Over 85% of Images Shared Online Go Unsourced


Rohizan Wahab, at IMGembed, wrote to update me on what’s happening there.

They released a whitepaper that reports on the current state of online image use – http://petapixel.com/2014/04/10/imgembed-white-paper-claims-85-of-images-shared-online-go-unsourced/
Besides providing the solution to online image credits by providing embedded images, as well as income for artist for use of their images, IMGembed continually works to expand their pool of content.  They’ve teamed up with world-class partners including Condé Nast. In the case of Condé Nast, fashion week photos are made available to bloggers around the world in less than 24 hours after the runway shows. Have a look: http://imgembed.com/user/conde_nast

Imgembed http://imgembed.com

Headquarters for IMGembed –NEW YORK: 158 Bedford Avenue, Suite 3L, New York, NY 11249 and SINGAPORE: 15B Lloyd Road Singapore 239098

Follow IMGembed on Twitter: http://twitter.com/imgembed

IMGembed bloghttp://blog.imgembed.com

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FUSARO- New Online Marketplace for Artists

FUSARO is a new online marketplace for artists where you can create your own store and list your original art items. No reproductions are allowed–original art only.

The FUSARO website www.fusaro.com will be complete and ready for listing in early March.
Listings will be free through 2014.  The sales commission is a low 18.5 percent.
The site seller terms are similar to Amazon’s.
Visit the FUSARO site and scroll down to the lower menu for more information. Click *contact* for the email and phone number of the site owner.

You’ll find more fine art sales venues on the 1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art PDF.

Become a DENY DESIGNS Artist

DENY Design prints wall art and put the artwork of artists on shower curtains, throw pillows, sheets, and rugs and numerous other items such as storage boxes and jewelry boxes.

Visit the DENY Designs website to view the variety of art and products.

If you are an artist with artwork they may work on DENY Design products, submit by uploading ten artwork images to the DENY Designs online submissions form here.

If you are seeking more art licensing company opportunities, artist agents and artist representatives click here.

New Online Art Sales Site: Showflipper

Sandeep Joshi contacted me about his dream to give a platform to artists that would connect artists and art lovers around the world… a dream of a new platform, where artists like you can exhibit and SELL their art. The new site is  Showflipper. Artist’s can get a free store now. But apparently, the site has not yet launched.

Please send your 10 creations at www.showflipper.com and get your free store today.

As new sites open and older established site transform, we continue to update our  1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art PDF resource list for artists.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 9.11.15 AM

Power Plant Collaborates With Artists To Produce Exclusive Artworks

I’m always on the look out in my research, for new and interesting ways artists might sell their work–including originals and licensing,editions, and merchandising.

The Power Plant Gallery and Shop in Toronto, Canada,  regularly collaborates with artists to produce special edition artwork and merchandise sold exclusively by The Power Plant. The Power Plant brings the best of contemporary art home merchandise and editions to their shop. Moreover, all purchases help to support the gallery’s programs.

Also, over the past twenty-five years, The Power Plant’s ambitious publications program has produced a full selection of award-winning exhibition catalogues and art-centric publications.

Artists seeking more information on ways to sell their art, should the PDF resources lists that I continually update with new opportunities.

A full list of our PDF Resources for Artists:

International Art Gallery list PDF

Art Licensing companies, artist agents and artist representatives list PDF

Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions ebook 

Directory of Art Consultants PDF

 1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art PDF list  

New!  in 2014 Photographers Resources: International Photography Reps and agents, galleries, print sales + much more 

Resource list of Art Magazines, art blogs for artists to submit to increase visibility

Reboot of 20 X 200, 100ArtWorks UK, ArtBomb etc

It can be difficult to keep up with all the restructuring that online sales sites go through.

The 20 x 200 online print sales site went offline to restructure. The 20 x 200 site is a project of Jen Bekman of the New York City Jen Bekman Gallery www.jenbekman.com. If you visit the 20 x 200 site now, you can sign up for the Reboot List for early word on the 20 x 200 relaunch. There is no mention of whether the new site will also have an image upload submissions feature for artists to submit their work, an option the former site offered.

UK-based 100Artworks online print sales site has become Tower Art Gallery with print sales, sales of original paintings and sculpture as well as other art items.

