New Art Gallery Opens in Little Venice, London, UK

Thomas and Paul Contemporary, a new art gallery in the Little Venice district of London, opened their first exhibition featuring highlights from some of the artists that they will be working with over the next 12 months. This exhibition will run until the 28th September.
The gallery space is set over three different rooms, including a reading room of art books, magazines and free coffee. 
In October the gallery will be hosting an exhibition titled An Abstract View and simultaneously launching a new publication, also titled  An Abstract View  by art writer and critic Richard Unwin. The publication looks at the history and value of abstract art and includes interviews with abstract artists who will be participating in the exhibition.
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Gallery Owner Bridgette Mayer Encourages First Time Art Collectors

Encouraging first-time art collectors — and visits to Philly (via NewsWorks)

July 8, 2013 By Peter Crimmins, @petercrimmins In 13 years, Bridgette Mayer has built a successful art gallery in Philadelphia’s Washington Square. Her clients and artists span the globe. When she first started out as a consultant, she believed she…

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Alternative Exhibition Spaces and Press

NYU exhibition program- Broadway Windows

NYU exhibition programs Broadway Windows

Broadway Windows and Washington Square Windows are New York University exhibition program spaces.

The two Steinhardt Windows Galleries: Broadway Windows at Broadway and East 10th Street, and Washington Square Windows, on the east side of Washington Square Park will continue to feature professional artists. Contact Peter Campus with your proposal.


Art Resources Transfer, a non-profit organization committed to documenting and supporting artists’ voices and work, and to making these voices accessible.

Since its founding in 1987, Art Resources Transfer has established A.R.T. Press primarily to publish books based on artist to artist conversations. The conversation format permits an informal investigation of the artists’ practice and the larger social issues that inform it. By virtue of their clarity, personal focus, affordability, and innovative method of distribution, these books make possible the presentation of contemporary artists and their work to a wide readership.

Find a gratis PDF list of art publications here, and more exhibition spaces and galleries here.

US + Euro Artists – Get Into The Asian Art Market: Over 200 Art Galleries in Hong Kong,Shanghai, Beijing + Tokyo

I do know a bit about Asia, from having lived as an expatriate in Tokyo, Japan, India and Hong Kong for a total of 4 years. It’s well know that any traveler may put their bags down on a busy sidewalk in Tokyo and walk away, with many thousands of people streaming past, and the bags will go untouched. In Tokyo, I recall seeing a small leather purse up on a stone wall each day as I walked to a small grocery nearby the house I lived in. After a few days of seeing the purse there I became curious and had a look inside, surprised to find that it contained a quantity of cash! I even counted it. There was the equivalent of about $100USD in Japanese yen. Then I put the purse back on the wall. Locals commonly commented that “the person who dropped it may come back looking for it”–and that’s why no one touches purses or bags left on sidewalks. For an American to see that in a major urban area was quite amazing.

Of course there is a certain amount of crime in any county, but often in Asia it is organized crime and easily avoided. In China, I repeatedly encountered instances of superstition against cheating anyone in business. Small business owners considered it bad luck to cheat or steal from customers.

So what does that have to do with art galleries?

I have heard American artist state that they are fearful of shipping their art to foreign art galleries due to possible expenses from legal hassles. Based on my experiences, I would  trust most Asian art galleries to sell my art should they be so inclined.

As part of my personal research, I have compiled

a list of Asian art galleries for American and European artists thinking about getting into the Asian art market.

You won’t need a knowledge of Asian languages or need to employ a translator. Even in 2013, many Americans seem to think that they will find it difficult to approach Asian art galleries due to a language barrier. But the over 200 art galleries in China that are on my list, link to websites in both English and Chinese–some  sites are also in additional languages such as Japanese, Korean, and German.

The list of China art galleries consists primarily of galleries in the large cities of Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai.  A few of these galleries in Mainland China also have additional galley locations in Taipei, Taiwan, and Seoul, S. Korea.

Yes, the list contains elegant galleries such as Chambers Fine Art in an architectural space designed by architect Ai Wei Wei. Chambers Fine Art was established in New York in 2000, and  is one of the leading galleries in the United States and China, along with famous James Cohen Gallery with locations in New York City and Shanghai, China.

But also, the list contains such galleries as–

State of the Art Gallery in Hong Kong, a somewhat lesser known that has a very Western image.

Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 2.02.12 PM

 And the grass-roots effort in an apartment complex turned art gallery at the C & G Apartment Art Gallery in Hong Kong, that is open to exchanges and collaborations with artists and art organizations.

There are many others. So that artists seeking a fit for their work may access a broad range of opportunities I’ve include the a wide variety of art galleries on the list.

I am still adding Japanese art galleries  to the list, and currently have 58  art galleries primarily  located in Tokyo. If you are looking for art consultants in Asia, find our additional list of art consultants here. If you would like to license your art with Asian companies or find an Artist Agent, check this list.

