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Want a super low-cost marketing option?

Amsterdam based ArtWorld has launched their IndieGoGo campaign with a $1 / 1 Euro option that will get your link tweeted to many thousands on Twitter. Click here to support Indiegogo and get your perk. Included in the tweet will be one or more appropriate hashtag, such as #ArtMarket #SellArtOnline #ArtCollectors #BuyArtOnline and others.



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Support the ArtWorld App on IndieGoGo For Great Perks!

Artworld Crowd-Funding

Artworld is Crowd-Funding on Indiegogo and Offering Great Perks!

Dear Artist,

I am contacting you on behalf of Artworld, the online community for artists, art enthusiasts and buyers. I have your email-address as you have registered with us. A good proportion of you will have uploaded work (about half of all who registered). And many of you will know me personally through our correspondence.

As users and often supporters of Artworld, I ask you to help Artworld raise some €10,000 via crowd-funding (roughly $14,000 or £8,300). I invite you to take a close look at our proposal, and at the imaginative, perks we offer in return for your contribution. Here is our campaign-page. The campaign, on Indiegogo, will run for the next 45 days.

Artworld has been growing steadily since its launch. We have around 500 artists, some 5,000 app users, and a regular Facebook audience of around 1000 (there being some 8,000 likes). That’s an excellent result for a one-man pro-bonoinitiative with a tiny promotion and marketing budget. Artworld has spread almost exclusively through personal recommendation: by “word of mouth”.

The number of participants is now enough that additional development work is needed. To support this we have decided on crowd-funding. For a pro bono project such as Artworld, venture capital is not an option. Equally, my personal resources are not so large that I can raise the required investment from a bank. That leaves crowd-funding as the natural and indeed only practicable choice.

Spread the Word!

Other than, or in addition to, a cash contribution, you can support Artworld by sharing our Campaign Page on Facebook, or by copying this email to your own supporters, family and friends. And why not post it on your web-site or blog, or other social media, perhaps even tweet it? Help our campaign go viral! With full funding I can do even more to help Artworld’s artists and the community they represent.

Yours sincerely. Keith McFarlane Artworld Negative Entropy BV Amsterdam The Netherlands


  1. Artworld App: Get the app in the Apple iTunes Store here.
  2. Community: Artworld Facebook Page here.
  3. Crowd-Funding: Artworld IndieGoGO Campaign here.
  4. Competition: Artworld Arts Artisanal Print Competition details here.

Artists and Photographers are asking–How do I get a feature on Artist Marketing Resources blog?


Artists and Photographers are asking– “How do I get featured on Artist Marketing Resources blog?”

You will find the options for any artist to receive exposure on our blog Artist Marketing Resources, by clicking this link:

If you have any questions, send an email to Marie Kazalia at email:



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First Look: New Art Online Exhibition + a whole gallery where you can draw or paint on the walls and floors

I worked with an artist a few years ago, who, in a series of performance events with her artist friends, placed a large blank canvas and paints and brushes in the event space on which attendees or audience members were free to paint what they wished. The canvas was then exhibited at the next performance and exhibition. This may have been idea circulating with young artists for some time, and which has now found its way into museum venues.  The New Museum in New York , which considers its spaces a leading destination for new ideas and new art, currently has the exhibition Paweł Althamer: The Neighbors,  which includes a whole gallery where anyone can draw or paint on the walls and the floors, and whatever you make becomes part of the exhibition:

The New Museum also has an online only exhibition series titled First Look: New Art Online,  a monthly series of innovative online projects and new commissions by the New Museum.

The New Museum wishes to become a hub of innovative artistic practice. The New Museum has also conceived the first museum-led incubator program called NEW INC. The NEW INC program, which will launch in the summer of 2014, will be a collaborative creative space with a lab-like environment for the development of new ideas and practices for creatives exploring cross-disciplinary  and technology based projects. The New Museum feels that because such creative individuals and artist groups are exploring work in still undefined cultural areas, that few resources and support systems exist for them, and so the NEW INC program offers a twelve-month residency to provide the needed space and resources. Find more on NEW INC here, including how to apply.


