6 Brick and Mortar Galleries Accepting Email Submissions from Artists

This New York CIty Art Gallery is Accepting Email Submissions from Artists, provided they are within the gallery guidelines:

Bernarducci.Meisel.Gallery, 37 West 57th Street, New York, NY  Artist Submission Guidelines:The Gallery accepts artist submissions only under the following conditions:
1. Artwork submitted for review must be realist painting, drawing or sculpture. No exceptions.
2. Email (3) THREE low-res jpegs only, plus one detail. No other attachments.
3. Include the title, year executed, medium and dimensions of each piece submitted in the body of the email.
4. Include a brief description of your work, written in English.
5. No links, no CDs, no slides, no artist statements.
6. Email submissions toartsubmit@meiselgallery.com.


3 Art Galleries in California accepting artist submissions via email. See sites for details:

5 Claude Lane Gallery,  5 Claude Ln. San Francisco(415) 956-1310 http://www.5claudelane.com/

Market Street Gallery, 1554 Market St. San Francisco (415) 290-1441 http://www.marketstreetgallery.com/

Paragone Gallery 621 West Knoll Drive West Hollywood, CA 90069  Email:mail@paragonegallery.com Website:www.paragonegallery.com

Elsewhere in the US:

Wilde Meyer Gallery in Arizona is accepting email submissions: http://www.wildemeyer.com/

18 Rabbit Gallery in Florida, accepts email submissions that curators keep on file for future exhibitions  http://www.18rabbitgallery.com/


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9 thoughts on “6 Brick and Mortar Galleries Accepting Email Submissions from Artists

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  2. Jackie Edwards says:

    Tried submitting my work to the email address for Meisel Gallery and it kept comming back as “no such address”


  3. P.S. Make sure period is not included in the email address when you try to send.
    I also have the email address for the gallery owner but did not want to publish it.

    Will check it out and post here


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