Juliana Curi "Pink Intervention #1" 2015
35.4" x 27" (90 x 68 cm) Natural leaf, Embroidery thread, Photoprinted on Fine Art paper

Spotte Art Curated Contemporary Online Only Exhibitions

Juliana Curi "Pink Intervention #1" 2015 35.4" x 27" (90 x 68 cm) Natural leaf, Embroidery thread, Photoprinted on Fine Art paper

Juliana Curi “Pink Intervention #1” 2015
35.4″ x 27″ (90 x 68 cm) Natural leaf, Embroidery thread, Photo printed on Fine Art paper

Spotte, presents curated contemporary exhibitions online with 6 shows under their belt and affordable art by 45 emerging artists available to buy and invest in.  Spotte is a unique internet-based art platform. We love the artwork there, the clean look and high quality photographs of the work!  

Digital Contemporary Art Gallery Spotteart.com launched its Sixth Online Only Exhibition at the end of last year (2015), and it remains viewable online through February 2016.

New York City based Spotteart.com is a digital platform showcasing contemporary works of art and designAll collections are curated by Spotte’s founder and curator Nelba Delmedico, Modern and Contemporary art expert.

The site currently displays collections by 8 emerging and mid-career artists from Brazil, Spain & USA, including Alex Hulphers (Seattle, USA) with a series of neo-cubism/constructivism crossover acrylics on canvas named Architectural Reflexes” on the site. Jennifer Shepard (NY, USA) exhibits abstract neon mixed medias on paper “Here/Not Here” in the current online exhibition. Blanca Morales (Madrid, Spain) offers optic and kinetic art sculptures titled “Kinetic Blocks.” Juliana Curi (Brazil) presents “Pink Intervention,” bold contrasting photo intervention progressions. Nicole Reber (NY, USA) displays her “Sign” series of mixed media wall pieces. Peter Daitch (New England, USA) reveals photo works informed by abstract expressionism. Mari Garcia (Malaga, Spain) showcases her series of cinematic mixed media miniature collages. Raul De La Torre (Barcelona/LA-based, USA) brought a series of color-saturated, thread-embroidered paintings titled “Poems” to the site.

Since their launch in April 2014, Spotteart.com has evolved into one of the leading independent internet-based art galleries, offering more than 415 original works of art & design by 45 contemporary artists in a wide range of mediums, from photography to sculpture. The gallery exhibits artwork online seasonally. Participating artists select or create a series of 8-10 pieces available exclusively at Spotte. These collections are accompanied with biographies and statements by the artists, as well as updated with weekly blog features dedicated to artistsbackgrounds and aesthetics.

Stay updated:







Visit online at spotteart.com

 Though our e-list of international art galleries (available here) lists physical galleries around the world, Spotteart may be a great resources for artists seeking gallery representation so that we think that they may want to know about it, so we may add it to our e-list.


January 21st First Exhibition of Portraits Africa Artists Opens in Nairobi, Kenya


Portraits Africa announces their first exhibition of artworks from their community of artists to take place in Nairobi, Kenya, Thursday, 21st January to Friday, 5th February 2016.

Participating artists include Anita Kavochi, Anne Mwairi, Christopher Kiongah, David Thuku, Elias Mung’ora, Elijah Mutua, Jack Birgen, Jay Kimathi, Nadia Wamunya, Nduata Kariuki, Nicholas Odhiambo, Peteros Ndunde, Seth Odhiambo, Sylvenus Semoh, Victor Binge, and, Waweru Gichuhi.

We’ll be sharing more on each of the artists in the weeks ahead. Find out more on the Portraits Africa’s blog here.

Cyanotype, Saltprint, Film Techniques Are Not Dead #VimptFreePrint



The Vimpt project turns your selected social media images into fine art B & W prints, Salt prints or Cyanotype prints for free. Follow Vimpt on Twitter and Instagram and submit your image for consideration by tagging with   or 


An awesome project social media project.


Story and Alt Space: 2 That Combine Art Magazine + Art Gallery + Art Shop

Both Story and Alt Space present interesting concepts based on the combination of magazine, shop and art gallery–perhaps each coming from a different direct.