Best New Writing Magazine Pays Artists For Cover Art


Christopher Klim, the editor of Best New Writing, asked me to let artists know that his magazine has a paid opportunity with great exposure. “The artist gets the front and back cover. Right now, it’s wide open. We’re looking for bold, small, and intriguing,” he said.

Best New Writing pays artists for cover images plus full byline and contributors copies.  Best New Writing, which houses the results of the Eric Hoffer Prose Award and the Gover Prize for fiction and creative nonfiction, pays artists for cover images: $75.

Best New Writing
Follow the awards in progress:
Facebook -
Twitter -

Submission portal (i.e. Submittable) and guidelines can be found here: .
Thank you.


The Corner Magazine: Looking for New Artists to Feature on Website and Online Magazine!

The Corner Magazine’s latest newsletter contains colorful images of art by their featured artists, and the magazine is are looking for new artists to feature in their newsletter and on their magazine site.

The Corner Magazine accepts submissions in the categories of–






+++ The submission deadline for theCORNER #THREE is April 1st! +++


Not sure if you fit to theCORNER? Editors are open to every emerging and interesting artist, but established artists are of course welcome as well. The Corner Magazine is always looking for new artists we can feature both on the website and in the online magazine! Do you have a photography editorial or story? Editors are interested in a wide range of topics from architecture, reportage, to fashion, portrait, travel etc. Beyond photography, we accept submissions from all kinds of visual art. Please send your work in a small resolution either as single pictures or preferably as PDF. They will get in touch with you and if they are interested ask for a version in a higher resolution. Keep in mind that they prefer unpublished projects.

They also accept texts for the magazine  and submissions for the ♥-section of the website. For this, you don‘t need to submit a whole story.


International Photography Agents, Galleries, Print Sales Resources and More!


Photographic artists–where do you find a photographers agent for your work?

Our PDF resource for photographers lists dozens of photography agents and representatives internationally!

We are receiving wonderful feedback from photographic artists who are working with our new Photographers Resources PDF of International Photography agents, galleries, print sales resources and much more.

Photographic Artists have been requesting this resources, and so after extensive effort, we have made it available for the first time in January 2014.

Yesterday, we added many more photography galleries to this growing list.

Get the Photographers Resources PDF here.

Images via


Coming Soon! NEW in 2014: Photographers Resources PDF

New! Will be available in 2014 Photographers Resources: International Photography Reps and Agents + 


This new Photographers Resources PDF currently has numerous pages of information that we are working to build and expand upon to be released and available in early 2014.  This new list contains the email contacts and clickable links to the websites of photographer agents and photographer representatives internationally. This PDF lists photography galleries in Europe, USA/Canada/South America, Asia & Australia,as well as, fine art photography curators and critics, fine art and commercial photography publishers, art licensing companies and publishers, stock photo resources and digital photography resources, photography organizations, and photography magazines and blogs that accept submissions from photographers. We know that photographers want more visibility for their work. Photographers want to earn an income from their photographs, advance their careers and increase their reputations– and we are confident that this PDF resource list will save you time in locating newly researched contracts, new sites, new links, new resources, and new contact information you can use.


Image courtesy of


Artists Connect With Brooklyn Based Microscope Gallery in Facebook Group

There are many ways artists connect with gallerists–meeting and talking with them at Basel Miami, iPad portfolio in hand, is one way.

Artists can also do research online to find and connect with gallerists in groups on LinkedIN, Google+ and Facebook.

The MICROSCOPE Gallery in Brooklyn New York presents film, video, sound, performance, new media and other time-based artists through exhibitions, screenings and other events.  The gallery also has a Facebook group. This open group is a place for artists to connect with the people at Microscope Gallery.

Many galleries accept proposals from artists, or have open submission policies as well as seasonal calls for submissions.

