How To Get Your Facebook Vanity URL

The Facebook Man. Facebook is celebrating its ...

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In my Artist Marketing Resources LinkedIn group there is an ongoing fan page link exchange. Each artist will *like* all the fan pages on the list and post their own Facebook fan page link for others on the list to go to and *like.*

Always (I noted), artists post long fan page links containing number strings. Links similar to my full fan page link for my Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store–

Yet, in just one simple step I changed my long link (above) to this vanity link:

The shorter link has a cleaner look. Since most fan pages are business pages, a clean vanity link will give a better impression (than a long link containing meaningless number strings).

After seeing my link transformed from this–

to this–

you will want your own vanity URL for your Facebook fan page.

It’s easy to make the change.

Get your vanity URL at:

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