Art Galleries With Submission Guidelines


Tinneys (Photo credit: richardm116)

As I wrote in a previous blog post, I’ve noticed a growing trend for art galleries to publish Calls for Artist Submissions. As I continue to research art galleries internationally, I also often find galleries that accept submissions on an ongoing basis, and have compiled these galleries into a list of thousands of links in PDF form, specifically as a resources for artists.

Here is an example of one gallery with submission guidelines posted on their website–

Tinney Contemporary,

Artist Submissions Tinney Contemporary Gallery represents a diverse portfolio of internationally known artists.  Our gallery’s focus is on contemporary painting, sculpture, and photography by established artists.

Submission Policy: Tinney Contemporary accepts jpeg format images on CD, color print outs, as well as digital portfolios.  We do not return these materials so please do not send originals. Your submission should include images of your work, as well as resume, exhibition history, collections, and an artist statement. Please also include a cover letter with your name, address, phone number, and your website’s URL. We will contact you if we are interested in your work.

Gallery Contact: Susan Tinney Tinney Contemporary 237 5th Avenue North Nashville, TN 37219

Electric Works Gallery and Print Publisher

Electric Works

Electric Works (Photo credit: D.C.Atty)

Electric Works Gallery is a gallery and print publisher. They’re holding an open house this evening from 7 – 8 p.m. in their new gallery location, that houses new workspace and a bookstore, at

1360 Mission Street (between 9th and 10th) San Francisco, California. Visit their website and check the artists they publish, here:

Electric Works began printmaking in 1981, working with artists who are masters of strong visual content and with each printmaking project they have combined traditional techniques with new contemporary art challenges in an attempt to reinvent just what a print is, making the most ambitious projects possible.

In the Electric Works online bookstore you will find several prints in limited editions of 100 selling for only $40.00 each.

I enjoy reviewing small art publishing companies such as Electric Works, though hard to categorize for our PDF resource lists–are they an art licensing company, a gallery or a store?

You’ll find thousands of more links to art sales sites, art galleries and art licensing companies on our Artist Marketing Resources share lists. We’ve noticed an increase of sales of our PDF resources lists that sell for just $18.95. You can pay with PayPal or buy with Google Checkout** via the links below. Artists are gearing up for autumn submissions and using our resources, so I wanted to be sure to share these access links again:

International Art Gallery list:

 Art Licensing Companies, Agents and Reps list:

 900+ Places to Sell your Art PDF list:

I’ve added many more links to the 900+ Places to Sell Your Art list, and there are probably well over one thousand now, but I have not had time to count!

Our ebook guide helps you craft your professional art submissions–the Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions ebook is available as a PDF here: 


**Google Checkout buttons are now fully functioning and tested.

ICN Art Gallery and Shop, UK, Space Available for Your Art

 Dear Marie
I am Kohsuke Uchida, assistant café/space manager of ICN gallery in Shoreditch.
We are mainly holding an asian concept contemporary art exhibition on our main space, and now start to rent a part of our gallery space for public use.

Our rental space is now available for short or long-term basically, offer to the artist who wish to hold an exhibition in London/Shoreditch then we provide them with an opportunity to make it happen.   Then we would love to get featured as local information on your website board.  Images of our space are attached in this e-mail, so please find it out.

About ICN spaceICN space is a café and gallery space based in the creative business hub of Shoreditch which is presenting a new multi-purpose space on gallery-lined Leonard Street.

The aim of ICN (International Creative Network) is the distribution of creativity. UK and overseas artists working mainly in the contemporary art fields can use the ICN space for photography, installation, moving image and other exhibitions. In addition, it can also be used as a meeting space, workshop room, live event space, pop-up shop and more.

With this flexible exhibition space located in the heart of multicultural London, we are seeking ways to connect society and art with the hope that many forms of expression may become more accessible.

Opening Hours:
11:00 am – 6:00 pm (last day of exhibition until 5:00 pm)
Closed on Sundays but negotiable. (Hours are subject to change. )

Address :

96-98 Leonard Street; London EC2A 4RH


0207 729 7977

Website :

Facebook : 


Kohsuke Uchida
Assistant cafe/space manager
ICN gallery
96 Leonard Street; London EC2A 4RH
TEL: 0207 729 7977

Gallery Submissions

Paul Cézanne - Foliage

Paul Cézanne – Foliage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are an artist not represented by a gallery, and are seeking representation for the first time, where do you begin? Of course you are not going to go to the top blue chip New York City art galleries or send jpegs of your art to such galleries. Why not find art galleries locally first, and then if you want to expand nationally and internationally contact galleries that accept email submissions. Yes, there are a number of galleries that prefer email submissions as first contact from artists, and many state this on their website. As examples, here are two galleries that have submission guidelines on their websites–

Joe Wade Fine Art 

Submission guidelines from the Joe Wade Fine Art website:


Please submit, by email only, the following:

Website link (if applicable), and/or no more than 5 images of your work with image information, sent as JPEG attachments.