Last month, I helped a small group of artists write a gallery proposal for a group show in a New York City gallery. One of the artists mentioned that the gallery website states that they are not currently accepting proposals, but that when she emailed the gallery she was invited to submit an artist proposal. The proposal we put together contained the bio, CV, and exhibition history of each artist, as well as images of their artwork and descriptions of their art making processes. The proposal proved to be an excellent way for these artists to introduce themselves to the curators at that particular gallery, as well as enter into the gallery system. Plus the proposal was structured for future updating, and use–each of the artists can expand, adapt, add new work, or develop the proposal further to use for other opportunities. If you would like to learn more about artist proposals, contact me, Marie Kazalia, via email:

Finding time to research gallery opportunities can be an issue for many artists. That’s why Artist Marketing Resources put together a 200 page list of clickable links for artist to research and connect with art galleries world-wide. This research list cuts down on artist research time and helps artists quickly identify gallery opportunities. In the PDF, galleries currently accepting submissions, proposals, or that offer artists other opportunities to show their work( such as alternative galleries that have storefront exhibition programs and sales venues), are highlighted in yellow. That way artist quickly check under a region heading, note which galleries are accepting submissions and proposals, and visit those gallery site to learn more.

One hour each day researching the International Art Gallery PDF will provide you with many new opportunities and a better understanding of galleries in any region. The PDF currently has extensive sections containing links to galleries in major art centers such New York City and Brooklyn, the California cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco, Chicago, London, Berlin, and cities in China, Canada, and Australia, as well as, growing lists of links to galleries in other cities in the USA, Europe, Asia, and South America.

Our own research is ongoing, and as new galleries open their doors we quickly add them to our PDF gallery list.

Artists should feel free to contact us with any questions, needs, or requests. We love hearing from you.


Artists: How To Spend Time Your Time Wisely During the Holidays

Any artist who spends just an hour or two per day researching any of these extensive resources lists will gain insights into expanding art sales, and income from their art.

The International Art Gallery PDF list of clickable links also includes galleries with calls for submissions clearly highlighted in yellow and

The Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions ebook  , the Directory of Art Consultants PDF ,  1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art, and the List of Art Licensing companies, artist agents and artist representatives all provide the resources you need to make more art sales.

Over 40 pages of clickable links to Art Magazines, art blogs, photography magazines, design magazines, multi-media, art TV and more for artists to submit to increase visibility.

Image via

Two 30 Second Videos: Where Artists Meet Art Buyers and Art Lovers

Dear Artist,

Let me share with you two videos, each 30 seconds in length, that introduce Artworld and the community it represents. If, having seen the videos, you wish to support Artworld, then please share them with your fellow artists, especially those not yet taking part. Artworld is an excellent idea, strongly supportive of artists and the arts. It needs, and I believe it deserves, your support!

Here are the videos: one for art lovers and buyers, and the other for artists taking part. Artworld charges neither fees nor commissions. It presents your work beautifully. Not only that, and it connects you directly with buyers in your neighbourhood or “armchair travellers” a continent away. Why not take a moment and see for yourself? I’m certain you’ll be interested! And should you wish to take part, check out the Step by Step Guide. It’s your art at their fingertips. And just one tap!

Yours Sincerely,

Keith McFarlane

P.S. Artists don’t need an iPhone or iPad to take part. Upload your work from any browser, on a PC, Linux or Mac. For details of registration and how to upload your portfolio refer to the Step by Step Guide. Artworld also has a Facebook Page dedicated to the work of participating artists, and many of our artists are exceptional, established and emerging artists of international rank.


Pay With a Tweet or Facebook Post for ebook

Now you can Pay With a Tweet  —  to get a copy of the 40+ page PDF ebook of clickable links to art magazines, art blogs, fine art publishers and more, just tweet about it as payment.

Don’t use Twitter? There is also an easy option to pay with a Facebook post, or to pay with a LinkedIN update.




Easy Contest: 3 of Our Readers Will Receive $50 Credit For Custom Small Project Printing at PrintKeg is offering a $50 credit to 3 of our website followers. prints custom flyers, posters, postcards, t-shirts, stickers and more.


How they are different, is that they focus on small projects at very low prices with a mission of helping artists become successful entrepreneurs by being able to sell their work profitably.

