Email Script: How to respond to creative inquiries


Email Script: How to respond to creative inquiries

by Chris Wilson

As an artist, illustrator, designer, or any other visual freelancer, your inbox is part of your day-to-day. The emails you send and receive everyday can range anywhere from replying to creative inquiries, back and forth communication between you and a client on current freelance projects, negotiating your rate for your next freelance job, discussing revisions, getting paid on time, or simply sending a thank you.

Most of the time when artists send emails, they stick to these two email misconceptions:

1. Keeping emails short It’s okay to write long emails. Potential clients will read your entire email no matter how long it is ­ as long as it applies to them, it addresses their needs, and helps solve their problems.

2. Simply answering questions You may get creative inquiries where the only thing the sender is asking is, “How much do you charge?” But if you simply send a reply stating your rate, you’re not establishing the value behind why they should work with you. You’re just competing on price with a handful of other creatives they sent the same email to.

When you know how to write compelling emails, it means you’re able to effectively use key psychological principles with email in an authentic way that can grow your business. Resulting in emails that get opened, read, and replied to ­ even by the busiest creative decision makers.

However, the most powerful email script you can have in your tool belt is an effective reply to any creative inquiry. When you receive a creative inquiry, there is a multitude of things you have to ask yourself before you respond, but the three main ones are:

● Is this client qualified to work with me?

● Can they afford to pay your rates?

● Is this project aligned with my interests, style, and values?

The goal of all of your creative inquiry replies is to boost their confidence in hiring you by establishing the value you offer.

Here’s what an effective email response to a creative inquiry looks like ­-


Subject:​Re: *LEAD NAME, let’s get started on your illustration


Thanks for getting in touch with me, I’d be happy to help you with your magazine illustration. Recently, I *MENTION A RECENT PROJECT, CASE STUDY, OR ACCOMPLISHMENT [This “qualifier” is what generates confidence in hiring you.]

I’d love to chat with you about the possibility of doing the same at for you. I just need just a few more details about your project (timeline, intended usage, and a better understanding of your creative vision, etc.)

As you know, there are many possibilities for illustration ­- from a small black and white illustration to a full color spread. My illustration project rates start at *YOUR PROJECT RATE MINIMUM.

Do you have 10 minutes for a quick phone or Skype chat Wednesday at 11AM Pacific?

Thanks, *YOUR NAME


Your goal in these beginning stages is to establish your value by mentioning a recent successful case study or accomplishment you’ve had on similar projects. This way you’ll avoid competing on price with the other creatives they sent email inquiries to.

Remember, the number one concern a potential client has when they are hiring a visual creative is ­ “Are they going to make me look good for hiring them.”

So it’s your goal to establish confidence in your work, so they won’t second guess your rates or in hiring you.

Determining their budget

By stating, “…illustration projects start at $_____,” you’re filtering out those who don’t meet your minimum budget requirements. This way you don’t go through the process of generating a proposal only to find out their budget was crazy low.

Also, you aren’t trying to get an immediate sale in this first email. This will come later.


Because you want to avoid having them make a decision in hiring your based on price.

When you establish your value first, you’re price is a triviality. You can use any of the following qualifiers to help establish your value:

● Recent successes and/or case studies from past clients.

● Awards

● Your education if you came from a notable school

● If you’re just starting out and don’t have any past clients, you can create a personal project that showcases your work in the same context someone would hire you for. So if you want to do magazine illustrations, you can create a 10­page magazine of your work laid out in magazine format.

A call ­to ­action

At the end of your email it’s best practice to include a simple, but direct call ­to ­action to schedule a chat at a specific time. You’re making it as easy as possible for them to further discuss their project.

NOTE:​ When you’re on the phone with your client, never feel pressured to name a price right then and there. If they ask your for a specific price, you can say-

­ “I’d love to give you a price, but I’d feel more comfortable reviewing my notes and giving you a more specific proposal. Giving you two or three options at different price points.”

This way you can use more effective pricing strategies like offering different packages priced at different tiers. So they’ll compare your prices against your own prices and not against your competition.

The success of your client’s project hinges on your design, illustration, or photography.

The visuals you create have a massive amount of selling power. It determines how your clients product fits with an audience. In most cases, your visuals are the biggest factor in how your client will be able to generate revenue from their project.

