Artist Accepted

New York City artist Carmen Li found the Call to Submit to her first exhibition on this blog. Carmen writes:


I want to thank you for giving me the information about the show at the Monmouth Museum. They just announced the selected list and I am on it. This is my first show as you know, I am completely new to the circle.

I truly appreciate you sharing the information with me and I will send out your blog link for others so they can get your help as well.


View Carmen’s amazing art assemblages at:

Carmen Li

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Carmen experienced an interesting mix of Chinese tradition and colonial influence. After her 1992 graduation from the Swire School of Design of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, she became very active in design circles while working in several established Hong Kong studios. In 1996, just before the handover of Hong Kong to the Chinese government, Carmen arrived in New York City with two suitcases and her portfolio. In 2004 Carmen set up Creasia Design, incorporating her unique international sensibility into her own design language. Art remains her raison d’être however, and she continues to challenge commonplace perceptions of what art is Although New York is now her adopted home, Carmen frequently travels to London, Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong, where she actively seeks new material for her work, with inspiration coming in equal measures from the Royal Academy of Arts and the streets of Dai Pai Dong or Asakusa.

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