Artists, Are You After Your First Art Licensing Contract?

licensed images in squared circle 2005-01-25

Image by krazydad / jbum via Flickr

Since many artists who have never had an art licensing contract do not know where to begin, I invited Maria Brophy, an art licensing expert, to answer artist questions in my Artist Marketing Resources LinkedIn group.

In addition, to help artists get started, I am offering an extensive PDF list of art licensing resources–GRATIS–to any artist who comments in the Maria Brophy discussion in my LinkedIN group.

The PDF file I am offering is an approximately 85 page list of company names, clickable website links, email addresses, submission guidelines, and other unusual and had to find resources, such as, site links for obtaining releases for art that contains images of celebrities.

To receive this extensive resource list and marketing tool that will save you hundreds of hours of research, all you have to do is join my LinkedIN group— if you are not already a member– and ask Maria Brophy a question or leave a comment in her art licensing discussion. Then send me your email address in a private message on LinkedIN and I will send you the link to the PDF file of Art Licensing contacts.

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