Tech + Reuse: Art and Design 3DPrinter Uses Recycled Plastic Coke Bottles

Artists are innovators by nature and have long used and re-used cast-off everyday items and materials–from discarded building materials and house paints to old magazines and other print materials turned into collage art–all long before the term and practice of re-cycling became everyday.

Some refer to this use of materials as Sustainable art and there are websites such as that only show and sell art made from reused materials.

You can view art by artists in the RAIR (recycled Artists in Residency) using recycled materials –here–. And the Huffington Post published this article yesterday–14 Ways 3D Printing Has Changes the Art World.

American singer-songwriter along with Coca Cola has launched a company offering a small-scale 3D printer that uses post-consumer plastics to print smaller items out of recycled plastic Coke bottles.  The 3D printer uses cartridges loaded with filament that’s produced from recycled 20-ounce plastic Coke bottles.  Each machine is pre-loaded with 25 patterns, allowing you to print phone cases, bracelets, vases, bird houses, robots and shoes, and other items. The machine has a limited color palette with only the options of printing in red, black, white and natural.

The printer is now available for purchase through 3D Systems priced at USD$1,199 and will be shipped in the second half of 2014.

Find more print resources on Artist Marketing Resources newest list of Art Print Sales Sites, Giclee and Other Print Resources here.




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Kiss Kiss Bank Bank Crowd Funding Platform Funds Creative and Innovative Projects and People


Kiss Kiss Bank Bank is one of the world’s leading sites for creative project crowd funding.  Kiss Kiss Bank Bank is an alternative space dedicated to creativity– artists, inventors, explorers, filmmakers, designers–your project will find a place on KissKissBankBank. The site is in French and English. You don’t have to live in France, or be French-Canadian to use the site. If you have a command of French or can get the English version of your project text translated into French, this may be a new platform to try.

One artist’s project seeking crowd funding for equipment for a print workshop has raised over one thousand Euros.




Sales Venues for Artists: Prints on Paper, Canvas, and on 3D Items


According to highly experienced online sales experts such as the curators at Saatchi online, many art collectors begin to build their collections by buying prints.

Artists may wish to offer prints on paper, canvas, wood or metal through online venues where they may catch the eye of young collectors. That visibility could lead to sales.

For some artists, getting their art printed on a variety of home decor and fashion items may be of interest as well–not just postcards, stickers, t-shirts, cases, and tote bags, but also on 3D items from art toys, leggings, pillows, rugs, deck chairs, mugs, beer bottles to the more unconventional 2D art options of wall flags, metal posters, wallpaper, wall decals and more.

That’s why we’ve put together our newest resource for artists –the Art Print Sales Sites, Giclee and Other Print Resources list . On it we share many venues (online and physical spaces) where artists may get visibility and generate income from their art prints and printed items.


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Are you an artist with a project in mind? Are you broke? You qualify for the new Artpreneurs!

theArtpreneurs is a new crowd funding site for artists!

I love the graphic on the Artpreneurs site–Are you an artist? Do you have a new project in mind? Art you broke? You qualify!

Start your new campaign today.




Find many more crowd funding sites as an added feature on our list of 1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art.


Pictify, Pinterest, the ArtStack, ffffound,MeeWork, and We Heart It

When I see a comment that Pinterest is a waste of time, I know that they just don’t get it.  Both Pinterest and the ArtStack are great places to find reference images, organize, research and study –that is, examine a subject–such as a painting style–in a way that isn’t boring or tedious! If you are a visual thinker–and most artists are–then image sharing sites are for you. (When I want to view images of a historic artist’s work, I search Pinterest and ArtStack before I do a Google search).

ArtStack and Pictify are the two major sites that are all about publishing photos of art–your art, art you love, and historic artworks that inspire. Pinterest has an art category but users share images of everything, not just art, while the ArtStack and Pictify have only art images.

I’ve used Pinterest and ArtStack for a while, but only recently joined Pictify. I’ve also discovered a few smaller image sharing sites– ffffound , meework, and we heart it.

No matter what you call it– collecting, pinning, stacking, bookmarking, posting, or finding–when you put together interesting collections of art images you will attract others to view them, including gallerists, curators, art collectors, interior designers, and home decor shoppers! So be sure to have images of your own art and the art of your artist friends uploaded to these sites too.


