Linked to AMP Art Org Worldwide

Dear Marie,

thanks for connecting with us.

I’ve linked you on AMP’s Art Blogs page:

I see that you’ve linked AMP a couple of times on your blog, which is great!  However, I don’t think of AMP as a place for Calls to Submit, though those do show up.  AMP is primarily a way for artists worldwide to connect with each other, so they can help each other find the resources they need (thus the name – Artists’ Meeting Place and Resource Collective).  There are now about 4,000 members in 86 countries (the latest country to join is Swaziland – which was exciting).  Any member is free to post, and this is where Calls for Submissions show up, but also member art, announcements, blogs, music, and so on.  Browse through and I think you’ll see what I mean.  There are also worldwide listings of “real” (physical) art resources and organizations.  However, the biggest strength of AMP is that once members login, they can contact other members anywhere in the world.

That considered, probably the best place for AMP on your website is Art Orgs.


Terri Anderson
Executive Director
AMP: Artists’ Meeting Place and Resource Collective

Los Angeles, CA, USA

3 thoughts on “Linked to AMP Art Org Worldwide

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