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Last month we shared our list of 50 Crowdfunding sites for Artists here, so you have plenty of to choose from.

Before launching your crowdfunding campaign you can start expanding your social reach by joining LinkedIn groups and by growing your Facebook and Twitter followers.

Once you have launched your crowdfunding campaign you can find backers and supporters on a new platform called SchmoozBiz! and in the new LinkedIN groups CrowdFunding Backers and Crowdfunding Reviews!

Sign up to ShmoozBiz! and start making requests to friend others within the community. The site has a lot of interesting features, including forums and a marketplace which are all free.

Managing a crowdfunding campaign is a lot of work. But, now we are seeing more groups, forums and platforms where you are welcome to promote your campaign.

If you know of others, please feel free to share in a comment. Thanks!

Best Holiday Gift Guide For 2015-2016- Feng Shui Art Gifts



“Forget the chocolates and sweaters,” says Explosion Luck. “A lot of the gifts that are given to others these days are not sincere and from the heart. But we’re going to change that! It’s time to inject some personality and thoughtfulness into your holiday gift giving by choosing a real Feng Shui gift based on Feng Shui art principles.”

Do follow their Feng Shui Art Holiday Gift Guide for the 2015-2016 shopping season here.

“There’s always that one gift you get on your birthday, for an anniversary or on Christmas day that strikes a chord in your heart and truly means something. You know that the gift was thoughtfully purchased–and because of that, it’s priceless. Gifts like these are very difficult to find, but today, we’re going to change that too, with Feng Shui Art Gifts from the heart!”

For instance, their gift guide suggests real fine art Inuit Sculptures as meaningful gifts for nature and animal lovers–


The Feng Shui gift guide suggests who will benefit most from your gift of Bird Art Paintings–


Still Life Paintings, Water Paintings, Mountain Paintings, Buddha Thankas and more make beneficial gifts for just the right person. Click here for the full gift guide.

Find unique Feng Shui Art and Gifts for All occasions at Explosion Luck here.

For the Best Holiday Gifts give a Feng Shui Art Gift from the heart.



Photos Show How 3 African Artists Start and Develop Their Portrait Artworks


Cyrus Nganga Kabiru and his eclectic eyewear, oil painting, Lioda Conrad

Cyrus Nganga Kabiru and his eclectic eyewear, oil painting, Lioda Conrad

South African artist Lioda Conrad’s expressive oil painting of Cyrus Nganga Kabiru, a Kenyan artist and his eclectic eyewear, began as a drawing–shown below–with the first oil paint and medium the artist added to start her painting.

Portrait of Cyrus Nganga Kabiru, Kenyan artist and his eclectic eyewearDETAIL

Ghana artist, Enam Bosokah uses his trademark blue ink ballpoint pen technique to systematically build up layers of line to develop a three-dimensionality in his portraits. It becomes easier to understand his technique by view images of various stages of completion, like in this early stage example–

Early stage of Enam Bosokah blue ballpoint ink pen portrait

Early stage of Enam Bosokah blue ballpoint ink pen portrait

Here is another stage in the development of his portrait–

Enam Bosokah portrait in progress

Enam Bosokah portrait in progress

Final stage in the development of the portrait–

Enam Bosokah portrait

Enam Bosokah portrait

Five stages of development in Cameroon artist Tangwan Elice’s portrait of a young woman–

Tangwan Elice portrait stage 1

Tangwan Elice portrait stage 1

Tangwan uses both graphite and charcoal in rendering the skin and hair textures in his portrait–

Tangwan Elice portrait stage 2

Tangwan Elice portrait stage 2

Here are three more stages of the portrait drawing–

Tangwan Elice portrait stage 3

Tangwan Elice portrait stage 3

Tangwan Elice portrait stage 4

Tangwan Elice portrait stage 4

Tangwan Elice portrait step 5

Tangwan Elice portrait step 5

Tangwan Elice, Enam Bosokah, and Lioda Conrad are three of nearly 30 Africa artists represented by the African Portraiture Service. This service connects you with portrait artists in Africa who are experts at creating original art working from your photo selfies. You can work directly with there artists who live in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, and South Africa, with the assistance and guarantees of the African Portraiture Service.


