Zalez Video: West Is Yours

An artist in France, Zalez, creates a wide variety of work. Zalez sent us this video of a trip to Los Angeles. You may or may not appreciate wheat paste art or street art, but we decided to share this Zalez video with you today. Video length: 3:27

“West is yours”- Zalez from Zalez on Vimeo.


We’d like to make Sunday our video feature day. If you are an artist and would like us to feature your video here, plus share it on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest– send your video to:

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Artists: Teach an Online Art, Photography, or How-To Course For Added Income and Visibility


If you have ever thought of teaching an online art course to earn extra income, then you will want to take a look at the Craftsy site. Craftsy courses can be viewed in the Craftsy app for iPhone and iPad too! Here is an example of a basic painting video course:

Paint & Palette Essentials (w/ Jay Senetchko)

a color pencil portrait drawing course:

Radiant Portraits in Colored Pencil (w/ Kerry Brooks)

a photography business course:

Breaking Into the Business of Photography (w/ Catherine Asanov)

and an online jewelry making class available on Craftsy:

Online Jewelry Making Class

To help you get started, perhaps you could sign up for a full video course or a free mini-course on Craftsy to get a better idea of how to put your own course together.  Take a look at the mini-courses Craftsy offers to find where you might fill in the gaps with your own course–Here’s the full list of Craftsy free mini classes to choose from

Craftsy offers courses in cooking, crafts, gardening and woodworking as well as many other subjects.

When you sign up for a course you can share images of your completed project for visibility within one of your classes, or, you can also post a completed project from your My Craftsy page by clicking on the orange “+ Add a Project” button and follow the steps provided.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. This article may help get you thinking. Reviewing the Craftsy site and taking notes will help get you started developing your own course ideas.

Do you have knowledge to share in an area that is not currently offered on Craftsy, such as pastel painting, printmaking, or textile painting on silk? Or do you have more advanced skills to share on a subject?

You can contact the site owners here to propose your own course or to find out more about that process.

Artist Marketing Resources will always help artists promote their projects, courses, and share artist news and updates–contact:



Artist E-Postcards: Michelle Benoit, Irena Orlov, Michael Krasowitz, Arthur Kvarnstrom









The Artist Marketing Resources E-Postcard Marketing Plan A and  E-Postcard Marketing Plan B for artists. Details here.

Artists: Would You Want Your Art Printed on Condoms?




We always have an eye out for new ways manufacturers use art printed on their products and this one stood out (or up?) as hard to miss (pun intended). A site new to us–that we discovered when they began following us on Twitter– the Bounty Hunter offers up contests and competitions. While the winner of the art printed on condoms prize will get $1000 US Dollars, artists may wish to think through such contests. Is this art on condoms project a one-off novelty or a new trend? Will art on condoms become standard, much like art on skateboards? If soon all condoms will have art printed on them, then an art licensing royalty contract could net any artist much more than the prize amount. Or perhaps winning the prize would be a good start?

If you decide that you’d rather have an art licensing contract and receive regular royalty payments, then how do you go about finding those companies that license art from artists?

Artist Marketing Resources maintains e-lists of the best opportunities for artists here.  Find our Art Licensing resources for artists here.

You may be wondering how to make your approach to art licensing companies and artist agents with your art?

We also offer our guide to artists that includes cover letters that you can use. Get the Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions ebook here.

Or perhaps you would like to try simpler print-on-demand sales of your art as prints on paper or canvas or printed on products. Then get our Art Print Sales Sites + Other Print Resources here.


ARTiculAction 2015 – Biennial International Call for Artists


As a previously featured artist, in a 2013 issues of ARTiculAction, I’m glad to see the publication project expanding. To celebrate their 10th edition, they’ve launched  ARTiculAction 2015 – Biennial International Call for Artists–  a special Biennial competition. The objective of this Biennial competition is to publish a selection of works which show polyandric aka polyhedric or art many-sided in nature.

Artists may submit:

- Painting
– Fine Art Photography
– Mixed Art
– Video
– Performance
– Body Art & Experimental Dance
– Installations
– Sculpture
– Audio

No entry fees for submissions.

