Looking for Submissions from Artists for Magazine Cover Art Publication Opportunity

I received a request from Beth, to share the news with artists that they are seeking artwork to publish on the cover of The Reader–here are the details:

Dear Marie,

I’m writing from The Reader Organisation, a social enterprise in the North West. We work to connect people with great literature through shared reading. We also publish a quarterly literary magazine called The Reader which offers great writing wherever we can find it, presenting big names and new voices side by side.

We’re always looking for submissions from cover artists to showcase their talent and to help them gain more exposure, and I wondered whether it would be possible to list The Reader under Art Magazines and Publications Submit list?

To read a little bit more about The Reader, please see our website:


As Beth requested, I’ve added The Reader to the Artist Marketing Resource list of Art Magazines, art blogs, art publishers for #artists to submit to increase visibility.  Click here to access that PDF list. 


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Curating Contemporary Blog

I’m continually on the look-out for quality fine art blogs, and I like to share the best of them with my own blog readers.

Yesterday, I discovered The Curating Contemporary blog which seems to have launched about a year ago in April 2013.  The blog currently has a feature interview with artist Clayton Colvin in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, with lots of studio shots and artworks. Since I just found the blog, I don’t know how frequently they publish. But you will find previously published blog posts in the sidebar menu on the Curating Contemporary blog here.

I’ve added Curating Contemporary to my 45 page list of links to art magazines and blogs for artists to read and submit to get their work featured–find the list here.


The Corner Magazine: Looking for New Artists to Feature on Website and Online Magazine!

The Corner Magazine’s latest newsletter contains colorful images of art by their featured artists, and the magazine is are looking for new artists to feature in their newsletter and on their magazine site.

The Corner Magazine accepts submissions in the categories of–






+++ The submission deadline for theCORNER #THREE is April 1st! +++


Not sure if you fit to theCORNER? Editors are open to every emerging and interesting artist, but established artists are of course welcome as well. The Corner Magazine is always looking for new artists we can feature both on the website and in the online magazine! Do you have a photography editorial or story? Editors are interested in a wide range of topics from architecture, reportage, to fashion, portrait, travel etc. Beyond photography, we accept submissions from all kinds of visual art. Please send your work in a small resolution either as single pictures or preferably as PDF. They will get in touch with you and if they are interested ask for a version in a higher resolution. Keep in mind that they prefer unpublished projects.

They also accept texts for the magazine  and submissions for the ♥-section of the website. For this, you don‘t need to submit a whole story.

A New Art Magazine Artspert Has Feature Options for Artists and a Cover Design Competition

Competition – Design The Front Cover Of The Magazine

Would you like your art to be the cover of Artspert’s first magazine? If so you have the chance by designing the cover yourself. The cover must look classy and arty and feature the Artspert logo, which can be obtained by emailing with the subject “competition”.

Closing Date for the competition shall be January the 1st 2014. The managing director of the magazine shall shortlist 3 favorites. The final 3 shall be put to vote via Twitter on January 2nd 2014 for a whole 24 hours. The prizes are below.


1st : Being The Front Cover, Free feature in the magazine and interview to be in the magazine

2nd & 3rd: Free Feature in the magazine as well as an interview to be in the magazine

I wish you all the best of luck and hope to see you featured in the Artspert Magazine.

Artspert Magazine plan to print 18,000-20,00 copies of this first issue and make the copies free to the public. Distribution of the Magazine at these Proposed Locations: Estate Agents, Coffee Shops, Dentists, Libraries, Trade Shows, Galleries, Solicitors, Museums and more (suggestions welcome or if you would like to be a stockist please email

Type of art features:  Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Prints, Drawing and Jewelry

Funding: Mainly Advertising, subsidised fee to featured artists

The featured artists must have art work on The artist is allowed to pay for one image in the magazine in which is anticipated to cost to around £30. This will be for a quarter page feature which will include the image of art work, artist name and details about you and your art.

If a customer likes your piece of art featured in the magazine they can purchase it off the Artspert website. Where they will also be able to see any other pieces of art you have uploaded in to your personal portfolio.

Submit early, submit now: The artist that submit their work first to be featured in the magazine shall take priority and have their article closer to the front of their relevant section.

Collection of images and details for the magazine articles will begin on January the 10th 2014 once we have our online template of what the magazine shall look like. The magazine shall also be published online to increase further exposure to you and the website. In the meantime please feel free to add art to the website and check out the competition below.

