2nd VIP ART FAIR –Online Only Art Fair February 3-8th

Dear Marie:

VIP Art Fair is pleased to present you with an Elite Access Pass to VIP 2.0, the second edition of the online-only VIP Art Fair.

As a part our exciting network of galleries, institutions, curators, collectors and advisors, we value your participation in our upcoming fair. We hope you will enjoy the redesigned VIP 2.0 site, which includes new layouts, communication tools, and enhanced viewing options.

The image below is your digital VIP Elite Access Pass. This link is your access to the newest way of connecting with the art world.

Since my invitation says that I may *Share your Elite Access Pass with your clients.* I am offering a link to anyone I know–just leave a comment.
Last year, at the first VIP online art fair I had difficulty accessing the galleries due to an unexpected  (unexpected on the part of the organizers, viewers, and galleries at the fair!) flood of simultaneous attempts to log in to the fair the right at the moment it opened. Now after full year for the fair organizers to address that problem, I am eager to view art at the fair this year and expect to access the galleries easily.

16 thoughts on “2nd VIP ART FAIR –Online Only Art Fair February 3-8th

  1. Sound really interesting Marie and forgive me for not having been in contact about the Amazon shop, I`ve have had a really bad period health wise the last few months. I will get in touch as soon as I`m finished with my new web site:)


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    • Hi Linda–Take a look when the fair opens. The exhibitors are top galleries in NYC and internationally presenting artists they represent. Attending this fair online is an easy and inexpensive way to see the art these galleries represent. It is research for artists,mostly, IMO. Artists in the fair are represented by galleries who pay large fees to exhibit at the VIP art fair.


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