New Art in the Amazon Store: the Gods of India by Chandan Rao

Chandan Rao of India describes the painting Indian Wall Graffiti–“In India, people have Gods’ figures painted on the outer side of their compound walls to stop others from sticking posters or dirtying the walls…I just picked up the idea for a graffiti painting. This is a mixed media painting. The first figure is of Lord Shiva. His abode is the snow peaked Kailash Mountain. Hence I have painted him as an icy figure. The second figure is of Shri Krishna, who is one of my favorites. KRISHNA is the universe……hence the Uni colour. The 3rd, Shree Laxmi the Wife of Shri Vishnu (Krishna) is the Goddess of wealth, and the 4th God is another of my favorites Shri Ganesha who removes obstacles (troubles) in Ur life. I have won a Showcase Award for this Painting on”

Indian Wall Graffitti, by Chandan Rao

Indian Wall Graffiti, Original Canvas Art by Chandan Rao in Amazon store

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