articulating the vision of in large scale corporate lobby spaces


2011 iconoculture | a world view on modern beauty.


2011 iconoculture |  a world view on modern beauty postcard iconoculture • world view on modern beauty
An art & design study in ‘seeing beauty in what you do’.
Articulating the Vatican’s call to artists | A quest for beauty | Ethics & Aesthetics in Art.
After completing 2010 inertia collection, an art & design study in motion, nature & adornment, Kellyann’s  2011 collection focuses on seeing the beauty in what you do; my study of ethics & aesthetics in art. Kellyann writes: Through paintings on canvas, & natural photowork, I see this collection in a large modern architectural lobby. Finding freedom within the limitations is a constant in my work. the discourse on beauty is explored by articulating conceptual abstract expressionism with distinct colorist palettes. I appropriated Marilyn Monroe imagery in this discussion on beauty, and other icons of modern beauty. There is a poetry found in the beauty in each of us. This new public art collection causes the viewer to pause. My work reflects positively on humanity. My artwork is available in limited edition reproductions for public & private collectors. Currently the originals are for exhibition. I am working to articulate my art as design in product development – first umbrellas!
Diptych (Each 24 x 48)  See Beauty in what you do, 8 & 9
Each 36 x 72, See Beauty in what you do 1, 2, 3
Each 36  x 36,  See Beauty in what you do, 4 & 5
Each 12 x 12, See Beauty in what you do, 6 & 7
___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ work articulating my vision of my art in large scale corporate lobby spaces :
SF Convention Plaza, UCSF Health Center, Watermark SF & Cedar Sinai Medical Center
64 x 70, LA, NY, Paris & Toyko 2010, Peace, 57 x 62, 2009, The Hero Series, Reconstruction 64 x 72 | Cedar Sinai Medical Center Public Art Collection

2010 inertia collection | the motion of matter in art 2010 inertia collection |an art & design study in motion, beauty, nature & adornment. I address ethics & aesthetics of the motion & matter in art. The works are positive reflections on our cultural identity. Through paintings on canvas, natural photo work & signature whimsy sculptures, I wanted this collection to move in a large modern lite foyer. Less is more is a constant concept. The installation pieces, paintings & photos compliment one another around the discourse of beauty in art & design with distinct color palettes. In the sculptures, moving around a piece, making a piece move & glimmer was my aim. Lighthouses & the fresnel lense, sparked this fascination with the poetry of timeless solitary art & design. each new public art collection causes the viewer to pause. Studio works in progress below.
As Warhol, garnered $50,000 an original, and minimal reproductions at $5000 each, is licensing & reproducing.
ineria postcard, inertia collection, see beauty in what you do, 36  x 72, private collection, at hotel des art, san francisco 

inertia collection each 40 x 60, clouds, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, water & lighthouse lights
inertia collection, see beauty, 36  x 36
2010 inertia collection, conceptual art & design ( Each 24 x 48)

2009 in the white spaces | icons
review, ‘The work is colorist, positive & uplifting, addressing our cultural identity. A woman producing ‘large abstract paintings & designs, a feminine brush stroke & lively colorist palette,” Nan L’Amoire, CCA, art criticism-  curators vision: large spaces, hotel lobby | foyers, corporate collections, vineyard collections, airports, music videos, fabric design, galleries, private collections & spaces the public enjoys.
design: in the white spaces | icons collection 2009  is produced in the context of vast cultural changes. I produced creative practice/research work in design, visual art, media & abstract art teaching lessons. I began this year with a public art project in abstraction on world geography. The lesson is for all ages. After completing the public art project, I produced 16 abstract pieces reflecting iconic cultural concepts today. in the white spaces | icons contains large paintings ranging in size: 1-57 x 64, 5-36 x 72 inches, 2=20 x 20 inches & 8-10 x 10 inches. Their titles offer pause for reflection in today’s world on a positive cultural identity:. Peace, Graceful Control, Patriotism, The President’s Stimulus 2009, Women, Power and Politics | The Madonna’s, Peace Over War, Respect Thy Neighbor & Yes, Love is the Answer. Medium: mixed ink, pen, pencil mixed pigment & crystal glass shaving.  I am nurturing and sharing my artistic expression, technique and discipline. My visual works are tools for transformation, and give voice to some of the important issues of our time. | 2009 white space collection | icons
When I started this year’s collection of 16 abstract paintings for exhibition, my collection muse became white space. In the space between annual collections, is a burgeoning of new information in culture. I am an abstract painter employing random naturalistic methods, with deliberate, intelligent designs and expressions, a creation, not an accident. The physical practice of painting large abstract art & design is my artwork.
In the space between, this year’s presidential process was fodder. E pluribus unum, which is Latin for “Out of Many, One, “ became my response to the power of a women’s thought from viewing the International Museum of Women’s 2008 Exhibition | Women, Power & Politics.  I produce ‘many’ artworks  to teach ‘ones’ value’ in the practice and production of ones work. I am working to inspire a new generation of creative thinkers.
In this world, I am a woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend, artist & love. Practice acts of love, family, kindness, generosity & faith in creating great things, even if small. Humanity is valuable, when it values honor, grace, integrity. Regardless of ones place, one can choose to do small acts with great love: Mother Theresa,
My art, is my positive reflection on humanity. I work in my art practice toward refinement and commitment. I am a painter, photographer and conceptual artist, using media to produce my archive. Art can put forth ideas of  love & beauty.  The art world can offer the world these concepts. Art continues to be redefined & defined.
Their titles offer pause for reflection in today’s world on a positive cultural identity:. L to R, Graceful Control,Yes, Love is the Answer.
The President’s Stimulus 2009, Women, Power and Politics | The Madonna’s. Each are 36 x 72.


c. 415.412.4959
t. follow me at kellyannart on
Kellyann Gilson Lyman Art & Design
1968 Marin Avenue, Berkeley CA 94707

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