While Story changes their retail space every 4-6 weeks like an art gallery to focus on a new theme, Alt Space began as a magazine that expanded into a gallery and shop in Brooklyn. These may seem like subtle differences, yet I think visual artists might examine both to stimulate their thinking for new ways to present their work.

Many artists set up a website that acts as an archive for images of their work. Perhaps it’s time to dust things off and rethink such a presentation, making it more dynamic. Regular changes will result in news for their blog, and social media activity, creating plenty to Tweet about and share on other platforms and bringing more visitors to the artist’s website.

Screenshot 2016-01-06 at 10.13.12 PM

They began as a magazine called Alt Citizen. ALT CITIZEN welcomes submissions of any and all content that expands the imagination and creative energy. They’re a community of writers, photographers, thinkers. Please send all music, musings, photos, videos, collages, art and any other thing that you would like considered –Submission details here.

Alt Citizen recently opened a gallery and shop in Brooklyn called Alt Space.  They also have a new online store altspaceshop.com! Featuring some of their favorite artists and designers.

Alt Space has been labeled Revivers of DIY, “where art and fashion seamlessly collide” by Bullett Magazine. They host monthly exhibitions and events to a growing collective of local creatives and consumers alike. Curators include Alt Citizen Editor-in-Chief Nasa Hadizadeh, Style artist Phil Gomez, and Artist Grace Miceli.

Artwork from current and past exhibitions, fashion, and accessories are personally selected by AltSpace curators for the shops. Most items are artist made, limited, and/or exclusive to Alt Space. Stay updated on Alt Space by following on Twitter: @altspacebrooklyn.


Of course Artist Marketing Resources has long been interested in Art Magazines and art blogs, compiling an extensive e-list here.

Art Print Sales Sites and Photographer Agents and Resources here.  Plus the e-list of 1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art and  International Art Gallery Directory here.

The Art Show TV Series Coming in 2016


I personally haven’t watched any television in a very long time, but I have had a Netflix subscription for decades. I love documentaries, especially about art and artists.  In the USA we have the Art21 documentary series on artists. You can probably names some others. Yet, when compared to all the sports, crime series and reality TV out there, art stays on the sidelines. I’ve always found this kind of strange and lacking.

So when I learned about a new international art series coming in 2016,  The Art Show, a 13 episode visual arts magazine TV series made for a global audience, I became excited.

The Art Show says on their website that they film world-class artists, collectors and industry insiders to delve deep into the passions, personalities, creativity and drama surrounding art.

The Art Show is a format created for international distribution.

Follow the Art Show on Instagram here.

Screenshot 2016-01-06 at 7.21.18 AM

Rollick Magazine: Art + Lit Accepting Submissions from Artists


Rollick Magazine publishes contemporary literature, art, and thought about popular culture & society. Take a look at the Rollick Magazine website. It’s wonderfully and visually colorful with art!

 Rollick accepts visual art submissions for publication, including photography,  animation and work where the artist is experimenting and taking risks.
Read the Rollick Submission Guidelines here.
Artists looking for more art publications click here.

Artists Submit ArtWork Incorporating Text: Jan 6th Deadline

HOAX is now accepting submissions for issue #7 until January 6th.

Every six months, HOAX publication publishes artworks incorporating text into pastel-colored pamphlets. Hoax is an on-profit project. Editor of HOAX Lulu Nunn works with the printed editions as well as the Hoax online exhibition platform to dissolve the distinction between the practices of writing and art making.

Submissions are especially welcome from women, people of colour, LGBTQIA, disabled people and all underrepresented minorities.

See the HOAX website for submission guidelines and follow the Hoax twitter account, QUOAX .

HOAX issue 6 available to read and download for free online >>

Screenshot 2016-01-04 at 6.00.22 PM

Find lots more great and unusual publications for artists to submit to here:http://selz.co/1AbjqlA

Slide Luck Call for Submissions for NYC, Naples, Tokyo Slideshow and Potluck



We recently learned about SLIDELUCK, a New York City based artist slide show and pot luck dinner event series. Slide Luck is always open for submissions for their New York events — read the full submission guidelines here.

SlideLuck has open calls for artist submissions for other cities as well. Current open calls for SlideLuck Tokyo and Naples and have events all over the world.

