The *Pop Surrealism* Art Movement

According to Wikipedia—“Lowbrow, or lowbrow art, describes an underground visual art movement that arose in the Los Angeles, California, area in the late 1970s. Lowbrow is a widespread populist art movement with origins in the underground comix world, punk music, hot-rod street culture, and other subcultures. It is also often known by the name pop surrealism. Lowbrow art often has a sense of humor – sometimes the humor is gleeful, sometimes impish, and sometimes it is a sarcastic comment. Most lowbrow artworks are paintings, but there are also toys, digital art, and sculpture.”

LOW BROW AND POP SURREALISM in the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store

There exists an entire niche of USA artists who are not directly associated with the roots of the LA pop surrealism movement yet still consider their art to be Pop Surrealism. Such niche artists are popping up all over the world. Here are a few examples of Pop Surrealist art available from artists on Amazon in the Transmedia Artist store:

Natalie Woodpecker, by Terry Luc

Limited edition Giclee print on paper from original painting by American artist Terry Luc: Natalie Woodpecker  in Transmedia Artist Amazon store

Big eyes are one of the recognizable features in human images created in the style of this art movement–here is an example from Italy:

Jane, by Aurora Massoldi

Jane is a Limited edition Giclee Print on Paper made from an original painting by Aurora of Italy. Prints are available in the Transmedia Amazon store:

This Russian artist’s digital art shows the prevalence of the Pop Surrealist art movement world-wide:

Kill Me in the Comments is a downloadable digital artwork by Grace Migel

A Digital Art Download  sent via email and on disc, Titled: Kill Me in the Comments by Grase Migel is available for purchase in the Transmedia Artist Amazon store:


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