VIA Publications Accepting Submissions for Issue 02

Call for Submissions

VIA Publications is a quarterly print publication and online platform which documents contemporary visual art and other aspects of contemporary life within Los Angeles California.
VIA Publications is now accepting submissions for Issue 02 and are open to many forms of content: essays, photography and text, interviews, reviews, and bodies of work.
All written submissions should relate to contemporary art, music, and food culture in or around Los Angeles.

Please submit a 500 word proposal, supporting images and a writing sample to

Deadline for submissions: September 3, 2013

Publication date: Fall/Winter 2013

Touch My Prints


Touch.My.Prints. ISSUE02   IMAGE vs DATA

Photography has long been concerned with data retention within the act of the photograph. Photographers are taught to expose, develop, and digitally capture in a method to maintain the most information possible. Every step in a photographer’s workflow is a careful dance to keep data. Film or digital, every photographic process is essentially the mastery of data retention. The reasoning is, having the most information available allows for the most creative interpretations of the information.

Touch.My.Prints wants to explore this concept of the photography as data as opposed to image. TMP will provide an image for every participant to take. Each participant will use the image as data and create a new piece of work. The new work can be video, sculpture, sound, video, even a drastic reinterpretation of the image, etc. A selection of the new works and their creators will be featured in Touch.My.Prints. ISSUE02.

The deadline is June 01, 2013.


Save the image. Use the data the image file provides to create a new piece of work. The new work can take any form, any medium, any function, in fact, preferably so. Then send the new work to TouchMyPrints @ gmail .com following the guidelines below.

Places to find the image in the latest post here
Or the post page here
Or the image URL here


Please only submit 1-3 works for ISSUE02. Only 1 (one) work per artist will be showcased in TMP ISSUE02.


Please submit files at 300 dpi, with the longest side being 10 inches, 8-bit and as a JPEG.

File Name would be Doe_Jane_01.jpeg

In the email (TouchMyPrints @ gmail .com) please list the following information.

Title, Year Produced
Medium (i.e. Screenshot / Digital Photograph / Digital Collage)
Your Website (Professional Site / Twitter / Tumblr / etc)


Please submit a link to your Vimeo or Youtube + 1-3 film stills of the video. The film stills should follow the guidelines for image submissions except for the dpi being 300, the film still can be 72 dpi.

In the email (TouchMyPrints @ gmail .com) please list the following information.

Title, Year Produced
Your Website (Professional Site / Twitter / Tumblr / etc)


Please submit a link to your GIF animation + 1-3 film stills of the GIF. The film stills should follow the guidelines for image submissions except for the dpi being 300, the film still can be 72 dpi.

In the email (TouchMyPrints @ gmail .com) please list the following information.

Title, Year Produced
Your Website (Professional Site / Twitter / Tumblr / etc)


How We Got This Magazine Cover + 6 Page Feature For Artist Agent X

After many email exchanges Artist Agent X wrote to me:

Hey Marie, Thank you so much !! I really appreciate all the work you have done for me and would not have the awesome interview and cover if it wasn’t for you :) Thank you :)

Yes, we did it–Artist Marketing Resources got the artist this magazine cover and feature and he is pleased!  If you are an artist and need help marketing and promoting your art,  email  Marie Kazalia, email:
The magazine featuring the art of Agent X is Unfolded, an online, print, and digital publication showcasing artists– here is the link to the April issue of Unfolded Magazine, just released, with the art of Agent X on the cover + 6 pages inside–
Unfolded Magazine, April 2013 cover featuring the art of Agent X

Unfolded Magazine, April 2013 front cover featuring the art of Agent X (that continues onto back cover!)



Infinity’s Kitchen Seeking Submissions of Experimental Art

T2i - Infinity

T2i – Infinity (Photo credit: @Doug88888)


Infinity’s Kitchen is a graphic literary journal of experimental writing and art. The publication is online and in print. As they say, they are a kitchen or laboratory seeking new recipes! As with many of the calls for submissions that I receive, I review them and then I submit my own work to understand their process. To submit to Infinity’s Kitchen,  go to the submissions page , scroll down the categories to find Visual Art, and complete the online form and upload your jpeg there.


Deadline: Sun Jun 30th, 2013


Infinity’s Kitchen Magazine
512 Cathedral Street #1
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
United States of America


LandEscape International Call for Artists

LandEscape is launching the second edition of “LandEscape Now!”, an international contemporary art competition which introduces 12 works of art by twelve international artists working in various fine arts disciplines.

