A.I.R. Gallery, Call for Postcard Art

A.I.R. Gallery opened in 1972, as the first non-profit gallery for women artists. Each year the gallery hosts a postcard show. Last year Kiki Smith submitted!

All the postcards are sold for $45. plus sales tax. Both men and woman artist are welcome to send in their art postcards.

To participate: 

1. Create your artwork a wall mountable artwork that is 4″ x 6″ (postcard size)

2.  Print on the back of the card:

a.  your name

b.  the title of the piece

c.  the materials used

d.  the date of completion

3. You must include your phone number AND email address on the card OR on a separate piece of paper, so that the gallery can contact you regarding your work.

4. Mail or hand-deliver your piece in an envelope by Saturday, June 5th 2011 to:

A.I.R. Gallery

111 Front Street #228

Brooklyn NY 11201


FOR MORE INFORMATION please contact gallery director Kat Griefen

At 212.255.6651 or  info@airgallery.org or visit www.airgallery.org

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