So when you respond to a creative inquiry, remember to establish your value by showcases past successes, do your best to inquire about their specific needs, and include a specific call to action. ­­­

Chris Wilson is an artist and illustrator. When he’s not drawing, he’s giving tips like this article to visual creatives in his newsletter every week

"WATER BOY", 24 in x 23 in. 2014, Acrylic painting on Canvas,  Kwesi Botchway, Accra, Ghana, Africa

Expressively Rendered Faces of 5 African Artists

"WATER BOY", 24 in x 23 in. 2014, Acrylic painting on Canvas, Kwesi Botchway, Accra, Ghana, Africa

WATER BOY, 24 in x 23 inches, 2014, Acrylic painting on Canvas, Kwesi Botchway, Accra, Ghana, Africa

Kwesi Botchway’s painting WATER BOY is for sale and available, plus the artist accepts commissions to create painted portraits from your favorite selfie or photograph. Arrangements can be made from anywhere in the world via the services provided by Portraits Africa.

The faces and figures dripping with water are fun and symbolic imagery unique to African artists in countries such as Ghana.

Kwakwa Anthony Junior

In the above portrait, the artist represented by Portraits Africa is Kwakwa Anthony Junior, also of Ghana, and the wetness may be a dousing of milk or perhaps soapy water.

Johannesburg, South Africa artist Eric Sher paints the faces in his Deviation from Reality Series with drips, runs, brushstrokes and lines to create a specific mood or expression on his subjects faces.

Eric Sher, South Africa

Eric Sher, Johannesburg, South Africa. Deviation from Reality Series

Eric Sher, Johannesburg, South Africa. Deviation from Reality Series

In the painting THE SHOW MAN, Kwesi Botchway’s startling and unusual portrait, we may imagine that it represents the essence of the an outstanding personality, also hinted by the title.

"THE SHOW MAN ", 43 in x 45 in. 2014, Acrylic on Canvas. FOR SALE. Kwesi Botchway, Accra, Ghana, Africa

THE SHOW MAN, 43 in x 45 inches, 2014, Acrylic painting on canvas, Kwesi Botchway, Accra, Ghana, Africa

In addition to the selected works by the five artists featured here, you’ll find expressive and out of the ordinary portrait art by dozens of artists across Africa also represented by Portraits Africa view their portfolios here and find out how to commission a portrait here.

"Frank Edwards", 58 cm x 43 cm. 2015, Pencil on Paper. NOT FOR SALE. Alexander Peter, Abuja, Nigeria

Frank Edwards, 58 cm x 43 cm, 2015, Pencil on Paper, Alexander Peter, Abuja, Nigeria, Africa

This portrait of Frank Edwards has a more subtle expressiveness rendered with graphite pencil by Nigerian artist Alexander Peter. While the group of boys, a graphite pencil artwork by Nicholas Odhiamba Mboya of Kenya, makes us wonder what their attention is focuses on or perhaps they are simply expressing joy.

Vulnerable Wealth Series, 62 cm x 95 cm. 2015, Pencil on cover board . NOT FOR SALE. Nicholas Nikomambo, Kisumu Kenya, Africa

Vulnerable Wealth Series, 62 cm x 95 cm. 2015, Pencil on cover board  Nicholas Odhiamabo Mboya, Kenya, Africa

As contemporary African art becomes more visible and important in the world art market, now is the time to get your own unique work from emerging and recognized artists represented by Portraits Africa. Review the portfolios of 28 African artists from Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, and Cameroon here.




Business Accelerator Grant for Visual Artists


Nicole McGarrell, the person who coordinates marketing partnerships for the fund, wrote–I am writing on behalf of The Clark Hulings Fund For Visual Artists to let you know about our unique Business Accelerator Grants for visual artists, and to ask you please to share this information with Artist Marketing Resources’s network. The fund provides professional working artists with direct financial assistance and support to help them become as skilled at managing their businesses as they are at creating their artwork (details below). Additionally, I’ve attached a flyer that has information about the grant.

The Clark Hulings Fund 2015 Business Accelerator Grant

The fund offers targeted financial assistance and business support to professional visual artists to help them boost their careers and succeed as managers of their art businesses. Applicants must detail exactly how the grant would help them undertake, improve, or expand a specific project. Examples of activities covered by the grant include mounting, casting, creating marketing materials, and transporting work to an exhibition. The fund does not support performance, literary or commercial work.