LandEscape aims at presenting innovative and cutting-edge artworks in contemporary scenario and seeks to support contemporary creation worldwide through the advertising of works of art which focus more particularly on the theme of landscape in all the accepted meanings of the word and the recognition of the fundamental role which the landscapes of any kind have in the composition of an artwork. This will be a recurring theme, but not the only one, since LandEscape is open to a large variety of submissions including, but not limited to:

- Photography
- Painting
- Video art
- Interactive art installations
- Audio / Sound
- sculpture
- body art
- street art
- spoken word

The contest is open to all artists or groups of artists and professionals who are at least 18 years old, from any country: selected works will be published in the next issue of our art review LandEscape

Submission guidelines

Prospective participants must submit an artist’s statement (max 700 words) describing their works and short biographical notes (CV)
The statement may include any additional attachments (video, photos) for a thorough evaluation.
Submissions should be written in English.
The abstract must be submitted as PDF (or RTF / DOCX document) to

LandEscape submission does not require entry fee, but selected works will be asked for asymbolic 10€ contribution which includes publication on the next issue of LandEscape Art Review with a personal interview

Deadline: Sat Apr 27th, 2013

Materialicious + Open Your Own Store on 3D Printing Site Sculpteo


Here are two interesting sites I found recently.

 Sculpteo 3D printing site where you can not only upload your design for printing, but also open your own online store in the 3D printing marketplace on Sculpteo.


Materialicious™ (“shelter, materials and objects”) is a user-submitted visual curation site featuring modern architecture and design, art, craftsmanship, materials and products.

Submit your art or your 3D Design items for feature articles.

A segment of a social network

A segment of a social network (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome to 4art!


ArtReview is delighted to announce the launch of its new and improved social network site

A platform designed solely for and with its members in mind,  acts simultaneously as a professional resource, project facilitator and creative talent scout. 4art features editorial content in the form of industry listings, interactive art projects and competitions, and a regular featured showcase of four selected artists.

We wish to take this moment to encourage you to participate in the ongoing development and production of the site. We look forward to your suggestions, your participation in our projects and your overall involvement in working with us to create a truly vibrant and useful artists’ network.

Warm Regards,

ArtReview 4art



Peripheral ARTeries February Issue – Featuring Interview + Paintings by Marie Kazalia

I have a 4 page spread in the February issue of Peripheral ARTeries art magazine–

Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 8.13.14 PM

The new issue of Peripheral ARTeries has been published and it will be available on several websites:

1) ISSUU ->

2) The old Peripheral Arteries website that will be soon renewed – >

During this week Peripheral Arteries February issue is available on many other web site, such as Rhizome, Neme and others. We hope you will like it.


Submit Now: The 22 Magazine Collage Issue

Screen shot 2013-01-21 at 8.54.17 AM

The 22 Magazine

The Collage Issue

Final Submission Date January 30th

As always submission is 100% free and The 22 Magazine is always thrilled to meet new amazing people and all submissions will be considered for both the print volume and the blog.  Now go submit!!

The 22 Magazine

Screen shot 2013-01-21 at 8.54.07 AM

New Resource For Artists: Gratis Access to the Art Magazines, Publishers and Media Submit List

In the first week of this new year, Artist Marketing Resources began putting together a new submit list for artists. In a blog post last week, we asked artists to help build the list.

Thanks to all the artists who sent links to add to this new list of Art Magazines, Publications and Media.

We now offer all artists gratis access to the PDF submissions list for Art Magazines, Publications and Media

This list also includes Tumblr blogs that accept art submissions.

Why Tumblr blogs? According to a Mashable article, Meet Tumblr’s First Artist in Residence, Tumblr is on the top 10 list of the most visited sites in the world.

Tumblr blogs contain more than 20 billion posts and have about 170 million people per month using Tumblr.

REBLORG is tumblr project–a curated blog artists can submit to here.

Offering Artists Open Access to a New Art Magazine Submissions list PDF


You are an artist and you would love to see your art featured in an art magazine, right? Artist Marketing Resources is busy compiling a list of art magazines that accept artist submissions.

To get permanent access to this list–even as it grows and expands over the years ahead, this is all you have to do—help us expand the list by sending Artist Marketing Resources the name and link to one art magazine that accepts artist submissions–send in an email to:  

You will receive a thank you email response that contains the PDF access link.  Use the PDF list to submit your art for features in publications.

Slanted Magazine CUBAN POSTER ART Project


Slanted magazine is a major design, illustration, and photography magazine based in Germany. Their site is in English and German and has a translation option, as well, for translating the site into other languages. If you have a book project of your own to promote, or other design related artwork, you can show your projects to Slanted magazine readers with a free portfolio account that you will receive when you buy Slanted magazine issues in their shop. On the Slanted magazine website, you will see in the upper menu *Portfolios* which has a drop-down menu list that includes Design Portfolios, Illustration Portfolios, Graphics, Interactive, and Typography. If your artwork fits any of those categories, a portfolio of your work included their could bring you visibility.