Our contest is simple

1. If you are not already a follower, follow this blog.

2. Leave a comment on this post by clicking on *Leave a Comment* above. In your comment tell us about your printing project, what you plan to have printed, and how the printed items will be used to promote your artist business. If you like, you can mention how getting a $50 credit will help make your print project a success.

We will select 3 artists based on their comments–those 3 artists will each receive a discount code for a $50 credit for their print project at

(Note: We will see how many comments we get over the next few days. When the comments stop we will make the selections and notify the winners by email so make sure we have your email address!).

We will post all 3 winners names and website links on this blog as a follow-up. Plus we will share on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIN, Google+, Digg, Reddit, and if the winners send us an image of their art, we will share on Pinterest too.

It’s up to you how much you want to get involved. So feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us.

PrintKeg Small Posters

PrintKeg Small Posters


Artist Collective Art Project Funding Grants for Artists, Writers, Performers, Musicians in Los Angeles

The Artist Collective project is truly thinking outside the box with their Artists Collective  Los Angeles County  Medical Marijuana Delivery Service. Based in West Hollywood, the  Delivers Pot To Fund A Community Arts Organization.

Artists Collective is a different kind of medical marijuana service. They’re an art project in and of itself. They aspire to create a medical marijuana non-profit where a considerable percentage of their proceeds go toward funding grants for artists, writers, performers, and musicians.


For Artists—-Larry’s List of Art Collectors

Larry’s List– the world’s first art collector database 

The Larry’s List Ltd website contains more than 3,000 art collector profiles from over 70 countries provided as a service for gallery owners, art dealers, auction houses, art fairs, art scholars, artists, collectors and journalists. Larry’s List provides information on private art collections including names of artists and artworks collected, and more. All of this information is updated constantly.

Collector profiles can be purchased from $9.50 each, artists get them for free.

With Larry’s List, you can find answers to questions such as: “Who collects emerging artists in London and who in Singapore? Which collectors are based in Abu Dhabi? Which in Dallas? Who is potentially interested in buying photographic art work?” Artists benefit because they can identify their collectors.

Who is Larry?

Larry is a team of 25 art market researchers from 20 nations who speak 24 languages. Call them research nerds – or simply call them Larry. They manually searched through more than 27,000 sources, including search engines, archives, magazines, books and databases. This is the most comprehensive global research ever carried out on art collections. was founded in 2012 and is backed by world’s leading art collectors. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong.

Artists. Want more? Artist Marketing Resources provides an extensive resource list in PDF form–the Directory of Art Consultants.  For your copy click here.

Juicy Canvas has a new project called Nightstand

Juicy Canvas has a new project on their blog called “Nightstand”– a collection of nightstand photos around the world. Be part of this! Email your photo + any info you want me to add to: / Subject: Nightstand

Say something about your nightstand:

Submissions will be posted here: and here:


Art Angels, by ArtWorld App Developer Keith McFarlane

ART & THE ANGELS. ArtWorld owes a great deal to its artist-collaborators– artists wishing to encourage their fellow artists just as much as to promote their own work. And so often it is our best artists that feel this obligation to the community of art. In recognition of their service let us call them our “Art-angels”, a lovely if sadly not original turn of phrase!One such is Marie Kazalia. (You can see something of her artworks on ArtWorld and on her web-site at  Marie has helped ArtWorld gain a foothold with our artists, not least through her own Artists’ Marketing site at, but also and more widely through her network of artists and contacts throughout the United States. Her most recent intervention has been to help LA based artists Irena Orlov and Maya Green take part  in ArtWorld; first of all by suggesting their participation, and then by taking away the “pain” of technical participation by uploading their artworks and personal information on their behalf. It’s exactly this kind of quiet publicity, personal recommendation and “oiling of the wheels” that has seen ArtWorld trek, coast to coast, across the United States, even start to fill out the interior, reaching places and way-stations not in the slightest known for their art!The Art-angels can do much, and this editor is working flat-out to support them! And should ArtWorld grow just a little bigger, become a soupçon better known, we will be looking for an art-angel or two who can help us! One task is to engage with our Facebook audience. But far more important it is to reach out to their fellow artists, promoting, encouraging, facilitating and, not least, “spreading the word”! It’s the role of the guest editor, being a local focus in the ArtWorld community; perhaps even orchestrating local get-togethers, or a place where artists can meet. ArtWorld can, with the support of such Art-angels, really make things happen; for I for one do not share Auden’s pessimism, whether about poetry or the arts more widely. And we have already seen such communities, at least in their first infancy, in the Fenlands of England certainly, but also in the state of New York. Artworld is by no means a religion, but it is a good and beneficial idea. And in the end it’s our artists, and foremost among them our art-angels, by which it will succeed or fail. If your interested in becoming an angel, or if you’re an angel already, it would be my pleasure to hear from you. Just send me a message, or drop me a line, or two, at
Follow the ArtWorld on the ArtWorld Facebook page:

