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I’ve posted about Jung Katz before. I like them because they actively promote the artists they feature, and you’ll find drawing, paintings, photographic art, collage and other media on the Jung Katz blog. Recently, I encountered Jung Katz art tweets–follow them on Twitter here–that took me to their site.

From the Jung Katz art blog:

We’re looking for original artists, designers, and photographers to feature on our site.

Jung Katz contemporary art blog is accepting artist submissions for feature artist interviews.

Read the Jung Katz submission guidelines here.

Fluid Paintings Chilean Artist Mauricio Paz Viola

Chilean artist Mauricio Paz Viola is seeking opportunities to show and sell his paintings internationally.
View more of his work on his website:


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Mapping Joey Favino’s World of Art

The Other Saint Paul Island, Joey Favino

The Other Saint Paul Island, Joey Favino

Joey Favino is both Cartographer and artist. Cartography is the study and technique of making maps, and maps usually provide precise spatial information about physical locations. But while Joey Favino’s take on painting is based on geography and cartography, he completely divorces landforms from any mapping data, leaving the viewer with only shapes to contemplate, often in repeating patterns.

“Are they representational or abstract? Take your pick,” says the artist.

For his painting titled The Other Saint Paul Island, artist Joey Favino says, “Saint Paul Island is located in the Barents Sea, about 300 miles (450 km) off Alaska. My previous paintings featuring the French island of the same name (in the Indian Ocean) led me to seek an alternate namesake. The stark, harsh beauty of the island and its icy surroundings are portrayed by the “cold” and subdued pallet, with the iridescent background hinting at the icy reflection of a low subarctic sunset.”

New Zealand, Joey Favino

New Zealand, Joey Favino

Artist Joey Favino remembers how he liked to look at maps when he was a little boy and when a sophomore in high school, he says,  “I needed an excuse to spend my lunch period in the nice warm library during upstate New York’s winter, so I claimed that I was there to consult an atlas. Within weeks that was my actual purpose there. I postered my room with maps.”

He likens a good map to a piece of art–“I don’t mean old Renaissance maps with ornate borders and cute drawings taking up space where areas are just unexplored… Y’ever look at a Raven map of Idaho? Okay, it’s an esoteric sort of beauty (remember, a map is just a specialized graph, a reference tool), but mapping seemed to be the best path for me to pursue, both very analytical and numeric AND strictly graphic and holistic.”

Hilo, Joey Favino

Great Salt Lake Hi-Lo, Joey Favino

After earning his B.S. in Cartography, Mr. Favino tried unsuccessfully to start a career in the field–“At the time, operating a stereoscope was the standard toe-in-the-door. That’s problematic for me: I’m blind in one eye.” So, he started doing odd jobs and traveled around the United States. On his travels he engaged in a lot of correspondence–writing letters by hand on paper. “Three times now, a series of well-written letters has gotten me to the other side of the planet to be toured around by a local for a couple of weeks, for nothing more than the cost of airfare (Kazakhstan, South Africa, and Maui), so my wanderlust and my bent for geography have been rather satisfied,” explains Favino.

While in Maui, he watched as a commercial artist of note painted a couple of paintings and decided that he should try his hand at it. Favino says of his painting practice, “It quickly became second nature, and both my innate fascination with geographic forms and my learned way of presenting them, with a little twist of well-traveled perspective (for lack of stereo perspective?), both seem to collaborate in some way in each piece I create.”

Cape Quad Cape Cod, Joey F

Cape Quad Cape Cod, Joey Favino

Favino’s take on Cape Cod’s distinctive shape was to repeat it four times in his painting Cape Quad Cape Cod with swirling blues to represent the deep, cold Atlantic waters in Cape Cod Bay and Buzzard Bay.

For his six-panel piece of Utah’s Great Salt Lake, the various tones and line patterns contrast the shoreline at its lowest recorded water level (in 1963) against its highest (in 1986). Two large and three small islands can be seen, as well as the distinction between Northern and Southern parts of the vast inland sea created by the solid railroad causeway crossing the lake. Almost mimicking one’s perception on the shore, the whole thing shimmers against its desert surroundings.

Pyramid Lake, Joey Favino

Pyramid Lake, Joey Favino

For Pyramid Lake, Favino again chose a repetition of four. Pyramid Lake is an eerie, alkaline or saline lake about forty miles northeast of Reno and which consists mostly of the outflow from Lake Tahoe. In this four-panel work, the artist uses browns to color the lake itself (somewhat resembling the gray-brown of the lake’s water), with fiery reds and pinks between each mirrored pair to symbolise of the stark high-altitude desert surroundings. The green spots of paints is Anejo Island, the largest in the lake.