Painting by Marie Kazalia in Pattern Play exhibition in Culver City Helms Bakery District


Keep a portfolio of your art on the Saatchi online site and continually add new work. Saatchi Curators continually work to make sales, and put together promotional newsletters and live exhibitions, such as “Pattern Play.”

Originally posted on Marie Kazalia's art:

Screenshot 2015-08-03 at 2.59.59 PM
Co-curator Katherine Henning sent me an email:
“I’m very pleased to let you know that I have chosen your work to be featured in a digital display entitled “Pattern Play”. “
“Pattern Play” is a new exhibition of original art on digital display at Culver City’s premier design destination, Helms Bakery District. Curated by art advisors Katherine Henning and Jessica McQueen, “Pattern Play” features a selection of works by emerging artists from around the world who are part of the Saatchi Art community. Including painting, collage, and printmaking, the show highlights patterns and motifs that connect the worlds of art and design. Currently on view in Los Angeles through August 15th.
Here is a link to the show page:

View original

Social Reach for Artists: the Benefits of Sharing Your Art Across Multiple Sites and Platforms


Thinking way back to 2008, when artists were advised to select one arts sales platform for their art plus set up a Facebook business page. Common wisdom of the time considered that enough to create an online presence, yet, how many artists never had an online sale? (And who were the ones advising artists to stay limited? Successful artists sharing their experiences and wisdom with other artists? Or the owners of art sales platforms wanting to get artists to join exclusively and stay?)

The reality was, that once artists set up their sales sites they quickly realized that they needed to do something to get art buyers and art professionals to come take a look. How could they get them there? Artists had to reach out and connect!

This connection with others online is usually referred to as social reach. That is, the total number of people you are able to reach across all platforms you are active on.

We all have our favorite online platforms. We’re not asking anyone to leave any one in favor of another, or to limit your social reach for any reason. Quite the opposite. Instead, we are suggesting that you expand your online presence across multiple sites. And we have some suggestions, as well as a list of some of the benefits of expanding your social reach.

A really simple way for any artist to increase their online reach and presence is with free account listings. Such a listing on the Flootie site allows you to add your website link and help you get found by those not already in your network. Adding your details to a free Flootie accounts only takes a few minutes.  Once set up, your listing acts as placeholder in your genre, increases your name recognition (aka brand recognition), while sending new buyers to your art sales site.

This free listing opportunity is open to artists throughout the USA, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa. In your description of your work in your listing, be sure to include searchable keywords. Once your listing is public, right away your work is accessible to a new market of potential buyers and others who are likely to visit your website–such as arts journalists looking for artists to write about, art curators researching artists for exhibitions, and interior designers and art consultants looking for art for their client’s spaces.

Get a free Flootie account by clicking on *Artist* at upper left on the Flootie site here.

Here is our list of some of the benefits of sharing your art across multiple platforms:

1. increase your visibility and reach

2. increase your name recognition or brand recognition

3. find new fans and followers

3. increase opportunities to convert followers / viewers into buyers

4. get found by different markets and audiences

5. boost traffic to your site

6. visibility in multiple time zones

7. reframe the presentation of your artwork presentation and create another online backup of your images

Once you have your free Flootie account, you can expand your portfolio at any time by upgrading– use code AMR100  to  get 90 days free

Flootie Feature: Figure Paintings by E. L. Stewart

Woman at Table With Kitty

Woman at Table With Kitty, E.L. Stewart

You’ll find the paintings of E. L. Stewart in the art collection of Gonzanga University in Spokane, Washington. Her work is represented by Bozzi Gallery in Spokane, and her paintings have been feature on the pages of American Art Collector magazine. Find out more here.

