ArtWeb: New Curated Site Accepting Artist Members

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I have been involved in the development of ArtWeb dot net for about two years now and am now part of the new Beta testing team. I have also been asked to write articles on individual member artists.

How is ArtWeb different?

Here are some of the ArtWeb Core Principles:

Quality over quantity – the philosophy is to never compromise or dilute the quality of work on the site–curating and artist selection is the key factor to the success of the site.

Attract the ‘new’ art buyers – there are a large number of potential art buyers who are not engaging with the art industry, as they see traditional galleries as inaccessible, unwelcoming, stuffy and over-priced. – By ‘daring to be different‘ – Artweb aims to offer a totally unique curated environment where art buyers can browse quality art work at their leisure and buy art directly from the artist.

Low commissions – high commissions are detrimental to both artists and the art market, as they push prices to the point that excludes the majority of potential art buyers. ArtWeb will keep commissions low.

Artweb is member driven. They listen and work hard to deliver the best possible resources to help you to exhibit and sell your work online.

Artweb has invested almost $100,000 and a lot of hard work in the development of this platform, and has a great team committed to creating a unique online resource for artists.

If you are interested in membership, visit:

6 thoughts on “ArtWeb: New Curated Site Accepting Artist Members

  1. I think membership fees need to be available BEFORE the application is sent. Otherwise, the impression is given that you have to pay to play. I don’t mind a fee, but I want to know that at the very beginning.


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    • ArtWeb is a very new site and is still in Beta testing mode with many changes ahead. The site owner told me that there will be a $3.00 membership level. So all will be able to afford to join at the appropriate level. IT is a curated site.


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