Just complete the entry form that you will find at or contact our editorial board directly to:


Call for Submissions: The Multiple eXposure Project Zine 1.0


Call for Submissions: The Multiple eXposure Project Zine 1.0

Attention writers, researchers, photographers, visual artists, and image-makers!

The Multiple eXposure Project is a multimedia, multi/trans/inter-disciplinary artistic practice and research-based initiative that explores the many layers of image-making, participatory photography, visual ethnography, and performative encounter(s) between the image and the spectator.

We are happy to announce that we will be publishing the very first issue of our collaborative zine and we are now accepting submissions until December 31, 2014.

The theme of our upcoming zine is “Self-as-Subject”, an exploration of the “self” and its manifold permutations – its presence, identity, representation, liminality, and (dis)embodiment – in this day and age of digital madness, hyperreality and mobility.

The zine is multimedia so we are accepting text and image-based submissions related to the theme in any format imaginable such as: articles, essays, reviews, short stories, poetry, interviews, photographs (film or analogue), visual narratives, videos, digital art, illustrations, cartoons, mixed media, collages, experimental pieces, etc. Collaborative projects are very much welcome. Multiple entries are also accepted. Digital and printed copies of the zine will be released.

Some notes to remember:

-   Please include your name, short profile, country of origin, and blog/website (if applicable) in your email.

-   Photo submissions in jpeg format must include a title and description.

-   When necessary, please follow the proper citations (MLA style) in article submissions.

Please email your submissions to For more information on The Multiple eXposure Project, check out our website:

365 Artists Daily Share Project 2014, submit for artist feature


Just one of the thousands of art magazines and art blogs on our e-list365 Artists 365 Days™  is a new collaborative project which was launched in 2014 by the Frank Juarez Gallery and Greymatter Gallery .

The aim of the 365 Artists 365 Days is to share new art projects daily selected from submissions received from artists. If you are an artist and would like to be considered for this project submit your work by filling out the form on the 365 artists 365 days site.

All submissions will be reviewed. Please note that due to the high volume of submissions the curators will only notify those that have been selected for the 365 Artists | 365 Days Project. They also reserve the right to decline individual items within a particular body of work even if the work as a whole is accepted.  

Find hundreds more opportunities to submit your art for publication in art magazines and on art blogs here.


Now You Can Access Our Artist Resource E-lists via iCloud on iPad, iPhone, other tablets and devices


New! When you purchase any e-list resource in our web store, you will receive it as an iCloud document that you can access on your computer, iPad, iPhone, and other tablets and devices.

If you have already purchased any of our e-lists or e-book, look for a new link to the iCloud version in your email soon!

The iCloud versions of these e-list documents have clickable links and are share files which we continually access and update. Since they are share files, you access the updated version each time you use any of our e-lists. Today and tomorrow we are adding a large number of new Brooklyn – Bushwick New York art galleries to our International Art Gallery Directory E-list which you can get here.

Find all our artist e-list resources, e-book, and e-postcard marketing services in our Artist Marketing Resources web store here.

Beth Surdut Creates an Art Shawl for Stevie Nicks via Talenthouse and Artist Marketing Resources


Night Bird, Beth Surdut

Nightbird, Beth Surdut


Artist Beth Surdut shared her news –” I initially learned of Talenthouse through this post–thank you, Marie Kazalia– and am participating in a current competition to design a shawl for Stevie Nicks, who will choose the winner.”

You can add your own VOTE here  I voted for Beth’s shawl to win and you can too!

The talented Beth Surdut created her storyteller shawl Night Bird especially for Stevie Nicks.  Hand-drawn with gold-flecked resist and hand-painted with French dyes on habotai silk, the painted area measures 22 x 72 inches and is enhanced on both ends by the addition of a varying 7 inch double ruffle of chiffon interwoven with white ribbon.   In the “black ink darkness,” a lone snowy owl limned by starlight flies over a blue and “silver spring” running through cobalt and amethyst mountains.  Nightbird: And when I call/ Will you walk gently through my shadow/ The ones who sing at night. Quotes from Stevie Nicks songs: Sorcerer, Silver Spring, Nightbird

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 9.12.06 AM

Appear Here: Where Artists Find Spaces To Show and Sell

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 8.13.10 AM

On the Appear Here site, you’ll find spaces available for rent in such high traffic public places as Piccadilly Station or in a small and intimate café or an art gallery hallway.