Her work makes me think of the figure paintings of another excellent woman artist, Jenny Holzer. What draws me to E. L. Stewart’s figure studies, are the elements of the everyday found in combination with the human form, as in her painting STUCK ZIPPER, and, Biting her lip, (below).



Since the painting Stuck Zipper contains connotations of a small stressful incident from life, one might expect E. L. Stewart’s titled work, Biting her Lip to depict something similar, yet the artist describes it as “… a painting of a quiet woman enjoying the breath of wind.”

Biting her Lip, E.L. Stewart

Biting her Lip, E.L. Stewart

Stewart’s paintings combine her love of Life Studies in rendering the human figure in the  midst of a narrative along with expressive brushstrokes  and color that enliven the form.

Running Man, E.L. Stewart

Running Man, E.L. Stewart

Find more paintings by E.L. Stewart in her Flootie portfolio here. Her paintings range in price from $850 to $4500.




Call for Applications: Paris Post Graduate Research and Experimentation Program Opens in NYC Fall 2015


We received an email from Virginia, who is the Director of the art program offered by the Institut des hautes études en arts plastiques (Iheap) that initially began in Paris and will be starting in the fall of 2015 in New York.

Virginia wrote- “I would like to ask you to share our call for applications on your website and social media, if possible, because I believe your network might find it interesting. Enclosed in this email you will find the Iheap brochure with more information about the program and a list of the lecturers for the upcoming Session XI. Iheap is a post-graduate institute for research and experimentation in art that serves as the educational branch of the Biennale de Paris.

The program offers its participants a unique course of study that is not bound to the history of 20th century art but actively encourages the investigation of crucial issues of art in the 21st century.
Iheap is addressing all creative practitioners who have an expectation to engage not only within the art world, but also with the world at large. The lecturers, in fact, are coming from a wide range of disciplines, from the art field as well as from philosophy, economics, history, linguistics and so on. Iheap is a fluid school with the classes taking place at different locations, such as art organizations, schools, galleries, museums, cafés, apartments, parks, public spaces, parking lots and so on.”

The application procedure is online, accessed at and the deadline for submission is August 15, 2015.

Thank you for your help!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.Screenshot 2015-07-30 at 8.09.22 AM


Best Pinning Practices for Artists on Pinterest



Best Pinning Practices for Artists on Pinterest

Create a business account on Pinterest here and verify your website here.  Pick a profile image, such as your logo, an artwork, or a good photo of yourself. Once your website is confirmed, your logo or profile photo will appear on Pins that people pin from your site.

Create Your Boards With Informative Titles

I see so many artists on Pinterest create boards titled “My Art.”  How many boards are on Pinterest titled “My Art”?  To make a point, we did a search using the Pinterest search feature. You can too. Type in “My Art” and selected “Board.” (As we did). Many hundreds and perhaps thousands of boards on Pinterest are titled “My Art.” (We stopped counting them after one thousand.) It’s simple logic. If you paint rural homes in summer, but label your board “My Art,” how will your work stand out? How will someone looking for your style of art find it?

You can change the name of your board by clicking on the Edit pencil icon at the top right corner of your board. Give your board a title that contains useful information. “Oil paintings of Birds” or “Watercolor paintings of Sand Dunes”  or “Abstract paintings on canvas by…” –you can add your name in the board title.

Now you are ready to pin high-quality images of your art. Use high-resolution, professional-quality photographs and illustrations. Don’t use images that are poorly lit, out of focus, or that otherwise appear amateurish.

Size and Shape of Your Images Matter

Have you found teenie tiny postage stamp size images on Pinterest? Did you pin them? Probably not. If your images have a width of 600 pixels and are between 900 and 2100 Pixels tall, then they will have good image quality on Pinterest.