Timing: Applications accepted from September 1 through 30, 2015

Winners and finalists announced in November 2015

Amount:Two $5,000 grants (no fiscal sponsorship required)

Additional Benefits for Winners & Finalists:
  • Free 12-month subscription to, a cloud-based inventory- and collection-tracking system that includes a public page for showcasing an artist’s work
  • The chance to interview an industry leader for our podcast, gaining knowledge and a networking connection
  • Exposure through the fund’s podcast, blog, and PR outreach efforts

Requirements: Applicants must be professional painters, artists working on paper, and/or sculptors who:

  • Employ traditional media (not including photography, film, or video)

  • Have had their work published and/or exhibited professionally

  • Are pursuing specific opportunities or projects for which financial support from CHF would make a substantive difference.

For submission guidelines and additional information, please visit

Paintings of Things That Bug Artist Janette “JKay” Borland

Light Orchestra, Janette "JKay" Borland

Light Orchestra, Janette “JKay” Borland  (click image for details)

Flootie online gallery artist Janette “JKay” Borland describes her painting Light Orchestra as a “stylized beetle conducting the summer’s night light show of fireflies,” a painting and a title that reveal her humor, wit, and interest in the metaphorical and the surreal as subject matter for her art.  As JKay says, “I am a particular fan of Surrealism.”

Dinner Train, Janette "JKay" Borland

Dinner Train, Janette “JKay” Borland

JKay also admits to “dabbling in poetry,” and this is apparent in her written descriptions on each of her artworks found on Flootie–her words equally enjoyable as the stories she tells with her brush. In the artist’s words for another richly colorful work in her Beetle Series, titled Dinner Train, JKay writes that she is depicting “beetle, riding on beetle, with dinner available and about to be served.”

Guardians, Janette "JKay" Borland

Guardians, Janette “JKay” Borland

“Location does change ones inspirations a great deal,” says JKay. “Pine trees won’t be in many of my paintings anymore.” JKay relocated in May of 2014, moving from the Pacific Northwest to the deserts of Arizona in the South East. “Spokane was a wonderful place to live with wonderful people and the arts were truly alive. But I’ve always had the dream of living in the desert. It is lush with vegetation and gorgeous mountains and skies that speak. The wildlife and the cactus entertain me daily. I feel the desert in my very soul,” she said, describing how the textures of the desert allow her to “take a wonderful journey and let my mind flow.”

With her move to Tuscon, JKay now works on her art outdoors on her huge patio with Ramada, especially in the earlier, cooler part of the day until 11:00 a.m. From her patio she observes the birds, and cactus blooms. In a chat I had with the artist, she described the wildlife she sees in her yard, such as Gopher snakes and King snakes as “very lovely creatures. She watches the scorpions, coyotes, deer, owls, hawks and roaming Javelina, a type of wild pig. “Every day is full of wonder. And, there are some VERY interesting bugs here! I found that Sharpie pens attract bees,” she said. “I do grab my Nikon and head out to the edges of the wild. I’ve never been surrounded with so much subject matter…so beautiful everywhere I look. But, then again, beauty is in the eye of the holder. I have an eye for texture. This is why cactus totally appeals to me…and there are so many varieties. Rocks! Love rocks. Rusty things! Love rusty things.”

Helmet Head, Janette "JKay" Borland

Helmet Head, Janette “JKay” Borland

Now in Tuscon, in addition to painting on canvas, she paints murals indoors and has also “re-entered the world of clay,” saying that “it is a joy to have the clay center here.”

Same Old Sh*t, Janette "JKay" Borland

Same Old Sh*t, Different Day, Janette “JKay” Borland

More humor and insects in her painting Same Old Sh*t, Different Day, for which JKay wrote, “Just another one of my moments … In the work-a-day world on the east coast, we used to say this all the time. “Same old sh*t, different day.” I decided to use it visually and I laughed while I painted it. This is why art is NOT a job to me … :-)
In Walks a Stinker, Janette "JKay" Borland

In Walks a Stinker, Janette “JKay” Borland

In her painting titled, In Walks a Stinker, JKay revealed that it “was a great source of fun and yes, the stinker represented someone I knew.”

“Every tavern has one … a loud-mouth Stinker. Ha, ha! But, he’s just part of the scene.”

“I felt a little prankish when I created this piece. Bugs and beetles were my entertainment for humorous art as I incorporated them into human settings… or sometimes into a totally human frustration we could all identify with.”
Over Achievers, JKay Borland

Over Achievers, JKay Borland

An ant carriers the earth on his back, in Over Achievers, for which JKay says, “I just had to say it … visually.”