Whether you are a UK artist or planning a trip, use the Appear Here site search feature to find low-cost and temporary space in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, Bath, Birmingham, Edinburgh, and other locations.

If you’d like to get a group of artists together for a holiday show and sale to share the rental expenses, Appear Here is the leading marketplace to find space and book short-term retail space for your pop up shop or art exhibition.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 8.29.30 AM

Great idea but not sure how to begin? Get help from the Appear Here guides on Finding Space, Booking Space, Design and Fit Out, and on doing Pop Up PR.

This short video describes how the Tate used their pop up shop for day time retail sales and evening interactive activities:

To find more resources on where to show and sell, plus promotional tools for artists, visit the Artist Marketing Resources web store here.

Call to printmakers, street artists, comic artists, all print-based visual artists: create unique posters for traveling exhibit




As a free service, Artist Marketing Resources posts art project calls for submissions sent to us by nonprofit organizations.

Calling all Artists: Submit your poster here on or before Dec. 15, 2014.

For the All of Us or None project, graphic artists, printmakers, street artists, comic artists, and other print-based visual artists who are interested in creating unique posters for a traveling exhibit are invited to create and submit.

Submissions should explore alternative approaches, new projects, or manifestos that seek to achieve lasting peace and justice

Check out this poster slide show to get you thinking!

Click here to Submit your poster on or before Dec. 15, 2014. Artists may submit more than one work.

Each submission must include:

*   Digital image of poster of sized 8.5” x 11” or 22” x 28” (300-600 ppi; TIFF or best resolution JPG; maximum 50MB)
*   A 250-word artist’s statement
*   A bio, maximum of 250 words

Jurors will select an initial set of work to be the core of a USA nationally traveling exhibit. AFSC will print and professionally display the chosen work in the traveling exhibit. AFSC will display the chosen work on their website and make it available for free digital download to the public. The exhibit website will identify each poster by artist, title of piece, short description, and your website if you so choose.

By participating in this project, artists are donating their work to AFSC to use in the traveling exhibit, in digital replicas of the work available for download for free, in informational brochures, and on the web. Work will be fully credited to the artists, with contact information included.

Selected artists will receive a $50 honorarium and a print copy of the catalog of the traveling exhibit.

Traveling exhibition — At each location of the tour, events and discussions will be held and teaching artists will work with youth to create more posters for the project.

The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) is a Quaker organization devoted to service, development, and peace programs throughout the world. Read more about AFSC.

AFSC is the creator of the internationally acclaimed Eyes Wide Open exhibit, which traveled the USA for years. AFSC’s mural art exhibit Windows and Mirrors, composed of work donated by U.S. and international artists, traveled to 60 cities in the U.S.  AFSC also produces the If I Had a Trillion Dollars youth video festival.

Guns and Roses, Shepard Fairy poster

Guns and Roses, Shepard Fairey poster

Art Bridge Call to Artists: West Village, Off The Grid, Innovations in Contemporary Abstraction


The newest Arts Bridge Public Art Opportunity for Artists


DEADLINE: October 5, 2014
Artists SUBMIT here.

ArtBridge is seeking artists living or working in Manhattan to submit their original works of contemporary abstract art. The resulting exhibition will adorn the fencing during the creation of the future West Village Triangle Park (at 7th Ave. and 12th St.), an area that will undergo a dramatic change over the next year.

All mediums are permitted. An honorarium will be provided by West Village Residences LLC to be split evenly among the chosen artists. Selected works will be reproduced and displayed large-scale for a minimum of six months.

Submit Today online here.

ArtBridge, 526 W. 26th Street, Studio 5D, New York, NY 10001


Women Artists of the World and the International Foundation for Women Artists

Last week we started a discussion on whether a particular painting was “sexist” or not — and you can read the article and comments here.