Also, Pinterest says that “Pins look best when they’re vertically oriented.” (From Best Pinterest Practices by Pinterest. )

Include your artist name and title on every pin! Yes, on your own art pins. I won’t pin an artwork if the artist’s name is not on it. Many others feel that way too. I also like to see the title. When uploading your art images, include your name, title, link to your site, and some details, such as materials, year created, dimensions, and retail price. Remember, your images will be Pinned and RePinned!  (Use Rich Pins on your site and pin your art images from your own website. That way anyone clicking on your image will be taken to your site. Find out more about Rich Pins below).

Write Thoughtful, Detailed Descriptions on Your Art Pins

Every Pin should have a written description that gives context and provides additional information. Your descriptive text should use correct capitalization and punctuation. According to Pinterest, “…only about 75-100 characters of your description will appear in grid view, [but] you can include up to 500 and they’ll all appear when people click to see the Pin close-up. Generally speaking, more characters mean more helpful details and more opportunities to show up in search results.”

Pinterest says, “use keywords in your descriptions, but don’t use hashtag keywords.”  (Hashtag keywords, such as #art, #painting, #drawing are excellent to use on Twitter and Instagram, but should not be include in your Pin descriptions ).

Link to your website–Rich Pins

Make Pins from your website more useful by Making them Rich Pins.  Rich Pins can automatically include information like price, availability, materials on your Pins–as long as you have those details on your website images. Rich Pins automatically update, too, like when you change your price on your website, or if you mark an artwork “Sold.”

How Often Do You Pin?

Pinterest recommends that you pin once a day so your followers always see fresh content in your home feed. But don’t just pin your own stuff. Tell a richer story by adding pins from fellow artists and from art blogs such as Artist Marketing Resources. Follow us on Pinterest here.

Stop Talking Non-Stop About Yourself — Pinterest users want pins that educate and entertain them. Engage with your followers and they will be more likely to share your pins with their networks. If you need help with this, or ideas on how to increase your engagement, leave a comment and we will discuss options with you!



New International Platform Where Indie Fashion Designers Make Money from Their Designs

Fashion Reserve Contributor 2

Founder David Szendzielarz asked us to publish news about his disruptive fashion design platform It’s a new concept where students and designers can upload and make money from their fashion designs, whilst gaining exposure to industry professionals and peers in an online fashion design community.

David says, “We see the site as a way to bring democracy back into fashion – where people with real talent and creativity gain a platform to showcase their work to fashion houses and industry professionals, without having to jump through the traditional hoops.”

blogWhatWeSellFashion Reserve Contributor 2-2



Get Online Portfolio/Site Review + One Hour Chat + E-book Guide for Artists at Special Price

A special package deal from Marie Kazalia, owner of Artist Marketing Resources–I will review your online portfolio and artist website, and chat with you about your art and goals for one full hour via Skype or PopExperts + send you a copy of my Ebook Guide for Artists, all 3 for a special package price of $40.

If you want to take the Skype option, and make payment via PayPal invoice, let me know via an email sent to:

If you’d like to schedule via PopExperts click here. You will need to do have the Google Chrome web browser to use PopExperts.


Click image

Click image

Open Call to All Artists on “Art as Activism” Theme for Chelsea NY Gallery


Hi Artists,

Listed below are two calls for art. The first is from Gutfreund Cornett Art on Democracy and is open to all artists as this is an “art as activism” theme. The second call for art is from the Women’s Caucus for Art and is titled “Trending: Contemporary Art Now!” This show is open to self-identified women artists. Let’s change the world through powerful art! Please contact me with any questions at and as always, I hope you don’t consider my email notifications “spam”. But we will remove you from our list if you’d prefer not to hear from us.

If you haven’t worked with GCA or WCA before – below is an example of our work. It is the mission of GCA to change the world with art as activism and the mission of WCA to promote women artists who are underrepresented in the art world.

Below are links to the online catalog and gallery for an upcoming show at AIR Gallery, titled “Who’s Afraid of Feminism” from the Women’s Caucus for Art. Enjoy!

