Raleigh First Friday Art Walk–Stop In @ Morning Times to See Katherine Fabrizio’s Fabulous Process Paintings

Katherine Fabrizio’s painting exhibition, SPARK!

The opening artist reception is this Friday, June 3rd, 8:00 – 11:00 PM, at Morning Times – Upstairs Gallery, 10 E Hargett St. Raleigh NC, during the First Friday art walk in Raleigh.

17 of Katherine Fabrizio’s most recent mixed media paintings that include collage elements of broken bits of vintage jewelry, torn fabric, dripped paint and paint scrapes, unstrung pearls and beads,with epoxy coating will be on exhibit in the upstairs gallery space at Morning Times.

The Morning Times restaurant and internet café is open daily and the artwork in the upstairs gallery viewable daily and evenings.
Spark–excerpt from Artist Statement
This body of work reflects my love for sparkle and brokenness. How something once useful and intentional then gets smashed broken and destroyed only to be reconfigured into something much more interesting and intricate.  Symmetry and wholeness left behind and in it’s place individuality and poetry.
As a psychologist, I am interested in the idea that life reconfigured out of the broken pieces of the old self is a life that is more beautiful and sparkles with new-found passion and compassion for self and others.   Bliss is right around every corner if we court it, cultivate it, flirt with it…… However veiled, it is waiting for us if we choose to rendezvous with it. This body of work is where the physical, spiritual and existential all meet for a good time.
Katherine Fabrizio   www.katherinefabrizioart.com

No Turning Back, Katherine Fabrizio

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