ArtExchange, one of the smaller art sales sites, has a notice posted–

Online sales sites continue to try a variety of configurations and tactics to bring in buyers. ArtBomb Daily , based in Canada, is an email blast that goes to over 10,000 subscribers each morning. Bidding on the selected artworks in an auction begins each day at 6 a.m. until 11 p.m. EST. It is a silent auction on-line. Anonymous. Private.  Another aspect of ArtBomb is Artbomb New York, which is currently under construction and is set to re-launch April 1st. The site will be curated by gallery owner/curator Joshua James.  Please submit work for consideration to josh@artbombny.com.

If you are interested in investigating other online sales venues click here.

6 Dollar Shirts: Submit Your Design For Weekly $400 Cash Prize

Some artists looking for ways to create many multiple streams of income, may do well to consider t-shirt design sales. Some t-shirt sites pay royalties or a percentage of sales of you design. The site, 6 Dollar Shirts pays a cash prize–Submit Your Designs for Cash – 6 Dollar Shirt Design ContestPrize Award: $400 Cash + $100 Store Credit!One winner (minimum) is picked weekly based on staff and community voting.

Submit here.

Create a T-Shirt design (maximum of TWO ink colors) that you think the world would like to wear. The Subject of your design can be anything (ex. Funny or topical slogans, pop culture and political references, or strictly artistic designs). One thing to remember: Soft gradients should be turned into halftones to facilitate the printing process.Note: Please do not use any third party property such as logos, trademarks, or copyrighted material.
Login or Create a User Account. Next, upload the title, description, and 3 images of your finished design: A 600 x 600 detailed version, a 350 x 400 placement version, and a 185 x 185 thumbnail version.The placement version is an image of your design on a t-shirt. Please download our Photoshop or Illustrator template to help create the placement version.
Sit back, relax, and wait for your submission to go live and be voted on by the community. The criteria we use to pick winning designs is the overall score, the amount of votes, critiques and comments, and, of course, the design itself. We try to pick 5 winners per week depending on the amount of submissions received and our production capacity.Weekly prizes are awarded as follows:Winners recieve $400 cash + $100 store creditIf your design is selected, we will contact you and request a high resolution image of your design for printing.Your design will be voted on in our submission gallery for a maximum of 21 days. If it is not selected as a winner in 21 days, it will be moved to the archive gallery.



Artist Wallpaper–Print Your Own Designs

Andy Warhol cow wallpaper, 1971

Andy Warhol cow wallpaper, 1971

When I visited the Andy Warhol Museum, one gallery had walls covered in Andy’s cow wallpaper. You can still find Galleries and sellers on ebay offering signed sheets of this cow wallpaper for many thousands of dollars. Today, contemporary artist Shepard Fairy creates his own wallpapers, which he tears and collages into supports for much of his silkscreen art.

Some artists are looking for more interesting ways to offer their work, and so wallpaper may present options. Also artists seeking economical ways to create large prints that they will then embellish to make into unique hand-drawing and painting originals may look to wallpaper printers.

At Wallpaper on Demand, artists can upload their own designs and have mural size prints made or repeating pattern wallpaper printed of their work to sell or show as samples to potential buyers. The Wallpaper on Demand site is in English and Italian. I haven’t tried this site, yet so many possibilities come to mind.


3D Artists: 3 Calls–Cups, Contemporary Clay Figurative Sculpture and more

The Baltimore Clayworks Gallery & Shop has 3 Calls for artist submissions–

Call for Entries

Find more opportunities on the International Art Gallery list PDF  and the 1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art PDF list

Chicago Temporary Art Market Deadline Approaching


March 15-16, 2014


Multiples. is a temporary store opening for one weekend in March and October 2014 showcasing objects produced as multiples. Editions and series of work will also be included. Conceived as a more fine art version of a renegade craft fest, Multiples. is an affordable option for contemporary artists and crafters looking to expose their practice and sell their works in Chicago. Please click here apply link above to showcase your work at our Spring or Fall stores, or the about link to learn more about art multiples.


For a $450 table fee, you can apply for a standard table arrangement to sell your multiples. Applicants can apply as individuals, or with a group, though applications for groups should include the names of all participating artists, contact info and websites.

For a $225 table fee, you can apply for a shared table. If you have another vendor in mind with whom you’d like to share your table, please indicate their name(s) in the application. Otherwise, the Multiples. team can find another vendor to pair you with from our list of applicants.

For a $225 fee, you can also apply to sell your wares from a small roving exhibit, which could be a bicycle, cart, or even a handbag (what, you’ve never heard of Clutch Gallery?) instead of a standard table. This is a fun option for those whose showcase benefits from being able to move freely about the event.

