5-1 Rule for Social Media

function \frac{z^3}{z^5-1} in the complex plane

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The 5-1 Rule of self-promotion—  That is, cross-promote other artists and share valuable information five  times (5 tweets, 5 comments, 5 posts) before you promote  your own art or services.

An early book on how to use Twitter, by Steve Weber, states a 10-1 rule for tweets. But I think that with 10-1,that is, if every ten tweets are about someone else before tweeting about yourself, then your identity could get lost, and could even confuse followers.

The 5-1 rule makes more sense, IMO.

This week, on this blog, I think I have approximated the 5-1 rule by posting about 2 Technorati articles on artists, offering artists an article on their own art (via a contact form), and providing options for artists to sell on Amazon dot com in the new Transmedia Artist Amazon Store. For the 5th item, I’m letting all my readers know that they can sign-up to my newsletter to receive a list of 12+ great top sites where artists can submit their art for features and increased exposure.   My newsletter  is already written and waiting in AWeber for a Sunday July 7th, 10:30 a.m. send-out. Sign-up now to receive the list of 12+ top sites to submit your art, by going to the Transmedia Artist Marketing site, and completing the easy to find newsletter sign-up form on the right side of the home page, here: http://Transmediartistmarketing.org/wordpress

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