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Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 8.07.51 AM

News! Artist Marketing Resources articles now in the ArtWorld App Newsfeed AutoScaled to iPhone/iPad



Artist Marketing Resources blog has new increased visibility! Our blog post articles now also appear in the newsfeed of the ArtWorld app for iPhone and iPad! Images in our blog articles are auto-scaled to match any orientation of iPhone or iPad in the ArtWorld App used by over 5,000 art lovers, art buyers, and artists. The ArtWorld app is designed to connect artists with art collectors and is available in  the iTunes app store here.

Artist Marketing Resources features artists, small arts businesses, art galleries and art professionals on our blog–via these options. If you are an artist or have an arts business and would like us to feature you in a blog post– with all images in the article made clickable to your website–find the details and available options click here.





Wall Space Gallery, Canada only accepts submissions sent by e-mail. Although gallery curators will not view artist’s work during gallery hours they do extend the invitation to artists to drop by to become acquainted with the gallery and what they are all about. Wall Space Gallery has two locations–Wall Space Gallery in Westboro Village, 358 Richmond Road, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada andWall Space Gallery,  Orleans, 2316 St. Joseph Blvd , Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Submit your art–Your work will be reviewed for artistic merit, uniqueness, fit with the gallery and marketability.

Please use the following format:

  • Send the gallery your website address, or
  • Send images of your recent work, as email attachments in JPG or PDF format. Please keep the sizes to less than 1.5 MB total.
  • Please include your curriculum vitae along with an artist statement

Submit to Curator, with ‘Gallery Submission’ in the subject line of the email.


Artists seeking further gallery opportunities click here for more information.



New Launch of Print Resources for Artists

Our new Art Print Resources list is now available for the first time! We’re starting out with 20 pages of print resources and a low price for artists. Our Print Resources list is packed with clickable links to online print sales sites, fine art presses, fine art publishers, art poster publishers, Giclee print resources, Lambda print resources, limited edition screen print studios–and much more–

Table of Contents of the Art Print Resources list:

    • Artist Online Art Print Sales Sites
    • Printed Products– artist online sales: art toys, art stickers, wall decals, mural,postcards, printed T-shirts, clothing, bags, cases, scarves, leggings, pillows, fabric, wallpaper, rugs, deck chairs, chairs, mugs, beer bottles, mixed media, limited edition ceramics, and other items
    • Print–Art Collector Online Sites
    • Print Markets–physical sales venues and events for artists
    • Print Galleries–USA, Europe, Asia, Australia–physical gallery spaces that exhibit/publish editions, artist books, many w/online print sales/shop sales
    • Fine Art Presses/Print Studios: Editions
    • Technique Resources–Solar Plate, Non-toxic, Intaglio, Woodcut, Etching, etc
    • Print Publishers–posters, screenprints
    • Printer Resources/Services –Giclee/Lambda/Digital
    • Screenprinters: Limited Editions
    • Artist Print Contractors/Commissions
    • ONLINE: Print-on-demand/POD Books, art bookstores, digital magazines
    • Online Printmaker Communities
    • International Printmaker Organizations, Collectives, and Print Fairs & Festivals
    • Letterpress
    • Large Print Companies Internationally
    • Printmaking Magazines and Blogs for artists to get featured
    • 3-D Printing–Communities,Resources, Sales Venues

    Get in now. This list will grow and expand with new resources added daily and the price will go up in future.


Artists Submit Designs for Scarves for Fall 2015

Front Row Society has a new design contest–SILENCE IN KYOTO–your art and designs on scarves for Fall of 2015

Submission Deadline: 30 June, 2014, 6pm CET
Voting Starts: 01 July, 2014, 6pm CET

This competition is for scarves and your print might need to be adjusted to fit the appropriate template. All templates are marked with design specifications to help you get your design just right.

Learn more on how to submit your design

VOTING: 1 – 15th July, 2014

What can you win?  Each winner receives a one-off immediate prize of 200€ . plus one of their products when it arrives in stock. But that is not all – each & every time we sell 500 pieces of your design, you will receive an additional €200. Front Row society will also conduct an interview with the winner, publicizing their design across the fashion community in Berlin and worldwide.