Ascension, Joey Favino

Ascension, Joey Favino

The small island of Ascension, a British possession in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, repeated five times in Joey Favino’s painting Ascension, as first glance resembles a beautiful flower, but also reminds me of a vintage oyster plate. The green area of each “petal” corresponds to Green Mountain, the only hill tall enough on the otherwise Mars-like island to have a fair amount of rainfall and thick vegetation.

Joey Favino

Joey Favino

Joey Favino’s art is on display through the end of September at THE GRIND coffeehouse in Cedar City, Utah

View Joey Favino’s Flootie portfolio here.

Visit Joey Favino’s website

Follow his Blog/Newsletter:

Feature Article by Marie Kazalia, Artist Marketing Resources



Paintings of Things That Bug Artist Janette “JKay” Borland

Light Orchestra, Janette "JKay" Borland

Light Orchestra, Janette “JKay” Borland  (click image for details)

Flootie online gallery artist Janette “JKay” Borland describes her painting Light Orchestra as a “stylized beetle conducting the summer’s night light show of fireflies,” a painting and a title that reveal her humor, wit, and interest in the metaphorical and the surreal as subject matter for her art.  As JKay says, “I am a particular fan of Surrealism.”

Dinner Train, Janette "JKay" Borland

Dinner Train, Janette “JKay” Borland

JKay also admits to “dabbling in poetry,” and this is apparent in her written descriptions on each of her artworks found on Flootie–her words equally enjoyable as the stories she tells with her brush. In the artist’s words for another richly colorful work in her Beetle Series, titled Dinner Train, JKay writes that she is depicting “beetle, riding on beetle, with dinner available and about to be served.”

Guardians, Janette "JKay" Borland

Guardians, Janette “JKay” Borland

“Location does change ones inspirations a great deal,” says JKay. “Pine trees won’t be in many of my paintings anymore.” JKay relocated in May of 2014, moving from the Pacific Northwest to the deserts of Arizona in the South East. “Spokane was a wonderful place to live with wonderful people and the arts were truly alive. But I’ve always had the dream of living in the desert. It is lush with vegetation and gorgeous mountains and skies that speak. The wildlife and the cactus entertain me daily. I feel the desert in my very soul,” she said, describing how the textures of the desert allow her to “take a wonderful journey and let my mind flow.”

With her move to Tuscon, JKay now works on her art outdoors on her huge patio with Ramada, especially in the earlier, cooler part of the day until 11:00 a.m. From her patio she observes the birds, and cactus blooms. In a chat I had with the artist, she described the wildlife she sees in her yard, such as Gopher snakes and King snakes as “very lovely creatures. She watches the scorpions, coyotes, deer, owls, hawks and roaming Javelina, a type of wild pig. “Every day is full of wonder. And, there are some VERY interesting bugs here! I found that Sharpie pens attract bees,” she said. “I do grab my Nikon and head out to the edges of the wild. I’ve never been surrounded with so much subject matter…so beautiful everywhere I look. But, then again, beauty is in the eye of the holder. I have an eye for texture. This is why cactus totally appeals to me…and there are so many varieties. Rocks! Love rocks. Rusty things! Love rusty things.”

Helmet Head, Janette "JKay" Borland

Helmet Head, Janette “JKay” Borland

Now in Tuscon, in addition to painting on canvas, she paints murals indoors and has also “re-entered the world of clay,” saying that “it is a joy to have the clay center here.”

Same Old Sh*t, Janette "JKay" Borland

Same Old Sh*t, Different Day, Janette “JKay” Borland

More humor and insects in her painting Same Old Sh*t, Different Day, for which JKay wrote, “Just another one of my moments … In the work-a-day world on the east coast, we used to say this all the time. “Same old sh*t, different day.” I decided to use it visually and I laughed while I painted it. This is why art is NOT a job to me … :-)
In Walks a Stinker, Janette "JKay" Borland

In Walks a Stinker, Janette “JKay” Borland

In her painting titled, In Walks a Stinker, JKay revealed that it “was a great source of fun and yes, the stinker represented someone I knew.”

“Every tavern has one … a loud-mouth Stinker. Ha, ha! But, he’s just part of the scene.”