Next show: March 15-16 taking place at the Pulaski Park Fieldhouse; auditorium pictured above.

December 15, 2013 – Entry Fee: $15

January 15, 2014 – Entry Fee: $25

February 7, 2014 – Entry Fee: $35


Artists: How To Spend Time Your Time Wisely During the Holidays

Any artist who spends just an hour or two per day researching any of these extensive resources lists will gain insights into expanding art sales, and income from their art.

The International Art Gallery PDF list of clickable links also includes galleries with calls for submissions clearly highlighted in yellow and

The Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions ebook  , the Directory of Art Consultants PDF ,  1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art, and the List of Art Licensing companies, artist agents and artist representatives all provide the resources you need to make more art sales.

Over 40 pages of clickable links to Art Magazines, art blogs, photography magazines, design magazines, multi-media, art TV and more for artists to submit to increase visibility.

Image via http://www.freedigitalphotos.net

Arts ReSTORE LA: Westwood to Fill Several Storefronts with Art and Crafts

Arts ReSTORE LA: Westwood is a new initiative by the Hammer Museum to unite the creative force of local artisans and craftspeople. From November 1 to 24, the Hammer will fill several empty storefronts in Westwood, donated by the property owners to this project, with an array of artisan vendors. With its accompanying events and workshops, the Arts ReSTORE pop-up village will enliven the neighborhood with a new and vibrant retail experience.

Everyone benefits if these empty spaces come alive with locally produced goods, crafts, apparel, and furniture, and the neighborhood becomes a vibrant community where consumers can buy unique, locally made products.

Arts ReSTORE LA: Westwood is an initiative of LA2050 and is supported by a grant from the Goldhirsh Foundation. Arts ReSTORE received significant funding from UCLA. Additional support has also been provided by the Diane and Dorothy Brooks Foundation.

 Artists looking for more places to sell — take a look at our 1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art PDF of clickable links here.


ArtistsInfo Video| Insider Secrets to Selling Art Online

Artists Info online gallery has an international reputation for discovering and representing talented artists from across five continents. Artists Info has more than 100,000 art lovers visiting their site weekly.  The Artists Info site allows each costumer to directly contact artists for commission-FREE art purchases.

Artists Info staff is always keen to promote the artists on their site and have a team dedicated to sharing their artists news across all their social networks.

Artists Info is currently developing pioneering new view-art-in-situ technology and 3D virtual art galleries. They have an online app with an art store, online magazine and social art network in development as well as many other exciting projects which will offer even more opportunities for artists in the near future.

Yesterday, they featured our blog on their blog, in an article Do You Know Artist Marketing Resources?  

Artists Info created this video, Insider secrets to selling art online, that answers many questions artists ask on how to best promote their art using their own website, social media, and online galleries–

Award Winning Online Art Gallery Seeks Talented Artists: http://www.artistsinfo.co.uk/online-art-gallery.html

Global Art Directory - artistsinfo.co.uk


NYC Gallery Looking to Showcase Tattoo Culture, Mainstream and Subculture Artists, Digital Artists and Photographers

The Sacred Gallery NYC which has been around since 2009 in Soho New York City, and is adjacent to Sacred Tattoo, a twenty year standing body art studio. Sacred Gallery is looking to showcase the works of tattoo culture artists, mainstream and subculture artists, digital artists, and photographers. If you’re interested in having your work shown at Sacred Gallery, visit their website and click on Submissions.

If your art does not fit this opportunity, or If you are an artist looking for more opportunities to show and sell your work, we offer resources for finding more galleries here and for retail sales opportunities here.

San Francisco Monday 1971, Irena Orlov

Shop for Art: Irena Orlov’s Hand Embellished Textured Fine Art Canvas Giclee

Hand-embelllished Giclee canvas art, by Irena Orlov

Hand-embellished Giclee canvas art, by Irena Orlov

Shop for Irena Orlov's hand-embellished, textured fine art canvas Giclee artworks here. These Gallery Wrap canvases have finished edges to provide a clean look from front, side, and back. The Giclee canvas is stretched on  1 1/2'' wooden support bars to create a finished look that allows you to hang without a frame.

Most Available in Sizes 40 x 30 and 40 x 40 inches, with select artwork in 24 x 48 inch dimensions.

