Lost Coast Culture Machine

New arts organization to open in Northern California, USA
Artist Anne Beck and “several cohorts” are opening an artspace
and papermaking facility in Fort Bragg, California.
They are calling the space/enterprise/organization the Lost Coast Culture Machine. There are going to be two exhibition spaces dedicated to concept-based, two-month long group shows, a room dedicated to retail/consignment space (primarily handmade/recycled-reused/sustainable cool items, paper & paper products, zines, books & other multiples), another room dedicated to educational programs, and then a full scale papermaking facility in the back. Anne has written that they are on schedule to open bare-bones April 1st 2010
and plan to grow and develop the space as they go. She will make available their floor & site plans to give you an idea of the building and location–send an email request. The web presence for Lost Coast Culture Machine is being developed and  should be available for viewing soon.
Lost Coast Culture Machine will have open submission policies for both the exhibitions program & the retail/consignment space which will be outlined on the aforementioned soon-to-come website. In the meantime, they are putting feelers out to those we know to begin the programming and stocking process. If you have work you’d like to show, design, books, etc. you’d like to consign, please send images or links to info@lostcoastculturemachine.org.
They look forward to seeing great stuff! Please pass this along to anyone you think may be interested.
Thanks kindly,
anne beck

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