s photos, raw video footage or ready-made content, their creative post-production team will package it up to make into artful television.

Apollo TV has millions of viewers and works Artists, Designers, Curators, Architects, Innovators, Gallerists, Museums and more.

Art TV is just one category in our Art Magazines, Art blogs, and Art Publication Resources e-list available here and in our new Shopify store here.


Artists Find and Connect With Contemporary Art Consultants

For the past several year, Artist Marketing Resources has been researching and communicating with Art Consultants internationally. We share our contact list with artists, non-profits, and other art consultants in our e-list here. We’re continually updating and expanding our list of Art Consultants around the world.

One of the newest additions to our e-list will interest artists–L & L Art Advisory LLC, specializing in contemporary European, Asian and American art, and based in London and New York City–especially because they are easy to connect with online.

You can Like the L & L Art Advisory Facebook page here, and view images of the art they like on The Art Stack and Instagram where you can follow the L & L Director director and share images of your own work.

L&L ARTS provides independent curatorial and art advisory services to private, corporate and institutional collections worldwide.

Find hundreds more art consultants on our Directory of Art Consultants in any of our online stores here and here and in our new Shopify store.

Screenshot 2015-09-19 at 3.47.58 PM

Video: Frida Kahlo in Her Home and Studio

This is an amazing collection of vintage film clips of Frida Kahlo in her studio-home Casa Azul or Blue House. I visited Casa Azul in Mexico City, which is open to visitors as the Museo Frida Kahlo museum, and contains many of Frida Kahlo’s things, including her bed, easel, wheelchair, paintings, jewelry, clothing and many other items from her collections.


Found on Flootie: Bird, Fish,Turtles, Rabbits and More For Animal Lovers

In the Garden, Debbie Hughbanks

In the Garden, Debbie Hughbanks

Skillfully rendered rabbit fur, in Debbie Hughbanks drawing In the Garden is so believable you may find yourself reaching out to touch your computer screen. It’s a work of realism to rival the famed Young Hare (1502) watercolor painting of Albrecht Durer. Artist Debbie Hughbanks specializes in painting the wildlife around her studio in Washington State in the USA. She may have also traveled to the tropics to see the sea turtles, shells glistening wet, in her painting Taking the Plunge.

Taking the Plunge, Debbie Hughbanks

Taking the Plunge, Debbie Hughbanks

In Daniel Smith’s painting Cowbird Companions, a portrait an American bison stares defiantly at us, unperturbed by the Cowbirds resting on his massive shoulders. All are in a symbiotic relationship, with the birds eating insects around the enormous animals. Daniel Smith’s paintings and Giclee prints are represented by Pacific Flyway Gallery.

Cowbird Companion, Daniel Smith

Cowbird Companion, Daniel Smith

Roman Rocco Burgan knows his fish! While most of us might simply see an expressive and lovely rendering of a gold fish pond is his painting below, the artist identifies the breed or strain of goldfish as Bristol Blue Shubunkin and Golden Rudd.

Bristol Blue Shubunkin and Golden Rudd Fish, Roman Rocco Burgan

Bristol Blue Shubunkin and Golden Rudd Fish, Roman Rocco Burgan

You’ll find beautiful animal art in Marcella Rose’s Flootie portfolio here. The artist grew up on a farm and learned to appreciate animals early in life, painting both the domesticated animals such as cows–that may remind you of Andy Warhol’s cows–but also the lesser seen animals of North American such as wild sheep and deer.

Trailblazer, Marcella Rose

Trailblazer, Marcella Rose

Lovely brushwork on the deer’s body brings the fur texture to life.

GRACE, Marcella Rose

GRACE, Marcella Rose

The sweet face of Country Girl a painting by Marcella Rose below.

Country Girl, Marcella Rose

Country Girl, Marcella Rose

Darrell Sullen’s Ladies First is a little bit of a humourous take on this view of two cows and one bull on the river’s edge to drink.

two cows, one bull by river, Darrell Sullens

Ladies First, Darrell Sullens

Bill Werle paints in soothing and muted tones to portray the predatory owl, its white face punctuating the center of the dark canvas ground.

Figment of Your Imagination- Barn Owl, Bill Werle

Figment of Your imagination -Barn Owl, Bill Werle

Here Bill Werle skillfully captures an autumn forest view with a moose crossing a stream in his painting Just Passing Through.

Just Passing Through, Bill Werle

Just Passing Through, Bill Werle

Animal lovers will find these, and many more paintings of animals on the Flootie online gallery site here.

Artist Marketing Resources New Shopify Store

Artist Marketing Resources has 2 online stores that get monthly sales, and now we’ve set up a two-week free trial for or Shopify store to test that sale platform out. We’ve only listed a few items, and the new Shopify Artist Marketing Resources store needs formatting–you can visit and shop here.



