Artistay: Free Service Helps Artists All Over the World Find a Residence in France

Pomona Arts Colony

Image by Vinzip via Flickr

Artistay helps artists from all over the world to find artist residencies, art colonies, art centers and more, in France.

Artistay studies every artist’s application and supports it by the residence ideally suited to the artist’s requirements. Artistay’s service is free of charge. The Artistay website is in both English and French.

Artistay is a service for artists, writers, architects, academics, art teachers, curators looking for a residency in France as a place to realize a personal artist project.

2 thoughts on “Artistay: Free Service Helps Artists All Over the World Find a Residence in France

  1. Beth Surdut says:

    Note–Unlike many residencies that at least offer housing at no charge, it appears that all these residencies charge a fee– and the artist has to find funding.
    From the artistay website–
    The terms of residency:
    – The selection is carried out by the residencies.
    – The residencies charge a participation fee, ranging for a stay of one month from 800 euros to 1.400 euros.
    – The applicants are responsible for the research of the funding. They can though do an application with artistay even if they haven’t secured the funding yet.


  2. Beth
    Mira of Mira’s list often recommends writing for a grant once your residency application is accepted. Check her list for more details. I have the link in my right side bar links, or just Google *Mira’s List*


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