“I felt a little prankish when I created this piece. Bugs and beetles were my entertainment for humorous art as I incorporated them into human settings… or sometimes into a totally human frustration we could all identify with.”
Over Achievers, JKay Borland

Over Achievers, JKay Borland

An ant carriers the earth on his back, in Over Achievers, for which JKay says, “I just had to say it … visually.”

“Overachievers. They are out there …out doing those around them. Yes, they are amazing. But, sometimes, they just make a spectacle of themselves in their efforts. Heh, heh!
Some see this painting more literally as “carrying the world on their shoulders.” That’s fine …if it makes you feel better. We all know that feeling as well. But, the concept of the Overachiever makes me giggle a bit more…”
JKay spoke optimistically of her new Tucson home, “There are many new incoming residents… With an era in common. They just may be looking for what I have to offer.”

Made in Hungary: Ildikó Kalapács, Featured Flootie Artist of the Week

Made In Hungary, Ildiko K

Made In Hungary, Ildiko Kalapacs


Ildikó Kalapács is a Hungarian-American visual artist living in Washington state. Her richly layered works, such as her self-portrait, Made In Hungary, reflect her personal explorations of identity through the cultural diversity of her life experiences, and her interest in body language, gender roles, and the human condition.

Time, Ildiko Ka

Time, Ildiko Kalapacs

In addition to her paintings, Ildiko creates three-dimensional art– mostly ceramic works, with some mixed media and bronze pieces. 
Digital, Ildiko Kalapacs

Digital, Ildiko Kalapacs

Her public art project, The Bearing Public Sculpture Project, in Spokane, Washington, is a life-size bronze sculpture depicting a woman carrying a man in a basket balanced on her head. The man in the basket is holding a military rifle. The work is meant to be a thought-provoking metaphor for the strength of the human spirit under the weight of war. The sculpture has the partial funding of a grant from the Puffin Foundation, but more funding is still needed to complete the project.

View more of Ildiko’s paintings and sculpture in her Flootie portfolio here.
Watch a video interview of Ildikó Kalapács with Dean Cameron, host of Flootie TV, Episode 3:


Linda Coppens | Drawing the Line in a Turbulent World

Swirling colors n4, Linda Coppens, 28 x 19 x 0.1 cm Painting made with inks and oil pastels on Rives BFK paper

Swirling colors no 4, Linda Coppens,
28 x 19 x 0.1 cm
Painting made with inks and oil pastels on Rives BFK paper

Artist Linda Coppens, divides her time between Belgium and Spain.  Educated as a psychologist, she says that those interests led to the development of her artistic theme: “the complexity of the human being and the influence of our past experiences on our current experiences.”

Swirling Colors No 6, Linda Coppens,

Swirling Colors No 6, Linda Coppens, 31 x 25 x 0.1 cm Painting in inks, oil pastels, on Rives BFK paper

Linda says that by drawing upon her training as a psychologist–” I incorporate into my work a variety of ideas, infusing it with another range of textures beyond the pictorial. This gives it a more open-ended character that invites the viewer to appreciate it in her/his own way.”

Linda refers to herself as a versatile painter and enjoys working in acrylics but also in oil and cold wax. “I discovered that the oil and cold wax with its soft, transparent consistency is an ideal material for expressing the layered nature of memory, our past experiences. Every experience is coloured by the foregoing. The transparent or opaque layers in my work refer to these experiences. Each layer shows signs of previous layers and includes pieces of life that are trapped inside. Sometimes these traces and pieces of life come to the surface and determine how the surface looks like, sometimes they stay hidden underneath but there always remain traces.”

When working with a brush, Linda Coppen’s lines become broader strokes, as in her painting series Relations, of which the artist says, “forms, shapes, color and lines in several layers represent the exchange within human relationships.”


relation No. 5, Linda Coppens

relation No. 5, Linda Coppens


Linda Coppens paintings are sold through her site  in her online shop.


