Call for Artist Submissions: A Few Opportunities

Jester Jacques Gallery and the Flaneur Blog are on the lookout for another amazing artist to team up with.

They are looking for an illustrator/designer to create an entirely unique drawing which can be downloaded as wallpaper for computer and Ipad. With that in mind, think: patterns, bold colors, imagery that functions well as a background.

The prizes: have your artwork be downloadable on their online store; get promotion through their Facebook, Twitter and other social media; plus a brief artist interview which will be featured on Flaneur Blog.

The deadline is: January 30th 2013

How to submit work: email no more than 5 jpegs to

You can also post on their Facebook page, either sharing a photo album, 1 example of your work or a link to your website/portfolio.


Check out current entries they like and have shared so far on the Jacques Jester Blog.


Calling all makers. Artists. Creators. Builders. Students. Professionals. Hobbyists.

The Instructables Design Competition is open to everyone who makes something that can be reasonably described as “art” or “design.” Share your 3D printed, microcontrolled, animated, photographic, sculpted, canvassy, fabricated, fashionable, jewelled, furnished, automotive, or graphic project to win a laser cutter, a laptop, and a DSLR. They’re changing how a design competition is run by opening it up to everyone. If you’ve created something for a course, a client, or just for fun, show them what you did and how you did it. Whether your goal is to inspire others, show off, or win stuff, Instructables is the platform for people to share what you make.

Bottom line: share your art or design project to win a Full Spectrum laser cutter, MacBook Pro, and a DSLR.

SUSTAINABILITY PRIZE - The Autodesk Sustainability team will reward the entry that demonstrates the best use of sustainable design with a special judge’s prize: $1500 at Highland Woodworking.

See the Autodesk Sustainability Workshop website for resources! 

Instructables  also has an artist-in-residence (AIR) program that gives artists, designers and Instructables authors a chance to work with in their lab and workshops to explore, create, and document innovative projects with their tools and resources and share them with the DIY community.  Artists-in-residence are invited to come for a period of several weeks to several months, over which they will work on projects that are shared across the Autodesk Studio Communities. The primary goals of the residency program are to produce top-level inspirational content and to connect innovative and creative individuals with our unique set of tools and resources.  If you are interested in applying for an Instructables Artist in Residence position click the Program Details link here.

Sponsorships - Read about the Instructables new sponsorship programs here.

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ISP–International Artists’ Program

The International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) is a leading nonprofit, residency-based contemporary art institution for emerging to mid-career artists and curators from around the world. In 2008, ISCP moved from Manhattan to East Williamsburg, Brooklyn to the former factory of the Sackett & Wilhelms Lithography Company, an 18,000 square-foot building constructed in 1901. This move expanded ISCP’s facilities to 35 studios, an exhibition gallery and a project space. To advance its core mission of supporting artists in producing and exhibiting a wide range of contemporary, often experimental, artistic approaches, ISCP annually presents a series of innovative exhibitions and public programs both on- and off-site. Each year, over 100 artists and curators are in residence at ISCP and approximately 10,000 individuals attend ISCP’s public programs.

New York City Artist Residency Seeks Applications From Emerging and Established International Artists

Nars Foundation 2013 International Artist Residency ProgramThe NARS Foundation International Artist Residency Program provides national and international artists with the opportunity to produce new work while engaging with the vibrant arts community in New York City. Artists-in-residence have access to an individual studio space and various professional development programs. Residents have an opportunity to share and present their work through artist talks, workshops, and lectures and receive studio visits by prominent New York City curators, critics and gallerists. The NARS Foundation seeks applications on two levels. The first level includes emerging and mid-career artists for whom appointments as residents may make a significant impact on their careers. The second level consists of artists with established national and/or international reputations for whom a change of environment may offer refreshment and inspiration.Online application forms must be submitted by Friday, October 5, 2012 before midnight. A non-refundable application fee of $35 (US) is required with each submission. To apply, please visit our website: www.narsfoundation.orgDeadline: Fri Oct 5th, 2012

NARS Foundation

88 35th Street

Brooklyn, New York 11232

United States of America