Last Call, 500 Artist Limit: This Year’s Annual Lottery Art Show

studio1.1 Lottery Show

Artists are invited to buy tickets now for studio1.1′s fifth Lottery Show. In line with the enormous place luck and accident play in the art world, there will be no selection process: the winning artist’s name will be drawn from a hat on the last day of the Sluice Art Fair, and the artist will receive a four-week show in the gallery during 2014.  As a ticket, each entrant will receive a numbered lithographic A5 print by Kate Lyddon in a limited edition of 500.   Part conceptual provocation and part fundraiser for an artist-led gallery, the Lottery Show is  one tiny demonstration of the fact that who you know doesn’t always matter.

For further information go to the gallery website,

LAST CALL studio1.1 Lottery Show.
The Draw will take place on Sunday 20th Oct at Sluice art fair,

Limit: 500 entrants
Fee: £10 

KATE LYDDON, A Scene from Sarah’s Social, lithograph on card with collage, 2013

This year’s limited edition:

KATE LYDDON, ‘A Scene from Sarah’s Social’, lithograph on card with collage, 2013 edition of 500, 21 x 15 cms


The Exhibbit 3D Online Gallery—New Features and Differences in Exhibbit Version 4

Exhibbit Long Gallery

Exhibbit Long Gallery


Exhibbit’s 3D gallery solution augments current online display techniques by enabling visitors to experience the atmosphere and nuances of artworks in an exhibition context.

Displaying art in a 3D gallery gives the artwork scale and allows visitors to navigate themselves–actually experiencing an exhibition as they would in a physical bricks and mortar gallery. 

Here is Exhibbit owner and developer Peter Worrall’s mini list of V4′s main features and differences from V3.

New features in V4:

  • Exhibitions are now viewable using the Flash player as well as Unity3d making exhibitions easily accessible.
    • Most browsers have Flash pre-installed so there is no need to download a player to experience exhibbitV4.
  • We now hire galleries (rather than exhibitions) 
    • You can create multiple exhibitions for showing in your gallery. 
  • An opening date is set for each exhibition when it is ready to be published. 
    • These exhibitions will show sequentially by replacing the current active exhibition, based on its opening date.
    • This also means you can be working on curating a number of future shows whilst one is active and showing in the gallery.
  • Sharing to all the major social sites and via email.
    • This is easily actioned using either the Snap & Share feature which takes a picture of your view in the gallery, or via the “share” available from each artworks information panel.
    • Both these methods contain a link to the exhibition
    • Sharing can be done by both the creator of the exhibition and the visitor.
  • Stockroom is a growing store of all the artworks you upload when creating exhibitions.
    • From the stockroom you can add to existing exhibitions or create entirely new ones.
  • Analytics
    • Each exhibition has its own analytics so you can track how many visitors have viewed and when they were there.
Exhibbit Atrium

Exhibbit Atrium

There are number of other features like artwork info text on the wall beside each work, tour order selection, wall coloring and a new frame and matte function and other tools that make the exhibition creation easier.

The Exhibbit url is still the same   but with a completely re-designed website.

If you want to see exhibbitV4 working in a commercial gallery website, click on the link below to visit an exhibition of work by Alexander Calder. 

I hope you will consider using exhibbit’s new version to showcase and market your artwork.