Emerging artist William Basciani’s solo exhibit “Dare to Dream”

What A World, William Basciani

Sunset Hill Jewelers & Fine Arts Gallery in West Chester is hosting William Basciani’s solo exhibit, “Dare to Dream”. The opening reception is Friday October 7th from 5:00-9:00 p.m. and continues through the month. The gallery will be showcasing the artist’s most powerful and newest body of work, showing his use of vibrant colors in an elegant setting. The show is predicted to be his best yet, with a year’s worth of worth, the exhibit is sure to leave a strong impression. The subject matter of  Basciani’s collection is also very diverse.  For the people that are familiar with Basciani’s work, you are in for quite a pleasant surprise. For those of you that haven’t seen his work before, by the time you leave, you sure will be able to spot a “Basciani” painting anywhere you go.

Tiger Lillies, William Basciani

The artist showed a serious interest for art when he was extremely young. William was born in 1980, a member of the 4th generation of the largest family-owned mushroom business in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, “the mushroom capital of the world”. Basciani was mentored and instructed in art by mentor William O. Ewing. The artist perfected his skill with collegiate studies in fine arts at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. His work has been showed at select shows and galleries in the area. William Basciani, from Kennett Square, PA, paints using his own distinct style in each piece. Basciani was recently written about in book “100 artists of Brandywine” by author Catherine Quillman. The artist has been classically trained in the Brandywine tradition but has went a step further creating his own style of expression. Basciani himself claims “This is the most daring body of work, I have attempted to show at an exhibition”.

Showtime, William Basciani

The gallery, Sunset Hill Fine Arts, hosts about six shows per year, featuring only original art work and in various mediums from local and some non-local artists. This is a great opportunity for art collectors and especially those interested in emerging, contemporary art. Come view a collection that is new and exciting! The Opening exhibit is from 5-9 pm on Friday October 7th and will continue until November 4th. The Sunset Hill Jewelers and Fine Arts Gallery is located at 23 North High Street in the heart of historic West Chester, Pennsylvania.

For further information on the exhibition and the gallery please contact Sandra Riper at 610-692-0374, sunsetjewelers@aol.com, or you can check out the Gallery’s website at http://www.sunsethillgallery.com/william-basciani

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