Slideluck shows usually consist of about 20 to 25 artists, with each artist featuring up to five minutes of their original artwork set to music or an audio recording that the artist has selected.

SlideLuck accepts all types of submissions that fit in a slide show format. Find out more here.


You can also start your own SlideLuck in your city–find out more here.  Slideluck ® is an internationally recognized brand and registered trademark.


Two Artist Resources that Defy Categorization: Works.io and Art360 Gallery

As it sometimes happens, an article of ours published in past years gets revived by artist interest and shares. Such as this one from November 30th 2014. Since it is still relevant we are reposting it today. Best Wishes

Artist Marketing Resources

From first view, the Art365 Gallery website has the look of an online art magazine, IMO. Although they refer to themselves as both an online art gallery and an art blog. You’ll find Featured Artists, Galleries, Glass Artists, and Art News.

Visual artists and glass artists are invited to submit for a permanent spot on this site.

– Send  a text in 300-500 characters about you, your artworks and perhaps a few words about your art technique.

– A link to your website/Facebook page.

– 6-8 quality images of your art.

They will rewrite a unique text about you and your art, show the best of your artworks and link to your website and Facebook fan page from their art blog (it’s a 100% free service). You’ll find the full details on their website.

Works.io is a sophisticated artist driven platform with a professional portfolio and CV tool for emerging…

View original post 83 more words


Autodidact Artist Brady Boyd Advises All to Try Their Hand at Artmaking

Grass, Brady Boyd

Grass, Brady Boyd

Autodidact painter Brady Boyd lives in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA, where he expresses his interpretations of the world around him with thick strokes of paint.

Although he’s never studied art formally, Brady advises everyone and anyone to try their hand at creating art of ANY sort, even if you do not think of yourself as a creative or artistic person.

“I have never been able to draw very well at all,” says Brady, and it was because of this, that he assumed he wouldn’t be able to paint or create art.  He now refers to this assumption as one of his biggest regrets, causing him to wait or delay expressing himself with paint. Yet now, art has become an integral part of his life. “Creating has become my passion and has been the catalyst for much of my spiritual and emotional growth. For you NEVER know what you are capable of until you try.”

Sun, Brady Boyd

Sun, Brady Boyd

Brady considers his young son a strong influence on his creative work, saying–  “I am a self-taught abstract expressionist. I have a two year old son named Myles. I credit Myles for all the positivity that you will see in my art. It’s because of him that I am able to perceive the world with new eyes. He has most definitely helped me explore my creative side and believe in myself. One might say that he’s my Muse.”

Pond, Brady Boyd

Pond, Brady Boyd

Brady’s paintings are colorfully imbued representations of phenomena from the natural world incorporating process-painting, or poured-paint techniques, impasto and texturing. As Brady himself says, “I draw inspiration from the visual experience our beautiful world provides and heavily implement natural forces such as gravity and wind in my work. I attempt to convey my interpretation of the energies I experience all around me onto the canvas for you to experience. Vivid color, depth and the use of three-dimensional objects and scenes are presented on a traditionally two-dimensional workspace.”

Rain, Brady Boyd

Rain, Brady Boyd

The artist uses his impasto painting techniques differently on each canvas to create unique textures in keeping with the title of each, such as in Pond, above. Or as Brady says–“Mood and music are also a heavy influence in what I paint and show in my pieces. I have never experienced anything as beautiful and fulfilling as creating art.”

“Showing my other side, ALL sides, to the world has been an incredible journey for me. I hope that while viewing my art you’re able to see that vulnerability, depth and beauty that live and lie in our world and in every one of us,” says Brady Boyd.

Lightning, Brady Boyd

Lightning, Brady Boyd

View more of artist Brady Boyd’s artworks on his website www.BradyBoydArt.com

Follow and connect with Brady Boyd on Facebook here.

Brady Boyd on Instagram here.

Follow artist Brady Boyd on Twitter here.


Growing Demand for Online Fine Art Limited Edition Prints and Artist Multiples

hiscox-printsales projections

Experts project a huge increase in online art sales. According to the Fine Art Multiples site that published an article a couple of weeks ago– What is Driving the Demand for Artist Editions and Multiples?