For more resources for getting your art printed on products click here for our art licensing list, and click here for our new Print resources list.



Real Thing, Sandra Dawson limited edition print

Limited Edition Prints and Paintings on Paper: Our First OnSugar Artists

Real Thing, Sandra Dawson limited edition print

Real Thing, Sandra Dawson limited edition print


We’ve started a new project to stream art for sale directly in front of potential home decor buyers on the OnSugar site. Real Thing, original limited edition prints by Sandra Dawson is one of the very first art prints that we are promoting in our OnSugar store.

Also, we are featuring gorgeous abstract paintings on paper by Kikuko Sakota



If you are an artist with artworks you would like us to feature please send an email with a link to your online portfolio to:

Art Mags Resource List and Ebook now on Scribd w/ iPad and iPhone Readability

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 8.34.54 AM

With Adobe PDF scheduled to remove their share file platform in 2015, we’re looking for new platforms for our 8 ebook resources for artists. Here are two now available on Scribd–

The Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions Ebook now on Scribd here.

Art Magazines, Art Blogs, Art and Design Publications – 47 pages of clickable links is now available on Scribd here. There are several features on the Scribd site that add convenience for users. One, you can preview the ebook prior to purchasing. Once purchased, you add it to your library for easy storage and access via your computer, iPad or iPhone, Android as well as other viewing options.


Digital Decade 2: 15 Artists Exhibited

From Russia With Love, or should that be To Russia With Love?

Digital Decade 2

Artist Marketing Resources reader demographic shows that we have a notable number of followers in Russia! So this opportunity caught our eye to share–it’s open to all artists internationally, but may especially be of interest to artists in Russia.

OFFFSPB + DESIGNCOLLECTOR + DEPOSITPHOTOS presents: DIGITAL DECADE II graphic design contest! Enter now!

Last year DESIGNCOLLECTOR celebrated its 10th year with an epic digital art competition called THE DIGITAL DECADE with over 30 selected participants entering the digital battle. 15 winners were honored by a  professional jury and exhibited in Barcelona at OFFF Festival with 3 artist receiving prizes from DEPOSITPHOTOS and Adobe Russia! Are your ready to burn pixels again?

This year Digital Decade competition, supported by OFFFSPB festival, is a 2 day event backed by OFFF on Tour and organized by IKRA School, will take place in Saint Petersburg, Russia, 5-6th of July. “Digital Decade” is a competition hosted by DESIGNCOLLECTOR. Prizes and competition are sponsored by DEPOSITPHOTOS and Adobe Russia

Register now at:

Find more photography and digital art opportunities here.



Call to Artists: New *Art For Your Walls* Streaming Shop

We’re reaching out to new markets and potential art buyers with a new aspect to Artist Marketing Resources— we will be writing about and featuring original art prints and editions for sale in our new OnSugar streaming shop. Each time we feature an artwork in our shop, the image and description stream into The OnSugar site for thousands of shoppers to see and buy! OnSugar buyers are seeking fashion trends, accessories, and home decorations such as wall art.  So with this feature we will be taking your wall art directly to high-end OnSugar buyers.

We are looking for artwork that is interesting, fashionable, even trendy. We are especially interested in limited editions that you the artist will ship direct to buyers. We handle the payments and transactions and only take 10% of each item sold.

If you would like more information, or if you are an artist with original designs, wall art prints, Giclee canvas prints or have other art works in editions or series, and you would like us to feature your work in our OnSugar space, send a link to your site, a link to your portfolio, or send 5-10 low resolution jpeg images to:


ACID: Anti-Copying In Design Safer Online Platform and Marketplace

Last month, we featured an article on how artists designs had been lifted from e-commerce stores and used by large companies without permission. Since then, we’ve been looking for safer alternative venues where artists might protect and sell their designs online.

