First Facebook Film–Him, Her and Them

Him, Her and Them, is a Facebook film–the first of its kind. The film will be distributed and viewed on Facebook, and will also connect with the various social networking hooks that Facebook enables (so a viewers’ social graph will change their film experience).
Mike Knowlton and his production company just released the film trailer for Him, Her and Them–watch it here:
Here are a few other links:
The Facebook Page (where the film will live):
Mike Knowlton’s Production Blog:
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One thought on “First Facebook Film–Him, Her and Them

  1. Marie,

    I love watching the film & video burgeoning relative to art. I have produced many films on my website, mostly masking photographs together to tell a story with the backdrop of music.

    Music in my art practice has its own story. I do not know, if the viewer gets that the music chosen played a part in my arts creation. You cannot speak this concept, you want the viewer to feel it.

    I want to articulate the vision of the art in more large scale lobbies & produce a film about it. Art is for the public to enjoy. I have submitted my request to 3 exhibition space colleagues for the Scope foundation installation. If I can get a site that meets the art vision, I would like to film this venture. I would like to collaborate with another to film this, yet may have to figure out how to do both alone, shoot & speak about the art in front of the camera.

    I have met many film makers in my desire to collaborate with other artists. The timing & or schedules never meshed to create a film. All were busy building their portfolios & working.

    I would like to do film that has me speaking in a narrative, whilst viewing the work in a grand space.

    To transmedia in process. kellyann


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