How to Upload Your Digital Book to Kindle, by Nancy May

Kindle populates the retail E-book selling market

“Millions of people now own Kindles.”, “And Kindle owners read, a lot. When we have both editions, we sell 6 Kindle books for every 10 physical books. This is year-to-date and includes only paid books — free Kindle books would make the number even higher. It’s been an exciting 27 months.” This a press release by the CEO and founder of Jeff Bezos.  As don’t issue sale figures for Kindle it is hard to stipulate an – exact figure.  According to Bloomberg by the end of 2010 would sell an average of: 5 million Kindles whereas in, 2009 sales were predicted by Bloomberg to be: 2.4 million Kindles.  With, sales figures predicted like these it is no wonder why the iPad as a digital reader is, overtaking the Barnes and Noble Nook as the’s Kindle’s threat in the digital E-Reader.

As a self publisher, it is imperative to, keep up with the trends of the modern-day reader.  Some may think being a writer is an easy occupation.  It is one of the hardest and being able to get work across to the reader is, ever changing with, the integration of the E-reader.  The book is written.  How exactly then, does a writer go about getting their work published on the: Amazon Kindle?  This guide will help any writer who; wants their work read as an e-book.

1)      The book manuscript is complete.  Now what happens? First things first…Editing, when submitting your book online onto Kindle, (be aware though on the Nook, it is only available to authors living in the US).  Editing is, an essential role, for as the old saying goes; four eyes are better than two.  It is best to check around, editors can be found in the first page of the book, in reference books obtained via – your local library or, simply via an internet search.  In my experience with an Editor, it is more financially viable to go with an outside source than, the Authorsolution house.  An Editor for an, 60, 000 word novel can, take just as little as two weeks to, do a complete edited version of the book manuscript – to your own specific requirements. A useful link: A Plus Editing services.

2)      Now the book’s manuscript is edited, how exactly does it get transferred from the word format in Office to what, the reader holds in the Kindle reader?  Amazon Kindle stipulates that, the Digital Text Platform is, compatible with, a word document.  Here again, in my experience and, researching from scratch – just exactly how to upload.  It is best if, the edited manuscript of the book is saved as, a – web page, filtered.  That way; the layout is, discarded with any, needless extra spacing.  Though; as a web page filtered the: txt. Document is, translated into: HTML, the recognisable format of the Kindle Digital Text Platform.  A free programme that will create an E – book can be found here: E-book creator

3)      Now the E-book is created. The place to upload the E- book is – Amazon’s Kindle, in doing this; there are only these basic rules an author needs to adhere to: the author holds the rights to the work being uploaded; the author has a synopsis for the title of the work.  (The Title is usually the first thing given to the author’s book).  A book cover is also needed for the book on the Kindle store.  Book cover designers can be found on the first page of a book, in a reference book or via an internet search.  Useful link:   To (for book cover designs you will need an ISBN). Though if you do not yet have a book cover a placement holder cover will be assigned until book cover upload.

4)      To create a Kindle account which, an author uploads via the digital text platform.  This can be found here: creating an account and signing in is a simple process.  All the information required is the author’s address.  As a UK author publishing on Kindle I am unaware if an author in the US are required to fill out bank details.  In the UK royalties are paid to the author by cheques.

Please note that when an E-book is published on Amazon’s Kindle it, does not necessarily means the author will generate book sales.  For book sales to increase it is important that, distribution to the media is made and networks are formed on the internet via Facebook.  Please also not when self publishing on Amazon’s Kindle it is better for increasing book sales to, have the book reviewed and blurb by, an already established author.

Nancy May, author.

Beacon: The Road to Separation available on Kindle

(Temporary cover until book cover from illustrator is complete)

Beacon: The Road to Separation,

Available in Kindle, check out:;

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  1. Nancy – email me about your book when it comes out – I expected it last week but don’t see that it came out. I’ve been trying to contact you with no luck – please email me as soon as you can – thanks!


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