“Overachievers. They are out there …out doing those around them. Yes, they are amazing. But, sometimes, they just make a spectacle of themselves in their efforts. Heh, heh!
Some see this painting more literally as “carrying the world on their shoulders.” That’s fine …if it makes you feel better. We all know that feeling as well. But, the concept of the Overachiever makes me giggle a bit more…”
JKay spoke optimistically of her new Tucson home, “There are many new incoming residents… With an era in common. They just may be looking for what I have to offer.”

Looking for More, Artworks by Yves Wilson in Exhibition Through Sept 17th


Looking for More

Opening Night Thursday, September 3rd  5:00 – 7:30

Featuring the works of Peter Konsterlie & Yves Francois Wilson.
The exhibition includes a collection of artworks, that explore images derived from found objects and appropriated images. In his latest investigation Mr. Wilson makes literal and abstract representations of the remains from America’s manufacturing past and the people who make up its landscapes.  Konsterlie uses both found objects as well as appropriated images to procure a kaleidoscope of imagery spanning abstraction to figuration.

The show features paintings, photos, sculpture, drawing, digital arts, and installation. The reception is free and open to the public.  Snacks and beverages will be provided. Off street parking is available.

New photo and sculpture works by Yves F. Wilson at UCONN’s Stamford campus gallery

New photo and sculpture works by Yves F. Wilson at UCONN’s Stamford campus gallery

Art exhibition will run from August 17 through September 17, 2015

Gallery hours are:
August 17th to 29th 
Monday – Friday 9 am – 5pm, Saturday 9am – 1pm
August 31st to September 17th 
Monday – Thursday 9am – 7pm, Friday 9am – 5pm and Saturday 9am – 1pm

Please call in advance for a visit

University of Connecticut – Stamford
One University Place
Stamford, CT 06901

Feng Shui Jewelry Tibetan Thangka Pendant Necklaces


Feng shui Jade Pendant Guanyin in a White Flowing Robe

Feng shui Jade Pendant Guanyin in a White Flowing

Explosion Luck Feng Shui wearable art jewelry is great for meditation and as a fashion statement. These unique inspirational jewelry pieces let you carry their spiritually healing energy with you, close to your heart, wherever you go. You can get your good luck Buddha thangka pendants from Explosion Luck here.

The art providers at Explosion Luck say, “If you have filled your home or office (or both!) with inspirational Tibetan thangka tapestries and Feng Shui paintings, investing in wearable art Feng Shui jewelry is an excellent way to amplify the effects of the powerfully stimulating Feng Shui symbols.”

For hundreds of years, people have worn Tibetan Thangka pendants and hung Buddha Thangka tapestries and Feng Shui paintings in their homes and offices to increase wealth, improve their meditation and release negative energy from their lives.

Feng shui Twin Dragon pendant

Feng shui Twin Dragon pendant

More than Feng Shui art and much more than just trendy fashion jewelry pieces, Explosion Luck’s quality Tibetan Thangka pendants and Feng Shui pendant necklaces are suitable for everyone, from office workers who want to channel positive chi into achieving their next big promotion, to work-from-home individuals such as fine artists at work in their studios. All who want to embrace prosperity and a better piece of mind experience the remarkable effects of Tibetan thangka paintings and Feng Shui art in wearable form.

Start your collection of unique Feng Shui jewelry here and now!

To hang Tibetan art thankas in your space view the collection here and buy.

Wearable art jewelry Shakyamuni Buddha pendant necklace

Wearable art jewelry Shakyamuni Buddha pendant necklace











Found Around the Web: Artist Cookbook Project + Art Book Project + T-shirt Competition Accepting Submissions

You know how it is?! With nearly 2000 Facebook invitations to reply to this week alone, Twitter messages to read across 5 Twitter accounts, LinkedIn messages, and daily emails piling up, it’s hard to keep up and check into everything. But here are a couple of interesting projects that we’re not involved in but wanted to share.

First, there is an artists cookbook project–an anthology of sorts. An artist’s cookbook written by artists and made by artists accepting submissions of recipes and art. You can find the email address for submissions here.

Cookbook image by artist Jason Green

Cookbook image by artist Jason Green

Artists get 25% of all sales with the Arts Thread t-shirt design competition in conjunction with Press Up that has an August 31st deadline–details here.


Pak Art Gallery has a call for submissions to Artbook “Relevance in the art. Fine art masters of the century” Submission deadline: 10 December 2015–details here.