Relationship No 2, Linda Coppens

Relationship No 2, Linda Coppens


Linda Coppens blog


Relationship No 4, Linda Coppens

Relationship No 4, Linda Coppens





Linda Coppens Image Gallery

Swirling colors n1, Linda Coppens, 25 x 25 x 0.1 cm, Painting with inks, oil pastels on Rives BFK paper (click image)

Swirling colors n1, Linda Coppens, 25 x 25 x 0.1 cm, Painting with inks, oil pastels on Rives BFK paper (click image)


Relationship No 7, Linda Coppens (click image)

Relationship No 7, Linda Coppens (click image)

Relationship No 1, Linda Coppens

Relationship No 1, Linda Coppens

Elusive World No 2, Linda Coppens

Elusive World No 2, Linda Coppens

Peru No 1, Linda Coppens

Peru No 1, Linda Coppens

Borderless No 5, Linda Coppens (click image)

Borderless No 5, Linda Coppens (click image)

Borderless No 7, Linda Coppens

Borderless No 7, Linda Coppens

Collage-red, Linda Coppens

Collage-red, Linda Coppens



Art Marketing Site Promotes Artists and Art Galleries in Unique Ways



Art Marketing Site Promotes Artists and Art Galleries in Unique Ways by Dean Cameron

Having had a 30 year career in Marketing and owning an Online Art Gallery and Publishing business since 2002, it is obvious that “times are a changing”. While there is nothing inherently wrong with traditional methods such as Gallery Representation, Art Shows and such, they are rendered somewhat incomplete with today’s super connected world that we live in. Social Media Networking is paramount to the vast majority of up and coming artists and that is not just Facebook. Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Stumble Upon, LinkedIn and now YouTube offer unique opportunities and diverse clientele to develop an artist’s brand and to stay connected to interested potential clients. So is Social Media the answer to a successful art career? I would say this. As Social Media came on like a storm so will the next best vehicle (we don’t know what it will be yet because some 12-year-old is inventing it in their mind right now) so we need to be as current as we can be.

One thing I have learned in 30 years of Marketing is that opportunities come from many directions. So our Marketing Plan should take advantage of that and cast a wide net. An Artist needs to have a complete tool box in which to develop their market and build their art creating business. We have developed that Tool Box. creates a menu of items an artist can choose from in order to best suit their plans. Most “Art for Sale” Internet Sites are what we call “Post it and Forget it” type sites. You post your book of work online and hope that someone comes along and makes a purchase. is not that type of Internet Marketing Site. We offer the following features for artists to be proactive in their efforts to sell their works and create their brand.

  • Flootie offers a free listing in our International Artists Directory (see Registration link for Artists and follow prompts).
  • Flootie offers a free listing in our International Art Gallery Directory. Our site works well for Artists and their Gallery partners to work together to market an artist’s brand (see Registration link for Artists and follow prompts).
  • Flootie offers very affordable subscription levels and does not charge upload fees or commissions on sales.
  • Flootie offers one on one support to answer marketing questions
  • Flootie offers all major Social Media links for sharing directly from your art listing. You can share to your network and anyone else can share your works with their networks in an easy efficient method.
  • Flootie offers a direct email invitation tool to share your activity on Flootie.
  • Flootie offers a method to automatically share your latest posts with any fan who selects you as a favorite artist in a “once per week” email notification.
  • Flootie offers an option to embed your Google Calendar to your page to keep people informed of your shows and exhibitions.
  • Flootie offers an option to include a video on your page to bring life to your relationships with potential clients.
  • Flootie charges no commissions for sales so you can drive potential clients to your website, or any other location you wish to generate traffic to. We are not competition. We are your marketing supercharger.
  • Flootie offers a blog for subscriber artists to post their latest stories, reflections and insights.
  • Flootie owns and operates our own TV Studio and produces Flootie TV now being shown in 7 states on 8 Public TV Stations with that number growing fast. Flootie TV incorporates a “general public” approach to the arts with some comedic shorts as well as serious artist interviews. Think of it as “The Tonight Show” for the arts.
  • Flootie is a socially conscious company and has an ongoing program called “Artists Forever” that awards art supplies grants to grade school art classes to empower teachers to supplement their meager art budgets in the school systems and develop the next generation of creatives.

This is by no means the end of this list. Flootie is well underway with even more creative tools for artists to connect with art lovers. Our mission is to make the term “Starving Artist” obsolete. We would look forward to seeing you as a fan, an artist or an art related business. We are a grass-roots and privately owned entity with the sole intention to bring the artists and art lovers together in an intentional way.

About Dean Cameron

Dean Cameron has a 30 year career in Sales and Marketing in numerous industries resulting in relationships with many Fortune 500 Companies. Dean is an Art Collector and owner of American Fine Art Company and (subsidiaries of Highlander Enterprises LLC) and resides with his family in Spokane Valley, WA.