“The internet’s ever-increasing role in the art market has been backed up with forecasters predicting e-commerce to increase significantly over the next five years. According to the Hiscox Online Art Trade Report, 2015, the value of the online art market will rise to $6.3 billion by 2019. A $4.7-billion increase since 2013.”

They further make the point that selling in this competitive and flourishing requires the provenance and certification of the work featured online as growing in importance.

Artists selling directly to their buyers have an advantage of providing living proof of authenticity of the work, and will like more sales by providing each buyer with a printed and signed certificate of authenticity with each print sale.

Artists looking for art print sales platforms with find hundreds on our e-list here with new venues added.

We’ve updated our e-list of hundreds of POD (Print-On-Demand) art sales sites, as well as adding many other new print sales options, such as  sites like Print Solo a new platform for buying and selling fine art original prints and artists’ books. Print Solo showcases, promotes and sells the best of international printmaking. Print Solo only sells artworks printed by the artist independently or in collaboration with a technician. Prints that have been editioned by a printing studio without the presence of the artist are not eligible for sale on  Print Solo. Artists find out eligibility requirements and Register here.

Drop, Olga Zavershinskaya

Year in Review: Our Top 5 Fav + Most Popular Visual Artists of 2015

beneath the turbulance, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil paint on paper, 30 x 36

beneath the turbulence, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil paint on paper, 30 x 36

To start off the new year we’re reviewing our top five featured artist articles of 2015. These 5 featured artists have the highest number of views, tweets and Facebook shares of all artists we featured. At the time these feature articles published, we tweeted each, shared on Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. During the last week of 2015, we began tweeting these artists again as part of our review.

Hildy Maze was our most popular artist and with readers sharing her featured article to Facebook 123 times!   Hildy ‘s art images on Twitter got lots of re-tweets from followers. You can follow Hildy Maze on Twitter here.  Tweets us your art and we will ReTweet your art tweets from our 3 growing Twitter accounts @Artozon, @Transmediartist, @TransArtGuide.

like the ocean looking at it's own waves, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil on paper collage, 25 x 27

like the ocean looking at it’s own waves, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil on paper collage, 25 x 27

Another of our most popular artist feature in 2015 was The Fantastical Human Art Forms of Olga Zavershinskaya aka Armene–read it here.  Follow Olga Zavershinskaya on Twitter @ArmeneImages.

Jellyfish, Olga Zavershinskaya

Jellyfish, Olga Zavershinskaya

Another of our wonderful featured artists, New York City artist Jane Dell exhibits regularly in galleries and is a popular artist with curators seeking new, skilled, and innovative work. You may view more of the art of Jane Dell on her website here.  Follow Jane Dell on Twitter here.

painting by Jane Dell View more of the art of Jane Dell on her website: http://www.janedell.com

painting by Jane Dell

Our feature article here, of the Fluid Paintings Chilean Artist Mauricio Paz Viola contains lovely and colorful images, much retweeted on Twitter.

Mauricio Paz Viola

Mauricio Paz Viola

Another popular feature article Photographic Art of Miles Schuster (read it here) includes this lovely image–

Miles Schuster photo

Miles Schuster photo

We have a forthcoming feature article on New York City artist Ula Einstein and her sculpture paper works and color prints . We’re looking for more great artists to feature in 2016, and to share widely via social media. If you’d like you work in an article please contact Marie via email: MarieKazalia@gmail.com


Feature image: Drop, Olga Zavershinskaya


Marilyn Monroe in The Prince and the Showgirl. 1957

Happy Holidays from Artist Marketing Resources

Marilyn Monroe in The Prince and the Showgirl. 1957

Marilyn Monroe in The Prince and the Showgirl. 1957

We’re off now to update our e-lists and twitter profiles and spiffy ourselves up a bit. We will be back after the New Year better than before. Best Wishes!

If you are an artist looking for our resources click here and here.



Image courtesy of holohololand at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

A Gold Model, Albert Dorgbadzia

Commission Your Portrait From African Artist Albert Dorgbadzi of Ghana

A Gold Model, Albert Dorgbadzia

A Gold Model, Albert Dorgbadzi

Chat with African artist Albert Dorgbadzi of Ghana to discuss your portrait ideas (CONTACT the artist via Email: dalbertnunya@gmail.com Telephone: +233570254543 (Office hours, UTC +00:00). Find artist Albert Dorgbadzi on Facebook here.

