PR Offer for Visual Artists–Article About You and Your Art

Marie Kazalia, Arts Journalist, is writing a series of articles on visual artists and their artwork, arts business, arts products. (Links to sample published articles below.)

PR Advantages:

  • Press coverage/articles written about you prove you are newsworthy
  • Improves your credibility
  • Art Gallerists and other art professionals want to see your press coverage
  • Art collectors prefer to purchase from newsworthy artists
  • You the artist, and your art business, will gain valuable online expose in an article published by the top online news provider— Yahoo!
  • An article on Yahoo! may be picked up by other news services
  • An article will drive traffic to your site
  • Increases your online presence
  • Create interest in your art business and art products
  • Bring more potential buyers to your site
  • Articles do more for you than paid ads. Anyone can purchase an ad. Articles carry more weight, than paid ads,in the minds of readers.

Services include:

  • review of your art portfolio site, arts product site, art publication
  • targeted questions developed based on your site information
  • your responses to questions reviewed and more questions developed(as needed)
  • 8-10 hours writing, proofreading and editing to a finished article that is 500-1500 words in length
  • I submit and publish the article on Yahoo! (additionally, I publish the article on the VASA Transmedia blog: sound, digital, photo, film artists only)
  • you receive copy of full article + link(s) once published–for your own promotional campaign (for use on your site etc)
  • I promote the article on my blog and/or site, on Twitter, LinkedIN and other social media sites
  • I can provide monthly feedback on numbers of views article receives (upon request)
  • article completed 1-3 weeks after I receive your responses to my questions
  • expedited articles available for promotion of events /to  meet deadlines
  • if you have a Media or Press Room on your site w/ downloadable images, I will add images to the article

Contact Marie Kazalia by email:

SAMPLE  ARTICLES written by Marie Kazalia and published by Yahoo! and on other sites:

1. Cleveland: Chris Kulcsar- an Artist Who Uses Sound   (short link:

2.Pittsburgh: R. Weis – Compositions of Manipulated Sound


3. New York: GeneFree Video Performance Art

4. Germany: Light Art Photography

5.Jeanne Bessette–Painting the Human Element

6.National Poetry Month: An Appreciation of the Poetry of Mina Loy–All the Rage Now

7. Australian Artist Benjamin L.M.–In The Shiny Temple, Translating the Silent Voice of His Heart

8.Canadian Artist in Scotland – Trevor Jones: Art is Not Just Pretty Colors (short link)

(9) my short story about travel in China

The Waiting Room

10)How to Be a Press Friendly Artist– the Latest Ebook by Art Licensing Mentor Tara Reed

11) New York: Photographic Artist Ventiko–Entering Her Version of Reality

12) Living on the Earth–Alicia Bay Laurel’s Iconic Illustrated Book




5 thoughts on “PR Offer for Visual Artists–Article About You and Your Art

  1. Terri says:

    Marie, this is a really great offer. If you don’t mind, I’d like to share it with my network and collective. Kudos on all the traction your business is gaining. : )


    • Terri
      I’m glad you see the value in my offer, and the low “donation” rate will have to go up. Yes, please share it with all your contacts as you wish.

      Best wishes


    • OK, but please be advised that I will require a signed letter of agreement, with the following terms (and perhaps more), that you have read my sample articles and are happy with my overall writing style and presentation. That you understand that I work with the facts you provide me, so you will need to check them for accuracy. That the finished article will be 500-1,500 words in length and that I can’t predict exact word-count in advance. And that I am able to edit the article after online publication but only to make minor corrections and any significant rewrites will be at an additional $50. per hour and paid in advance. The donated is toward my time only.


  2. Great strategy, Marie! I’ll share the info about acting now! Let’s see what we can stir up in the way of business for you. I’m also thinking that the Haggus Society would like to take you up on this offer as well.

    : )


  3. Beautiful. Yes, I’m more than happy to sign an agreement and have no problem with your terms (aka, professionalism). More than fair. I’ll shoot you a payment shortly. Thanks so much.


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