Total email should not exceed 2 MB total size. Image information should include title, dimensions, medium, and date of work.

Include recent resume, price list and current contact information with your submission.

Email the information to:

Note: If these galleries are  not right for your work, there are many more actively accepting email submissions listed on our contact list here.

The YYZ Artists Outlet provides an open forum for local, national and international contemporary artist-initiated exhibitions and activities in all media. YYZ maintains a multipurpose venue that accommodates solo and group exhibitions, with a typical exhibition running approximately six weeks. YYZ welcomes proposals for participation in its program from artists of all disciplines and at any point in their artistic development. YYZ supports the development and presentation of artistic practices and as such provides artists with the physical, financial and intellectual resources required to produce their respective exhibitions. YYZ pays fees to all artists who participate in its programming activities. YYZ accepts proposals from artists ongoing.

Your proposal to YYZ should consist of a description of your practice.

DESCRIPTION OF PRACTICE: Your description should incorporate the following points in 500 or fewer words. Please clearly and concisely describe:

  • your artistic practice (situate your previous and current work within your practice)
  • your artistic concerns (approach to artistic creation or the aesthetic or cultural tradition that relates to your practice)
  • any technical requirements (specify special installation needs present in your practice, a possible water mark, time-frame to complete works or installation or any other relevant items connected to the production of your work)

Read the full guidelines here.

Mark Moore Gallery TV: Art Exhibitions News and Interviews Via Video

OK, so maybe you are not in LA–that is, Los Angeles, California, USA–but you’d like to find out what art a gallery like Mark Moore exhibits. Well, they make it easy for you via their Mark Moore TV and other videos on their site, such as this one on the gallery site page for the wonderful painter Feodor Voronov and his word painting series exhibition–

Jealous Gallery–most of their sales are online

United Kingdom: stamp

United Kingdom: stamp (Photo credit: Sem Paradeiro)

Jealous Gallery has a physical exhibition space in London, yet most of their sales are online.  The people at Jealous Gallery are art dealers and publishers with an exhibition program. Since they sell mostly prints–both secondary market and their own editions–they have a shopping basket on their site. I counted 7 email contacts listed on the Jealous Gallery site!  If Jealous Gallery is a good fit for you and your art they certainly make it easy to contact them. Jealous Gallery is just one of hundreds listed in our International Gallery list PDF under UK Galleries. We also have an extensive list of 900+ Places to Sell Your Art which includes UK art sales sites.

Art Galleries In Tokyo, Japan

Shibuya at dusk - Tokyo - Japan

Shibuya at dusk – Tokyo – Japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many American and European artists would like to tap into the Asian art market.

UK, German and American artists exhibit in Japan and several are represented by the Tokyo art gallery Tomio Koyama Gallery

located in the popular Shibuya district of Tokyo. View the Tomio Koyama Gallery print editions, here:

To help artists with their research, we’ve put together an extensive list of international art galleries that current includes over 40 art galleries in Tokyo, Japan, with more researched and added continually.

Plus, we have over 40 Art Licensing Agents, Artist Reps, and Art Licensing Companies in Asia–in Japan, China/Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand–listed in our 150+ page Art Licensing PDF.

Making Submissions To Art Galleries

You may have read our recent post about Raw Canvas gallery in Canada accepting submissions from artists seeking representation. If not, you will find it here. Raw Canvas Gallery prefers email submissions and are one of many on our art gallery PDF list.

Recently, on the Artsy Shark blog, I read an interview with a female gallerist who angrily described how she deletes all email submissions from artists. I also personally encountered a small gallery in South Carolina,USA, with a rant posted on their website stating that they only represent artists outside the area and did not want email submissions from local artists! Should you care or does this really have anything to do with you, that a small percentage of gallerist have a personal preference for doing business other than via email? Should you allow their preferences to influence how you make contact with other galleries? Would you even want to work with these gallerists?

Famed and popular New York City gallerist Ed Winkleman connects with artists online via Facebook and receives numerous email submissions. I know an Artist liaison at another gallery who expects first contact from artists via email, and I also recently had a phone conversation with the owner of a large art consultancy in California who makes all of her art sales via first email contacts!  These are just a few. Let’s face it, email is the way business contacts are made these days. It’s fast, easy, relatively inexpensive. I have gotten gallery representation and solo exhibitions for other artists (and for myself) from making first contact via email. Yes, just one email got an artist a solo gallery show! Just one email got an artist representation. Just one email got an artist a print contract which led to sales. So of course you are not going to let others discourage you from sending out email submissions!