Do you want him to create your portrait drawing on canvas or paper? Decide on the materials and size for the finished portrait art during your consultation with the artist. Select your reference photos or create a new selfie.

Drawing Me, Albert Dorgbadzia

Drawing Me, Albert Dorgbadzi

Provide your reference photo or photos to the artist so he can get to work and he will send you a work-in-progress photo!

Portraits Africa–based in Amsterdam, Netherlands–holds your international currency payment until the portrait is complete and delivered to you. Only then is the money is paid to artist. Contact Portraits Africa via email: editor@negativeentropy.net -or- by telephone: +31 20 672 78 06

Gabrielle Union, Albert Dorgbadzi

Gabrielle Union, Albert Dorgbadzi

While a portrait drawing on paper may require less time to complete, an artwork created on canvas will take more time. If you have an anniversary, birthday, or other date you’d like to receive the completed work, just let the artist know.

portrait drawing by Albert Dorgbadzi

portrait drawing by Albert Dorgbadzi

Final photos are sent to you for approval. The artist Albert Dorgbadzi packages and ships the finished portrait to you.

A Glimpse, ALbert Dorgbadzi

A Glimpse, Albert Dorgbadzi

Africana III, Elias Mungora

Commission Your Portrait From African Artist Elias Mung’ora

Africana II, Elias Mung'ora

Africana II, Elias Mung’ora

Select your reference photos or create a new selfie, then chat with African artist Elias Mung’ora of Kenya to discuss portrait ideas (CONTACT the artist via Email: eliasmungora@gmail.com ). Find artist Elias Mung’ora on Facebook here.

Do you want him to create your portrait as a drawing on paper or a painting on canvas? Decide on the materials and size for the finished portrait art during your consultation with the artist.

Portrait drawing by Elias Mung'ora

Portrait drawing by Elias Mung’ora

Provide your reference photo or photos to the artist so he can get to work and he will send you a work-in-progress photo!

Africana I, Elias Mung'ora

Africana I, Elias Mung’ora

Portraits Africa–based in Amsterdam, Netherlands–holds your international currency payment until the portrait is complete and delivered to you. Only then is the money is paid to artist. Contact Portraits Africa via email: editor@negativeentropy.net -or- by telephone: +31 20 672 78 06

Portrait of Young Girl, Elias Mung'ora

Portrait of Young Girl, Elias Mung’ora

While a portrait drawing on paper may require less time to complete, a painting on canvas will take more time. If you have an anniversary, birthday, or other date you’d like to receive the completed work, just let the artist know.

Final photos are sent to you for approval. The artist Elias Mung’ora packages and ships your finished portrait to you.

We love this fabulously unconventional portrait painting of a Raggae musician!

Africana III, Elias Mungora

Africana III, Elias Mung’ora

Overly Sensitive Artist Creates Blocks to Opportunities


Normally, I like to focus on the positive and provide useful resources for artists. In this instance, I’m writing about an ongoing negative encounter with a strange artist to illustrate how NOT to contact anyone! This a real-life case study with the artist’s name changed to Joe Blow.

  • It all started one day when I received a very casual first ever email from a stranger. Here it is in its entirety–typos and odd commas included:

“Hi Marie, How was your Holiday? Please let me know more about Resources.  The copyright alliance team, told me about you..  Im a auther for the visual arts.. talk soon..Joe Blow”

My Notes: I don’t know who he is referring to by “copyright alliance team.” This email, from someone I don’t know and never heard of, is a bit strange, spammy, and with so many typos and no link to his site I’m wondering if this is a fake email account. I should probably just delete the email. But then feel I should give him the benefit of the doubt and reply to be polite. So I optimistically reply: “Dear Joe, Thank you for your email. Are you an artist? Plz send me a link to your site so I can find out more about you and your work.”