Wish-Cushions : Call Out for Artist Participation for Schlachten Contemporary Arts Festival

Ocean, Emily Putter

Ocean, Emily Putter

Artist Emily Pütter, one of the artists in our Amazon store–view her art on Amazon here— is exhibiting her painting Ocean at the Schlachten Contemporary Arts Festival. The Festival site is in English and German here.

The Theme of the Festival, in June – July, is Displaced2015, Displaced Persons Around the World


Poster Design by Emily Putter

Poster Design by Emily Putter

Wish-Cushions : Call-Out for participants

Join us! Cushions needed! Wish-Cushions, filled with your good wishes for those who have suffered and need to start all over again.

Sew a colourful pillow, put in it your good wishes for the refugees who arrive in the state of Brandenburg from around the world, and we will place it inside tents provided by the German Red Cross, ready for you to comfortably sit on and watch the films and videos we have lovingly selected for you which explore this important issue.

The tents will be erected within the Mendelsohn Hall, whose architect and the original owners were exiled from Nazi Germany in the 1930s: a reminder and an opportunity to uncover to what extent flight, displacement and expulsion are woven into our lives.

The messages you all send us inside your cushions, placed in the restored hall, will be a colourful, soft, and joyous welcome – an opportunity for interaction and discussion.

We’re very grateful for your participation!!

If you have any questions about the Wish-Cushions, please send us an email to (subject: “Wish-Cushions”) or fill out the form on the site here.

Part Two: 20+ African Artists Offering Portrait Commissions via International Service

Part one features the first eleven artists here. Find out how to get your own portrait here.

For Part Two, we’re featuring these artists–click on each artist’s name to read their bio and view more examples of their portrait art:


AfricanPPLateef Olajumoke, Nigeria

Lateef Olajumoke, Nigeria


AfricanPPEnam Boscokah, Ghana face

Enam Boscokah, Ghana 


AfricanPPTangwan Elice, Cameroon

Tangwan Elice, Cameroon


Jeffrey Appiatu, Ghana



Ivana Basa, Kenya & Serbia



Okpeyowa Moses Marquis, Nigeria


AfricanPPLynette Swanepoel, South Africa Lynette Swanepoel, South Africa



Waweru Gichuhi, Kenya



Gideon Fasola, Nigeria


AfricanPPClara AdenNigeria

Clara Aden, Nigeria



Victor Binge, Kenya


AfricanPPAlbert Dorgbadzi, Ghana

Albert Dorgbadzi, Ghana


Find out how to get your own portrait art from any photo here.

How Will The Upcoming Facebook Changes Impact Your Facebook Page ?

Facebook– that ever-changing social media platform– has announced that it’s ready to make more overall changes, admitting that this scheduled new formatting could negatively affect your Page’s reach.

So, if you created your artist page, or small business page on Facebook, and have even paid for Facebook ads that brought “Likes” to your page, will all that fade into the background along with your page? Has developing your Facebook page been worthwhile for your business? Or is it time to shift your focus to new ways of getting visibility?

For some time, I’ve advised artists that Facebook ads bring “Likes” not sales. When you pay for any ad it will drive some traffic. But as soon as you stop paying for those ads, they disappears and are forgotten.

Feature articles on Artist Marketing Resources are better than paid ads because our feature articles become a permanent part of Google search engine and other search engine results. Artist Marketing Resources and our friends and associates work to bring you visibility.

Since we launched on Feb 3, 2009,  Artist Marketing Resources has published articles featuring artists and art events. We’ve had people find and continue to comment on our articles that we published years ago!

Why do a feature blog article with us? Feature artist articles are multipurpose. Our published articles contain multiple large images of your art and multiple links–such as to your website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and blog. (Ads–such as on Facebook– tend to have one link and one tiny image, one purpose and one result). Our feature articles are much more versatile, and may be crafted to feature an event, such as exhibition of your art, or may offer new available work such a new print edition for purchase on your site. Or the article may share and illustrate your amazing art-making techniques or simply ask for followers for your blog or Twitter account and others.

Additional Value:  After we publish your article, we tweet the article link with attached image across Twitter via our @TransArtGuide @Artozon @Transmediartist and others we admin. We include appropriate hashtags, such as: #painting #portrait #exhibition#drawing  #fineartphotography and many others. We also use any appropriate Twitter trending hashtags to place your art in front of a new audience. For instance, yesterday we used the newly trending hashtag #handmadehour on our tweets for portrait commissions and portrait drawings.