Many gallerist  receive email submissions daily, and many will admit that they do take a look. Artists, have you thought of ways to make it easy for gallerists to view your work, such as by submitting a direct URL to your best artwork? A direct URL gives a professional impression and shows that you value the gallerists’ time. (To understand how to submit a direct URL link, read the details in my ebook Guide to Making Submissions).

I know from the many submissions that artists have sent to me that only about 1% know how to present themselves well. Artists make every mistake, and yes, it can get annoying to see the same sorts of poor presentations over and over.

Some of the most common mistakes include–long rambling emails that contain too much information and leave a bad impression, (such as the one I received yesterday from an artist who wrote that she is unemployed and broke so would I hurry up and get her some free resources). Then there are artists who send a gallerist a link to their website, but when the gallerist clicks on the link they are taken to a landing page with no art image and a confusing menu that includes: gallery, paintings, new work. Let’s say the gallerist takes the time to click on *new work* expecting to see art, but instead a long rambling essay comes up, or another menu, or instructions on how to use the site. At this point the gallerist will likely quit. Obviously the artists is not confident about their work buried under so many layers. Or let’s say an artist has sent a few sample jpegs in an email along with their bio. The gallerist finds the work interesting and thinks of saving it for consideration for a future group show but the artist hasn’t labeled her jpegs professionally. This causes many problems for the gallerist so she decides not to work with the artist after all.

I have received a large number of artist bios and CVs  labeled *My CV* or *My Bio*!  Think about it–if you and other artists all send out files labeled *My CV*  and the gallerist has a long list of downloaded files all labeled that way, then how will she find yours?  Busy gallerist will not and will likely cut your submission unless you label your files professionally. Also, I have received dozens of images labeled only with number strings! I really don’t want to spend an extra hour trying to match-up artist names and titles to jpegs because the artists did not take the time to label them.

After seeing these and other mistakes made by artist after artist,  I wrote my ebook Guide to Making Artist Submissions to guide artists beyond making common errors.

To go with the ebook information, Artist Marketing Resources provides artists with the International Gallery list PDF containing thousands of links that click-through to galleries. On the list, the galleries that state that they accept submissions are highlighted in yellow to save you time.  Once you have your presentation polished it will be easy for you to submit to those galleries first. Also, with our contact list of art consultants you could gain representation so that you have an art consultant making email contacts on your behalf to sell your work to hospitals, corporations and interior designers.

Raw Canvas Accepts Submissions For Gallery Representation

English: Mixed media On canvas

English: Mixed media On canvas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Raw Canvas is an art house, gallery, art rental venue that provides packing and shipping art world-wide, and more.


Raw Canvas is interested in contemporary media including painting, printmaking, drawing, mixed media and photography.

Raw Canvas welcomes submissions from artists seeking representation throughout the year. They accept proposals for single exhibitions as well as for gallery representation.

Due to the cost involved in producing and mailing printed submissions, the gallery encourages email submissions. Please ensure your email subject line reads “Portfolio Submission”.

Artists seeking representation in Raw Canvas should email submissions to:
or mail Attn: Miriam Naumann
Raw Canvas
1046 Hamilton St.
Vancouver, BC
V6B 2R9


Some New Opportunities for Visual Artists

Sub Mission

Sub Mission (Photo credit: aquababe)

THE MISSION presents: THE SUB-MISSION, an alternative installation project space created to encourage and promote artists living and working in Chicago.

Now in its second year, THE SUB-MISSION is located below the main gallery. The space is a natural progression toward fulfilling their mission statement. Specifically, THE SUB-MISSION was created to showcase local artists and provide an opportunity to create a dialogue between themselves and the surrounding community.

This to be a unique project– a raw space available for artists to transform, bounded only by their own vision.

To be considered, please submit the following items:
- Current CV
- Brief artist statement
- Detailed summary of installation project; including materials, installation timeline, and layout.
- Self address stamped envelope (If you’d like materials returned)
- Contact information; including phone number and e-mail address

Deadline for submissions October 15, 2012

Please mail submissions to:
Sarah Syman
1431 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60642

For a floor plan of THE SUB-MISSION, images, to see the specific artist guidelines or for any additional questions e-mail
Only one submission per project.
No phone calls please.

THE MISSION promotes art of the Americas by organizing exhibitions of contemporary and historically significant artworks. THE MISSION initiates dialogue among local, national, and international contemporary artists. We are dedicated to supporting artistic innovation and experimentation in light of art historical contexts.


You can submit your art to Tumblr blogs which accept submissions–


If you are looking for new and interesting art galleries to show your art, here are 3 I found yesterday–

Platform Gallery in Seattle, USA

Circuit 12 Gallery in Texas, USA

Gallery B15 in Denmark

Our international gallery list has many more. Find the list here.