Artists can submit their biography and 3 pictures of artworks in JPEG (please no more than 2 Mb per picture). Pak accepts no Zip or rar for submission. They accept for submission: Original artworks (drawings, mixed media, oil and acrylic original artworks, lithograph, screen prints, photography) Giclee Limited Editions on art paper or canvas.

PAK gallery artists mentioned in GQ magazine and Vogue recently.



Amazon Identifies Art With High Buyer Interest (Part 2)

Artist Chris Osborne is the top seller in our Amazon store. We’ve sold many of her limited edition posters and Giclee canvas art prints to Amazon shoppers! Yet, Amazon has also identified Chris Osborne art items listed in our store that have lower sales but hold high buyer interest, suggesting that we offer a promotional discount. Earlier this month we shared part one of the list of print art in our Amazon store that has been identified by Amazon as has having high buyer interest–read the article here. Today, in Part 2, we are sharing Chris Osborne Giclee canvas print art, prints on paper, and limited edition poster art in our Amazon store that we’ve offering at a discount for a limited time. This list is all Chris Osborne art items with high buyer interest and all discounted through November.

Elvis and his 1955 Cadillac Limo, Chris Osborne

Elvis and his 1955 Cadillac Limo, Chris Osborne

Elvis and His 1955 Cadillac Limo by Chris Osborne available in limited edition on Amazon here.

Jimi Hendrix and His 1969 Corvette Stingray by Chris Osborne Link:

Jimi Hendrix and His 1969 Corvette Stingray by Chris Osborne

Paul Newman & #33 Bob Sharp Racing Datsun by Chris Osborne

Paul Newman & #33 Bob Sharp Racing Datsun by Chris Osborne

Paul Newman & #33 Bob Sharp Racing Datsun 19 x 23 inch Giclee Canvas print.

Steve McQueen &1968 Mustang GT by Chris Osborne

Steve McQueen &1968 Mustang GT by Chris Osborne

Steve McQueen & 1968 Mustang GT 15 x 20 Giclee Canvas print here.

James Dean & 1955 Porsche Spyder by Chris Osborne

James Dean & 1955 Porsche Spyder by Chris Osborne

James Dean & 1955 Porsche Spyder limited edition Giclee canvas print on Amazon here.

James Dean & 1949 Mercury by Chris Osborne

James Dean & 1949 Mercury  by Chris Osborne

James Dean & the ’49 Mercury Limited Edition poster here.

James Dean & the '49 Mercury - Poster Print by Chris Osborne

James Dean & the ’49 Mercury – Poster Print by Chris Osborne

Robert Johnson & the Blue Terraplane by Chris Osborne available in Giclee canvas art here and poster here.

Robert Johnson & the Blue Terraplane by Chris Osborne

Robert Johnson & the Blue Terraplane by Chris Osborne

Robert Johnson & the Blue Terraplane by Chris Osborne

Robert Johnson & the Blue Terraplane
by Chris Osborne

Flootie Exhibitions and Artist Events at the Pacific Flyway Gallery

Princess Tower, James Christianson

Princess Tower, James Christianson at Pacific Flyway Gallery

Founder and CEO of Flootie online gallery, Dean Cameron works closely with Spokane’s newly expanded Pacific Flyway Gallery to showcase approximately 15 Flootie artists in the 3200 square foot exhibition space for three months of “Summer of Flootie” exhibitions. Flootie and Pacific Flyway Gallery host a series of promotional events, such as Artist Demonstrations, Artist Discussions, Meet The Artist events, lunches, barbecues, and an Art Market in the parking lot of the gallery. Flootie also invites gallery visitors to be in the studio audience during the filming of Flootie TV  artist interviews. Dean Cameron, the Flootie artists and the people at Pacific Flyway Gallery are looking forward to their next fun event on August 27th, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. As Dean Cameron says, “we keep creating new and innovative ways for you to sell your amazing artwork!”

Screenshot 2015-08-21 at 11.50.15 AM

If you are an artist and would like to exhibit your work in an art gallery in the Pacific Northwest, you will get that opportunity annually as a member of Flootie. Sign up free or upgrade and get 90 days free when you use Code: AMR100.

If you are not an artist and would like to join Flootie as a collector or as a fan here and browse the art and follow any of the great artists you choose by using the “Favorite” feature and more. Click on each image below to view the artist’s portfolio.