Joe Blow’s 2nd email:  “Hi Marie,  How are you?? Do you mean a website?  Mine is a graphic creation.. 80’s rock hits theme.. logo design.. all original, including the electric guitar. I know about cafe press.  have not got a shop set up yet.. I have heard about licensing agents.. Hoping to make a connection sometime soon……..Joe”

My Notes: Again, no art images, no link. I decide to reply with several of my own links to make my point. My email: “Ok Jim. Not much I can do or suggest unless I view images of your art. I don’t recommend Cafe Press. There are hundreds of other high quality sites for artists. Here are some links: Artist Print Sales Sites and Resources here,  Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions ebook via PayPal here,  Art Magazines e-list: http://selz.co/1AbjqlA , Art Licensing http://selz.co/1Gb0HdY , 1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art (buy on Selz with credit card or via PayPal option) http://selz.co/1GaWqHx ”

 Joe Blow’s 3rd email: “Ok Marie, Sent a email to Dean guitars,  there marketing and pr department..  There busy this time of year… So I would need to buy the book, for contacting agents??  Have you heard of Aiga,  organization??    Joe”

My notes: What is he talking about? Still no link? I have no idea who this person is or what he wants. No good dead goes unpunished. This is what I get for trying to be nice!  I delete his emails.

Joe Blow’s 4th email: “Have a few books at home.  One was the licensing 101 book.  Artist and graphics designers guide.. might be outdated… I have a very tricky design..  The music and art together…   Joe”

My Notes: Again, I make no reply to Joe’s email. He has ignored my requests for a link. If he really is an artist he shows no confidence in his work and no understanding of professionalism. This is his 4th email (I only relied to his first 2 emails). He is difficult to deal with and shows no respect for my time.


Joe Blow’s 5th email: “I just sent my design. Gosh i hope its not to tricky, once you see it then..  Joe”


My notes: I stop opening his emails and simply delete them assuming they are from a fake account and his “design” may be one he found online.


Several days later, I notice a missed call on my cell phone from a number that I do not recognize. Days later, on a Friday evening, a call comes in from that same unknown number. I wonder who’s calling and then ringing stops. The caller disconnected and then immediately redialed so my phone begins ringing again. That seems quit familiar to me–that only someone I know would do that. I answer with a simple “hello.” The caller asks, “Can I speak to Maria.” (Getting my name wrong.) “This is Marie,” I say.  The caller says, “This is Joe.”  “Joe who?” I ask, already unhappy with the encounter.  “Joe from (he names a US West Coast state). (At this point I’m thinking how I hate that. I know a lot of people on the West Coast!)  “Do you have a last name?”I inquire. The caller replies “Blow.” “Why are you calling?” I ask, not yet associating him with those odd emails I’d deleted a week prior. He rambles on about his “design,” asking if I saw it and telling me that I had “promised” to take a look at his “design.”  At this point I make the connection to his emails. I try to explain to him that after he’d ignored my multiple requests for a link to review his work  that I deleted his emails. “I thought they were a scam,” I tell him. Joe starts yelling. I put my cell phone face down on my sofa cushion and can still hear him shouting. I look at my phone for a minute amazed that this strange guy is yelling. Then I pick up phone and try to say something to stop his yelling. A second of silence when he may actually hear me. But then he cuts me off with more yelling–“my design is so great the young kids think it’s amazing!” he screams. “Great, then you won’t have any trouble getting representation, ” I say and disconnect the call.


My notes: I understand that artists are sensitive and that it can be difficult for them to reach out. While I am also sensitive to artist’s needs I am not a therapist or a whipping post. Joe Blow was dishonest with me and himself. If he’d been honest it would have all gone differently.