Online catalog:

Online gallery:



In the upcoming election year, what does democracy mean in the United States? It’s time for artists to get on their soap boxes – whether it is a conceptual soapbox (Warhol) or direct Statement Art (Jenny Holtzer) and tell us what you think about democracy in America.

What is happening within our borders with the increasing polarization of our political parties and how do our views of democracy affect those outside our borders when we try to spread the American Dream? Have we made progress or are we going backwards? Whether you lean to the right or lean to the left, tell us what you think about the current state of affairs. How does increasing surveillance affect the tenets of democracy? We have both freedom and a lack of privacy in this digital and Patriot’s Act world as drones and wiretaps are commonplace and virtually unquestioned and unopposed; but do we have a voice in any of this Big Brother culture and with voting restriction laws being passed across the country to silence particular demographics of the American public. How does the media portray democracy — truth vs. spin? What is actually news versus entertainment in bombastic, biased editorials? Consider democracy in relation to civil, personal and political rights, economic gain, and the debate over freedom of speech, freedom of choice and freedom to choose to live as you wish. What did our forefathers intend in the Constitution with the freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, the pursuit of happiness, etc. To whom do these tenets apply in a racially, religious and politically divided country?

GCA is asking artists to share their voices in this art-based conversation about democracy and seeks art that address and interprets these broadly.


TITLE: What’s Right, What’s Left: Democracy in America

VENUE:  Phoenix Gallery, Landmark Arts Building, Chelsea
548 West 29th Street, Suite 528, New York City

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: Must complete submission by Friday, September 18, 2015 at 11:59  p.m. in your time zone.

JUROR: Dr. Kathy Battista
Founder and Director of the MA Contemporary Art program at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, New York and Senior Research Fellow of the Centre for Global Futures in Art, Design and Media at the Winchester School of Art University of Southampton.

CALL FOR ART:  While all media is accepted and there are no size restrictions, we encourage the submission of smaller works, due to the size of the gallery. Works will be chosen for the gallery with additional works chosen for the online gallery and catalog and shown in a looped slide show in the Phoenix Gallery.

DATES OF EXHIBITION: January 6-30, 2016

ARTIST RECEPTION: January 7, 2016

Eligiblity: Open to all artists


Please email us with any questions at


TRENDING, Contemporary Art Now!
The Women’s Caucus for Art, hosted by Target Gallery at the Torpedo Factory with juror Elizabeth K. Garvey announces a Call for Art: ‘Trending: Contemporary Art Now!’ for January 23 -February 28, 2016.

TRENDING seeks works that are driving the direction of contemporary art. Show us your visually compelling and conceptually exciting work that signal the direction of where art is headed. WCA seeks art in all media that are leading edge and have the potential to go viral. Show us your most interesting work!

This show is non-themed. The juror, Elizabeth K. Garvey, will select the strongest works based on her experience as a Chelsea (NY) gallerist and collector of contemporary art. “Trending…” seeks to promote innovative established artists and nurture promising talent from the next generation of women artists. Share your art with us and the world!

Target Gallery
Torpedo Factory Art Center
105 N. Union St.
Alexandria, VA 22314

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all self-identified women artists.

DATES OF EXHIBITION: January 23 – February 28, 2016

ARTIST RECEPTION: Friday, February 5, 2016 (6:00 to 8:00 p.m.)

READ MORE AND ENTER HERE (Deadline 9/30/15):

JUROR: Elizabeth K. Garvey is the co-founder and owner of Garvey Simon Art Access. She has been a fine art dealer and advisor in New York City for over 20 years and leverages her professional relationships with galleries, auction houses, private dealers and artists to offer clients a relaxed entry into the often intimidating visage of the New York art world. She is a member of ArtTable, and a founding member of the New York chapter of the Association of Women Art Dealers.