Desaturated Flames, Dean Higgins

Desaturated Flames, Dean Huggins

At Pacific Flyway Gallery Summer of Flootie you’ll have the opportunity to see and purchase work by artists such as John Thamm:

6 AM ACROSS WATER AVENUE 92713 9/27/13

6 AM ACROSS WATER AVENUE 92713 9/27/13

John Thamm is a well-known and well-respected Spokane artist who is an accomplished portrait and landscape painter. We also recently featured some of his paintings in Found on Flootie: Urban Scenes and Cityscapes.  For John’s description of his painting titled 6 AM ACROSS WATER AVENUE 92713 9/27/13, he wrote, ” I captured this scene just at dawn this week. This is the view from my studio of the Spokane River. The trees and hillside that leads up to Kendell Yards change all day long with the light and in the Fall the River adds some atmospheric touches.”



For the months of June, July, August as part of the “Summer of Flootieevent about 15 Flootie artists exhibit 2-3 artworks. The Gallery will highlight Flootie Artists and will be doing a lot of promotional events and online promotions such as Facebook event invitations, Tweets, and blog features to drive traffic to Flootie artist portfolios. (Flootie makes nothing on any sales but the Gallery does).

Mountain Campfire, Stephen Lyman

A Mountain Campfire, Stephen Lyman

This is the first campfire in the Firelight series painted by Stephen Lyman. “I’ve never seen a really good painting of a campfire – I think I’ll paint one!” These were Stephen’s words as he began “A Mountain Campfire.” Never content to do the same thing over and over Stephen also explored candlelight, lantern light and even lightning.

 A Mountain Campfire is also available in a limited edition of 1500 offset lithographic prints, each signed by the artist Steve Lyman.
Sculpture by Richard Warrington

Sculpture by Richard Warrington

Richard Warrington is known for his public art large scale metal sculpture and smaller table top and pedestal works–displayed both outside and inside the Pacific Flyway Gallery.

Flootie Art Market event

Flootie Art Market event

Flootie outdoor Art Market with sculputre

Flootie outdoor Art Market with sculpture

Art Galleries are invited to create accounts on Flootie hereAn Art Gallery account allows you to create a public Gallery Profile, list works of art by a variety of artists, make contact with “fans” of your artists, and sell to whomever you wish however you wish. ( takes nothing from your transactions).

Pacific Flyway Gallery provides art to Art Consultants for corporate art projects, works with Interior Designers, and offers original paintings, sculpture, prints, Giclee prints and posters as well as handmade artisan raku pottery, jewelry, bronze, and wood carvings.


Summer Mix at Turps Banana Gallery


Andy Parkinson writes and posts some excellent articles on art exhibitions in the UK. I’ve been following his blog for the past few years and have enjoyed many of his posts.

Originally posted on patternsthatconnect:

Summer Mix at Turps Banana Gallery is their first salon-style summer show. I am delighted to be included in such company. The artists are as follows.

Jessie Browne, Rose Davey, Carlos David, Dan Davis, Matthew Draper, Stuart Elliot, Louise Evans, James Fisher, Kirsten Glass, Kate Groobey, Lewis Henderson, Sam Herbert, Günther Herbst, Reece Jones, Richard Kirwan, Hannah Knox. Rachel Levitas, Wendy McLean, Mali Morris, Andy Parkinson, Katie Pratt, Dan Roach, David Ryan, Kate Shepherd, Marianne Shorten, Damian Taylor, Alaena Turner, Joan Waltemath, Simon Willems, Mela Yerka, Neil Zakiewicz

My own little painting comprises two 12″ x 12″ canvases, a duo, or perhaps even better, a double or twins, as one is identical to the other, in terms of the process used for dividing…

View original 1,351 more words


Hildy Maze: Abstract Contemplative Drawing, Painting, Collage

as the earth is poisoned so am I, HILDY MAZE, 2015 oil painting and mixed media canvas, 72 x 84

as the earth is poisoned so am I, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil painting and mixed media on canvas, 72 x 84

“For me, abstract contemplative drawing is a way of navigating my mind and it remains the fundamental vehicle of my practice,” says Hildy Maze. Her latest work displays her physical process in clearly visible gestural line, brushstrokes, and oil stains. Her active process is even revealed in her title for the artwork folded & placed on top of each other (below) that describes the action involved in the manipulation and placement of the layered collage materials that form the piece.

folded & placed on top of each other, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil paint on paper collage, 20 x 27

folded & placed on top of each other, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil paint on paper collage, 20 x 27