New York Friday October 1863, Irena Orlov

New York Friday October 1863, Irena Orlov


Learn How to Create More Income Streams–Online Interactive Lessons for Artists: Textile Design Repeats


For many businesses, it’s the smaller sales in-between the sale of big-ticket items that keep them profitable.  Visual artists can benefit from a similar push by tapping into other avenues of income in addition to making sales of paintings and original artworks.  Creating designs for the textile industry may be a thought in the back of the minds of many artists as another way of putting their fine art composition and design skills to work, yet have no idea how to get started in that industry.

Artist Vivian Falzetti noticed a gap in instruction in that area as well. So she created a wonderful resource for artists, her iBook, Textile Design Repeats, Tips and Tricks.  Early in Vivian’s textile design career she hand-painted her repeat pattern designs. Later, she learned to work with a variety of computer design programs. It is from her experiences and broad knowledge base that she put together her instructive iBook.

Textile Design – Repeats Tips And Tricks

by Vivian Falsetti

is available for download on your iPad with iBook or on your computer with iTunes.

Textile Design – Repeats Tips and Tricks includes 40 Demo Videos and 19 Interactive Lessons which cover the basics of creating repeats and engineered layouts (engineered layouts are designs to fit to a specific size, for example, lamp shades or wall borders) using Adobe® Illustrator…  an introduction to the best tools for creating textile designs…  tips on how to organize tools on your desktop…samples of various types of repeats with detailed instructions and video demos on how to produce them… charts and formulas …shortcuts, tips and tricks to make creating repeat patterns fast and fun… sources for ongoing learning… timekeeping tips for freelance designers… valuable information and answers.

This iBook bridges the gap between wanting to create salable textile designs and gaining the insider knowledge to make that possibility work for you.

Vivian Falzetti at work in her California  studio.

Vivian Falzetti at work in her California studio.

View Vivian Falzetti textile designs on her website.
Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 3.43.53 PM

New Creative-Resale Site for Artists– Where You Sell, Buy, and Trade Art Supplies


Like all creative people, your process and materials change over time as you work. Or perhaps you’ve experimented with techniques and materials that were not quite right for you. You accumulate lots of art-making supplies and tools, some that just sit on a shelf and take up space as you move on to other projects.

Not every artist lives in a creative community were they can swap art supplies with other artists. There are plenty who don’t in fact. So how do artists upcycle new and used art supplies?  Marchelle Brotz, after 30 years of art-making and crafting, faced this dilemma of too many unused materials, as did her friends and associates. Even her accountant didn’t know what to do with a massive supply of yarn his mother left behind when she passed away(and the yarn may have gone to a landfill.)

So Marchelle started her new site, Creative-Resale where artists and crafters can swap, buy, and sell materials that may otherwise go to waste.

To get Creative-Resale off to a lively start, Marchelle is offering FREE LISTINGS to help populate the site.

How to add your listings:

Begin by taking one or more photos of the item you want to sell– (your phone or iPad may be perfect for that). If needed, use Photoshop or any picture enhancement program to make adjustments.

Next,  go to the Creative-Resale site, sign in (or sign up) and post your item description, price, then upload the photos.

Shipping can be included in your price or decided later when someone contacts you, or when the delivery destination is not yet known.

Items list for 30 days and you will receive an email at the end of the listing period to ask if you want to renew or not. If you want to renew, click on the link and your listing automatically renews.

Also, sign up for the Creative-Resale newsletter for updates on  LIVE, CREATIVE RESALE shows in your area. (Marchelle is always open to suggestions on inexpensive places to rent for sales). Live sales are similar to craft shows, ONLY for art and craft SUPPLIES. This will be something new, a trade show where you can rent a booth, bring your items, and people can shop, touch, see and negotiate— especially helpful for artists with large items to sell.

Creative-Resale is offering free ads for the rest of October. That’s right, it is absolutely free to list your unwanted art supplies and materials and how-to arts and crafts books.

In the Mix, Irena Orlov

Online Auction of Paintings by two LA Artists

Autumn Mist II, Irena Orlov

Autumn Mist II, Irena Orlov

Los Angeles based artists Maya Green and Irena Orlov are auctioning over 60 paintings online. Preview and bid here on original landscape paintings, seascapes, abstract, floral, still life, figurative oil paintings, acrylic, collage, and watercolor art.

Pink Horizon, Maya Green

Pink Horizon, Maya Green