ABOUT THE GALLERY: Target Gallery is the contemporary national and international exhibition space for the Torpedo Factory Art Center. The gallery hosts nine exhibitions annually — some juried, some curated — featuring a variety of themes, artists and media. Founded in 1974 in an old munitions plant, the Torpedo Factory Art Center is home to the largest collection of publicly accessible working artist studios in the U.S. An Alexandria landmark for more than 40 years, it’s the highlight of the Potomac Riverfront, attracting approximately 500,000 visitors annually.

There are two opportunities to get into this show. The juror will select works that will be exhibited in the Target Gallery and the On-Line Gallery.

The juror will also select additional works that will be shown on the WCA website’s On-Line Gallery ONLY. The On-Line Gallery only works will also be shown on a monitor in the gallery for the duration of the exhibition. This allows for more works to be seen beyond the physical limitation of the gallery.

CATALOG: All artwork selected will be included in the exhibition catalog both printed and online. Catalogs will be available for order at the time of the show opening.

Payment of $35 per entry for current WCA members and $45 for non-members and $20 for full-time students. An entry consists of one to three submissions of images. Credit card payments are made through Paypal only. You do not need a Paypal account to pay through Paypal and may use your credit or debit card instead.

Artists may submit up to three works per entry with a total of three separate entries. Multiple views per piece are accepted when uploading 3D images of work.

All media is accepted except giclees of original work. The use of giclees, if part of a larger work/collage or assemblage is acceptable.

ARTWORK SIZE: There are no size restrictions for the artwork.


WCA was founded in 1972 in connection with the College Art Association (CAA). WCA is a national member organization unique in its multidisciplinary, multicultural membership of artists, art historians, students, educators, and museum professionals.

The mission of WCA is to create community through art, education and social activism. WCA is committed to recognizing the contribution of women in the arts, providing women with leadership opportunities and professional development, expanding networking and exhibition opportunities for women, supporting local, national and global art activism and advocating for equity in the arts for all.

To join WCA, visit


Questions?  Email

Best regards,

Karen Gutfreund



Member, ArtTable
Gallery & Museum Liaison,
Women’s Caucus for Art

Northern California TFAP Representative

The Feminist Art Project


blogWCA logo

Made in Hungary: Ildikó Kalapács, Featured Flootie Artist of the Week

Made In Hungary, Ildiko K

Made In Hungary, Ildiko Kalapacs


Ildikó Kalapács is a Hungarian-American visual artist living in Washington state. Her richly layered works, such as her self-portrait, Made In Hungary, reflect her personal explorations of identity through the cultural diversity of her life experiences, and her interest in body language, gender roles, and the human condition.

Time, Ildiko Ka

Time, Ildiko Kalapacs

In addition to her paintings, Ildiko creates three-dimensional art– mostly ceramic works, with some mixed media and bronze pieces. 
Digital, Ildiko Kalapacs

Digital, Ildiko Kalapacs

Her public art project, The Bearing Public Sculpture Project, in Spokane, Washington, is a life-size bronze sculpture depicting a woman carrying a man in a basket balanced on her head. The man in the basket is holding a military rifle. The work is meant to be a thought-provoking metaphor for the strength of the human spirit under the weight of war. The sculpture has the partial funding of a grant from the Puffin Foundation, but more funding is still needed to complete the project.

View more of Ildiko’s paintings and sculpture in her Flootie portfolio here.
Watch a video interview of Ildikó Kalapács with Dean Cameron, host of Flootie TV, Episode 3:


This Simple, Elegant Approach By A Photographer in Finland

We received this simple, elegant approach from photographer Anders Lönnfeldt–
“I hope you are having a great summer.
I want to share one of my latest Instagram photos with you. I mainly share my work on Instagram at the moment, since it works best for me. Feel free to follow me on Instagram:
Where do you share you work at the moment? Any great platforms that I maybe don’t know about?
Have a great summer:) Anders Lönnfeldt “
We really loved this, and the photo he sent (below). We replied to his question by letting him about Xposy Multimedia Magazine. Anders took a look at the feature articles on Xposy, many of contemporary musicians and photographers.  As it turns out, Anders has photographed many international recording artists! So we featured his work in an article on Xposy here.