Hildy’s contemplation appears in her painting titled, as the earth is poisoned so am I, a large 72 x 84 inch mixed media oil painting on canvas that came directly from the artist’s meditative practice. As Hildy stated, this painting is “based on the principles of heaven, earth and human. The first space is heaven, basic, complete space. Earth is in response to that and the human principle occupies this space. When relating to the earth principle as a response to vast space a sense of grief took over contemplating the ways humans have poisoned the earth.”

three roots that obscure - passion, aggrssion, ignornace, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil painting on paper, 24 x 30

three roots that obscure – passion, aggression, ignorance, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil painting on paper, 24 x 30

Although Hildy Maze was born in Brooklyn and educated at the Pratt Institute, she characterizes her “genuine education” as beginning with the study and practice of Tibetan Buddhist meditation, Shambhala art and culture, Dharma Art, brush stroke meditation practice, and Ikebana Japanese flower arranging.

is anyone listening?, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil on paper collage 28 x 32

is anyone listening?, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil paint on paper collage, 28 x 32

After 12 years of living in New York City and working in her studio, Hildy relocated to East Hampton, New York to live near the bay and Atlantic Ocean, where she feels very connected to the sand beaches and sea gulls.

folly of believing, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil on paper, 15 x 22

folly of believing, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil on paper, 15 x 22

It’s been during the last several years that Hildy Maze’s work has involved simple paper. She says, “paper has an organic environmental quality. It responds immediately to causes and conditions, is impermanent, meaning it ages, becomes fragile, is affected by light, yet will remain as those things we search for and cherish, possibly in the attic or basement, an archaeological site, or a memory. It is the nature of all things to decay yet remain.”

beneath the turbulance, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil paint on paper, 30 x 36

beneath the turbulence, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil paint on paper, 30 x 36

These new works on paper display Hildy’s subject and process as pathway to intellectual and contemplative work and artistic production.

acceptance of imperfection, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil paint on paper collage, 33 x 34

acceptance of imperfection, HILDY MAZE, oil paint on paper collage, 33 x 34

Hildy Maze has exhibited her work in galleries in New York City, in Europe, and in Beijing, China. Locally she has exhibited in Poughkeepsie and the eastern end of Long Island, including an invitational at Guild Hall. Her work is in several private collections in the U.S and Europe.

thoughts are blind but talkative, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil on paper, 25 x 42

thoughts are blind but talkative, HILDY MAZE, oil paint on paper, 25 x 42

The artist Hildy Maze has a vast body of work that you may view on her website

like the ocean looking at it's own waves, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil on paper collage, 25 x 27

like the ocean looking at it’s own waves, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil on paper collage, 25 x 27


interrupting the continuity, HILDY MAZE, oil painting on paper collage, 2015, 28 x 29 inches

interrupting the continuity, HILDY MAZE, oil painting on paper collage, 2015, 28 x 29 inches


Metrov: POP Renaissance — New Look at an Old Master

Pop: People of Pax portrait of Marie Kazalia, Metrov

Pop: People of Pax portrait of Marie Kazalia, Metrov

A last spring we featured Metrov’s POP (People of Pax) Spring Goddess Portrait Series in an article on the Xposy magazine site here.  Now we are announcing Metrov’s the availability of a series printed on the highest quality archival mediums reproduced with archival, museum quality inks– NEW! “Renaissance POP” Limited Edition Print Series  jumbo format prints based on the great Leonardo!

SERIES #1: “Renaissance POP — New look at an old master.”  

Mona-tones 1, Metrov

Mona-tones 1, Metrov

These jumbo format prints are available in signed, limited editions of 100 each image (see specific prints for sizes). Each artwork is meticulously printed on the finest, acid-free, museum quality, archival paper with archival ink, and comes with a Certificate of Authentication.

Madonna 1, Metrov

Madonna 1, Metrov

Price: $2500.00 USD ea (+ $20 shipping & handling) contact the artist’s studio for more info. (NOTE: This series is also available IN A VARIETY OF SMALLER, OPEN EDITION SIZES for as little as $37.50 ea in Metrov’s PRINT STORE.) 

Madonna 2, Metrov

Madonna 2, Metrov

Here's Johnny 1 (John the Baptist), Metrov

Here’s Johnny 1 (John the Baptist), Metrov

The Fantastical Human Art Forms of Olga Zavershinskaya aka Armene

Drop, Olga Zavershinskaya

Drop, Olga Zavershinskaya

Russian fine art photographer and artist Olga Zavershinskaya aka Armene lives and works in the Czech Republic. Olga has exhibited internationally and is represented by the Art Gallery AFK in Lisbon, Portugal. Her work contains combinations and contrasts–the beautiful in conjunction with the unbeautiful–as in Drop, above, where the controlled perfection of the lovely neck, face and hair of the model unexpectedly expands into an erratic splash of wet black ink, and in Dark Thoughts, where the model falls forward streaming ink from her hair in impossibly suspended lines, runs and drizzles.

