Art Grease Television Show Call for Video Art

Squeaky Wheel

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Call For Artworks: Call for Video Artists: ArtGrease Television

ArtGrease is a long-running Public Access Cable TV Show dedicated to media art. The program highlights works from both local artists and artists all over the world. Commercial free, 100% media art TV. Watch the show on Ch. 20, Saturdays at 8PM in Buffalo or Mondays at 11PM in the suburbs of Buffalo.

ArtGrease is open to submissions from anyone. If you would like to submit work please do so on mini-dv or DVD, (max running time 28 min, NTSC only).

Deadline is ongoing.

Send to: Squeaky Wheel, 712 Main St., Bflo, NY 14202 (ATTN: ArtGrease)

Your work may also be displayed in their storefront window or any of their film festivals.

Your entry will also become a part of the ArtGrease Member Viewing Library unless you include an SASE.

Squeaky Wheel
712 Main Street
Buffalo, New York 14202
United States of America


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