We want to be clear that Artist Marketing Resources supports all artists! We support female artists and male artists around the world. We also want to avoid an Us vs Them mentality. All artists are important to us.

Participating in one group of artists does not preclude you from participating in other groups. Woman artists may join groups of artists or artist organizations consisting of both men and women. In addition, some women artists may feel the need to join a women’s group to connect more with other women artists to discuss their work or find a shared studio space with another woman artist.

Women Artists of the World, a relatively new site, will be one year old next month in October. The site has a Cafe Chat feature where women artists set up in-person meet-ups with one another–such as to get together for a cup of coffee if they live in the same town or to organize larger group meetings to discuss projects. Right now, in the Cafe Chat room, there is a women artist offering shared studio space in Paris!

Women Artists of the World is a website designed to function as both a community and an international directory. The site is dedicated to promoting women artists worldwide by allowing them to create a profile with pictures and videos to promote their own art. The site also works as a social network where users, female artists and art lovers, can post their comments, news, requests, and more.

The founders of Women Artists of the World, who are themselves artists, felt their site was far from being enough support for women artists, so they also created the International Foundation for Women Artists



US Artists: Why You Should Apply for an EIN Number


If you are an artist living in the United States, you can Apply for an EIN number for free online here.  According to the IRS, “An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number, and is used to identify a business entity. Generally, businesses need an EIN.”  You don’t have to have employees to apply for an EIN.  One of the Yes or No questions on the application –“Are you planning on hiring any employees?”  I checked the *no* box and got my EIN number and printable confirmation letter. The entire application process takes less than 5 minutes.

If you don’t like supplying your Social Security number as a sole proprietor of your artist business you can provide your EIN number instead.

  • Use your EIN number in the required tax forms for online sales and royalties.
  • To open a bank account
  • When applying for business licenses
  • When filing a tax return
  • Make an electronic IRS payment using your EIN number


Artists NOT currently making art: Artists on Hiatus Virtual Residency + Stipend


Usually, we post articles and calls for active artists seeking opportunities. But we do understand that some artists stop making art for a time and for a variety of reasons. So, rather than ignore that, we decided to post the details about the The Artists on Hiatus Virtual Residency.  Artists who are currently NOT making or presenting art Apply here.

The applicant should have had a professional career with an exhibition record, training in visual arts or equivalent experience, and the recognition of their peers.

Selected artists are expected to document their on-hiatus activities (or non-activities) and to provide periodic updates during their residency on a dedicated page of the Residency For Artists On Hiatus website.

Selection and Stipend

Resident artists will be selected based on their on-hiatus proposal. Preference will be given to proposals which demonstrate a rigorous interest in their “non-art” endeavour to be conducted during their residency. Successful applicants will be awarded a stipends of $30 CAD per month in exchange for their 6 month to 1 year participation. This amount is subject to change depending on funding. Successful applicants will be notified approximately 2 months after the application deadline.

Applicants are expected to complete the online application form and submit supporting materials via email. Read the full Submission guidelines here.

Hard Copy Submissions:
Applicants who would like to submit a hard copy of the application form and other support materials on CD/DVD should mail the package to the address below.

5207 rue Fabre, Montreal, QC
H2J 3W6


Dancers of Creation Against Urban Decay in the Photographic Fine Art of Thea Juliette Stevenson

sixty eight, photography by Thea Stevenson

sixty eight, photograph by Thea Juliette Stevenson, from her COMBUSTION series

“I am constantly looking for a heartbeat in the stillness of a photograph,” says photographic artist Thea Juliette Stevenson. In her series of works she calls Abandoned (the Alley Ways of Our Hidden Dreams), the artist gives us glimpses into what she calls “urban degradation” –images of stark little-traversed city pathways and human landscapes with an absence of humanity.

A Home Stood I, Thea Juliette Stevenson, from her Abandoned series

A Home Stood I, Thea Juliette Stevenson, from her Abandoned series

In a new set of imagery, she continues the themes of urban degradation, yet breathes life into the scenes with the introduction of dancers. This series she calls COMBUSTION.