The current Slanted magazine project is a special poster issue and exhibition series–


The New Generation

Special Edition – SLANTED MAGAZINE #21 will be released in spring 2013. This special issue will be released as 320 page volume of Cuban poster art by the most brilliant artists working today including exhibitions complementing and illustrating the publication internationally.


This special issue of Slanted, CUBAN POSTER ART – The New Generation, will be released in spring 2013, attracting attention to an international level. This project has the goal to raise € 10,000 (≈ $ 13,000) additionally to our usual budget. We want to cover expenses we usually don’t have:

  1. For an exhibitions with original silkscreened posters, touring from city to city. Shipping, organization and insurances for first shows in Berlin, Leipzig and Paris will cost € 4,000 (≈ $ 5,200)
  2. Translations: The magazine will be bilingual (Spanish/English). With a volume of 320 pages we will have to translate all interviews and texts either to English or Spanish. This needs to be done professionally and will be € 4,500 (≈ $ 5,800)
  3. Additional print of 1,000 copies that will be shipped to Cuba. Whoever has been in Cuba knows how hungry Cubans are for good printed matter. Extra printing: € 1,500 (≈ $ 1,950)

This project funded will enable us to share what we see as being an extraordinary inside view into Cuban design, reflecting the reality of life in Cuba and the beauty that lies within its complexity.

More information at

Artist Can Generate Extra Income With This Grab Bag Idea

Image via

Los Angeles photographer Gary Leonard advertises an interesting offer in the latest issue of COAGULA magazine. The photographer will send you one of his signed photographic postcard size prints from his vast archive when you send  him $10.00.  This is a Grab Bag offer. He selects the image to send. Part of the is the surprise of what image you will receive in the mail. Such a simple and interesting way to generate extra income.

Read the latest issue of Coagula FREE here.


6 International Art Magazines

image courtesy of

artclue is an Eastern European art magazine based in Romania  Visit the artclue Website:

Kunst Magazine, as you may have guessed from the name, is a German art magazine. There is an *English* button on the  site to read an English version of their blog:

THE BEAUTY OF SCUM! – International Artscum Magazine (including artwork from Europe, USA, Australia, and the World) –the magazine containing Paintings, (Digital)Collages, and Sculpture–is based in Germany.  The publishers describe their magazine as a bizarre, low brow, surrealist publication. Take a look at their website here: and their blog:

Artist Portfolio Magazine!  You can get your art into this magazine by way of their art contests:

PARK art magazine, launched in 2010, is based in Portugal–their aim is to bring together as many creative minds as possible, from different backgrounds. Artists willing to share their work through a home-grown printed publication dedicated to art & culture, making its way into the web as a digital online edition in the form of a flip mag as well as a downloadable PDF. The very anatomy of the magazine will rely on a (hopefully) an ever-growing list of contributors. PARK wants to make its publication as diverse and challenging as they can. Submit your art via the submissions guidelines on their site:

Art magazine  is published by the Royal West of England Academy in Bristol England. You can download the Autumn 2012 Issue of the Magazine free on their site 

Artists: Inside Info On How You Can Influence Online Arts Content

English: Screen Capture of article of front pa...

English: Screen Capture of article of front page of Yahoo! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m going to tell you how I get paid for the articles I write and publish. The purpose of this blog post is not to tell you how I get paid. Even though I do that. The purpose of this post is to let you know that you have more control over online content than you think!

How can you exert control over online content?

If you’re like me, you’ve signed up to receive notices in your email inbox or RSS feed when your favorite online authors publish new articles on such sites as Mashable, Huffington Post Arts, Yahoo! Movies, and many others.

You may wonder how authors are paid for their ideas and time researching and writing these articles. The answer may surprise you!

As contributing writer for both Yahoo! and Technorati News I am paid a dollar amount each time someone clicks on a link within my published articles. Those clicks represent my click-through rate.

Who pays me?

Yahoo! pays based on click-through-rate on links within my Yahoo! articles. I also receive a much lesser amount based on the total number of reader views that my article receives. Yahoo! deposits payments into my PayPal account. Yahoo! also provides extensive analytics so I can track my readership and earnings, and via those stats I can easily see what articles and article topics are the most popular and what links receive the most clicks. (Of course I want to get paid for my work, so I consider these stats when planning future articles).

