Artists: Create An Accident Project

30/1/2012 – 23/7/2012
[a new collaborative project on Create an Accident’s website.]

[26 selected artists create 26 different posts]

PINAKOTHEK is Create an Accident’s unclassified arc. An open archive/alphabet for provocative ideas and non-existing landscapes.

Be part of the PINAKOTHEK!

Create an Accident invites emerging and established artists to submit artwork for an opportunity to participate in PINAKOTHEK project.

Choose one word from the suggested list on the Create an Accident website and submit your own artwork .

Every Monday a selected submission will be published and it will be part of their weekly newsletter.

The selected artworks will also be part of the 2011 – 2012 Create an Accident’s printed catalogue.

duration: [30/1/2012 – 23/7/2012]
deadline for submissions: 29/2/2012

Create an Accident

dissecting the future culture |
creating provocative perspectives |


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