JUMP, photograph by Thea Juliette Stevenson, from her  COMBUSTION series

JUMP, photograph by Thea Juliette Stevenson, from her COMBUSTION series

According to the artist, the dancers symbolize creation against the urban destruction and stand as symbols for the continued rhythm of life.
Broken Remembered, photograph by Thea Juliette Stevenson, from her Abandoned series

Broken Remembered, photograph by Thea Juliette Stevenson, from her Abandoned series

Thea Juliette describes her photographic imagery as coming from both memory and from dreams– “The work is an embodiment of the absence and presence of dreams and fractured memories. Dance stands as a metaphor for the movement through Time.”
FALL BACK, photograph by Thea Juliette Stevenson, from her COMBUSTION series

FALL BACK, photograph by Thea Juliette Stevenson, from her COMBUSTION series

Thea Juliette further states, that her “aim in art is to create phenomenological art work that can be experienced and embodied rather than just viewed.”
Velvet Walls Have Names, photograph by Thea Juliette Steveson, from her Abandoned series

Velvet Walls Have Names, photograph by Thea Juliette Stevenson, from her Abandoned series

The images presented here represent a small selection from the body of work found on the artist’s website .
Follow the development of these photographic series in the images that Thea Juliette Stevenson posts to her Tumblr blog.
Contemplation, photograph by Thea Juliette Steveson, from her COMBUSTION series

Contemplation, photograph by Thea Juliette Stevenson, from her COMBUSTION series

fifty five, photograph by Thea Juliette Stevenson, from her COMBUSTION series

fifty five, photograph by Thea Juliette Stevenson, from her COMBUSTION series

AA2A Project: Artists Apply For Free Access to Art Colleges




The AA2A project (Artists Access to Art Colleges) is offering 90 placements, giving artists and designer makers the opportunity to undertake a period of research or realize a project using art college facilities e.g. workshops, IT facilities, lending library, & lecture programs.  AA2A schemes aim to benefit students and institutions through their interaction with practicing artists. To see current AA2A artists’ work go to or read previous artists’ stories here.


  • Access is free, for at least 100 hours, between Oct 2014 and April 2015
  • AA2A has a Hardship Fund, primarily for artists on benefits providing support of up to £200
  • Closing dates for applications vary but all are in September 2014
  • Artists on AA2A schemes run from 2012 to 2013 or before can now reapply
  • All applicants must have at least one year’s professional practice
  • This year M.A. students with at least one year’s experience as an artist, can apply in the same year they graduate
  • Applicants should be able to work with minimal technical support

Application packs are only available directly from the 21 colleges taking part–21 individual colleges and universities are listed on the AA2A website here (on the website scroll down to find the list)

AA2A particularly welcomes applications from applicants with disabilities, from culturally diverse backgrounds and non-graduates

Map and list of our 21 schemes with links to their application information:

Follow AA2A on  Twitter  and  Facebook  for regular updated information

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Artists: Level Hotel, Brooklyn, New York, Lobby Commission Opportunity


Level Hotel Brooklyn

Lobby Commission

The Level Hotel is seeking expressions of interest from artists for a commission of artwork for the hotel lobby. The work to be commissioned and installed in the hotel lobby will be sculptural in nature.

The commission is $200,000 US dollars.

Deadline for artists to express interest in this commission is September 15, 2014

To apply, read the details here.

Find more opportunities similar to this on our Directory of Art Consultants e-list click here.

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New Art Gallery in the UK Currently Accepting New Artists From the UK and Abroad



This is a great opportunity for contemporary artists.

There is a new art gallery in the UK which considers itself a platform for contemporary art, showcasing the emerging art practice of artists. The gallery creates new opportunities for artists to exhibit their work. The gallery is currently selecting artists from the UK and internationally to join their gallery and collective exhibitions. They are seeking art from artists working in all media. For submissions, they prefer a link to your artist portfolio and a description of your practice sent to them via email.

Since we do not wish to contribute to a flood of submissions, we have added the name of the gallery, and their email address for submissions, to our gallery e-list. Get the gallery e-list here.