It’s Tattoo Time – Artisan Leather Wallets, Purses, and White Ink Temporary Tattoos

Before you decide on a permanent tattoo, or on what to get for your next tattoo, try some of It’s Tattoo Time‘s great temporary tattoos–small to full-sleeve–in Retro, Old School, Punk, Rock, Steam Punk, White ink, Henna / Mehandi, and other styles.


Temporary Tattoo Printed Japanese YAKUZA Long Mesh Sleeve Biker Arm Sleeves $18.00

Temporary Tattoo Printed Japanese YAKUZA Long Mesh Sleeve Biker Arm Sleeves

It’s Tattoo Time also carries a selection of artisan created tribal art craft leather wallets and handbags here, including these hand carved leather works below–and when you buy ships free!

Eagle wallet available from Its Tattoo Time

Eagle wallet available from Its Tattoo Time

Hand Carved Traditional India Warrior Skull Tanned Leather Wallet $130.00

Hand Carved Traditional Native American Warrior Skull Tanned Leather Wallet

Buddha Buddhist Cowskin Skin Leather Carving Patterns Wallet. Hand made wallet ships within 3-4 day, via DHL with free shipping

Buddha Buddhist Cowskin Skin Leather Carving Patterns Wallet. Hand made wallet ships within 3-4 day, via DHL with free shipping


It’s Tattoo Time Image gallery




Temporary Henna Flower Metallic Sliver Girls Makeup Tattoo Transfer Arms Set

Temporary Henna Flower Metallic Sliver Girls Makeup Tattoo Transfer Arms Set

Illustration Tattoed Bee Feminine Portrait Old School Temporary Tattoo Flash

Illustration tattooed Bee Feminine Portrait Old School Temporary Tattoo Flash

Pure Silk Fabric Candy Skull Infinity Chiffon Scarves White With Black

Pure Silk Fabric Candy Skull Infinity Chiffon Scarves White With Black

Luxury Jewels Bracelet And Infinity Anklet Illustrious Tattoo Temporary Set

Luxury Jewels Bracelet And Infinity Anklet Illustrious Tattoo Temporary Set

Summer Black Steampunk Skeleton Unisex Neck T Shirt Unisex Milk Fiber

Summer Black Steampunk Skeleton Unisex Neck T Shirt Unisex Milk Fiber


Packing and Shipping Limited Edition Jimi Hendrix Giclee Canvas Art to Buyer

Jimi Hendrix & His 1969 Corvette Stingray 20 x 13 inch stretch canvas Giclee printed –buy on here.

Once the order came in, artist Chris Osborne had this Jimi Hendrix Giclee canvas art print custom printed, stretched and varnished, to ship to the Amazon buyer. She snapped iPhone photos as she packaged the artwork for shipping.



 She wanted to package the canvas print with care– “I start with foam core larger than the piece then attach a margin of foam core strips around the edges.  Add an extra layer on the outside of cardboard.  Finish with lots of final packing tape around the outside edges,” Chris Osborne says. “Done!  Phew! I spent one and one-half hours carefully packing the limited edition artwork.”
“P.S. the shine on the print in the second photo is the plastic wrapping around the print.”
Protective layers of foamcore and cardboard around the Giclee canvas print–for a protective sandwich ready to be inserted into shipping box and sent to buyer insured.
Also in our Amazon store:

Jimi Hendrix & His 1969 Corvette Stingray- Limited Edition Poster available here.

And a larger, 23 x 35 inch, Jimi Hendrix & His 1969 Corvette Stingray here.

