There is Gold All Around You!


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Artists, have you heard the expression There is gold all around you!? Meaning, that there are so many ways for you to make money with your art, everywhere, you just don’t see them or haven’t thought of them yet!

Sometimes, just getting started with a new idea for your art and having some success opens the floodgates to many more possibilities.

What have you tried already that has worked for you?  Have you thought of licensing your art for printing on household products, but just don’t know where to begin?

My ebook guide helps artists who want to do it all themselves–link:

. Plus, as further help to artists, I have spent hundreds of hours putting together extensive lists of resources to share –here are two:

List of Art Licensing companies and sites:
There are many products that need art images. Can you visualize your art on cell phone cases, electronic tablet cases, or book covers? There are sites on this list accepting submissions.

List of  700+ Places to Sell Your Art:   This list  provides you with hundreds of possible sales venues. Clicking the links on this list and visiting the sites opens up many possibilities, along with new ideas for increasing your art sales.

Artists, gearing up for the 2011 holiday sales season yet?

The new Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro-Store is looking for more artists to feature–read the details here:

For other personalized services just for artists, visit  Transmedia Artist Marketing:

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