Recently we discovered exactly that– ACID sales initiative and Design Databank, which describes itself as a safer online marketplace platform where design-buyers can view the latest work by artist members.  Artists concerned about protecting their designs online may consider membership. Benefits of ACID membership include a specialist legal hotline to initial free advice on intellectual property issues for artists trading outside of their home countries and specialist advice from European, USA and China based teams. Members may use the powerful Member of ACID Logo, plus have access to industry standard agreements and deterrent products. Members become part of the active ACID Community interaction on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Members news and product images and designs receive free marketing via regular press releases, news stories and the ACID Newsletter. Both non-members and members may use the such IP Tracker – which tracks your intellectual property to trade safely and keep track of new designs and confidential information sent by e-mail to design buyers and other third parties.

Trestle Gallery Submissions for 2015 Exhibition Calendar

exhibition proposals

Deadline: Rolling
Exhibition dates: 2015

Artists and curators are invited to submit proposals for group exhibitions at Trestle.  Current submissions will be considered for the 2015 calendar. Each proposal should include an exhibition description and representative images, the artist’s/curator’s cv or resume, website (if applicable), and contact information.
*There is no submission fee for exhibition proposals

Click here for gallery floor plan.

168 7th street, 3rd floor
Brooklyn, NY, USA 11215

trestle projects
400 third avenue
Brooklyn, NY, USA 11215

For further exhibition opportunities click here.



Art Wall Online

ArtWall Online is a virtual house with artworks by independent artists displayed in rooms– this is an entryway, a living room, studio, sun porch, family room, dining room, master bedroom, kitchen, and nursery.  The art pieces are showcased in a well-styled arrangement on virtual walls arranged not only to exhibit the work but also to provide a source of inspiration or visual aide for anyone looking to artfully adorn their own home.  Each room wall is curated by proprietor Katie Stephenson. All the art is either made by hand or is a print of handmade work and is priced between $5 and $500. Art Wall is not a shop, but a curated gallery. Buyers interested in purchasing a piece click on their selection to view the artist’s page, then click again to be directed to the artist’s own Etsy shop. New Art Walls are added every month.

Artists interested in being featured on Art Wall, please click here for submission details.

For more art sales venues–both physical and virtual– view our 1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art PDF list here.







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Call For Artists Entry: Food For Thought Exhibition @ 440 Gallery NYC

440 Gallery is a small artist run collective in Park Slope Brooklyn, NY dedicated to the exhibition and sale of artwork.

This Year their theme Show is Food for Thought
August 21 – September 13, 2014 Deadline for submissions: Tuesday, July 1, 2014


440 Gallery  will explore food in all its manifestations from farm to table in their annual summer theme show. Examples of food theme used in art– Van Gogh’s Potato Eaters, Edward Hopper’s Diner, and Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party. Eligibility: Open to artists living in the US. We welcome all media including oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, drawings, printmaking, mixed media, photography, sculpture in any medium, and digital media. All work must be suitably framed, wired and ready for hanging. Works on paper must be framed under plexiglass or glass. Maximum weight of sculpture: 50 pounds. Sculptors must provide floor stand with a maximum footprint of 30″ x 30.” Artists must provide monitors or projectors for video works.Click here to go to online Submission form.

*** For hundreds more gallery opportunities, get the International Art Gallery PDF.




Artists Submit to Art In New York City

Art in New York City  was founded by Michael Sorgatz to promote the work of local artists. To submit your artwork for consideration, please send an email containing a link to your work or 3 jpegs (at 500 pixels wide). There is no obligation or fee for participating artists.

This is just one listing from our 80+ pages of art magazines, art blogs and sites that feature artists internationally–get your art featured here.


Burn Magazine Emerging Photographer Fund 2014—ENTER NOW!

The Emerging Photographer Fund grant is designed to support continuation of a photographer’s personal project. This body of work may be of either journalistic mission or purely personal artistic imperatives. The primary intent is to support emerging photographers who will become the icons of tomorrow.

An esteemed jury will award a $10,000 grant.


Burn Magazine has also re-opened their Submissions section. This gives all photographic artists a chance once again to have your work viewed and in consideration for Burn online and Burn in print. Photographs in all categories may be submitted.

Want more opportunities for Photographers? Our 85 page list of Photographers Resources, including International Photography Representatives and Photographer Agents, Gallerists, Publishers, Magazines and More, is available here.