Technorati news has a similar set-up. Since they are closely linked to Google–with all Technorati news articles feeding into Google news–Google pays me. Google pays varying amounts for each click on links within my published Technorati news articles. I track those clicks, readership numbers, and payment amounts per article via my Google AdSense account. (Again, the more success an article brings the more l will want to write on that topic in future articles and promote those articles enthusiastically).

So you are probably thinking that for each article authors must receive hundreds or even thousands of dollars in total clicks–but that is just not the case!

While hundreds or even thousands of readers may read any given article online, the number of clicks on links within an article is generally quite low. This is frustrating to all authors of online articles–even top authors! “We all have that problem,” one top author told me when I asked about improving click-through rates.

Why do hundreds of people read online articles without clicking on those internal links? This phenomenon is something that many experts have analyzed and written about in numerous articles on click-through-rates. This payment structure I have described is why you often see sensationalized,  rather silly or limited value content online—the authors are hoping to find a gimmick that will make their content a hit so that it will go viral and they will receive a large number of click-throughs and high total payment.

So what does this mean to you?

Think about it. Now you better understand the secret to exerting control over what gets published online!  

If you have favorite online authors you’d like to keep around and support, then thoroughly review their articles and click on those article links of interest to see where they go! Share the articles you like best with others via email. Use the share features to post articles to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and other social media site and include comments on why you like the article. You are exerting control over online content with each click and share. With each click you are paying those authors who provide the information you like and value. Your clicks bring attention to those articles, and attention both to the authors and the content subjects.  Remember, Google is watching and analyzing those stats you generate when you click. Google pays authors for each click, so you can be sure that they pay attention to where their money goes. It’s easy to let Google know what you like and value with each click.

You the reader have more control over online content than you think! If you want Google to place more value on art related content then support those authors who write on the arts by clicking on those internal article links and sharing those articles widely.

Want more online articles on your own artworks published?

Authors of articles value a well written press release that provides the full details and includes jpeg images. ( I am glad to receive these from artists.) Now that you know that most authors of online articles do not receive an hourly rate of pay, you understand how important it is for you to provide full details in your press releases and keep your website Newsroom up to date.

One artist, who didn’t even have a blog or website, once told me–”you can go around and search the web for information about me”, when I asked him for a press release.  WRONG! If you don’t have time to write a press release, I don’t have free time to do that for you, and neither do other authors of online content. If you want to become the subject of more online articles, get more exposure and visibility for your art, then it is up to you to organize,  present and provide your information.

Artists and Arts Organizations may send their press releases to me, Marie Kazalia, via email, at:

SAMPLE ARTICLE: Here is the link to one of my recently published Technorati articles containing artist news.

PLUG Projects announces a call for art writing for a new print publication called 8 1/2 x 11

Plug Projects announces a call for art writing for a new print publication called 8 1/2 x 11, a publication inviting participation from its audience.  Potential contributors are asked to author a one page submission that will be edited, compiled, and distributed by Plug as a quarterly “snapshot” of the art related thoughts and events in the Kansas City area.

Submit your raw text in a word file (no word limit, but must feasibly fit on one side of an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper) and one related high res (300 dpi) photo to  Please put “8×11” in the subject line.

-Write in your voice! Keep your submissions authentic to you. Looking for a diversity of content and approaches.
-Have something to say, but haven’t written before? Give it a shot.

-critical writing (about exhibitions, public works, events)
-someone else’s work or art practice (interviews, studio visits, bios)
-essays or opinions about anything related to the arts or art community
-abstract responses to work on exhibition in a visual or written form
-art related news, ‘throwback” reference to historical events in context of the present
-relating personal experience (residencies, special projects, etc)
-pitch a series (indicate how you would create a series of writings that would relate over the quarterly release of our publication

There will be an opportunity to bring your writing-in-progress to Plug to peer-edit and workshop your contributions. Interested writers should bring their pieces to Plug at 6:30 on August 27th.

Deadline: September 1 contributions should be received by midnight. 

PLUG PROJECTS is a curatorial collaboration by five Kansas City artists who share the mission of bringing fresh perspectives and conversation to the local art community. Our goal is to energize artists and the public at large by exhibiting challenging new work, initiating critical dialogue, and expanding connections of artists in Kansas City as part of a wider, national network of artists.  Please visit our website to learn more about exhibitions, opportunities, and programming. 

Support for this Project is provided by the Rocket Grants program, administered by the Charlotte Street Foundation and the University of Kansas Spencer Museum of Art. Funding was provided by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.