Dark Thoughts, Olga Z

Dark Thoughts, Olga Z

Jellyfish, Olga Zavershinskaya

Jellyfish, Olga Zavershinskaya

In Olga’s photographic image titled Jellyfish, the diaphanous fluther of seaforms float as a backdrop for a lavender colored corpse-like human figure, the combination in such a scene causes wonderment in the viewer at the possibilities of this visual narrative.

Angle VI, Olga Zavershunskaya

Angle VI, Olga Zavershinskaya

Olga Zavershinskaya, master of anatomy, photographs the human form in elegant nudes, solo and minimal, as in Angle VI. Or nudes with props, such as the texture of the sheer wet fabric simultaneously covering and revealing the figure in Transparency IV.

Transparency IV

Transparency IV

Fantastical works of fantasy, as in the lush Peacock with several cyclopic eyes that gaze back at the viewer while other orbs in the image stray off to one side or the other and up, in one of Olga’s most enigmatic and surrealistic scenes, recalling tales of fantastic Magic Realism in a puzzlement at how she could have created the image!

Peacock, Olga Zavershinskaya

Peacock, Olga Zavershinskaya

Olga’s visualizations start her off on her use of the model to realize her unusual ideas and creative concepts, that she completes with with skillful post-production processing methods to produce the final images.

Spots, Olga Z

Spots, Olga Zavershinskaya


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In the studio of contemporary African artist Benon Lutaaya, one of the subjeects of Lioda Conrad's portrait series

In the studio of contemporary African artist Benon Lutaaya, the contemporary African artist is one of the subjects of Lioda Conrad’s portrait series

Artist Marketing Resources does a lot of article marketing. This past week, we’ve written and published articles for artists Metrov, Clare Haxby, and Lioda Conrad, among others.

We featured Lioda Conrad’s series of portraits of contemporary African artists in an article on Xposy magazine–read it here.

We also published news of California artist Metrov newest portrait series, on the international Art News site–see it here. Look for more forthcoming on Metrov’s Renaissance POP limited edition print series.

One of Metrov's Renaissance Pop portraits of the Mona Lisa

One of Metrov’s Renaissance Pop portraits of the Mona Lisa

Artist and designer Clare Haxby’s Singapore waterfront paintings are more relevant than ever, as the international city of Singapore celebrates its 50th Birthday, and made it easier for us to promote her art on the Art News Portal here.
Clare Haxby's Lotus Flower Building is a painting of Singapore's Art & Science Museum

Clare Haxby’s Lotus Flower Building is a painting of Singapore’s Art & Science Museum

We have many more articles in the works, but if you are an artist and would like to find out more about our article marketing program click here.

Video: “The Secret of Drawing” Episode 1: “The Line of Enquiry”

This four part series, presented by Andrew Graham-Dixon, explores how drawing has shaped our lives. Join him to discover the history of drawing and its relevance to the modern world.


The Clark Hulings Fund For Visual Artists

The Clark Hulings Fund For Visual Artists provides professional working artists with $5,000 grants, business training, tools, and community support to help them become as skilled at managing their businesses as they are at creating their artwork.
Applications for our 2015 grants will be accepted from September 1st to the 30th.
For more information about benefits, requirements, submission guidelines, or the fund, please visit

Get Your Art in Database for Collectors to Find and Buy

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Kollecto hunts the internet for art for art collectors, based on each collector’s unique taste and budget, to find the art they want to buy.  Kollecto experts in woodblock prints, photography, Urban art, abstract art and emerging artists are available to answer questions and advise new collectors on buying art.

If you are an artist, you can submit your art. Kollecto works with artists to find the right collectors to buy their work.
When your art is approved to be in the Kollecto database, they’ll send it to clients who will appreciate your art.
To get your art reviewed by curators, complete the simple form here with your name and website link.
Sites like these are a revelation to most artists, and yet we have e-lists that contains hundreds of such collector site, and even many thousands for selling your art. Find them in our Selz store here (accepts credit cards) and for PayPal orders visit our Web store here.
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