We also share your feature artist articles on multiple Facebook pages that we admin. We share all our articles on Google+ and in Google art groups, and post article links to Tumblr blogs and add multiple images, with article link on each, to Pinterest. We post your feature articles as a new discussions in our Artist Marketing Resources LinkedIn Group and in appropriate art collector groups.

We offer many options to suit your needs–

For a limited time we are offering our $5 Feature Article Plan on the platform Fiverr –take a look here.

Founder of Artist Marketing Resources, Marie Kazalia, is also a contributing writer for Xposy MultiMedia Magazine — as a writer for Xposy, Marie is always on the look-out for quality content. Artists may start with a feature article on Artist Marketing Resources, and, we become more familiar with your work, you may get a feature article on Xposy as well. Take a look at the Xposy multimedia magazine here.

Donations: We appreciate your support! Click here to donate. Donations get our attention and your donations are much appreciated! If you make a reasonable donation that covers our time, we’ll be happy to feature your art, arts product or service, or arts website to bring you new members.

Want to support us privately? Anonymous donations are gladly accepted, but, of course, to protect your privacy we cannot offer feature articles to anonymous donors. Give your anonymous support here (select the anonymous donor option).

Read selected feature artist articles written by Marie Kazalia via the links below:

Barbara Rachko’s Chromogenic Gods and Monsters (published on Xposy) read it here, read The Faces on Anton Kilian here, and read Metrov’s People of Pax here.

Dil Hildebrand: Exploring Parallels Between Creating Structures and Building Images 2014 article here.

Pittsburgh: R. WEIS – Compositions of Manipulated Sound article here.

Stars and CARS: Jimi Hendrix with His Corvette Stingray, Paul Newman with His Racing Datsun, Steve McQueen and the Bullit Mustang here.

Artist Who Uses Sound article click here.

Artist Power BANK Tokyo Alicia Bay Laurel Raising Funds for Japan article on this artist here.

Post Your Art For Sale On Instagram: Add Your Shoppable Store With this App

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 2.22.46 PM

I’ve simplified the steps below, but you can find full tutorials on the Spreesy site if you need more details.

To Get Started–

Sign up for a free Spreesy account here. In your Spreesy dashboard, select your currency, such as United States Dollar(USD), add your email contact address and your PayPal account email address. Now you are set up to sell your art on Instagram.

It’s recommended that you add your Spreesy store link to your Instagram profile.

After you have set up your Spreesy account,  post an image of your artwork directly on Instagram and in your post’s caption box list the price of your artwork (like $290), a quantity (like 1x) and add the line of text: anyone can purchase by commenting with their email address. It’s that easy!

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 2.16.06 PM

Each time you add these 3 things to your Instagram image–a price, quantity, and the line of text anyone can purchase by commenting with their email address–  the item will appear in your Spreesy store. Here is my Spreesy store. I’ve added one artwork to get started–

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 5.06.17 PM
So, the next time you snap a photo of your art to share on Instagram,  in your image caption box add:
Price defined with a currency symbol (like $) followed by a number. Simply include your product’s price somewhere in the post’s caption. You can use the following currency symbols followed by the price, such as $99, €99, ₪99, ¥99, £99, or ฿99.
Quantity is defined as a number followed by an x. If your quantity is 1 painting, just include “1x” somewhere in your post’s caption. If your quantity is 10 prints, include 10x in your caption.

Always include in your caption that anyone can purchase by commenting with their email address.

Shipping If you want to specify shipping costs:

1) For domestic shipping, simply include a flat rate shipping cost in your product’s total price.  If you’re selling a product for $15 and you want to charge an additional $5 for shipping within your country, then the total price of your product should be $20.

2) If you want to charge extra for international shipping just include the format +$15. So if international shipping costs an additional $15, just type +$15 somewhere in your post’s caption. Make sure to use a plus sign before the international shipping cost such as +$5 or +£5.

Here’s my Instagram post and you can see how it appears in my Spreesy store in the image above:

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 5.21.43 PM


5 New Framed Floral Still Life Oil Paintings on Amazon

We’ve added five new oil paintings to our store.

