Thanks to artist/printmaker Linda Kelen for this:

Habitat ReStore Art Show and Silent Auction

The Habitat Restore will hold its Annual Salvage Art Show and Auction in October of 2010. This show and auction will benefit Habitat for Humanity of Dane County. Last year’s show included 47 pieces by 27 artists and raised $5,000 for building affordable homes in Dane County.

This year’s show will be held at the State Street Gallery. A gala reception on October 1 will kick off the show on Gallery Night in Madison. Art pieces in the show will be sold via an online auction. The show and auction will end on October 29. Artists will donate to the Restore all or a portion of the proceeds from the sale of their pieces.

The Salvage Art Show will be juried by professional artists. Interested artists will submit three examples of their work, which will be evaluated on such elements as originality, design, composition, subject matter, choice of materials, and skill of execution. Submissions to the jury will be due by May 22. Artists will be notified of their status during the week of June 1.

Works in the show must each have a salvage component. Artists who are chosen for the show will be given a voucher for materials from the Restore worth up to $15 if they choose to use such materials in their art pieces. Salvage components of the pieces in last year’s show included found objects, antique tools, materials left over from manufacturing, scrap lumber, and other building materials.

When the artists submit their works for the show, they will provide information about themselves and their art pieces, including a description of the salvage components of the pieces.

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