Clio at 8byTen asked me to share her call for artists here on my blog.
They are looking for any form of art that can be printed (paintings, graphic art, drawings, photography, collage, typography) for their new online print shop.

“ We use high-end giclee printers and have a good knowledge of internet marketing.”

8byTen is currently accepting artist submissions to be included on the site. 8byTen needs your high-resolution art images and they do the rest (print, process and fulfill all orders). Commissions are paid  monthly to artists’ PayPal accounts. It’s a great opportunity to get your name out there and make extra money.

The 8byTen website will launch their new website very soon, but you can take a look now: http://www.8byten.com

To  submit samples, email your images to: submissions@8byten.com or visit http://www.8byten.com/submissions for more information. If 8byTen approves your work you will receive a contract that explains how they work, in detail.

Thanks and best wishes to Clio  @ 8byten.

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