Peonies, Teacup, Fan & Chinese Vase, oil painting by Gray Jacobik

Peonies, Teacup, Fan & Chinese Vase, oil painting by Gray Jacobik


Peonies, Teacup, Fan & Chinese Vase is an oil painting on linen on panel 20×16 inches, framed in a gold (wood) plein air frame that adds 3 inches (7.6 cm) all around.  This painting is dated and signed by the artist on back. This artwork ships with a digitally registered Certificate of Authenticity. Buy it here.

Tea & Crabapple Blooms, oil painting by Gray Jacobik

Tea & Crabapple Blooms, oil painting of  by Gray Jacobik

Tea & Crabapple Blooms, oil painting on linen 12×12 inches( 30×30 cm) framed in a 3-inch wide gold Plein air frame that increases the dimension to 18×18 inches. Buy this painting here.

A Spill of Mock Orange, oil painting by Gray Jacobik

A Spill of Mock Orange, oil painting by Gray Jacobik

View detail photos and find out more about this painting here.

Tea Roses, oil painting by Gray Jacobik

Tea Roses, oil painting by Gray Jacobik

Find close-up views of this painting here. 

A Thirst For Knowledge, oil painting by Gray Jacobik

A Thirst For Knowledge, oil painting by Gray Jacobik

Review the full details for the painting A Thirst For Knowledge here.

We’re working to add 100-200 more artworks to our store. If you are an artist or craftsperson creating original work, find out how to sell with us by clicking here.


Free Shipping When You Purchase Any Painting From Marmet Fine Art




Lighthouse, above, an abstract painting by Randall Marmet’.

“This painting feels like a lighthouse to me, with the water splashing up from the rocks below,” says Randy Marmet’.


The painting dimensions are 16″x 20″ x 1 3/8″ deep hand-stretched gallery quality canvas.


This original acrylic fine art painting is hand painted and clear coated with archival artists varnish for protection against dust and abrasion.  The painting extends around the edges providing a very elegant look with no need for a frame. Just hang it and enjoy! $399.00USD  To acquire this painting click here.


Lighthouse (Detail 1)

Lighthouse (Detail 1)

Lighthouse (Detail 2)

Lighthouse (Detail 2)


Lighthouse, Randall Marmet'

Lighthouse, Randall Marmet’




Art Prize Offers Cash and International Exhibitions for 100 Painters and Photographers


Some artists may be interested in the Donkey Art Prize, which is in its 3rd year. In addition to selected prize winners, 100 finalist artists will exhibit their work in international locations in cities such as Milan, Italy and in Miami, Florida and Tokyo, Japan.

As with the first two years of the prize, artists may enter artworks of painting and photography.

If you think this is something you’d like to participate in, you can get a 20% Early bird discount off the entry fee of € 35,00 (which makes it 28 Euros or $31.95USD) if you sign-up before February 20th.

The application will be available online until May the 5th 2015.

There will be awards for four art-works with a 2,000 euro prize each.

As secondary awards selected artists will receive merchandise provided by two
sponsors — Maimeri, Italian manufacturer of artists watercolor and oil paints and the Italian Momodesign. There are also solo exhibitions in the young Core Gallery in Naples, Italy

The Donkey Art Prize operates on a democratic selection process with blind jurying by critics, curators, collectors and journalists who vote on artworks.

The Prize is open to all artists without boundaries. Apply online directly on the website.
Read the full regulations on the website for the prize here.
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The Artist Marketing Resources web stores provides visual artists with resources to help build their art careers. Visit the store to find an extensive art galleries e-list, an e-list of art magazines and art blogs accepting artist submissions, an e-list of art consultants, an e-list of art print publishers, an e-list of art licensing companies and artist agents, an e-list of photography agents and resources, an art sales e-list, an e-book guide to making artist submissions, and our e-postcard marketing plans. If you prefer to use PayPal shop in our store here, and if you would like to use a credit card for online purchases click here for #artistresources in our 2nd webstore.



#Artists Add Your Art to Facebook Art Page + Retail Price, Link

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Artists are invited to add their art image to our Facebook page–be sure to include a link to where buyers may purchase your work, a price and details about the artwork to increase visibility and drive traffic to your site.

We often share the links to our Facebook page and Pinterest group boards on Twitter which increases the number of visitors viewing your artwork there and clicking through to visit your site.

As we reported last week, our group Pinterest boards have gotten artists higher click-throughs according to Google analytics.

Artist Leon Sarantos wrote: “Marie’s Pinterest boards are one of many important aids to artists that I’ve discovered through her Artist Marketing Resources blog. Kudos! .. and thanks for all you do.”

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