Jimi Hendrix + 1969 Corvette Stingray limited edition poster, from a painting by Chris Osborne, is the best selling item in the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store

Jimi Hendrix + 1969 Corvette Stingray, signed limited edition poster, from a painting by Chris Osborne, is the best-selling item in the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store



Artist Mark Perry and His Partner Featured in Hamptons Cottages and Gardens


Hamptons Cottages & Gardens
July Issue
The Art Of Living
page 216 

My partner John McGovern built his dream house in 2005 and we met in 2006. He always wanted to have the house featured and years later it felt right. I had a conversation with Kendell Cronstom of HC&G and He proposed the possibility of the feature incorporating the home and my art.
Timing was everything! After one perfect, sunny day of shooting, a phone interview and some follow-up we were gifted with an issue more beautiful than We could have imagined. John and I are so grateful to: Editor-In-Chief, Kendell Cronstrom, Writer, Cindi Cook and Photographer Marili Forastieri, and their associates who were helpful and patient during the whole process. See link above for complete feature and more images.


The images below are details of two recent works.

Join Our Mailing List

How To Win #FreePaint in Spray Cans From Bombing Science: U Pick the Colors

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 2.01.33 PM


‘The Red Files’ Exhibition, Open Call to Artists: Deadline Friday 7th August 2015

The Red Files Open Call

The Red Files’ Open Call 27.08.15 – 12.09.2015

Curated by Ismail Erbil    Deadline for applications: Friday 7th August 2015

The Red Files is the fourth and final Open Call exhibition at Schwartz Gallery for 2015. The Open Call format has created exhibition opportunities throughout the year for emerging contemporary artists and tested curatorial concepts within the space. Juxtaposing ideas of colour and order The Red Files investigates psychological versus physical space within concepts of the contemporary. Occupying the abstract yet being rooted in a physical ordering The Red Files invites artists to submit work that responds to ideas of untold stories, latent expressions of the self and inverted systems of classification. The gallery space will be reformed through the use of divisions reenforcing ideas of transition and repetition by concealing and revealing physical and perceptual space.

If you would like to be part of ‘The Red Files’ please continue to the applications guidelines below:


Deadline for applications: Friday 7th August 2015
Selected artists announced on Schwartz Gallery website: Wednesday 12th August 2015
Private view: Thursday 27th August 2015 6 – 8.30 p.m
Exhibition dates: 27/08/15 – 12/09/2015
Opening Hours: Thursday – Saturday 1 – 6 p.m or by appointment


Application and processing fee: £12 (via paypal) per application of up to two artworks per artist.  The fee is non-refundable. Please include your PayPal Payment Reference Number when completing the ‘The Red Files’ application form.


* ‘The Red Files’ is open to artists living and working in London and the U.K only.
* Work across all media will be considered. There is no size restriction.
* Each Applicant can submit up to two pieces of work, saved as JPG files no larger than 1MB per image ( 2 images in total maximum per applicant).
* Each applicant should attach a one page CV when submitting their application (word doc or pdf).
*No late submissions will be accepted.
* The Gallery will not consider artists work with images larger than the 1MB per image limit.  These applicants will not be considered.
*All works must have been made since 2014.
*Applicants should be aged 18 and over at the time of applying.
* Number each image to correspond to the work list on the application form.
* Schwartz Gallery reserves the right to not display any artwork that is significantly different from the art that was accepted from the submission.
* Work submitted must be available and remain on display until the end of the exhibition with selected artists signing a consignment form.
* Work will need to be collected at the end of the exhibition (Selected artists will be contacted regarding the delivery and collection dates).  The gallery can arrange for work to be posted back to the artists as long as all costs and packaging have been covered by the artists.
* Artists are advised to insure their own works. The gallery will not be responsible for theft, loss or damage to their work.
* Once artists have delivered work, the hanging of the show will be the responsibility of the gallery/curator.
Exhibited works may be photographed for promotional purposes.
The gallery reserves the right to extend the application deadline and re-schedule the exhibition dates.

Please e-mail your completed application form and all required support materials to with your name and ‘The Red Files’ in the subject title.  Please address your message to Ismail Erbil.