Painter, Jeanne Bessette: Art Sales After December 25th

Many artists’ sales strategy may be to beef up sales and promotions beginning in November and then cut back on those efforts after December 25th. But between the Christmas and New Year holidays this year, Jeanne Bessette sold three paintings to visitors to her personal artist’s website (

Jeanne has a motto– ” Say yes to everything.”  She is open to everything, and that is key!  Two days after New Years day Jeanne received a commission for a 4×4 painting. Her new client had viewed the artist’s very small painting donated to charity fundraiser.
“It’s about networking and building relationships…and because of this motto, (Say yes to everything), I have sold many paintings from connections that I simply did not expect,” Jeanne explained.
Making sales in unexpected ways has happened for her on both the Facebook and LinkedIN social media sites. One buyer read a post on a mutual friend’s Facebook page, followed links and ended up on Jeanne’s site. Once there he fell in love with one of her paintings! He lived nearby, so called the phone number on her website. This led to a studio visit where he made a cash purchase of a nine hundred-dollar painting.

Another art sale came about from a comment Jeanne made in a discussion on LinkedIN.  The buyer checked Jeanne’s LinkedIN profile and followed her link to her site. He liked her art work and called, again from the phone number on her website. The buyer was redecorating his new home with his wife. He was interested in three paintings but bought two because his wife also liked another artist’s work. “He will probably return for more,” Jeanne stated confidently. 

Yet another sale same about recently when a buyer,  who had seen a painting of Jeanne’s in the home of friend,  sent Jeanne an email when she returned home. A conversation developed that led to a sale of a painting.
Artists, Say YES to everything in 2011!

2 thoughts on “Painter, Jeanne Bessette: Art Sales After December 25th

  1. Thanks Cheryl,
    Saying Yes to everything is a great way to create abundance energy. It’s something I teach in my empoowerment workshops and when I mentor other artists.
    The power of yes tells the universe you are open to growth and receiving. It really works…


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