Two African Artists Commissioned to Bring Old Photograph Back to Life

Reference photo with visible crease damage

Reference photo with visible crease damage

The reference photo that African artists Seth Sketcher (aka Seth Odhimabo) of Nairobi, Kenya, and Gershon Kwaku Puregold of Accra, Ghana were both commissioned to work from, was a scan of the lost creased and damaged original. The man in the photo is the deceased father and father-in-law of an American couple living in Florida, Kane and Roger. “It was a great photograph of my father-in-law that was lost except for this bad scan of the original image,” said Roger. The couple particularly liked this image and wanted it reclaimed and preserved it in an original artwork. In fact, they commissioned two versions of this photograph–one from each of the two African artists.

To start the process, Roger says, “I commissioned a work with Seth Sketcher.  We started talking together client to artist and I asked him if he would do a nice drawing from a poor scan of a great photo of my father-in-law. He said “yes” and we discussed a price of $300.00 for a medium-sized work plus all shipping costs.” A similar arrangement was also made by contacting artist Gershon Kwaku Puregold.

According to Dr. Keith McFarlane, Founder and CEO of Portraits Africa–“Roger rather insisted on the literalness of these pieces, and on a complete rendering, for example, of the striped shirt. Left to their own devices the artists, Seth in particular would be rather less literal, and so the works illustrate the constraints that a commission can impose. But of course the creative balance of a client and a commission does bring a financial reward.”

Gideon Fasola completed portrait commission for Roger and Kane

Gershon Kwaku Puregold’s completed portrait commission for Kane and Roger, charcoal on archival paper, 54 x 63 cm (21 x 24  inches) Commissioned for $250 + $35 shipping and insurance from Africa to the USA

Dr. McFarlane also spoke of the two resulting drawings–“The comparison is interesting as it illustrates the differing sophistication and abstraction of the two artists (Gershon is the younger and less practiced). It also shows how an old photograph can be “brought to life” in the hands of a skilled artist.”

Seth Sketcher completed commission for Roger and Kane

Seth Odhiambo (Seth Sketcher) created this drawing for $300 + $35 shipping and insurance from Africa to the USA.

Another benefit to bringing an old damaged photo back to life as a drawing, is that the fine art quality of the paper stock that the artists use produces an image with longevity. For his drawing above, Gershon Kwaku Puregold used a heavy paper stock similar to a thick watercolor paper. Both Gershon and Seth Sketcher used Archival grade acid-free non-rag papers on which to create their drawings. These artworks will last for many generations of ownership and preserve the memory of this man within his family for many years to come.

Seth Sketcher at work from iPhone screen reference image

Seth Sketcher at work from iPhone screen reference image

Resulting commissioned artworks may be to any size! Here, in the photo above, Seth Sketcher in Nairobi, Kenya, is at work on the portrait drawing on paper which is 42 x 63 centimeters (16 x 24 inches).

Seth Sketcher and Gershon Kwaku Puregold are just two of the more than thirty artists available to produce your portrait on commission via Portraits Africa.

If you have questions about commissioning a Portraits Africa artist, contact Dr. Keith McFarlane via email:

The service is described in detail in the Portraits Africa brochure, Commissioning a Portrait.



Artist Clare Haxby Celebrates the Singapore Formula Race With an Art Print GiveAway on Instagram!

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 3.52.54 PM

The Singapore F1 takes place this month from 18-20 September. Artist Clare Haxby is Celebrating Singapore’s Formula One Street Track Night Race With a Fine Art Print Give-Away on Instagram. Read more about the race and Clare’s art here  and here.

Participate in the Clare Haxby Instagram Giveaway here –>
-CH Singapore Skyline _nightscape studio portrait 72dpi


Virtual Tour of Exhibition Space With Call to Submit

Screenshot 2015-09-13 at 5.25.39 AM

NordArt is the largest international art exhibition in northern Europe. NordArt, in Germany, offers artists their massive exhibition space each year and a chance to be in an art show from early June until October.  They are a non-profit organisation and does not charge any commission on sales of art in the exhibition.

There are no registration fees. Apply online.  Applications are being accepted for 2016 here.

Take a virtual tour of each exhibition from 2015 back to 2009 here.

Plus all participating artists are listed on their website here.

The expense will be in getting your work there, once accepted, and Nord Art can even help organize shared transportation.

“Transport costs are covered by the artist. We will be happy to help to organise shared transport arrangements. All of the delivered works will be insured subject to the general insurance conditions from the time of delivery to the time of collection. Installation of art works is made by the team of NordArt (Exceptional cases installation by artist). The exhibited works remain at NordArt until the end of the exhibition.”