What Joe did wrong –from my point of view–is that he made his approach too casual. At the very least he should have used his spell-checker before sending his emails. His extensive misspellings and typos claiming that he was an “auther (sic) for the visual arts,” without naming one magazine or blog where I might read his articles made me suspect that I was dealing with a fake account. (There are millions of fake accounts on Facebook alone.) He should have provided some proof of his identity, such as a link to an article or social media account, in his very first email, to establish credibility and invoke confidence in his statements. On top of his poor email approach, he telephoned me without asking my permission or stating that he’d like to talk with me on the phone. If he had mentioned a conversation, I would have given him an hourly rate for a consultation. Why did he cold call me on a Friday night?! Did he think we were dating?! His Friday evening call and manner made me think that he had one way or one state of mind for speaking to any and all women. Was he trying to start a personal relationship with me or discuss business? Friday evening is not a time to make a cold call. Plus he did not handle the call professionally. He failed to introduce himself right away and tell me why he was calling, again demonstrating his lack of self-confidence. During this very odd and unexpected call Joe referred to my email offer to review his work as a “promise” that he seemed to be accusing me of failing to keep my “promise.” My reply to his first odd email had been an act of kindness and generosity on my part, which he seemed to have misconstrued. Joe should have thanked me for my offer to review his work. He seemed to misunderstand my two very brief email replies. Is Joe an unbalanced personality? The signs are there. At the very least he’s going though a difficult time and is creating blocks for himself. I know that someone like Joe would be too difficult to work with. Perhaps, in future, he will learn and grow. I wish the best for Joe Blow.


Image “Aged Santa Adjusting Camera Lens Before Click” courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

“Lots Of Luck On Phone Displays Good Fortune” Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

“Young male talking over phone” Image courtesy of adamr at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Commission Your Portrait From African Artist Ofosu Warteng Emmanuel

Beautiful Old Man, Ofosu Warteng Emmanuel

Beautiful Old Man, Ofosu Warteng Emmanuel

Select your reference photos or create a new selfie, then chat with African artist Ofosu Warteng Emmanuel of Ghana to discuss portrait ideas ( CONTACT the artist via Email: artistshaggy@yahoo.com  Office hours, UTC +01:00 ). Find artist Ofosu Warteng Emmanuel on Facebook here.

Do you want him to create your portrait drawing on canvas or paper? Decide on the materials and size for the finished portrait art during your consultation with the artist.

Provide your reference photo or photos to the artist so he can get to work and she will send you a work-in-progress photo!

Portraits Africa–based in Amsterdam, Netherlands–holds your international currency payment until the portrait is complete and delivered to you. Only then is the money is paid to artist. Contact Portraits Africa via email: editor@negativeentropy.net -or- by telephone: +31 20 672 78 06

While a portrait drawing on paper may require less time to complete, while one on canvas will take more time. If you have an anniversary, birthday, or other date you’d like to receive the completed work, just let the artist know.

Final photos are sent to you for approval. The artist Ofosu Warteng Emmanuel packages and ships the finished portrait to you.

portrait drawing by Ofosu

portrait drawing by Ofosu Warteng Emmanuel


Artist Layne Brady Painted + Gifted More Than 700 Portraits to Families of Fallen Soldiers

Layne Brady

Layne Brady

The skilled and versatile artist Layne Brady created bronze sculptures, landscape and bird paintings, and undertook an amazing portrait project. Tragically, Layne passed away suddenly last April from complications of a bronchial infection. Layne is sorely missed by friend, collaborator and collector Dean Cameron, who would like to pay tribute to Layne is an homage to the artist’s career. One project Dean Cameron and Layne had in the works was a collaboration on a children’s book which Layne was to illustration, but he passed away before he could complete the project. Dean Cameron maintains a posthumous artist profile and portfolio for Layne Brady on his Flootie online gallery site–view it here.

“I met Layne online through a barter network. I liked his work and so we put a deal together. Since that time I fell in love with his style and passion he had for his work. He was a very kind and gentle soul,” says Cameron.

Dean became his agent and placed his work in several galleries that sold his work, including Angel Gallery in Couer d’Alene, Idaho, and Pacific Flyway Gallery in Spokane Valley, Washington.

Dean Cameron misses his artist friend and spoke with admiration, particularly on the late artist’s portrait project, saying, “Layne was a very accomplished portrait artist. I own 7 original paintings of his. He painted over 700 portraits of fallen soldiers that were given to their families at no cost. His wife is in the process of creating prints of his remaining originals and developing a site to sell them.”

Here is a video, made in 2010, with Layne describing how he got involved making portraits for Project. In the video, the artist mentions painting and sending 500 portraits to families of fallen soldiers, but he continued painting for years after the video was made, and ultimately produced 700+ portraits. Anyone can fill out a request form for a portrait of a fallen hero to be painted by current project artists here.